by James A. Harrison and Robert Sharp, eds.
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This text is a revised and corrected version of the fourth edition of Harrison and Sharp in its entirety. It comes in two basic versions. The base version (available in plain-text and HTML) presents the original text as printed. It preserves the source-text's idiosyncratic use of accented vowels with the exception of y-circumflex (), which is replaced by y-acute () to fit within the Latin-1 character set. Manifestly unintentional errors in the text have been corrected. In general, this has only been done when the text is internally inconsistent (e.g., a quotation in the glossary does not match the main text). Forms that represent deliberate editorial choice have not been altered, even where they appear wrong. (For example, some of the markings of vowel length do not reflect current scholarly consensus.) In a few instances, quotations in the glossary use the correct vowel length where the main text does not. These have not been altered. Where an uncorrected problem may confuse the reader, I have inserted a note explaining the difficulty, signed KTH. A complete list of the changes made is appended at the end of the file. In order to make the text more useful to modern readers, I have also produced a revised edition (HTML only). The file you are reading is this revised version. Notes from the source text that indicate changes adopted in later editions have been incorporated directly into the text and apparatus. Further, long vowels are indicated with macrons, as is the common practice of most modern editions. Finally, the quantity of some words has been altered to the values currently accepted as correct. Quantities have not been changed when the difference is a matter of editorial interpretation (e.g., gst vs. gst in l. 102, etc.) A list of these altered quantities appears at the end of the list of corrections. Your browser must support the Unicode character set to use this file. To tell if your browser supports the necessary characters, check the table of vowel equivalents below. If you see any empty boxes or question marks in the "revised" columns, you should use the basic version.

Explanation of the Vowel Accenting

In general, Harrison and Sharp use circumflex accents over vowels to mark long vowels. For ash, however, the actual character '' represents the long vowel. Short ash is rendered with a-umlaut (). The long diphthongs (o, a, etc.) are indicated with an acute accent over the second vowel (e, e, etc.).

Vowel Equivalents in Different Versions:

Orig. Revised Orig. Revised y Y e a E a e o E o i e i o

** End of PG Preface **














Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1883, by JAMES ALBERT HARRISON AND ROBERT SHARP in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.







The favor with which the successive editions of "Bowulf" have been received during the past thirteen years emboldens the editors to continue the work of revision in a fourth issue, the most noticeable feature of which is a considerable body of explanatory Notes, now for the first time added. These Notes mainly concern themselves with new textual readings, with here and there grammatical, geographical, and archological points that seemed worthy of explanation. Parallelisms and parallel passages are constantly compared, with the view of making the poem illustrate and explain itself. A few emendations and textual changes are suggested by the editors with all possible diffidence; numerous corrections have been made in the Glossary and List of Names; and the valuable parts of former Appendices have been embodied in the Notes.

For the Notes, the editors are much indebted to the various German periodicals mentioned on page 116, to the recent publications of Professors Earle and J. L. Hall, to Mr. S. A. Brooke, and to the Heyne-Socin edition of "Bowulf." No change has been made in the system of accentuation, though a few errors in quantity have been corrected. The editors are looking forward to an eventual fifth edition, in which an entirely new text will be presented.

October, 1893.


This third edition of the American issue of Bowulf will, the editors hope, be found more accurate and useful than either of the preceding editions. Further corrections in text and glossary have been made, and some additional new readings and suggestions will be found in two brief appendices at the back of the book. Students of the metrical system of Bowulf will find ample material for their studies in Sievers' exhaustive essay on that subject (Beitrge, X. 209-314).

Socin's edition of Heyne's Bowulf (called the fifth edition) has been utilized to some extent in this edition, though it unfortunately came too late to be freely used. While it repeats many of the omissions and inaccuracies of Heyne's fourth edition, it contains much that is valuable to the student, particularly in the notes and commentary. Students of the poem, which has been subjected to much searching criticism during the last decade, will also derive especial help from the contributions of Sievers and Kluge on difficult questions appertaining to it. Wlker's new edition (in the Grein Bibliothek) is of the highest value, however one may dissent from particular textual views laid down in the 'Berichtigter Text.' Paul and Braune's Beitrge contain a varied miscellany of hints, corrections, and suggestions principally embodying the views of Kluge, Cosijn, Sievers, and Bugge, some of the more important of which are found in the appendices to the present and the preceding edition. Holder and Zupitza, Sarrazin and Hermann Mller (Kiel, 1883), Heinzel (Anzeiger f.d. Alterthum, X.), Gering (Zacher's Zeitschrift, XII.), Brenner (Eng. Studien, IX.), and the contributors to Anglia, have assisted materially in the textual and metrical interpretation of the poem.

The subject of Anglo-Saxon quantity has been discussed in several able essays by Sievers, Sweet, Ten Brink (Anzeiger, f.d. Alterthum, V.), Kluge (Beitrge, XI.), and others; but so much is uncertain in this field that the editors have left undisturbed the marking of vowels found in the text of their original edition, while indicating in the appendices the now accepted views of scholars on the quantity of the personal pronouns (m, w, , , g, h); the adverb n, etc. Perhaps it would be best to banish absolutely all attempts at marking quantities except in cases where the Ms. has them marked.

An approximately complete Bibliography of Bowulf literature will be found in Wlker's Grundriss and in Garnett's translation of the poem.





The editors feel so encouraged at the kind reception accorded their edition of Bowulf (1883), that, in spite of its many shortcomings, they have determined to prepare a second revised edition of the book, and thus endeavor to extend its sphere of usefulness. About twenty errors had, notwithstanding a vigilant proof-reading, crept into the text,-errors in single letters, accents, and punctuation. These have been corrected, and it is hoped that the text has been rendered generally accurate and trustworthy. In the List of Names one or two corrections have been made, and in the Glossary numerous mistakes in gender, classification, and translation, apparently unavoidable in a first edition, have been rectified. Wherever these mistakes concern single letters, or occupy very small space, they have been corrected in the plates; where they are longer, and the expense of correcting them in the plates would have been very great, the editors have thought it best to include them in an Appendix of Corrections and Additions, which will be found at the back of the book. Students are accordingly referred to this Appendix for important longer corrections and additions. It is believed that the value of the book has been much enhanced by an Appendix of Recent Readings, based on late criticisms and essays from the pens of Sievers, Kluge, Cosijn, Holder, Wlker, and Sweet. A perplexed student, in turning to these suggested readings, will often find great help in unravelling obscure or corrupt passages.

The objectionable and , for the short and the long diphthong, have been retained in the revised edition, owing to the impossibility of removing them without entirely recasting the plates.

In conclusion, the editors would acknowledge their great indebtedness to the friends and critics whose remarks and criticisms have materially aided in the correction of the text,-particularly to Profs. C.P.G. Scott, Baskervill, Price, and J.M. Hart; to Prof. J.W. Bright; and to the authorities of Cornell University, for the loan of periodicals necessary to the completeness of the revision. While the second revised edition still contains much that might be improved, the editors cannot but hope that it is an advance on its predecessor, and that it will continue its work of extending the study of Old English throughout the land.

JUNE, 1885.


The present work, carefully edited from Heyne's fourth edition, (Paderborn, 1879), is designed primarily for college classes in Anglo-Saxon, rather than for independent investigators or for seekers after a restored or ideal text. The need of an American edition of "Bowulf" has long been felt, as, hitherto, students have had either to send to Germany for a text, or secure, with great trouble, one of the scarce and expensive English editions. Heyne's first edition came out in 1863, and was followed in 1867 and 1873 by a second and a third edition, all three having essentially the same text.

So many important contributions to the "Bowulf" literature were, however, made between 1873 and 1879 that Heyne found it necessary to put forth a new edition (1879). In this new, last edition, the text was subjected to a careful revision, and was fortified by the views, contributions, and criticisms of other zealous scholars. In it the collation of the unique "Bowulf" Ms. (Vitellius A. 15: Cottonian Mss. of the British Museum), as made by E. Klbing in Herrig's Archiv (Bd. 56; 1876), was followed wherever the present condition of the Ms. had to be discussed; and the researches of Bugge, Bieger, and others, on single passages, were made use of. The discussion of the metrical structure of the poem, as occurring in the second and third editions, was omitted in the fourth, owing to the many controversies in which the subject is still involved. The present editor has thought it best to do the same, though, happily, the subject of Old English Metrik is undergoing a steady illumination through the labors of Schipper and others.

Some errors and misplaced accents in Heyne's text have been corrected in the present edition, in which, as in the general revision of the text, the editor has been most kindly aided by Prof. J.M. Garnett, late Principal of St. John's College, Maryland.

In the preparation of the present school edition it has been thought best to omit Heyne's notes, as they concern themselves principally with conjectural emendations, substitutions of one reading for another, and discussions of the condition of the Ms. Until Wlker's text and the photographic fac-simile of the original Ms. are in the hands of all scholars, it will be better not to introduce such matters in the school room, where they would puzzle without instructing.

For convenience of reference, the editor has added a head-line to each "fit" of the poem, with a view to facilitate a knowledge of its episodes.



