Secret Enemies of True Republicanism
by Andrew B. Smolnikar
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[Transcriber's note: The original print edition contain many obvious typos that have been corrected in this electronic edition. I have taken care to mark where changes were made within the text, and notes about the changes can be found at the end of this text. I have left hyphen irregularities as they were printed (so that both "anti-slavery" and "antislavery" will be found within the text). For additional perspective on errata within the text, see the author's remarks following the final treatise.]









Preliminary Remarks

Attentive readers will find superabundance of signs or credentials testifying the mission of every one who comprehends this book and acts with us for the accomplishment of the great promise, if they peruse the whole book as often as necessary for a full understanding of each event mentioned herein in connexion with the whole. From this connection of events it is evident, that in collisions in to which we have come with our opposers during the performance of the duties of our mission, we were under the direction of those invisible guardians who are labouring to introduce the promised new era of Truth and Righteousness, while our opposers were endeavouring to support the existing systems of delusion and iniquity, and that spirits of all spheres, heavenly angels as well as infernal demons, give testimony to our mission, spirits of each sphere in such a manner as is most suitable to their sphere. By the developments made in this book the secret enemies of true Republicanism are made manifest, and it is made clear, how every party and sect, notwithstanding their profession of republicanism, are supporting Popery, or, what is the same Monarchy, if they disregard our disclosures concerning the Roman Catholic and the Protestant churches in reference to Christ's Peaceable Reign which will be the universal republic of truth and righteousness[C], and if they neglect to co-operate with us for its introduction.

When I say "us," I understand the whole body of messengers whom I represent. I became Representative of this Body by having performed and explained what has been shown to me by the Spirit of Truth for the introduction of the promised New Era. No imaginations, but facts, events, are testifying our Heavenly Mission for the true Freedom, Harmony and Peace of Nations, as well as the infernal Mission of those who either openly or secretly, are opposed to our mission. In this their condition they are supporting the Papal Imperial Royal or Monarchial powers. This will be evident to those who comprehend this book. Then they will know that those are either wittingly deceivers, or are deceived and repeat the lies and slanders of others, who say that I make too great claims and am anxious to be a great man. I confess to be nothing else but a true republican, a man for free discussion, testifying what I know, and offering it to be duly examined and used for the welfare of nations. I had to forsake all things of this world and to devote all my time to deep investigations, till at length my studies had arrived to maturity, that I could be used by Heavenly Powers as an instrument or medium to disclose what is required for Christ's peaceable Reign on Earth. But those who should have been our first labourers in the great cause of Human Redemption, have deceived others in regard to our mission; and I have been abused, slandered and persecuted, and have suffered more than a man could willingly bear for his fellow men, without being supported by Higher Powers. This support has brought me on the ground where I stand, and on which they shall arrive who will study this book with understanding[D], and then act accordingly.

This book is divided into several treatises, which are so connected that every reader in order to comprehend the unexpected developments for the introduction of the promised New Era, must study them in the order in which they appear. While studying in this manner, if the contents of some passage appear to him not only unexpected, but also very improbable, he will receive more light upon them in the continuation of studying this book, till at length that which appeared at the first view improbable, will be made manifest to him to be a great truth, and he will become our zealous fellow labourer in the great mission for the accomplishment of the greatest Promises to the Human race. I write in the expectation, that my brethren and sisters, after having perused this book, will comprehend their calling and act accordingly with their sincere servant.


Washington D.C. March 29th, 1859.


I wrote this preface in the expectation of soon finding in Washington means for publishing this book. But I had to wait, till at length the war in Italy commenced. Therefore readers are requested to study what they must know to stop Revolutions and Wars and to commence the New Era of Harmony and Peace.


Louis Napoleon, according to a severe divine judgment Emperor of France, and James Buchanan, according to the merciful divine benignity President of the United States.

On the 27th January, 1859, while I was ready to start from Philadelphia, a messenger said, that on that day an article appeared in the German Democrat of that city for my use, and handed to me the number containing that article, from which we translate the following passages:

"A pamphlet of the famous Mr. Belly, directed to Emperor Napoleon III, was announced in Paris on all corners of the streets with very large letters, under the inscription


"Whereas nothing can be published in Paris without the permission of the Imperial censorship, it is supposed, that Mr. Belly acted according to a superior order to arouse the public opinion against the United States. The President's message gives the pretext for it. The United States are represented as deadly enemies of the whole Latin Race and of the monarchies of Europe, which must fall to their feet, if that race does not commence a crusade against the heretics, and take the sword against the pirates, thieves and bankrupts of the United States."

Not having the original of the pamphlet and giving the following passages in a free translation from the German translation which appeared in the above quoted number of the Democrat, I may be excused by those who have the French pamphlet at hand, if they should find any deviation from it. Monsieur Belly writes besides other things also:

"The longing of the United States for Cuba and Mexico has not only the tendency to enlarge their territory and their interests, but they act besides this, according to a principle, which is diametrically opposite to that of France; they do not care about any civilization beyond their frontier; they have made alliance with all who are filled with hatred against the European politics. When the Democratic Republic obtains the supremacy in the new world, all empires and kingdoms in the world will become inimical to its interests and therefore it will be consequent and necessary to destroy them either by art or by force.... Our commerce, our industry will be compelled to obey instead of being the rulers, and the discovery of the new world will lead to the remarkable result of having occasioned the death of the old.

"The Catholic sovereigns constituted by God and by their subjects, are obliged to introduce such circumstances as to carry into execution their legitimate claims. And those who have been elected by a band without discipline, by bankrupts and thieves, dare to declare publicly, that the hour has come for these thieves and bankrupts to attack the civilized world! are we not as much devoted to the truth, as they are to the lie? We should not delay to promote our system of salvation, while we are discussing their system of perdition. And whereas they are elevating the crime to their religion with more energy than we do our holy religion, while we appear to surrender it, we will henceforth extol the cross and draw the sword, and unite the Latin race to the alliance, without which there is no salvation for civilization.

"The president's message is in open opposition to the faith, the ideas, the principles and the interests, the acknowledged defender of which your Majesty is. That message strikes Europe on both cheeks; and I affirm that those who like to make it laughable, become pale when they reflect upon it in their closets.

