Jack and Jill and Old Dame Gill
Author: Unknown
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The original spelling and capitalization have been retained; however, long s's have been transcribed as modern s's.

JACK AND JILL, AND OLD DAME GILL, With the Dog and the Pig, All dancing a Jig.

Read it who will, They'll laugh their fill.


Read it who will, They'll laugh their fill.

London. Published by J. Aldis. No. 9 Pavement, Moorfields. 17 March 1806.

JACK and JILL, Went up the hill, To fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down, And broke his crown, And Jill came tumbling after.

Then up JACK got, And home did trot, As fast as he could caper; DAME GILL did the job, To plaster his nob, With Vinegar and brown paper.

Then JILL came in, And she did grin, To see JACK'S paper plaster, Her mother put her, A fools cap on, For laughing at Jack's disaster.

This made JILL pout, And she ran out, And JACK did quickly follow, They rode dog Ball, Jill got a fall, How Jack did laugh and hollow.

The DAME came out, To know all about, Jill said Jack made her tumble, Says Jack I'll tell, You how she fell, Then judge if she need grumble.

DAME GILL did grin, As she went in, And Jill was plagu'd Jack, O! Will Goat came by, And made Jack cry, And knock'd him on his back, O!

Now JILL did laugh, And JACK did cry, But his tears did soon abate, Then Jill did say, That they should play, At sea-saw a cross the gate.

They sea-saw'd high, They sea-saw'd low, At length they both did tumble, We both are down, We both must own, Let neither of us grumble.

Then the next thing, They made a swing, But JILL set up a big cry, For the swing gave way, In the midst of the play, And threw her into the Pigstye.

The SOW came by, Says Jack I'll try, If I cant ride this prancer, He gave a jump, On old sows rump, But she led him a droll dance Sir.

SOW ran and squal'd, While JACK he bawl'd, And JILL join'd in the choir, Dog Ball being near, Bit sow by the ear, And threw Jack in the mire.

Tho' JACK was not hurt, He was all over dirt, I wish you had but seen him, And how JILL did jump, With him to the pump, And pump'd on him to clean him.

Hearing the rout, DAME GILL came out, With a horse-whip from the door, She laid it on Jack, And poor Jill's back, Untill they both did roar.

BALL held sow's ear, And both in rear, Ran against old DAME and hither, That she did fall, Over sow and Ball, How Jack and Jill did twiter.

And now all three, Went in to see, To put the place to right all, Which done they sup, Then drink a cup, And with you a good night all.

DAME GILL has been to ALDIS, To buy them all Books, You may see how they are pleased By the smiles in their looks.

Now if you are good and deserving regard, This book full of Pictures shall be your reward.

London. Published by J. Aldis, No. 9, Pavement, Moorfields. March 17, 1806.


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