The editors now have the pleasure of presenting to the public a complete text and a tolerably complete glossary of "Bowulf." The edition is the first published in America, and the first of its special kind presented to the English public, and it is the initial volume of a "Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry," to be edited under the same auspices and with the coperation of distinguished scholars in this country. Among these scholars may be mentioned Professors F.A. March of Lafayette College, T.K. Price of Columbia College, and W.M. Baskervill of Vanderbilt University.

In the preparation of the Glossary the editors found it necessary to abandon a literal and exact translation of Heyne for several reasons, and among others from the fact that Heyne seems to be wrong in the translation of some of his illustrative quotations, and even translates the same passage in two or three different ways under different headings. The orthography of his glossary differs considerably from the orthography of his text. He fails to discriminate with due nicety the meanings of many of the words in his vocabulary, while criticism more recent than his latest edition (1879) has illustrated or overthrown several of his renderings. The references were found to be incorrect in innumerable instances, and had to be verified in every individual case so far as this was possible, a few only, which resisted all efforts at verification, having to be indicated by an interrogation point (?). The references are exceedingly numerous, and the labor of verifying them was naturally great. To many passages in the Glossary, where Heyne's translation could not be trusted with entire certainty, the editors have added other translations of phrases and sentences or of special words; and in this they have been aided by a careful study of the text and a comparison and utilization of the views of Kemble and Professor J.M. Garnett (who takes Grein for his foundation). Many new references have been added; and the various passages in which Heyne fails to indicate whether a given verb is weak or strong, or fails to point out the number, etc., of the illustrative form, have been corrected and made to harmonize with the general plan of the work. Numerous misprints in the glossary have also been corrected, and a brief glossary to the Finnsburh-fragment, prepared by Dr. Wm. Hand Browne, and supplemented and adapted by the editor-in-chief, has been added.

The editors think that they may without immodesty put forth for themselves something more than the claim of being re-translators of a translation: the present edition is, so far as they were able to make it so, an adaptation, correction, and extension of the work of the great German scholar to whose loving appreciation of the Anglo-Saxon epic all students of Old English owe a debt of gratitude. While following his usually sure and cautious guidance, and in the main appropriating his results, they have thought it best to deviate from him in the manner above indicated, whenever it seemed that he was wrong. The careful reader will notice at once the marks of interrogation which point out these deviations, or which introduce a point of view illustrative of, or supplementary to, the one given by the German editor. No doubt the editors are wrong themselves in many places,-"Bowulf" is a most difficult poem,-but their view may at least be defended by a reference to the original text, which they have faithfully and constantly consulted.

A good many cognate Modern English words have been introduced here and there in the Glossary with a view to illustration, and other addenda will be found between brackets and parenthetical marks.

It is hoped that the present edition of the most famous of Old English poems will do something to promote a valuable and interesting study.

JAMES A. HARRISON, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va.

ROBERT SHARP, University of Louisiana, New Orleans.

April, 1883.

The responsibility of the editors is as follows: H. is responsible for the Text, and for the Glossary from hrnan on; S. for the List of Names, and for the Glossary as far as hrnan.


The only national [Anglo-Saxon] epic which has been preserved entire is Bowulf. Its argument is briefly as follows:-The poem opens with a few verses in praise of the Danish Kings, especially Scild, the son of Sceaf. His death is related, and his descendants briefly traced down to Hrogar. Hrogar, elated with his prosperity and success in war, builds a magnificent hall, which he calls Heorot. In this hall Hrogar and his retainers live in joy and festivity, until a malignant fiend, called Grendel, jealous of their happiness, carries off by night thirty of Hrogar's men, and devours them in his moorland retreat. These ravages go on for twelve years. Bowulf, a thane of Hygelac, King of the Goths, hearing of Hrogar's calamities, sails from Sweden with fourteen warriors-to help him. They reach the Danish coast in safety; and, after an animated parley with Hrogar's coastguard, who at first takes them for pirates, they are allowed to proceed to the royal hall, where they are well received by Hrogar. A banquet ensues, during which Bowulf is taunted by the envious Hunferh about his swimming-match with Breca, King of the Brondings. Bowulf gives the true account of the contest, and silences Hunferh. At night-fall the King departs, leaving Bowulf in charge of the hall. Grendel soon breaks in, seizes and devours one of Bowulf's companions; is attacked by Bowulf, and, after losing an arm, which is torn off by Bowulf, escapes to the fens. The joy of Hrogar and the Danes, and their festivities, are described, various episodes are introduced, and Bowulf and his companions receive splendid gifts. The next night Grendel's mother revenges her son by carrying off AEschere, the friend and councillor of Hrogar, during the absence of Bowulf. Hrogar appeals to Bowulf for vengeance, and describes the haunts of Grendel and his mother. They all proceed thither; the scenery of the lake, and the monsters that dwell in it, are described. Bowulf plunges into the water, and attacks Grendel's mother in her dwelling at the bottom of the lake. He at length overcomes her, and cuts off her head, together with that of Grendel, and brings the heads to Hrogar. He then takes leave of Hrogar, sails back to Sweden, and relates his adventures to Hygelac. Here the first half of the poem ends. The second begins with the accession of Bowulf to the throne, after the fall of Hygelac and his son Heardred. He rules prosperously for fifty years, till a dragon, brooding over a hidden treasure, begins to ravage the country, and destroys Bowulf's palace with fire. Bowulf sets out in quest of its hiding-place, with twelve men. Having a presentiment of his approaching end, he pauses and recalls to mind his past life and exploits. He then takes leave of his followers, one by one, and advances alone to attack the dragon. Unable, from the heat, to enter the cavern, he shouts aloud, and the dragon comes forth. The dragon's scaly hide is proof against Bowulf's sword, and he is reduced to great straits. Then Wiglaf, one of his followers, advances to help him. Wiglaf's shield is consumed by the dragon's fiery breath, and he is compelled to seek shelter under Bowulf's shield of iron. Bowulf's sword snaps asunder, and he is seized by the dragon. Wiglaf stabs the dragon from underneath, and Bowulf cuts it in two with his dagger. Feeling that his end is near, he bids Wiglaf bring out the treasures from the cavern, that he may see them before he dies. Wiglaf enters the dragon's den, which is described, returns to Bowulf, and receives his last commands. Bowulf dies, and Wiglaf bitterly reproaches his companions for their cowardice. The disastrous consequences of Bowulf's death are then foretold, and the poem ends with his funeral.-H. Sweet, in Warton's History of English Poetry, Vol. II. (ed. 1871). Cf. also Ten Brink's History of English Literature.



Hwt! w Gr-Dena in ger-dagum od-cyninga rym gefrnon, h elingas ellen fremedon. Oft Scyld Scfing sceaena ratum, 5 monegum mgum meodo-setla oftah. Egsode eorl, syan rest wear fa-sceaft funden: h s frfre gebd, wox under wolcnum, weor-myndum h, o t him ghwylc ra ymb-sittendra 10 ofer hron-rde hyran scolde, gomban gyldan: t ws gd cyning! m eafera ws fter cenned geong in geardum, one god sende folce t frfre; fyren-earfe ongeat, 15 t he r drugon aldor-lase lange hwle. Him s lf-fra, wuldres wealdend, worold-re forgeaf; Bowulf ws brme (bld wde sprang), Scyldes eafera Scede-landum in. 20 Sw sceal geong guma, gde gewyrcean, fromum feoh-giftum on fder wine, t hine on ylde eft gewunigen wil-gesas, onne wg cume, lode gelsten: lof-ddum sceal 25 in mga gehwre man geon. Him Scyld gewt t gescp-hwle fela-hrr fran on fran wre; h hyne tbron t brimes faroe. swse gesas, sw h selfa bd, 30 enden wordum wold wine Scyldinga, lof land-fruma lange hte. r t hye std hringed-stefna, sig and tfs, elinges fr; -ldon lofne oden, 35 baga bryttan on bearm scipes, mrne be mste. r ws mdma fela, of feor-wegum frtwa gelded: ne hyrde ic cymlcor col gegyrwan hilde-wpnum and heao-wdum, 40 billum and byrnum; him on bearme lg mdma mnigo, him mid scoldon on fldes ht feor gewtan. Nalas h hine lssan lcum todan, od-gestronum, onne dydon, 45 hine t frumsceafte for onsendon nne ofer ye umbor wesende: gyt he him setton segen gyldenne hah ofer hafod, lton holm beran, gafon on gr-secg: him ws gemor sefa, 50 murnende md. Men ne cunnon secgan t soe sele-rdende, hle under heofenum, hw m hlste onfng.