"Mr. Buchanan and the nation whom he represents, keep these things not any longer in secret. From henceforth they demand Cuba, and the language in the message shows, that they will not desist from any means to obtain their object. This object is one portion of Mexico and then an other, the whole Central America and West Indies," &c.

If our profession which is expressed on the title page of this book, is true, we have received the commission to move nations and their rulers to establish the universal republic of truth and justice, harmony and peace. It will be the true reign of Christ, for which all political and ecclesiastical memorable events of past centuries and of this time, are preparations. Our commission, that is, the commission of messengers whom I represent, is confirmed by so many signs according to prophecies, that while I was writing the last of the five German volumes which have been published from A.D. 1838 till 1842, I have oftentimes repeated, that the key has been given in those volumes to unlock and explain so many prophecies and signs testifying our mission, that five hundred volumes could be filled, if there had not been superabundance of them already published in the five above mentioned volumes, from which it is evident, that neither monarchs amongst themselves in Europe, nor political and ecclesiastical parties and sects in this country, can establish peace, but will continue to quarrel and consume every year an enormous amount of property for war preparations, and corrupt and ruin nations, and destroy many men and women during those preparations, till at length they are again and again so brutalized and enraged, that they kill each other, till all parties are so exhausted, that they are compelled to make peace, which is nothing else but an armistice; because when the true peace or Christ's reign, which will be the universal Republic of Truth and Justice, shall be established on the whole globe, soldiers and all preparations for war, will disappear, and those who are now learning how to destroy each other, will learn how to prolong their lives and improve their intellectual and moral faculties for their own temporal and eternal welfare, as well as for the welfare of others. Wo! wo! wo! to the Roman catholics as well as others in these United States and in all other parts of America and in Europe and elsewhere, if the infernal fire of revolution and war, which is glowing, breaks out with all force in the United States of America. It would extend on the globe and consume millions of men, and amongst them also Monarchs. But we write to prevent their destruction, and to prepare them to become true republicans and truly happy, and to contribute their share for the happiness of all men.

After the publication of the above mentioned five volumes I made urgent applications to political and ecclesiastical rulers and their counsellors in Europe by sending to some of them my books and letters, and to others letters only, showing how to obtain my books, and exhorting them to study them and act accordingly to prevent revolutions and wars and to commence the new Era. After that, whenever a peculiar crisis was approaching, we have issued some publication, warning the American Nation as well as other nations and their governments, and showing, that there was high time to study the contents of our volumes. I am not alone, but there are invisible messengers giving testimony by my instrumentality, as superabundance of proof is given also in this volume. In this connection of matters I mention the following instance:

At the end of the year 1853 my pamphlet "Antichristian Conspiracy against true Republicanism" issued from the press; and in the first part of the year 1854 copies of that pamphlet as well as written disclosures containing most solemn warnings to the American as well as to all other nations, were sent to President Pierce and to a number of congressmen in both houses. In said pamphlet and in the annexed written disclosures, the Government was most solemnly exhorted to appoint a convention for examining our system or the magnetic chain of events through the course of the past centuries in connection with the events of this generation, which have not been understood so as they are made manifest in our chain for binding the Dragon, the spirit of delusion and destruction, REVEL. xx. 2. who has given his power, and his seat, and great authority REVEL. xiii: 2, not only to the representative of the beast or the Pope of Rome, but also to the ten horns of the beast, or kings, that is monarchs, who hate the whore, that is the Apostatized Church, the people who have apostatized from truth and justice, and whom monarchs make desolate and naked, and eat their flesh and burn them with fire, REVEL. xvii: 16.

"The Catholic Sovereigns" are according to the quoted passage of Mr. Belly, "constituted by God and by their subjects." The number of the Democrat, which occasioned this treatise, was providentially handed to me. But here is no room to explain that which will be explained in our "monthly theological course," which is appointed in this book, and in which our system or the chain to bind the dragon, will be exhibited, and in which will be made manifest, how far "the Catholic sovereigns" or monarchs are constituted by their subjects, and how their subjects would constitute them, if they were free and enlightened, as they should be according to the will of God who has endowed them with intellectual and moral faculties, to be duly developed. Here we mention only, that the highest duty of monarchs is to do all in their power for that development. If monarchs would fulfil their highest duty, their subjects would become true republicans, and then monarchs would cease to be, what they now are by the appointment of the dragon, the spirit of delusion and destruction, by whose inspiration they are executioners of the degraded people whose education has been neglected, and who would have become true republicans, if monarchs had become fathers and teachers of the ignorant. But obviously appears to be as absurd, as Mr. Belly's assertion, that God has constituted the monarchs, although it is manifest, that the dragon has constituted them, or they are constituted "according to a severe divine judgment," according to his eternal laws, when people are so degraded, that they are not prepared for a better government, what is expressed in the following words of the Revelation; "God has put in the hearts of the ten horns to fulfil his will, and agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled," REVEL. XVII.: 17.

In those circumstances, after the destruction, of the first Napoleon's power, it was best, when the rulers or fathers of nations have neglected to fulfil their highest duty, that they have submitted their monarchies under the protection of the Pope, the representative of the Beast with ten horns and seven heads, till the prophecy has been fulfilled. From neglecting that rule much greater evils, most dreadful revolutions and wars originated. The history of the so called christian church, when some portions rebelled against the Pope through the course of centuries until this time, is the most horrible theatre under the dominion of the dragon. Therefore, after the destruction of the first Napoleon we read in REVEL. xvii: 13, that the ten horns or monarchs agreed unanimously (in the Congress of Vienna, A.D. 1815,) to give their power and strength unto the beast, that is, to make the Pope, the representative of the beast, a partaker of their own power and strength. This was the means for the support of their own thrones, till the prophecy has been fulfilled by what has been executed through our mediumships in the Roman Catholic Church, and has been explained in the first three of my above mentioned five German volumes. Those three volumes appeared between A.D. 1838 and 1840, and have been sent to three Roman Catholic Monarchs, to wit, the Emperor of Austria, the King of Bavaria and the King of France, with my hand writings, showing to the first two their highest duty to enjoin their Theologians to examine those volumes and to send to me the result of their examinations, to be published with my remarks, that truth might be made manifest, and to the king of France, that he should translate those volumes into French and spread them as much as possible in his monarchy. All three have been most solemnly exhorted to do what was required in those volumes to prevent the repetition of revolutions, wars, and other plagues, which cannot be removed but must be repeated, till the heavenly message of Peace made manifest by our instrumentality, is received by governments and nations. When our applications to and exhortations of political and ecclesiastical influential men in America and in Europe were not regarded, and in these days of Noah the earth was corrupt and filled with violence, and all flesh had corrupted his way, I Mos. vi: 11 and 12, the flood of revolution broke out in Europe in the year 1848, on the exact day in correspondence with prophecies given by our instrumentality and published in my volumes, and emperors and kings, and their machines of destruction, the bishops of America and in Europe, and other political and ecclesiastical officers, who with all our exhortations remained obstinate sinners against the Holy Ghost, who has disclosed by our instrumentality that which is required for the introduction of the promised peaceable reign of Christ, which according to our disclosures by a long chain of signs according to prophecies, will be the universal republic of truth and justice, harmony and peace on the whole globe, are responsible for all destruction of human life and property, which were consumed in that revolution and afterwards until this hour, and would have been saved, if the means shown in our message, had been used.