ws on burgum Bowulf Scyldinga, lof lod-cyning, longe rge 55 folcum gefrge (fder ellor hwearf, aldor of earde), o t him eft onwc hah Healfdene; hold enden lifde, gamol and g-row, glde Scyldingas. m fower bearn for-germed 60 in worold wcun, weoroda rswan, Heorogr and Hrgr and Hlga til; hyrde ic, at Elan cwn Ongenowes ws Heaoscilfinges heals-gebedde. ws Hrgre here-spd gyfen, 65 wges weor-mynd, t him his wine-mgas georne hyrdon, o t so geogo gewox, mago-driht micel. Him on md bearn, t heal-reced htan wolde, medo-rn micel men gewyrcean, 70 one yldo bearn fre gefrnon, and r on innan eall gedlan geongum and ealdum, swylc him god sealde, bton folc-scare and feorum gumena. ic wde gefrgn weorc gebannan 75 manigre mge geond isne middan-geard, folc-stede frtwan. Him on fyrste gelomp dre mid yldum, t hit wear eal gearo, heal-rna mst; scp him Heort naman, s e his wordes geweald wde hfde. 80 H bot ne lh, bagas dlde, sinc t symle. Sele hlfade hah and horn-gap: heao-wylma bd, lan lges; ne ws hit lenge gn t se ecg-hete um-swerian 85 fter wl-ne wcnan scolde. se ellen-gst earfolce rge geolode, s e in ystrum bd, t h dgora gehwm dram gehyrde hldne in healle; r ws hearpan swg, 90 swutol sang scopes. Sgde s e ce frum-sceaft fra feorran reccan, cw t se lmihtiga eoran worhte, wlite-beorhtne wang, sw wter bebge, gesette sige-hrig sunnan and mnan 95 loman t lohte land-bendum, and gefrtwade foldan scatas leomum and lafum; lf ac gescep cynna gehwylcum, ra e cwice hwyrfa. Sw driht-guman dramum lifdon 100 adiglce, o t n ongan fyrene fremman, fond on helle: ws se grimma gst Grendel hten, mre mearc-stapa, s e mras hold, fen and fsten; ffel-cynnes eard 105 won-slig wer weardode hwle, sian him scyppend forscrifen hfde. In Caines cynne one cwealm gewrc, ce drihten, s e h bel slg; ne gefeah h re fhe, ac h hine feor forwrc, 110 metod for y mne man-cynne fram. anon untydras ealle onwcon, eotenas and ylfe and orcnas, swylce ggantas, wi gode wunnon lange rge; h him s lan forgeald.


115 Gewt nosian, syan niht becm, han hses, h hit Hring-Dene fter bor-ege gebn hfdon. Fand r inne elinga gedriht swefan fter symble; sorge ne con, 120 won-sceaft wera. Wiht unhlo grim and grdig gearo sna ws, roc and re, and on rste genam rtig egna: anon eft gewt he hrmig t hm faran, 125 mid re wl-fylle wca nosan. ws on htan mid r-dge Grendles g-crft gumum undyrne: ws fter wiste wp up hafen, micel morgen-swg. Mre oden, 130 eling r-gd, unble st, olode ry-swy, egn-sorge drah, syan he s lan lst scawedon, wergan gstes; ws t gewin t strang, l and longsum. Ns hit lengra fyrst, 135 ac ymb ne niht eft gefremede mor-beala mre and n mearn fore fhe and fyrene; ws t fst on m. ws a-fynde, him elles hwr germlcor rste shte, 140 bed fter brum, him gebacnod ws, gesgd slce sweotolan tcne heal-egnes hete; hold hine syan fyr and fstor, s m fonde twand. Sw rxode and wi rihte wan 145 na wi eallum, o t del std hsa slest. Ws so hwl micel: twelf wintra td torn geolode wine Scyldinga, wana gehwelcne, sdra sorga; form syan wear 150 ylda bearnum undyrne c, gyddum gemore, tte Grendel wan, hwle wi Hrgr;— hete-nas wg, fyrene and fhe fela missra, single sce, sibbe ne wolde 155 wi manna hwone mgenes Deniga feorh-bealo feorran, fo ingian, n r nnig witena wnan orfte beorhtre bte t banan folmum; atol glca htende ws, 160 deorc da-sca dugue and geogoe seomade and syrede. Sin-nihte hold mistige mras; men ne cunnon, hwyder hel-rnan hwyrftum scra. Sw fela fyrena fond man-cynnes, 165 atol n-gengea, oft gefremede heardra hyna; Heorot eardode, sinc-fge sel sweartum nihtum (n h one gif-stl grtan mste, mum for metode, n his myne wisse); 170 t ws wrc micel wine Scyldinga, mdes breca. Monig-oft gest rce t rne; rd eahtedon, hwt sw-ferhum slest wre wi fr-gryrum t gefremmanne. 175 Hwlum he gehton t hrg-trafum wg-weorunga, wordum bdon, t him gst-bona goce gefremede wi od-raum. Swylc ws aw hyra, henra hyht; helle gemundon 180 in md-sefan, metod he ne con, dda dmend, ne wiston he drihten god, n he hru heofena helm herian ne con, wuldres waldend. W bi m e sceal urh slne n swle bescfan 185 in fyres fm, frfre ne wnan, wihte gewendan; wl bi m e mt fter da-dge drihten scean and t fder fmum freoo wilnian.


Sw ml-ceare maga Healfdenes 190 singla sa; ne mihte snotor hle wan onwendan: ws t gewin t swy, l and longsum, on lode becm, nyd-wracu n-grim, niht-bealwa mst. t fram hm gefrgn Higelces egn, 195 gd mid Gatum, Grendles dda: s ws mon-cynnes mgenes strengest on m dge ysses lfes, ele and acen. Ht him y-lidan gdne gegyrwan; cw h g-cyning 200 ofer swan-rde scean wolde, mrne oden, him ws manna earf. one s-ft him snotere ceorlas lyt-hwn lgon, ah h him lof wre; hwetton higerfne, hl scawedon. 205 Hfde se gda Gata loda cempan gecorone, ra e h cnoste findan mihte; fftyna sum sund-wudu shte; secg wsade, lagu-crftig mon, land-gemyrcu. 210 Fyrst for gewt: flota ws on yum, bt under beorge. Beornas gearwe on stefn stigon; stramas wundon sund wi sande; secgas bron on bearm nacan beorhte frtwe, 215 g-searo geatolc; guman t scufon, weras on wil-s wudu bundenne. Gewt ofer wg-holm winde gefysed flota fmig-heals fugle gelcost, o t ymb n-td res dgores 220 wunden-stefna gewaden hfde, t lende land geswon, brim-clifu blcan, beorgas stape, sde s-nssas: ws sund liden, eoletes t ende. anon up hrae 225 Wedera lode on wang stigon, s-wudu sldon (syrcan hrysedon, g-gewdo); gode ancedon, s e him y-lde ae wurdon. of wealle geseah weard Scildinga, 230 s e holm-clifu healdan scolde, beran ofer bolcan beorhte randas, fyrd-searu fslcu; hine fyrwyt brc md-gehygdum, hwt men wron. Gewt him t waroe wicge rdan 235 egn Hrgres, rymmum cwehte mgen-wudu mundum, meel-wordum frgn: "Hwt syndon g searo-hbbendra "byrnum werede, us brontne col "ofer lagu-strte ldan cwmon, 240 "hider ofer holmas helmas bron? "Ic ws ende-sta, g-wearde hold, "t on land Dena lra nnig "mid scip-herge scean ne meahte. "N hr clcor cuman ongunnon 245 "lind-hbbende; n g lafnes-word "g-fremmendra gearwe ne wisson, "mga gemdu. Nfre ic mran geseah "eorla ofer eoran, onne is ower sum, "secg on searwum; nis t seld-guma 250 "wpnum geweorad, nfne him his wlite loge, "nlc an-syn. N ic ower sceal "frum-cyn witan, r g fyr heonan "lase scaweras on land Dena "furur fran. N g feor-bend, 255 "mere-lende, mnne gehyra "n-fealdne geht: ofost is slest "t gecyanne, hwanan owre cyme syndon."


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Hrgr maelode, helm Scyldinga: "Ic hine ce cniht-wesende. "Ws his eald-fder Ecgo hten, "m t hm forgeaf Hrel Gata 375 "ngan dhtor; is his eafora n "heard hr cumen, shte holdne wine. "onne sgdon t s-lende, " e gif-sceattas Gata fyredon "yder t ance, t h rttiges 380 "manna mgen-crft on his mund-grpe "heao-rf hbbe. Hine hlig god "for r-stafum us onsende, "t West-Denum, s ic wn hbbe, "wi Grendles gryre: ic m gdan sceal 385 "for his md-rce mdmas bodan. "Bo on ofeste, ht hig in gn, "son sibbe-gedriht samod tgdere; "gesaga him ac wordum, t he sint wil-cuman "Deniga lodum." wi duru healle 390 Wulfgr ode, word inne bad: "ow ht secgan sige-drihten mn, "aldor ast-Dena, t h ower elu can "and g him syndon ofer s-wylmas, "heard-hicgende, hider wil-cuman. 395 "N g mton gangan in owrum gu-geatawum, "under here-grman, Hrgr geson; "lta hilde-bord hr onbidian, "wudu wl-sceaftas, worda geinges." rs se rca, ymb hine rinc manig, 400 rylc egna hap; sume r bidon, heao-raf holdon, sw him se hearda bebad. Snyredon tsomne, secg wsode under Heorotes hrf; hyge-rf ode, heard under helme, t h on heoe gestd. 405 Bowulf maelode (on him byrne scn, searo-net sowed smies or-ancum): "Wes Hrgr hl! ic eom Higelces "mg and mago-egn; hbbe ic mra fela "ongunnen on geogoe. M wear Grendles ing 410 "on mnre el-tyrf undyrne c: "secga s-lend, t es sele stande, "reced slesta, rinca gehwylcum "del and unnyt, sian fen-loht "under heofenes hdor beholen weore. 415 " m t gelrdon lode mne, " slestan, snotere ceorlas, "oden Hrgr, t ic shte; "foran he mgenes crft mnne con: "selfe oferswon, ic of searwum cwm, 420 "fh from fondum, r ic ffe geband, "yde eotena cyn, and on yum slg "niceras nihtes, nearo-earfe drah, "wrc Wedera n (wan hsodon) "forgrand gramum; and n wi Grendel sceal, 425 "wi m glcan, na gehegan "ing wi yrse. Ic n , "brego Beorht-Dena, biddan wille, "eodor Scyldinga, nre bne; "t m ne forwyrne, wgendra hlo, 430 "fro-wine folca, n ic us feorran cm, "t ic mte na and mnra eorla gedryht, "es hearda hap, Heorot flsian. "Hbbe ic ac gehsod, t se glca "for his won-hydum wpna ne rce; 435 "ic t onne forhicge, sw m Higelc se, "mn mon-drihten, mdes ble, "t ic sweord bere oe sdne scyld "geolo-rand t ge; ac ic mid grpe sceal "fn wi fonde and ymb feorh sacan, 440 "l wi lum; r gelyfan sceal "dryhtnes dme s e hine da nime. "Wn' ic t h wille, gif h wealdan mt, "in m g-sele Gatena lode "etan unforhte, sw h oft dyde 445 "mgen Hrmanna. N mnne earft "hafalan hydan, ac h m habban wile "drore fhne, gif mec da nime; "byre bldig wl, byrgean ence, "ete n-genga unmurnlce, 450 "mearca mr-hopu: n ymb mnes ne earft "lces feorme leng sorgian. "Onsend Higelce, gif mec hild nime, "beadu-scrda betst, t mne brost were, "hrgla slest; t is Hrlan lf, 455 "Wlandes geweorc. G Wyrd sw ho scel!"


Hrgr maelode, helm Scyldinga: "for were-fyhtum , wine mn Bowulf, "and for r-stafum sic shtest. "Geslh in fder fhe mste, 460 "wear h Heaolfe t hand-bonan "mid Wilfingum; hine Wedera cyn "for here-brgan habban ne mihte. "anon h geshte S-Dena folc "ofer ya gewealc, r-Scyldinga; 465 " ic furum wold folce Deninga, "and on geogoe hold gimme-rce "hord-burh hlea: ws Heregr dad, "mn yldra mg unlifigende, "bearn Healfdenes. S ws betera onne ic! 470 "Sian fhe fo ingode; "sende ic Wylfingum ofer wteres hrycg "ealde mdmas: h m as swr. "Sorh is m t secganne on sefan mnum "gumena ngum, hwt m Grendel hafa 475 "hyno on Heorote mid his hete-ancum, "fr-na gefremed. Is mn flet-werod, "wg-hap gewanod; he Wyrd forswop "on Grendles gryre. God ae mg "one dol-scaan dda getwfan! 480 "Ful oft gebotedon bore druncne "ofer ealo-wge ret-mecgas, "t he in bor-sele bdan woldon "Grendles ge mid gryrum ecga. "onne ws os medo-heal on morgen-td, 485 "driht-sele dror-fh, onne dg lxte, "eal benc-elu blde bestymed, "heall heoru-drore: hte ic holdra y ls, "dorre dugue, da fornam. "Site n t symle and onsl meoto, 490 "sige-hr secgum, sw n sefa hwette!" ws Gat-mcgum geador tsomne on bor-sele benc gerymed; r sw-ferhe sittan odon ryum dealle. egn nytte behold, 495 s e on handa br hroden ealo-wge, scencte scr wered. Scop hwlum sang hdor on Heorote; r ws hlea dram, dugu unlytel Dena and Wedera.


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Hrgr maelode, helm Scildinga: "Ne frn fter slum! Sorh is genwod "Denigea lodum. Dad is sc-here, 1325 "Yrmenlfes yldra bror, "mn rn-wita and mn rd-bora, "eaxl-gestealla, onne w on orlege "hafelan weredon, onne hniton fan, "eoferas cnysedan; swylc scolde eorl wesan 1330 "eling r-gd, swylc sc-here ws. "Wear him on Heorote t hand-banan "wl-gst wfre; ic ne wt hwder "atol se wlanc eft-sas tah, "fylle gefrgnod. Ho fhe wrc, 1335 " gystran niht Grendel cwealdest "urh hstne hd heardum clammum, "foran h t lange lode mne "wanode and wyrde. H t wge gecrang "ealdres scyldig, and n er cwm 1340 "mihtig mn-scaa, wolde hyre mg wrecan, "g feor hafa fhe gestled, "s e incean mg egne monegum, "s e fter sinc-gyfan on sefan grote, "hreer-bealo hearde; n so hand lige, 1345 "s e ow wl-hwylcra wilna dohte. "Ic t lond-bend lode mne "sele-rdende secgan hyrde, "t he geswon swylce twgen "micle mearc-stapan mras healdan, 1350 "ellor-gstas: ra er ws, "s e he gewislcost gewitan meahton, "idese onlcnes, er earm-sceapen "on weres wstmum wrc-lstas trd, "nfne h ws mra onne nig man er, 1355 "one on ger-dagum Grendel nemdon "fold-bende: n he fder cunnon, "hwer him nig ws r cenned "dyrnra gsta. He dygel lond "warigea, wulf-hleou, windige nssas, 1360 "frcne fen-geld, r fyrgen-stram "under nssa genipu nier gewte, "fld under foldan; nis t feor heonon "ml-gemearces, t se mere stande, "ofer m hongia hrmge bearwas, 1365 "wudu wyrtum fst, wter oferhelma. "r mg nihta gehwm n-wundor son, "fyr on flde; n s frd leofa "gumena bearna, t one grund wite; "ah e h-stapa hundum geswenced, 1370 "heorot hornum trum holt-wudu sce, "feorran geflymed, r h feorh sele, "aldor on fre, r h in wille, "hafelan hydan. Nis t horu stw: "onon y-geblond up stge 1375 "won t wolcnum, onne wind styre "l gewidru, o t lyft drysma, "roderas rota. N is rd gelang "eft t num! Eard gt ne const, "frcne stwe, r findan miht 1380 "sinnigne secg: sc gif dyrre! "Ic fhe fo lanige, "eald-gestronum, sw ic r dyde, "wundnum golde, gyf on weg cymest."


Bowulf maelode, bearn Ecgowes: 1385 "Ne sorga, snotor guma! slre bi ghwm, "t h his frond wrece, onne h fela murne; "re ghwylc sceal ende gebdan "worolde lfes; wyrce s e mte "dmes r dae! t bi driht-guman 1390 "unlifgendum fter slest. "rs, rces weard; uton hrae fran, "Grendles mgan gang scawigan! "Ic hit gehte: n h on helm losa, "n on foldan fm, n on fyrgen-holt, 1395 "n on gyfenes grund, g r h wille. "ys dgor geyld hafa "wana gehwylces, sw ic wne t!" hlop se gomela, gode ancode, mihtigan drihtne, s se man gesprc. 1400 ws Hrgre hors gebted, wicg wunden-feax. Wsa fengel geatolc gengde; gum-fa stp lind-hbbendra. Lstas wron fter wald-swaum wde gesyne, 1405 gang ofer grundas; gegnum fr ofer myrcan mr, mago-egna br one slestan swol-lasne, ra e mid Hrgre hm eahtode. Ofer-ode elinga bearn 1410 stap stn-hlio, stge nearwe, enge n-paas, un-c geld, neowle nssas, nicor-hsa fela; h fara sum beforan gengde wsra monna, wong scawian, 1415 o t h fringa fyrgen-bamas ofer hrne stn hleonian funde, wyn-lasne wudu; wter under std drorig and gedrfed. Denum eallum ws, winum Scyldinga, weorce on mde, 1420 t geolianne egne monegum, oncy eorla gehwm, syan sc-heres on m holm-clife hafelan mtton. Fld blde wol (folc t sgon) htan heolfre. Horn stundum song 1425 fslc fyrd-lo. Fa eal gest; geswon fter wtere wyrm-cynnes fela, sellce s-dracan sund cunnian, swylce on ns-hleoum nicras licgean, on undern-ml oft bewitiga 1430 sorh-fulne s on segl-rde, wyrmas and wil-dor; he on weg hruron bitere and gebolgne, bearhtm ongeton, g-horn galan. Sumne Gata lod of fln-bogan fores getwfde, 1435 y-gewinnes, t him on aldre std here-strl hearda; h on holme ws sundes snra, hyne swylt fornam. Hre wear on yum mid eofer-sprotum heoro-hcyhtum hearde genearwod, 1440 na genged and on ns togen wundorlc wg-bora; weras scawedon gryrelcne gist. Gyrede hine Bowulf eorl-gewdum, nalles for ealdre mearn: scolde here-byrne hondum gebrden, 1445 sd and searo-fh, sund cunnian, so e bn-cofan beorgan ce, t him hilde-grp hrere ne mihte, eorres inwit-feng, aldre gescean; ac se hwta helm hafelan werede, 1450 s e mere-grundas mengan scolde, scan sund-gebland since geweorad, befongen fra-wrsnum, sw hine fyrn-dagum worhte wpna smi, wundrum tode, besette swn-lcum, t hine syan n 1455 brond n beado-mcas btan ne meahton. Ns t onne mtost mgen-fultuma, t him on earfe lh yle Hrgres; ws m hft-mce Hrunting nama, t ws n foran eald-gestrona; 1460 ecg ws ren ter-tarum fh, hyrded heao-swte; nfre hit t hilde ne swc manna ngum ra e hit mid mundum bewand, s e gryre-sas gegn dorste, folc-stede fra; ns t forma s, 1465 t hit ellen-weorc fnan scolde. Hru ne gemunde mago Ecglfes eafoes crftig, t h r gesprc wne druncen, h s wpnes onlh slran sweord-frecan: selfa ne dorste 1470 under ya gewin aldre genan, driht-scype drogan; r h dme forlas, ellen-mrum. Ne ws m rum sw, syan h hine t ge gegyred hfde.