Ferdinand, Emperor of Austria, was the first compelled to give a constitution. I read it on the 18th, April, 1848, and was inspired to write on the 19th, April, or, on his birth-day a letter to him and an appeal to the inhabitants of the Austrian Empire, assuring them, that the calamities came, because the contents of our publications had not been regarded, although our mission had been superabundantly proven by signs according to prophecies. I confessed also, that I was ready to go instantly to Vienna, and to show practically, how to make the right use of that constitution for the commencement of the new era of harmony and peace, if the emperor would publish directly my appeal to the inhabitants of his empire, and write to me, and give the security to support the constitution, which was such as the inhabitants of the empire had a right to demand, as well as the emperor had a right to watch against the abuse and to apply the proper means for the right use of the constitution.

My former applications and my volumes have been sent by me directly through Triest to Vienna, but that my last document to emperor Ferdinand was sent to his minister in Washington city with an urgent exhortation to the minister, to forward it to the emperor, and with the remark that in the time in which an answer could be expected, I would send to the minister my direction, to which post office he had to send the answer; because I wrote to the emperor from the State of New-York on my journey to other States. I wrote at length to the minister, that if he receives an answer to my documents from the Emperor Ferdinand, he should send it to the post office of Nashville, capital of the State of Tennessee. I urged the Emperor to send an answer as soon as possible, and I assured him, that it was impossible, to prevent new revolutions without the use of the remedy contained in our message of peace. But knowing the slowness of the business at the Austrian government, I now on the 14th September 1848, at noon time to the post office of Nashville to ask for letters. When I was approaching the post office, fire bells commenced to arouse people who were asking where the fire was. Some answered, that it was in the Presbyterian Church on Church street; but others remarked, that they should not be mocked in this manner; because it appeared to be quite improbable that fire should break out at that hour in that season in a church without being struck by lightning; and that was a very clear day.

I asked in the post office for letters. But there was no letter for me there. On my return from the post office, the whole presbyterian church the largest in that city, on Church Street, was enveloped in awful flames, by which it was entirely consumed.

The next night after that solemn spectacle an angel of my Lord brought to me the message, (and attentive readers of this book will be convinced, that when my mission requires, I come in perceivable communication with Heavenly messengers,) that on the next sunday I should proclaim in that city, that that was a prophetical fire testifying that revolutions would break out again in the Austrian empire, because the bishops of that empire had neglected to fulfil their highest duty to instruct the Emperor in what he should do for the pacification of nations, and that the revolution should be a solemn warning to the citizens of the United States: because judgments cannot be removed from this country, but must increase till churches of the great harlot and her daughters will be consumed, if these judgments shall not be stopped by the application of our message of peace. Public halls are generally not opened for our proclamations, because we have no money to pay for their use. But at that time the masonic fraternity were carrying their instruments into their building, from which they removed them during the danger while the church opposite their building was burning. I said to them, that I had to proclaim a message against the Pope of Rome in correspondence with that fire, and requested them to grant their hall for that purpose, They granted it, and my proclamation was advertised in the daily newspapers of Nashville. It was delivered on the next sunday after the fire in the German language before, and in the English language after noon.

In the next month after that proclamation the last dreadful European revolution and war commenced in Hungary in correspondence with the fact, that the bishops of Hungary were the last among the bishops of Europe, who have been under the direction of my Heavenly leaders most solemnly warned to prevent the revolution which commenced in Paris on the 24th February[E] 1848. That was in the octave of the tenth anniversary after my first public appearance in my present mission and my solemn initiation by Heavenly messengers for this mission. Ten years in commemoration of the ten horns of the beast were granted for repentance to the blind leaders of the blind, for whom I published A.D. 1838 the first volume of explanations of the mystery; and in that year I commenced to exhort Emperor Ferdinand and his bishops, that they should study that volume. But after the publication of the fifth volume A.D. 1842, the bishops of Hungary were the last amongst the grandees of Europe, to whom I applied; to wit, when all my applications were disregarded, I published a Latin circular and sent copies of it to a number of bishops in Europe. While I was preparing those copies for the mail, Samuel Ludvigh, a Hungarian scholar, came into my room. He never before nor after that did come to me, although I met with him several times in other places, and warned him always, that he should study my writings to be converted from his materialism to the true spiritualism. But at that my meeting with him in my room I said to him, that he came at the right time, to give me directions to all bishops in Hungary. He did so, and by this unexpected provision I was enabled, to send to all Roman Catholic bishops in Hungary copies of my Latin circular, in which direction to find copies of my volumes, was given and the duty of the Austrian bishops was shown to study my volumes, and then to instruct the Emperor and other grandees of the Austrian Empire and Hungarian Kingdom, in what they should do, to prevent revolutions and wars, and to establish the promised peace on earth.

When all our endeavoring to move the blind leaders of the blind to take the medicine which was prepared in our publications to open their eyes, was disregarded, I met at length in Cincinnati with the same doctor Samuel Ludvigh, a materialistic reformer, trusting in weapons of war, and I was inspired that I said to him, that there was high time for him to learn that he had an immortal soul and also, that he himself was a strong medium of deluding and destroying spirits, and that I was ready to give him a peculiar testimony of that truth most necessary for him to become an apostle of peace. He asked, how I could show him this. He was not ready to examine arguments and experience of others in this respect. Therefore I, according to the direction of my Heavenly leader said, that I would magnetize him. That was the same in that connection of things, as to say, that I would initiate him into the mystery of our close connection with departed spirits. There is the right use as well as the abuse of human magnetism. Some eight years ago I published a pamphlet on "the dreadful abuse of human magnetism in the mysteries of the Roman Catholic Church and her daughters the protestant sects." Samuel Ludvigh was willing that I should magnetize him directly. But I remarked, that the tavern in which I met with him, was not the proper place for our initiation or ordination. But he was inspired to ask me, that I should make a trial there in his room in which some of his materialists were with him. I was impressed to do so, and it was directly made manifest, that the legion of demons by which he was surrounded, were compelled to give way to our magnetism. And when he fell into the magnetic sleep, I said to him, that to go so deep into our magnetism as to be convinced of man's immortality and to become with us an apostle of the New Era, he must visit me at my boarding house. And he promised to do so on the next following evening. I said that I would come to take him with me. But when I came I found not him, but a writing in which he imformed me, that some friends came and moved him to start with them for other places. We heard then, that he had started for Europe. At length we received his German pamphlet, which was published in Hamburgh, a seaport in Europe, and was entitled: "The sword of Revolution," in which this strange prophet Samuel Ludvigh, reports, that he took a sword of the American revolution and other insignia of war, and copies of his German periodical, entitled "The Torch," and stopped in Europe first in Paris, and three days after his departure from that city, revolution broke out there. From thence he went to Berlin, and from that city to Vienna, and in each of those cities soon after his departure revolution broke out. At length he put his sword and other insignia of war into the National Museum of Hungary, and returned to America.

Those who will study this whole book so as to comprehend the whole connection of matters, will learn gradually better than they see when they arrive in reading it to this period, that my meeting with Samuel Ludvigh in Cincinnati was providentially prepared for a testimony to all governments, that when Samuel Ludvigh who had performed since A.D. 1838 in his meetings with me manifold prophetical actions which have been mentioned in some of my former publications, and was also at that my meeting with him in Cincinnati not yet disposed to become an apostle of peace, and the measure of crimes in Europe was filled, the Heavenly congress with whom we are connected, gave permission to the infernal demons to carry their medium with the war insignia to Europe, and to announce to the infernal demons in Europe, that the time had arrived for them to inspire their mediums to break out in their fury and spread destruction, for the reason that those who kept people in bondage and were the cause of their degredation, have rejected our message of peace and continued to be obstinate sinners against the Holy Ghost who has offered them in our publications the means for the pacification of nations. But whereas the means for peace were not used, revolutions and wars had to give a new turn to human affairs.

When those who were deluding the good natured Emperor Ferdinand, kept him in bondage and would not make use of my above mentioned last application to him for a commencement of the millennial happiness first in the Austrian Empire, I, according to the direction of my Heavenly Leaders, made no more applications to Europe, but commenced to urge Presidents and other influential men at the government of the United States, to study our message and the credentials of our mission for the pacification of nations. When after all my applications to several of the predecessors of President Pierce at length also he remained in the shackles of the infernal Papal Imperial Royal Magnetism, and members of the Congress of all parties and sects followed his example, I was impressed that I should apply to the Emperor Louis Napoleon and to prepare him, that he might commence to look, where to find the great refuge for his own and the true happiness of his family in their mortal bodies as well as in all eternity after their departure from this short life, every moment of which should be duly used as preparation for the eternity. He was at that time, in the spring, 1854, engaged with great preparations for the tremendous war with Russia; and I wrote a document to his ambassador in Washington, showing that if Emperor Napoleon would be truly great in this and in all future ages, and truly happy in all eternity, he instead of preparations for war with Russia, should call all bishops of his Empire to a Latin convention with me in Paris. In that convention my manuscript which I wrote A.D. 1849, in Latin and in which I concentrated the system or the magnetic chain to bind the Dragon, REVEL. xx. 2, who deludes Emperors and Kings to keep people in bondage so that when they break their bonds they are as the wildest beasts killing till they are killed, should be examined and bishops and their theologians should make any objection, but all which they object they must object in writing, to be then annexed to my manuscript and published with my remarks in Latin and in translations, that nations and their ecclesiastical and political representatives might judge, each for himself, whether we have received or not received the commission and the credentials of our mission for the introduction of the promised new era of harmony and peace amongst all nations. A Latin convention for this purpose was first appointed in the City of New-York A.D. 1849, and the Archbishop of Baltimore was urged by our Latin manuscript Epistle and English printed circular, to move the whole synod of bishops who met at that time in Baltimore, to attend our Latin convention, and those who could not attend it themselves to send the most qualified Theologians to attend it. And John Hughes bishop of New-York, was particularly exhorted, that he, as bishop of the place of the convention, was principally bound to bring his Theologians to said convention. But when all my endeavoring to move bishops as well as the government of the United States to send able Latin scholars to attend said convention, did not move them to do so, I translated at length that manuscript into German and into English, and appointed conventions in those languages. But I could not move such as have great influence at the government, to attend those conventions, and then to commence with power the New Era. Therefore I thought, that a trial should be made, whether the United States or the representative of the government of France would comprehend sooner, that nothing in the world could bring greater glory in this life and in all eternity, than the work to examine or order that our message of peace be examined by the best judges of this matter, and be applied for the introduction of the new era. In the hope that Emperor Napoleon would comprehend the great mission which was offered to him in our message, I wrote to his ambassador at Washington, suggesting to the Emperor, that I was ready to come as a citizen of the United States to Paris, to exhibit the credentials which are signs according to prophecies, testifying our mission to move the governments of this world, to establish Christ's peaceable reign or the universal republic of truth and justice, harmony and peace. I expected that the time for the abolition of severe judgments, the principal executor of which is Emperor Napoleon, was expiring.