Bowulf maelode, bearn Ecgowes: 1475 "geenc n, se mra maga Healfdenes, "snottra fengel, n ic eom ses fs, "gold-wine gumena, hwt wit ge sprcon, "gif ic t earfe nre scolde "aldre linnan, t m wre 1480 "for-gewitenum on fder stle; "wes mund-bora mnum mago-egnum, "hond-gesellum, gif mec hild nime: "swylce mdmas, m sealdest, "Hrgr lofa, Higelce onsend. 1485 "Mg onne on m golde ongitan Gata dryhten, "geson sunu Hrles, onne h on t sinc stara, "t ic gum-cystum gdne funde "baga bryttan, brac onne mste. "And Unfer lt ealde lfe, 1490 "wrtlc wg-sweord wd-cne man "heard-ecg habban; ic m mid Hruntinge "dm gewyrce, oe mec da nime." fter m wordum Weder-Gata lod efste mid elne, nalas andsware 1495 bdan wolde; brim-wylm onfng hilde-rince. ws hwl dges, r h one grund-wong ongytan mehte. Sna t onfunde, s e flda begong heoro-gfre behold hund missra, 1500 grim and grdig, t r gumena sum l-wihta eard ufan cunnode. Grp tganes, g-rinc gefng atolan clommum; n y r in gescd hlan lce: hring tan ymb-bearh, 1505 t ho one fyrd-hom urh-fn ne mihte, locene leoo-syrcan lan fingrum. Br so brim-wylf, ho t botme cm, hringa engel t hofe snum, sw h ne mihte n (h s mdig ws) 1510 wpna gewealdan, ac hine wundra s fela swencte on sunde, s-dor monig hilde-txum here-syrcan brc, hton glcan. se eorl ongeat, t h in ni-sele nt-hwylcum ws, 1515 r him nnig wter wihte ne sceede, n him for hrf-sele hrnan ne mehte fr-gripe fldes: fyr-loht geseah, blcne loman beorhte scnan. Ongeat se gda grund-wyrgenne, 1520 mere-wf mihtig; mgen-rs forgeaf hilde-bille, hond swenge ne oftah, t hire on hafelan hring-ml gl grdig g-lo. se gist onfand, t se beado-loma btan nolde, 1525 aldre scean, ac so ecg geswc odne t earfe: olode r fela hond-gemta, helm oft gescr, fges fyrd-hrgl: t ws forma s dorum mme, t his dm lg. 1530 Eft ws n-rd, nalas elnes lt, mra gemyndig mg Hygelces; wearp wunden-ml wrttum gebunden yrre retta, t hit on eoran lg, st and styl-ecg; strenge getruwode, 1535 mund-gripe mgenes. Sw sceal man dn, onne h t ge gegn ence longsumne lof, n ymb his lf ceara. Gefng be eaxle (nalas for fhe mearn) G-Gata lod Grendles mdor; 1540 brgd beadwe heard, h gebolgen ws, feorh-genlan, t ho on flet gebah. Ho him eft hrae and-lan forgeald grimman grpum and him tganes fng; oferwearp wrig-md wigena strengest, 1545 fe-cempa, t h on fylle wear. Ofst one sele-gyst and hyre seaxe getah, brd and brn-ecg wolde hire bearn wrecan, ngan eaferan. Him on eaxle lg brost-net brden; t gebearh fore, 1550 wi ord and wi ecge ingang forstd. Hfde forsod sunu Ecgowes under gynne grund, Gata cempa, nemne him heao-byrne helpe gefremede, here-net hearde, and hlig god 1555 gewold wg-sigor, wtig drihten; rodera rdend hit on ryht gescd, yelce syan h eft std.


Geseah on searwum sige-adig bil, eald sweord eotenisc ecgum yhtig, 1560 wigena weor-mynd: t ws wpna cyst, bton hit ws mre onne nig mon er t beadu-lce tberan meahte gd and geatolc gganta geweorc. H gefng fetel-hilt, freca Scildinga, 1565 hroh and heoro-grim hring-ml gebrgd, aldres orwna, yrringa slh, t hire wi halse heard grpode, bn-hringas brc, bil eal urh-wd fgne flsc-homan, ho on flet gecrong; 1570 sweord ws swtig, secg weorce gefeh. Lxte se loma, loht inne std, efne sw of hefene hdre scne rodores candel. H fter recede wlt, hwearf be wealle, wpen hafenade 1575 heard be hiltum Higelces egn, yrre and n-rd. Ns so ecg fracod hilde-rince, ac h hrae wolde Grendle forgyldan g-rsa fela ra e h geworhte t West-Denum 1580 oftor micle onne on nne s, onne h Hrgres heor-genatas slh on sweofote, slpende frt folces Denigea fyf-tyne men and er swylc t of-ferede, 1585 llcu lc. H him s lan forgeald, re cempa, t s e h on rste geseah g-wrigne Grendel licgan, aldor-lasne, sw him r gescd hild t Heorote; hr wde sprong, 1590 syan h fter dae drepe rowade, heoro-sweng heardne, and hine hafde becearf, Sna t geswon snottre ceorlas, e mid Hrgre on holm wliton, t ws y-geblond eal gemenged, 1595 brim blde fh: blonden-feaxe gomele ymb gdne ongeador sprcon, t hig s elinges eft ne wndon, t h sige-hrig scean cme mrne oden; s monige gewear, 1600 t hine so brim-wylf broten hfde. cm nn dges. Ns ofgafon hwate Scyldingas; gewt him hm onon gold-wine gumena. Gistas stan, mdes soce, and on mere staredon, 1605 wiston and ne wndon, t he heora wine-drihten selfne geswon. t sweord ongan fter heao-swte hilde-gicelum wg-bil wanian; t ws wundra sum, t hit eal gemealt se gelcost, 1610 onne forstes bend fder onlte, onwinde wl-rpas, s e geweald hafa sla and mla; t is s metod. Ne nom h in m wcum, Weder-Gata lod, mm-hta m, h h r monige geseah, 1615 bton one hafelan and hilt somod, since fge; sweord r gemealt, forbarn brden ml: ws t bld t s ht, ttren ellor-gst, s r inne swealt. Sna ws on sunde, s e r t scce gebd 1620 wg-hryre wrra, wter up urh-daf; wron y-gebland eal geflsod, acne eardas, se ellor-gst oflt lf-dagas and s lnan gesceaft. Cm t lande lid-manna helm 1625 sw-md swymman, s-lce gefeah, mgen-byrenne ra e h him mid hfde. odon him tganes, gode ancodon, rylc egna hap, odnes gefgon, s e h hyne gesundne geson mston. 1630 ws of m hrran helm and byrne lungre lysed: lagu drsade, wter under wolcnum, wl-drore fg. Frdon for onon fe-lstum ferhum fgne, fold-weg mton, 1635 ce strte; cyning-balde men from m holm-clife hafelan bron earfolce heora ghwrum fela-mdigra: fower scoldon on m wl-stenge weorcum geferian 1640 t m gold-sele Grendles hafod, o t semninga t sele cmon frome fyrd-hwate fower-tyne Gata gongan; gum-dryhten mid mdig on gemonge meodo-wongas trd. 1645 cm in gn ealdor egna, dd-cne mon dme gewurad, hle hilde-dor. Hrgr grtan: ws be feaxe on flet boren Grendles hafod, r guman druncon, 1650 egeslc for eorlum and re idese mid: wlite-son wrtlc weras onswon.