Not having room in this treatise for any explanation of points which I mention, I show here one of the general tokens, by which the severity of judgments may be measured, to wit, the armies of soldiers, to keep nations in bondage and to defend them against inimical neighbours. The greater in proportion to the number of people, the number of soldiers is, the severer is the judgement. When soldiers shall not be needed, and those who are soldiers, will take up occupations beneficial to mankind, the perfect victory of Christ against the dragon will be celebrated. And if all governments of a christian name would understand to-day our true christian message of peace, they could give directly to those who are soldiers, true christian occupations; and heathens could be soon converted into true christians. While Emperor Napoleon was gathering together warriors and provisions for the great war against Russia, we offered him the best opportunity to be the first of those who should commence the New Era. Whether he had received from his ambassador in Washington D.C. our offer or not, he may tell for himself; because I have received no answer, although I have offered to the ambassador himself, that although I was ready to go to Paris and show there in our Latin convention to all bishops of the French Empire my mission, which is also the mission of my fellow laborers, and the credentials of our mission, I would visit the ambassador himself and give him as many evidences of this great truth as would be abundantly sufficent for him, to recommend with all his energy our offer to the Emperor, if the ambassador would write to me and call me to Washington. Instead of an answer from the ambassador to my proposition for the true christian triumph of France and for the pacification of the world we have received at length the tremendous answer which has occasioned this my treatise. Here is not the place for an investigation, whether people of "the Latin Race" in Europe and America or others are the principal people who commit the crimes with which citizens of the United States are charged. To the article in the number of the Democrat from which I have quoted some passages, a list of bankruptcies is annexed, which took place in the United States in the years 1857 and 1858. A.D. 1857 the total number of bankruptcies is 4932; and A.D. 1858, 4235. It would be of great consequence, to investigate the deeply secret principal cause of their bankuptcies, and also the native place, education and character of each bankrupt. An impartial examination would bring new contributions to know the secret conspiracy of the servants of his Holiness the apocalystical dragon, to keep nations in bondage.

Emperor Napoleon is not only a spiritualist of the last fashion, but a strong medium of dreadful deluding and destroying demons, and I know much more about his mediumship than he himself and his mediums know about it, and this treatise is written to be prefixed to documents which contain facts that should move all nations of "the Latin race" as well as heretics, to come out from Babylon which is made manifest, in our mission, as a habitation of demons, REVEL. XX.: 2. When I am preparing documents of great warning, servants of demons must send from all quarters of the world testimonies, how the infernal hosts of demons are preparing everywhere their mediums for destruction of human life and property. This and the following treatises are written to deliver other mediums as well as monarchs from the influence of deluding and destroying demons. And Emperor Napoleon should consider this treatise as the most precious Heavenly gift, to bring him and by his instrumentality millions of others into the glorious resurrection. If he studies this book in which this treatise occupies the first place, so as to comprehend it: we have no doubt, that he will arrive on our ground and invite us to visit Paris and celebrate there the glorious resurrection of those who belong to "the Latin race" and are yet in their mortal bodies as well as of their departed friends.

In the third of my above mentioned five German volumes is the appearance of Napoleon I. reported, when he was brought on the 24th June, 1839, before me in his materialistic superficial imperial shape. But when I was looking into his interior condition, the awful distress and tremendous darkness blotted out all his imperial splendor. He and others in a similar deceitful condition are influencing the Emperor. But I am writing as his most sincere friend in his behalf and that of nations, and promise to do all in my power according to my mission to assist him, that he might become a blessing to nations and with our assistance pacify the departed Emperor Napoleon and other congenial friends, and draw them into the glorious New Era. The mediumship of Emperor Louis Napoleon was manifest to us in correspondence with many cases of solemn warnings for the imperial court and all other members of "the Latin race" in close connexion with events which happened in our mission at the same time, when those cases surprised the world. Here I mention the solemn execution of the Archbishop of Paris in Saint Stephen's Church by the mediumship of the priest who has been inspired and supported for that work which required more than human strength, from the infernal regions on the day and at the hour of the novena, which were most suitable according to the prophetical Roman Catholic Calendar in correspondence with what we were doing at the same time in our charge under the Heavenly direction, and in correspondence with what Emperor Napoleon was doing at the same time under the direction of deluding and destroying spirits.

In the first three of my above mentioned five German volumes it was shown, that the doings of the Popes of Rome, who are under the inspiration from the inferior regions, were so controlled through the course of centuries by our Heavenly congress, that those amongst the Popes, who had received peculiar rolls in the great drama of the ecclessiastical and political history, had received also corresponding names to their rolls, and numbers corresponding to their names. And we will have also in this book opportunity to mention some instances of that kind. But here we made this remark on account that at the receipt of the report of the solemn murder of the archbishop, we (after having received instruction in different spirit languages which we need in disclosing the mysteries for the promised New Era, and amongst those languages is also the language by numbers,) saw the great unexpected truth, that the Heavenly congress who are with the Lamb, were so controlling the inferior regions of the papal imperial royal demons, that in Paris which is the principal seat of the intrigues connected with the Papal machinations, also Bishops were so counted, that when the number of their succession according to our spirit language was complete in their Novena, amongst them also the number of the Popish Saints as well as the number of Cardinals and the number of Archbishops of Paris corresponded to the celebration of the mystery of the execution, and that Archbishop has been solemnly executed in Saint Stephen's Church, who was in every respect most qualified for the celebration of that mystery, and the infernal executioners have received permission from the Heavenly Congress to effect the execution by their Medium, a priest who became most qualified to be their Medium; and this happened for a peculiar warning to the Pope, his Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and Priests, that they might not wait, till a general destruction of their persons in connection with their Hierarchy would take place, but that they might come out from Babylon and become with us messengers of the New Era. I wrote an extraordinary treatise disclosing the deep mystery of the Episcopal succession in Paris connected with the solemn execution of the Archbishop in his complete numbers by the inspiration and assistance of destroying demons, using their sacerdotal medium, according to the permission of the Heavenly Congress, for a peculiar warning to the Papal Imperial Royal Hierarchy and the whole "Latin Race." There not being room in this book for publication of that treatise which is preserved amongst others of my manuscripts to be published in due time and in connection with other treatises which need deeper studies to be fully understood than the memorable events which we have selected for this book, we found proper to mention somewhat regarding that execution in peculiar connexion with Emperor Napoleon and the clergy of his empire, that they might open their eyes and stop the infernal fury which has been made manifest in the preaching of the crusade which gave occasion to this our extraordinary treatise.

The position of Napoleon III. to Napoleon I. according to prophecies, cannot be understood except in the magnetic chain of events shown in our system which will be explained in our monthly theological course, which is announced in this book for the introduction of the New Era. Although the Pope of Rome and the Emperor Napoleon, both may be destroyed at the abolition of systems which they, each in his sphere, represent, notwithstanding this we labour most earnestly, that their lives may be preserved and they come into our New Jerusalem and draw millions of others into it. At the explosion of the percussion shells, in which others have been killed at the entrance to the theatre, but Napoleon's life was preserved, peculiar manifestations took place. The explanation of that mystery will be annexed as an appendix to the above mentioned treatise, in which the mystery of the succession of Bishops of Paris is explained. The representative of bishops who have generated such fruits as are manifest in Paris, has suffered death. But Emperor Napoleon's life was preserved at other occasions of danger as well as at the explosion of the percussion shells; and we are labouring in the expectation that he will understand this book and become with us a great apostle removing the severe judgments and the dreadful bondage, which are connected with his present government, and assisting us in the preparation for the great resurrection of those in their mortal bodies as well as of their departed friends. All that is written in this book is written for a peculiar instruction to all, and especially to those who are strong Mediums of deluding and destroying spirits the great Prince amongst whom is Emperor Napoleon. But we write this treatise, to deliver him from those miserable tyrants, and to make him a preacher of peace also to his departed friends. What we write for him, we write that it might be used by all readers.

As strange as the point in the inscription, that James Buchanan is according to the merciful Divine Benignty President of the United States, may appear not only to other governments, but also to many big men in these United States, and to millions of others who are deceived by big men, we write to undeceive all, and that also those might be saved, who would have been already destroyed, if instead of James Buchanan Col. Fremont had been elected President of the United States. We are on quite another ground from which we consider human affairs, than that from which they are generally considered: because I speak as Medium of the Heavenly Powers by whom I am sent to draw nations on our ground. For there is no salvation but destruction for them, if they will not arise from their present degraded condition upon our ground from which they will see matters as we see them. In the meantime we instruct them by facts, that they might know, that we are correct and they are in delusion. I am as independent from President Buchanan, as his enemies are, and if he has received my writings which I have sent and directed to him, he did not make use of them; although I suppose that my writings directed to him since his Presedential administration, remain in the hands of others. But in case, he had received and read those my writings, and had despised the course which is shown in our message as the course for redemption of nations from the Papal Imperial Royal and other oppresive and speculating powers, the inscription in regard to him remains true; and when I do not despair of Emperor Napoleon's conversion from his dragon to our Christ, I expect with great confidence, that President Buchanan will be sooner converted than Napoleon; although I do not know, how the Heavenly Congress see this matter, because I am not in their congress but only a medium of messengers sent from that congress. But in every case the inscription to this treatise is true, as the bitterest enemies of President Buchanan may learn from the following items, and by studying this whole book they themselves may be brought upon our ground and assist us in drawing the President upon the same ground for the redemption of nations from all tyrannical powers.

I was in Cincinnati, when honorable James Buchanan was nominated Democratic Candidate for Presidency. That nomination took place on the 6th of June 1856. During the balloting of the Delegates I was inspired, and said on the 4th June, to Doctor B. F. White, that I felt it to be my duty to endeavor to make known to the Delegates our message of Peace and the credentials of our mission, and that the place for that purpose was providentially prepared a few days before that by a building having been removed at the front of Burnet's Hotel, the largest hotel in which the largest portion of the democratic delegates boarded, and I made the proposition to Doctor B. F. White, that he should open the meeting for my address. He promised to do so. He was a strong medium of spirits of the so called Republican Party. But I belong to no party, supporting Truth wherever I find it sufficiently proven, and working against delusion and error, wherever I have enough evidence against them. B. F. White knew somewhat in regard to our message, having heard some of my speeches and having read my pamphlet which had been published in Cincinnati a few days before that nomination. We agreed strictly to observe two points; in the first place to say nothing which would have a reference to any party, and to proclaim only, what all should hear regarding our message of Peace. The second point was that we should speak before sunset, and finish our speeches before night should commence. I was certain about the point which I related to Dr. White, that if we would speak in the night, some disaster would happen during our speeches on that occasion. Dr. White accompanied me, while we were going to the open lot, on which we had agreed to address the Democratic Delegates; but on our way we met with somebody who commenced to talk with Dr. White. I left them talking and went to the spot agreed upon to deliver our address. But while I was waiting more than one hour there, Dr. White did not come. I felt that I alone should not deliver my message there. He came at length while there was already twilight. I said to him, that it was too late and we should not speak. I assured him again, that I was determined not to speak that night. But he replied that he was determined to speak, and that he was sure, that nothing would happen. But I repeated, that some disaster would happen. Then another strong medium came. He belonged to the same Republican party that Dr. White did, and lived with Dr. White. His spirit confirmed the assertion of the spirit of Dr. White, that nothing would happen, if we would address the Delegates. Then I would not interfere any longer, and Dr. White commenced to address the assembled. While he spoke, the crowd increased and some commenced to make disturbance. At that moment the Editor of the Democratic Review in Washington City interfered, and he took the platform, addressing the audience and saying, that the speaker should not be disturbed, and that he supposed the speaker belonged to the Democratic party. I said once more to Dr. White, that it was high time to leave that place. But he again asserted, that he was certain, that nothing would happen. And the other medium of the Republican party confirmed again Dr White's assertion.

At that moment I left the spot and went to Dr. White's office. Fifteen or twenty minutes after me Dr. White and the other strong medium of deluding and destroying spirits, both came about 9 o'clock P.M. and they were frightened and said, that there was so great a disturbance, that policemen were not sufficient to check it. And they added as a very remarkable instance, that a policeman in trying to check the disturbance, lost his star. But they did not know the other particulars which appeared on the next morning in the newspapers, to wit, that the above mentioned Editor of the Democratic Review in Washington City was dangerously stabbed in his lungs. His wound proved not to be fatal, although it was so large, that when it was sounded, the air which blew out of the wound, extinguished the candlelight which was applied to see the wound. The man who stabbed the Democratic Reviewer from Washington, could not be detected, although the circumstances, from our position considered, make it certain, that he was a medium of distroying spirits belonging to the Republican party. Those spirits were allowed by our leaders to give a prophetical sign. The stabbing took place about 9 o'clock P.M. on the 4th day of June, 1856.