Bowulf maelode, bearn Ecgowes: "Hwt! w s s-lc, sunu Healfdenes, "lod Scyldinga, lustum brhton, 1655 "tres t tcne, hr t lcast. "Ic t unsfte ealdre gedgde: "wigge under wtere weorc gende "earfolce, t-rihte ws "g getwfed, nyme mec god scylde. 1660 "Ne meahte ic t hilde mid Hruntinge "wiht gewyrcan, ah t wpen duge, "ac m gee ylda waldend, "t ic on wge geseah wlitig hangian "eald sweord acen (oftost wsode 1665 "winigea lasum) t ic y wpne gebr. "Ofslh t re scce ( m sl geald) "hses hyrdas. t hilde-bil "forbarn, brogden ml, sw t bld gesprang, "htost heao-swta: ic t hilt anan 1670 "fondum tferede; fyren-dda wrc, "da-cwealm Denigea, sw hit gedfe ws. "Ic hit onne gehte, t on Heorote mst "sorh-las swefan mid nra secga gedryht, "and egna gehwylc nra loda, 1675 "dugue and iogoe, t him ondrdan ne earft, "oden Scyldinga, on healfe, "aldor-bealu eorlum, sw r dydest." ws gylden hilt gamelum rince. hrum hild-fruman, on hand gyfen, 1680 enta r-geweorc, hit on ht gehwearf fter dofla hryre Denigea fran, wundor-smia geweorc, and s worold ofgeaf grom-heort guma, godes andsaca, morres scyldig, and his mdor ac; 1685 on geweald gehwearf worold-cyninga m slestan be sm twonum ra e on Sceden-igge sceattas dlde. Hrgr maelode, hylt scawode, ealde lfe, on m ws r writen 1690 fyrn-gewinnes: syan fld ofslh, gifen gotende, gganta cyn, frcne gefrdon: t ws fremde od cean dryhtne, him s ende-lan urh wteres wylm waldend sealde. 1695 Sw ws on m scennum scran goldes urh rn-stafas rihte gemearcod, geseted and gesd, hwm t sweord geworht, rena cyst rest wre, wreoen-hilt and wyrm-fh. se wsa sprc 1700 sunu Healfdenes (swgedon ealle): "t l mg secgan, s e s and riht "freme on folce, (feor eal gemon "eald el-weard), t es eorl wre "geboren betera! Bld is rred 1705 "geond wd-wegas, wine mn Bowulf, "n ofer oda gehwylce. Eal hit geyldum healdest, "mgen mid mdes snyttrum. Ic sceal mne gelstan "frode, sw wit furum sprcon; scealt t frfre weoran "eal lang-twidig lodum num, 1710 "hleum t helpe. Ne wear Heremd sw "eaforum Ecgwelan, r-Scyldingum; "ne gewox h him t willan, ac t wl-fealle "and t da-cwalum Deniga lodum; "brat bolgen-md bod-genatas, 1715 "eaxl-gesteallan, o t h na hwearf, "mre oden. mon-dramum from: "ah e hine mihtig god mgenes wynnum, "eafeum stpte, ofer ealle men "for gefremede, hwere him on ferhe grow 1720 "brost-hord bld-row: nallas bagas geaf "Denum fter dme; dram-las gebd, "t h s gewinnes weorc rowade, "lod-bealo longsum. lr be on, "gum-cyste ongit! ic is gid be 1725 "wrc wintrum frd. Wundor is t secganne, "h mihtig god manna cynne "urh sdne sefan snyttru brytta, "eard and eorl-scipe, h h ealra geweald. "Hwlum h on lufan lte hworfan 1730 "monnes md-geonc mran cynnes, "sele him on le eoran wynne, "t healdanne hlo-burh wera, "ged him sw gewealdene worolde dlas, "sde rce, t h his selfa ne mg 1735 "for his un-snyttrum ende geencean; "wuna h on wiste, n hine wiht dwele, "dl n yldo, n him inwit-sorh "on sefan sweorce, n gesacu hwr, "ecg-hete owe, ac him eal worold 1740 "wende on willan; h t wyrse ne con, "o t him on innan ofer-hygda dl "weaxe and wrida, onne se weard swefe, "swele hyrde: bi se slp t fst, "bisgum gebunden, bona swe nah, 1745 "s e of fln-bogan fyrenum scote.


"onne bi on hrere under helm drepen "biteran strle: him bebeorgan ne con "wom wundor-bebodum wergan gstes; "ince him t lytel, t h t lange hold, 1750 "gytsa grom-hydig, nallas on gylp sele "ftte bagas and h for-gesceaft "forgyte and forgyme, s e him r god sealde "wuldres waldend, weor-mynda dl. "Hit on ende-stf eft gelimpe, 1755 "t se lc-homa lne gedrose, "fge gefealle; fh er t, "s e unmurnlce mdmas dle, "eorles r-gestron, egesan ne gyme. "Bebeorh one bealo-n, Bowulf lofa, 1760 "secg se betsta, and t slre gecos, "ce rdas; oferhyda ne gym, "mre cempa! N is nes mgnes bld "ne hwle; eft sna bi, "t ec dl oe ecg eafoes getwfe, 1765 "oe fyres feng oe fldes wylm, "oe gripe mces oe gres fliht, "oe atol yldo, oe agena bearhtm "forsite and forsworce; semninga bi, "t ec, dryht-guma, da oferswye. 1770 "Sw ic Hring-Dena hund missra "wold under wolcnum, and hig wigge belac "manigum mga geond ysne middan-geard, "scum and ecgum, t ic m nigne "under swegles begong gesacan ne tealde. 1775 "Hwt! m s on le edwenden cwm, "gyrn fter gomene, seoan Grendel wear, "eald-gewinna, in-genga mn: "ic re scne singles wg "md-ceare micle. s sig metode anc, 1780 "cean drihtne, s e ic on aldre gebd, "t ic on one hafelan heoro-drorigne "ofer eald gewin agum starige! "G n t setle, symbel-wynne droh "wgge weorad: unc sceal worn fela 1785 "mma gemnra, sian morgen bi." Gat ws gld-md, gong sna t, setles nosan, sw se snottra heht. ws eft sw r ellen-rfum, flet-sittendum fgere gereorded 1790 nowan stefne. Niht-helm geswearc deorc ofer dryht-gumum. Dugu eal rs; wolde blonden-feax beddes nosan, gamela Scylding. Gat ungemetes wl, rfne rand-wigan restan lyste: 1795 sna him sele-egn ses wrgum, feorran-cundum for wsade, se for andrysnum ealle beweotede egnes earfe, swylce y dgore hao-lende habban scoldon. 1800 Reste hine rm-heort; reced hlfade gap and gold-fh, gst inne swf, o t hrefn blaca heofones wynne bl-heort bodode. cm beorht sunne scacan ofer grundas; scaan netton, 1805 wron elingas eft t lodum fse t farenne, wolde feor anon cuma collen-ferh coles nosan. Heht se hearda Hrunting beran, sunu Ecglfes, heht his sweord niman, 1810 loflc ren; sgde him s lanes anc, cw h one g-wine gdne tealde, wg-crftigne, nales wordum lg mces ecge: t ws mdig secg. And s-frome searwum gearwe 1815 wgend wron, ode weor Denum eling t yppan, r se er ws hle hilde-dor, Hrgr grtte.


Bowulf maelode, bearn Ecgowes: "N w s-lend secgan wylla 1820 "feorran cumene, t w fundia "Higelc scan. Wron hr tela "willum bewenede; s wl dohtest. "Gif ic onne on eoran wihte mg "nre md-lufan mran tilian, 1825 "gumena dryhten, onne ic gyt dyde, "g-geweorca ic bo gearo sna. "Gif ic t gefricge ofer flda begang, "t ec ymbe-sittend egesan ywa, "sw ec hetende hwlum dydon, 1830 "ic senda egna bringe, "hlea t helpe. Ic on Higelce wt, "Gata dryhten, ah e h geong sy, "folces hyrde, t h mec fremman wile "wordum and worcum, t ic wl herige, 1835 "and t goce gr-holt bere "mgenes fultum, r bi manna earf; "gif him onne Hrrc t hofum Gata "geinge, odnes bearn, h mg r fela "fronda findan: feor-cye bo 1840 "slran geshte m e him selfa dah." Hrgr maelode him on andsware: " word-cwydas wittig drihten "on sefan sende! ne hyrde ic snotorlcor "on sw geongum feore guman ingian: 1845 " eart mgenes strang and on mde frd, "ws word-cwida. Wn ic talige, "gif t gegange, t e gr nyme, "hild heoru-grimme Hrles eaferan, "dl oe ren ealdor nne, 1850 "folces hyrde, and n feorh hafast, "t e S-Gatas slran nbben "t gecosenne cyning nigne, "hord-weard hlea, gif healdan wylt "mga rce. M n md-sefa 1855 "lca leng sw wl, lofa Bowulf: "hafast gefred, t m folcum sceal, "Gata lodum and Gr-Denum "sib gemnum and sacu restan, "inwit-nas, he r drugon; 1860 "wesan, enden ic wealde wdan rces, "mmas gemne, manig erne "gdum gegrtan ofer ganotes b; "sceal hring-naca ofer hau bringan "lc and luf-tcen. Ic lode wt 1865 "g wi fond g wi frond fste geworhte "ghws untle ealde wsan." gt him eorla hlo inne gesealde, mago Healfdenes mmas twelfe, ht hine mid m lcum lode swse 1870 scean on gesyntum, snde eft cuman. Gecyste cyning elum gd, oden Scildinga, egen betstan and be healse genam; hruron him taras, blonden-feaxum: him ws bga wn, 1875 ealdum infrdum, res swor, t h seoan geson mston mdige on mele. Ws him se man t on lof, t h one brost-wylm forberan ne mehte, ac him on hrere hyge-bendum fst 1880 fter dorum men dyrne langa beorn wi blde. Him Bowulf anan, g-rinc gold-wlanc grs-moldan trd, since hrmig: s-genga bd gend-fran, s e on ancre rd. 1885 ws on gange gifu Hrgres oft gehted: t ws n cyning ghws orleahtre, o t hine yldo benam mgenes wynnum, s e oft manegum scd.