I have circumstantially related the stabbing of the Democratic Reviewer; because from these circumstances in connexion with what follows, it is evident to anybody who understands the prophetic languages by numbers, names and other circumstances, that by that stabbing prophecy has been given under the control of our Heavenly Congress who determined to interfere by our mediumship, that the Democratic party, although they would come in great danger to lose the victory in their battle against the Republican party, would finally conquer their opposition. I was inspired, to give opportunity to that prophecy. Doctor Benjamin Franklin White, a spiritualist and a strong medium of spirits of his party, was the representative of the Republican party; and the Democratic Reviewer from Washington City, was the representative of the Democratic party. Benjamin Franklin White, doctor of medicine, has most suitable names expressing his prophetical position, as we will have perhaps elsewhere opportunity to explain the mystery. As the office of the Democratic Reviewer in Washington was expressive to the mystery of his representation, so were probably his names which I do not keep in memory, and my notes of that time are not at hand, while I am writing this. But the circumstances mentioned in connexion with what we will report on the following pages of this treatise, are superabundantly sufficient to testify that it was a great prophecy. The delegates then continued their work, till at length on the 6th day of the 6th month James Buchanan was nominated Candidate by Democrats for the Presidential Chair. I looked into the next prophetical almanac which was at hand, and the name of that day was "Benignus." There are Roman Catholic and Protestant calendars which are used by our sphere of spirits in giving prophecies. That was a Protestant almanac; because that was a Protestant affair. At the events of great importance names of our prophetical almanacs correspond to the events. Benignus, the Latin is in English Benign, that is kind or generous. From thence we adopted the word Benignity, that is grace or graciousness, generosity, kindness, in the inscription of this treatise.

If I would explain the prophetical language by numbers and names and other circumstances, this would require more room than our economy could here spare, and we could not consent to publish at this time a much larger volume than manuscript is prepared for this volume, also in case that somebody should be desirous to publish it; because this volume contains more than most readers will be prepared to study and digest thoroughly. Therefore we must delay other manuscripts for other occasions, and we can explain only a little of what we know; because otherwise we could never finish our explanations. But the substance given in the prophecy on the 4th and 6th of June at the nomination of Hon. James Buchanan, in which he became the Democratic Candidate for Presidency, did announce, that

James Buchanan will become President of the United States by the interference of the Heavenly congress of spirits who are commissioned to introduce the Peaceable Reign of Christ or the Universal Republic of truth and justice, harmony and peace, by the instrumentality of messengers whom I represent to move the governments and nations for action to accomplish the great object to which prophecies of all ages and of all nations have their tendency; but notwithstanding that his administration will be for the increase of the 4th Beast in the 7th chap, of Daniel, the number of the name of which is 666, REVEL. xiii, 17 and 18, and its fundamental number is 6, and notwithstanding that President Buchanan will continue the administration for the support of that Beast, till he arrives either on our ground or is taken away, notwithstanding this, he is given as President by the Heavenly Congress in divine mercy, according to the Benignus, or according to the merciful divine Benignity, that a great door for the commencement of the promised peaceable reign of Christ will be opened, which would have been locked for this time, if the opposition had succeeded and brought their Candidate Col. Fremont upon the Presidential Chair.

Nobody should say, that I interpret prophecy after its fulfilment. Any body who has studied the first three of my German volumes, the 3d of which appeared A.D. 1840, if he knew the above, mentioned circumstances and had reflected upon them, would have been qualified to interpret the prophecy in Cincinnati on the 6th day of the 6th month 1856, at noon time, while the roaring of the cannon was announcing the nomination of James Buchanan. But whether he will be the great hero, to commence the Millennium in the White House at Washington and proclaim the Millennial glory to other governments on the globe, or whether he will perish in the Beast and its ten Horns, as his predecessors did, and another will obtain and spread the Heavenly blessings offered to President Buchanan, is not expressed in the prophecy. But we write in the expectation, that at length he will comprehend this and act accordingly.

After that great prophecy I thought that my duty was to behave perfectly neutral during the great struggle of the two parties, to wit, the Democratic and the Republican, at the presidential campaign. I delivered then in several places of the State of Ohio public addresses; but I made expressedly everywhere the remark, that I was perfectly independent from all political parties and proclaiming according my mission the message of Peace to all parties and sects, to prepare them for the promised New Era. But after every address, notwithstanding all my protestation, Republicans cried that I belonged to their party, and Democrats were dissatisfied.

At length I arrived in Pittsburgh Pa. and a medium of strong spirit manifestations and public street preacher has offered to me for a present a copy of Fremont's Life published by Horace Greeley & Co.: and made the remark, that if I should read it, I would be moved to act for Fremont's election. I remarked, that I would have in these circumstances scarcely sufficient time to read so much regarding Fremont and also regarding Buchanan, as would be necessary to know both as far as to decide according to my knowledge of both for one or the other; and then it would be against my usual course, if I should take any part in the election of the one or the other. But I took the offered book, and then I was inspired to study it with great attention, and I was astonished, that in the falsely called Republican party the large number of those who are for the Republican against the monarchial cause, could be so duped and deceived by miserable speculators and monarchial agents as to accept Col. Fremont as their Candidate for Presidency. Here is not the place to show by the testimonies which are contained in the book published by Horace Greeley for a recommendation of his Presidential Candidate Fremont, what this man is. The testimonies were not understood by the Republicans who are so obscured by the Papal Imperial Royal magnetism, that although they have eyes, they do not see matters of this kind. I make only the general remark, that the United States would have been already burning in revolutions and wars not for the Republican but for the monarchial cause, if Fremont had been elected President.