Cwm t flde fela-mdigra 1890 hg-stealdra hap; hring-net bron, locene leoo-syrcan. Land-weard onfand eft-s eorla, sw h r dyde; n h mid hearme of hles nosan gstas grtte, ac him tganes rd; 1895 cw t wilcuman Wedera lodum scawan scr-hame t scipe fron. ws on sande s-gap naca hladen here-wdum, hringed-stefna marum and mmum: mst hlfade 1900 ofer Hrgres hord-gestronum. H m bt-wearde bunden golde swurd gesealde, t h syan ws on meodu-bence mme y weorra, yrfe-lfe. Gewt him on y-nacan, 1905 drfan dop wter, Dena land ofgeaf. ws be mste mere-hrgla sum, segl sle fst. Sund-wudu unede, n r wg-flotan wind ofer yum ses getwfde; s-genga fr, 1910 flat fmig-heals for ofer ye, bunden-stefna ofer brim-stramas, t he Gata clifu ongitan meahton, ce nssas. Col up gerang, lyft-geswenced on lande std. 1915 Hrae ws t holme hy-weard gearo, s e r lange td, lofra manna fs, t faroe feor wltode; slde t sande sd-fme scip oncer-bendum fst, y ls hym ya rym 1920 wudu wynsuman forwrecan meahte. Ht up beran elinga gestron, frtwe and ft-gold; ns him feor anon t gescanne sinces bryttan: Higelc Hrling r t hm wuna, 1925 selfa mid gesum s-wealle nah; bold ws betlc, brego-rf cyning, ha on healle, Hygd swe geong, ws, wl-ungen, ah e wintra lyt under burh-locan gebiden hbbe 1930 Hrees dhtor: ns ho hnh sw ah, n t gna gifa Gata lodum, mm-gestrona. Mod ryo wg, fremu folces cwn, firen ondrysne: nnig t dorste dor genan 1935 swsra gesa, nefne sin-fra, t hire an dges agum starede; ac him wl-bende weotode tealde, hand-gewriene: hrae seoan ws fter mund-gripe mce geinged, 1940 t hit sceaen-ml scyran mste, cwealm-bealu cyan. Ne bi swylc cwnlc aw idese t efnanne, ah e ho nlcu sy, tte freou-webbe fores onsce fter lge-torne lofne mannan. 1945 Hru t onhhsnode Heminges mg; ealo drincende er sdan, t ho lod-bealewa ls gefremede, inwit-na, syan rest wear gyfen gold-hroden geongum cempan, 1950 elum dore, syan ho Offan flet ofer fealone fld be fder lre se geshte, r ho syan wl in gum-stle, gde mre, lf-gesceafta lifigende brac, 1955 hold hah-lufan wi hlea brego, ealles mon-cynnes mne gefrge one slestan b sm twonum eormen-cynnes; form Offa ws geofum and gum gr-cne man, 1960 wde geweorod; wsdme hold el snne, onon omr wc hleum t helpe, Heminges mg, nefa Grmundes, na crftig.


Gewt him se hearda mid his hond-scole 1965 sylf fter sande s-wong tredan, wde waroas. Woruld-candel scn, sigel san fs: h s drugon, elne geodon, t s e eorla hlo, bonan Ongenowes burgum on innan, 1970 geongne g-cyning gdne gefrnon hringas dlan. Higelce ws s Bowulfes snde gecyed, t r on worig wgendra hlo, lind-gestealla lifigende cwm, 1975 heao-lces hl t hofe gongan. Hrae ws gerymed, sw se rca bebad, fe-gestum flet innan-weard. Gest wi sylfne, s scce gens, mg wi mge, syan man-dryhten 1980 urh hloor-cwyde holdne gegrtte maglum wordum. Meodu-scencum hwearf geond t reced Hrees dhtor: lufode lode, l-wge br hlum t handa. Higelc ongan 1985 snne geseldan in sele m han fgre fricgean, hyne fyrwet brc, hwylce S-Gata sas wron: "H lomp ow on lde, lofa Bowulf, " fringa feorr gehogodest, 1990 "scce scean ofer sealt wter, "hilde t Hiorote? Ac Hrgre "wd-cne wan wihte gebttest, "mrum odne? Ic s md-ceare "sorh-wylmum sa, se ne truwode 1995 "lofes mannes; ic lange bd, "t one wl-gst wihte ne grtte, "lte S-Dene sylfe geweoran "ge wi Grendel. Gode ic anc secge, "s e ic gesundne geson mste." 2000 Bowulf maelode, bearn Ecgowes: "t is undyrne, dryhten Higelc, "mre gemting monegum fra, "hwylc orleg-hwl uncer Grendles "wear on m wange, r h worna fela 2005 "Sige-Scildingum sorge gefremede, "yrme t aldre; ic t eal gewrc, "sw ne gylpan earf Grendeles mga "nig ofer eoran ht-hlem one, "s e lengest leofa lan cynnes, 2010 "fenne bifongen. Ic r furum cwm, "t m hring-sele Hrgr grtan: "sna m se mra mago Healfdenes, "syan h md-sefan mnne ce, "wi his sylfes sunu setl gethte. 2015 "Weorod ws on wynne; ne seah ic wdan feorh "under heofenes hwealf heal-sittendra "medu-dram mran. Hwlum mru cwn, "friu-sibb folca flet eall geond-hwearf, "bdde byre geonge; oft ho bah-wrian 2020 "secge sealde, r ho t setle gong. "Hwlum for dugue dhtor Hrgres "eorlum on ende ealu-wge br, " ic Fraware flet-sittende "nemnan hyrde, r ho ngled sinc 2025 "hleum sealde: so gehten ws, "geong gold-hroden, gladum suna Frdan; "hafa s geworden wine Scyldinga "rces hyrde and t rd tala, "t h mid y wfe wl-fha dl, 2030 "scca gesette. Oft n seldan hwr "fter lod-hryre lytle hwle "bon-gr bge, ah so bryd duge!


"Mg s onne ofyncan oden Heaobeardna "and egna gehwm ra loda, 2035 "onne h mid fmnan on flett g, "dryht-bearn Dena dugua biwenede: "on him gladia gomelra lfe "heard and hring-ml, Heaobeardna gestron, "enden he m wpnum wealdan mston, 2040 "o t he forlddan t m lind-plegan "swse gesas ond hyra sylfra feorh. "onne cwi t bore, s e bah gesyh, "eald sc-wiga, s e eall geman "gr-cwealm gumena (him bi grim sefa), 2045 "onginne gemor-md geongne cempan "urh hrera gehygd higes cunnian, "wg-bealu weccean and t word cwy: "'Meaht , mn wine, mce gecnwan, "'one in fder t gefeohte br 2050 "'under here-grman hindeman se, "'dyre ren, r hyne Dene slgon, "'woldon wl-stwe, syan wier-gyld lg, "'fter hlea hryre, hwate Scyldungas? "'Nu hr ra banena byre nt-hwylces, 2055 "'frtwum hrmig on flet g, "'morres gylpe and one mum byre, "'one e mid rihte rdan sceoldest!'" "Mana sw and myndga mla gehwylce "srum wordum, o t sl cyme, 2060 "t se fmnan egn fore fder ddum "fter billes bite bld-fg swefe, "ealdres scyldig; him se er onan "losa lifigende, con him land geare. "onne bo brocene on b healfe 2065 "-sweord eorla; syan Ingelde "wealla wl-nas and him wf-lufan "fter cear-wlmum clran weora. "y ic Heaobeardna hyldo ne telge, "dryht-sibbe dl Denum unfcne, 2070 "frond-scipe fstne. Ic sceal for sprecan "gn ymbe Grendel, t geare cunne, "sinces brytta, t hwan syan wear "hond-rs hlea. Syan heofones gim "gld ofer grundas, gst yrre cwm, 2075 "eatol fen-grom, ser nosan, "r w gesunde sl weardodon; "r ws Hondsco hild onsge, "feorh-bealu fgum, h fyrmest lg, "gyrded cempa; him Grendel wear, 2080 "mrum magu-egne t m-bonan, "lofes mannes lc eall forswealg. "N y r t gn del-hende "bona bldig-t bealewa gemyndig, "of m gold-sele gongan wolde, 2085 "ac h mgnes rf mn costode, "grpode gearo-folm. Glf hangode "sd and syllc searo-bendum fst, "so ws oroncum eall gegyrwed "dofles crftum and dracan fellum: 2090 "h mec r on innan unsynnigne, "dor dd-fruma, gedn wolde, "manigra sumne: hyt ne mihte sw, "syan ic on yrre upp-riht std. "T lang ys t reccenne, h ic m lod-sceaan 2095 "yfla gehwylces ond-lan forgeald; "r ic, oden mn, ne lode "weorode weorcum. H on weg losade, "lytle hwle lf-wynna brac; "hwre him so swre swae weardade 2100 "hand on Hiorte and h han onan, "mdes gemor mere-grund gefoll. "M one wl-rs wine Scildunga "fttan golde fela lanode, "manegum mmum, syan mergen cm 2105 "and w t symble geseten hfdon. "r ws gidd and glo; gomela Scilding "fela fricgende feorran rehte; "hwlum hilde-dor hearpan wynne, "gomen-wudu grtte; hwlum gyd wrc 2110 "s and srlc; hwlum syllc spell "rehte fter rihte rm-heort cyning. "Hwlum eft ongan eldo gebunden, "gomel g-wiga giogue cwan "hilde-strengo; hreer inne woll, 2115 "onne h wintrum frd worn gemunde. "Sw w r inne andlangne dg "node nman, o t niht becwm "er t yldum. ws eft hrae "gearo gyrn-wrce Grendeles mdor, 2120 "sode sorh-full; sunu da fornam, "wg-hete Wedra. Wf unhyre "hyre bearn gewrc, beorn cwealde "ellenlce; r ws sc-here, "frdan fyrn-witan, feorh genge; 2125 "ner hy hine ne mston, syan mergen cwm, "da-wrigne Denia lode "bronde forbrnan, n on bl hladan "lofne mannan: ho t lc tbr "fondes fmum under firgen-stram. 2130 "t ws Hrgre hrowa tornost "ra e lod-fruman lange begete; " se oden mec ne lfe "healsode hroh-md, t ic on holma gering "eorl-scipe efnde, ealdre gende, 2135 "mro fremede: h m mde geht. "Ic s wlmes, is wde c, "grimne gryrelcne grund-hyrde fond. "r unc hwle ws hand gemne; "holm heolfre woll and ic hafde becearf 2140 "in m grund-sele Grendeles mdor "acnum ecgum, unsfte onan "feorh oferede; ns ic fge gyt, "ac m eorla hlo eft gesealde "mma menigeo, maga Healfdenes.


2145 "Sw se od-kyning awum lyfde; "nealles ic m lanum forloren hfde, "mgnes mde, ac h m mmas geaf, "sunu Healfdenes, on snne sylfes dm; " ic , beorn-cyning, bringan wylle, 2150 "stum geywan. Gn is eall t "lissa gelong: ic lyt hafo "hafod-mga, nefne Hygelc ec!" Ht in beran eafor, hafod-segn, heao-stapne helm, hre byrnan, 2155 g-sweord geatolc, gyd fter wrc: "M is hilde-sceorp Hrgr sealde, "snotra fengel, sume worde ht, "t ic his rest eft gesgde, "cw t hyt hfde Hiorogr cyning, 2160 "lod Scyldunga lange hwle: "n y r suna snum syllan wolde, "hwatum Heorowearde, ah h him hold wre, "brost-gewdu. Brc ealles well!" Hyrde ic t m frtwum fower maras 2165 lungre gelce lst weardode, ppel-fealuwe; h him st getah mara and mma. Sw sceal mg dn, nealles inwit-net rum bregdan, dyrnum crfte da rnian 2170 hond-gesteallan. Hygelce ws, na heardum, nefa swye hold and gehwer rum hrra gemyndig. Hyrde ic t h one heals-bah Hygde gesealde, wrtlcne wundur-mum, one e him Wealho geaf, 2175 odnes dhtor, ro wicg somod swancor and sadol-beorht; hyre syan ws fter bah-ege brost geweorod. Sw bealdode bearn Ecgowes, guma gum c, gdum ddum, 2180 drah fter dme, nealles druncne slg heor-genatas; ns him hroh sefa, ac h man-cynnes mste crfte gin-fstan gife, him god sealde, hold hilde-dor. Han ws lange, 2185 sw hyne Gata bearn gdne ne tealdon, n hyne on medo-bence micles wyrne drihten wereda gedn wolde; swye oft sgdon, t h slac wre, eling unfrom: edwenden cwm 2190 tr-adigum menn torna gehwylces. Ht eorla hlo in gefetian, heao-rf cyning, Hrles lfe, golde gegyrede; ns mid Gatum sinc-mum slra on sweordes hd; 2195 t h on Bowulfes bearm legde, and him gesealde seofan sendo, bold and brego-stl. Him ws bm samod on m lod-scipe lond gecynde, eard el-riht, rum swor 2200 sde rce, m r slra ws. Eft t geode ufaran dgrum hilde-hlmmum, syan Hygelc lg and Heardrde hilde-mceas under bord-hroan t bonan wurdon, 2205 hyne geshtan on sige-ode hearde hilde-frecan, Heao-Scilfingas, na gengdan nefan Hererces. Syan Bowulfe brde rce on hand gehwearf: h gehold tela 2210 fftig wintru (ws frd cyning, eald el-weard), o t n ongan deorcum nihtum draca rcsian, s e on hare he hord beweotode, stn-beorh stapne: stg under lg, 2215 eldum unc. r on innan gong nia nt-hwylces node gefng hnum horde hond . d . . ge . . hwylc since fhne, h t syan . . . . . . . . . . . l . . . l . g 2220 slpende be fyre, fyrena hyrde ofes crfte, t sie . . . . io . . . . . . idh . folc-beorn, t h gebolgen ws.


Nealles mid geweoldum wyrm-horda . . . crft shte sylfes willum, s e him sre gesced, 2225 ac for ra-ndlan ow nt-hwylces hlea bearna hete-swengeas flah, for ofer-earfe and r inne fealh secg syn-bysig. Sna in tde t . . . . . m gyste . . . . br . g . std, 2230 hwre earm-sceapen . . . . . . . . . . . . sceapen o . . . . i r . . e se fs begeat, sinc-ft geseah: r ws swylcra fela in m eor-scrfe r-gestrona, sw hy on ger-dagum gumena nt-hwylc 2235 eormen-lfe elan cynnes anc-hycgende r gehydde, dore mmas. Ealle he da fornam rran mlum, and se n gn loda dugue, s r lengest hwearf, 2240 weard wine-gemor wscte s yldan, t h lytel fc long-gestrona brcan mste. Beorh eal gearo wunode on wonge wter-yum nah, nwe be nsse nearo-crftum fst: 2245 r on innan br eorl-gestrona hringa hyrde hard-fyrdne dl fttan goldes, fa worda cw: "Heald n, hrse, n hle ne mston, "eorla hte. Hwt! hit r on 2250 "gde begeton; g-da fornam, "feorh-bealo frcne fyra gehwylcne, "loda mnra, ra e is lf ofgeaf, "geswon sele-dram. Nh hw sweord wege "oe fetige fted wge, 2255 "drync-ft dore: dugu ellor scc. "Sceal se hearda helm hyrsted golde "ftum befeallen: feormiend swefa, " e beado-grman bywan sceoldon, "g swylce so here-pd, so t hilde gebd 2260 "ofer borda gebrc bite rena, "brosna fter beorne. Ne mg byrnan hring "fter wg-fruman wde fran "hleum be healfe; ns hearpan wyn, "gomen glo-bames, n gd hafoc 2265 "geond sl swinge, n se swifta mearh "burh-stede bate. Bealo-cwealm hafa "fela feorh-cynna feorr onsended!" Sw gimor-md gioho mnde, n fter eallum unble hwop, 2270 dges and nihtes, o t daes wylm hrn t heortan. Hord-wynne fond eald ht-sceaa opene standan, s e byrnende biorgas sce nacod n-draca, nihtes floge 2275 fyre befangen; hyne fold-bend wde geswon. H gwunian sceall hlw under hrsan, r h hen gold wara wintrum frd; ne by him wihte sl. Sw se od-sceaa ro hund wintra 2280 hold on hrsan hord-rna sum acen-crftig, o t hyne n bealh mon on mde: man-dryhtne br fted wge, frioo-wre bd hlford snne. ws hord rsod, 2285 onboren baga hord, bne getad fa-sceaftum men. Fra scawode fra fyrn-geweorc forman se. se wyrm onwc, wrht ws genwad; stonc fter stne, stearc-heort onfand 2290 fondes ft-lst; h t for gestp, dyrnan crfte, dracan hafde nah. Sw mg unfge ae gedgan wan and wrc-s, s e waldendes hyldo gehealde. Hord-weard shte 2295 georne fter grunde, wolde guman findan, one e him on sweofote sre getode: ht and hroh-md hlw oft ymbe hwearf, ealne tan-weardne; n r nig mon ws on re wstenne. Hwre hilde gefeh, 2300 beado-weorces: hwlum on beorh thwearf, sinc-ft shte; h t sna onfand, t hfde gumena sum goldes gefandod hah-gestrona. Hord-weard onbd earfolce, o t fen cwm; 2305 ws gebolgen beorges hyrde, wolde se la lge forgyldan drinc-ft dyre. ws dg sceacen wyrme on willan, n on wealle leng bdan wolde, ac mid ble fr, 2310 fyre gefysed. Ws se fruma egeslc lodum on lande, sw hyt lungre wear on hyra sinc-gifan sre geendod.

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