After the perusal of that book I read also the book published by Democrats for Buchanan's election. Then I understood that not only the Heavenly congress who do not deprive men of their free will although they control their actions for the final triumph of the true Republican cause, but that also I was in duty bound to enlighten Citizens of Pennsylvania, who had to decide the Presidential election, that they might know Fremont and Buchanan, as they must be known for the welfare of the country. I did it when I had an opportunity. A short time after that I heard a speech of "Hon. Burlingame," which contained a heap of "burlygames," and misrepresentations, deluding and instigating Citizens of Pennsylvania against Buchanan, and soliciting them to vote for Fremont. Then I wrote what I thought proper, that it was used by others, and under the control of our Heavenly leaders good and bad people, those who co-operated in truth with us, without any other interest except the interest of nations, as well as those who co-operated for their private interest, contributed their share for Buchanan's election according to the merciful Divine Benignity, that we could peaceably prepare people for the New Era until this hour under his administration, and warn the inhabitants of the United States, that they should lose no time to avert the impending judgments, which would have already effected a general destruction without hope of escape, except by blind submission to tyrants, if the falsely called Republicans who have been made blind tools of the monarchial speculations, had succeeded with the intrusion of their candidate upon the Presidential Chair. If President Buchanan and the American Nation should continue in their course until the impending general judgments would destroy the country, then also in this most deplorable case, my inscription of this treatise would remain true, and nobody else but the American Nation should be blamed, that they neglected to make use of the divine mercy and the divine benignity, by virtue of which they should have at least during Buchanan's administration until now made use of the precious time, and spread our message for the pacification of the world.

The explanation of the given hints and what is connected with them, would need a large and special volume; but we have mentioned here as much as sufficient, and remark that if Mr. Horace Greeley and Readers of the Tribune, are desirous to know their great hero Col. Fremont, as he is exhibited in my above mentioned treatise, I will extract out of it the passages which belong to him and to the slanderers and abusers of President Buchanan, and send them to be published in the New-York Tribune with such remarks of the Editors as they would think proper to add, under the condition to publish then also my answers to their remarks as I should think proper to make additions for a wholesome instruction to the Editors and Readers of the Tribune, that they might be delivered from the delusion by which the True Republican cause is ruined.

If they are anxious to know truth, they will understand this book and determine to act with us for the redemption of nations from the monarchial Powers. In this case they are requested to write to me under the directions which are given in the proper place of this book, and assure me in their writing, that they accept the proposition, and are determined to co-operate with us for the introduction of the promised New Era of Harmony and Peace, in which Publishers and Editors will have nobler occupations than they have at present in the servitude laboring hard for the support of the Beast and its ten Horns. This was to be mentioned in this connection in regard to Hon. Horace Greeley and the New-York Tribune. But the parties of the so-called Republicans and Abolitionists will receive in an other treatise of this book extraordinary lessons, that they might at length commence to co-operate with us for the introduction of the Millennial glory. Many of them have abused and misrepresented me in my mission. Therefore I do not marvel that they have abused and misrepresented also President Buchanan not only during the campaign, but also during his administration. We have made urgent appeals to him, to make use of our message against the enemies of this Republic; but he has neglected to do so, or perhaps my documents did not reach himself, or the neglect must be attributed rather to his enemies than to him. They would not hear me, and probably they would not have heard him. Matters have to come so far as they are made manifest in this book. After the Crusade of professed Monarchists in Europe became as manifest, as there is the Crusade of Abolitionists and false Republicans against him manifest in America, we expect that President Buchanan will comprehend at length our mission, and endeavor to arrive upon our ground to become the great Apostle of the New Era. If he comprehends this book and makes use of our weapons of the spirit, he will be a partaker of the great promise, and he will convert millions of his enemies of all parties and sects into his true friends, and those who will not be converted, will be destroyed. Moses and other Prophets of the Old Testament, Christ and his Apostles and Prophets through the course of centuries of the Christian Era as well as of this time, have testified our mission, and signs are continuously repeated, announcing the final victory of the cause entrusted to our mission, as those who will study this book thoroughly, will be convinced of this unexpected assertion. But here for the close of this treatise we remark for the peculiar use to President Buchanan and others who are invited to become our fellow laborers in the true Republican or true Christian against the Monarchial or Antichristian cause, that in the second and third chapters of the REVELATION the seven churches are typical symbols of the seven states of the church, and that to one or the other of these states each church of the christian name can be reduced, from the time the Revelation has been published, to the time in which Christ comes or is made manifest by our mission, in which that is performed and disclosed, which is needed for his peaceable reign on earth.

In the second chapter of the REVELATION, verses 18 to 29 is Thyatira the type of the Roman Catholic Church. In the 24th and 25th verses to those Roman Catholics "who have not known the depths of Satan," who has brought them so on the surface and perverted the truth of the doctrine, that they keep the shadow for truth, it is said: "I will put upon you none other burden. But that which ye have, hold fast till I come," REVEL. ii: 24 and 25. They have to keep the heavy burden of ceremonies, feasts and fasts, and all kinds of other practices which are not proficient to intellectual and moral perfection[F] of man, although they are connected with enormous expenses for the support of Priests and many others, and for all the buildings, vessels, and all kinds of instruments, not knowing what is in their depth, till Christ comes. And then it is said; "and he that overcometh and keeps my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. And will I give him the morning star," REVEL. ii: 26, 27 and 28.

Here in the quoted verses at Christ's coming Christ's relation to him who overcometh, is such as the relation of a father to his son, who inherits from the father all things which the father possesses. Christ has not been known in the churches of Babylon, as he is made known in our mission to introduce the New Jerusalem. Christ in his appearance in flesh was the Head, that is the representative of his body of followers; but they could not establish his peaceable reign. It was necessary, that through the course of centuries matters should be so developed, as Prophets of the Bible as well as in the subsequent ages did prophesy; and I, to be qualified for my present mission, had to go not only through the usual studies of the Roman Catholic Church, but I had also to study continuously, with all sincerity of my heart, the sources of human knowledge and the investigations of different parties and sects, to support the Roman Catholic Church against the assaults of her adversaries, and was found qualified to be public Imperial Royal Professor of Bibical Literature in that Church. In the charge of my Professorship I considered myself peculiarly bound to defend with the use of the Bible that church against all aggressions of the adversaries. I did not know at that time, that the spirit of my Lord was preparing me through all stages of my life for my present office. But while I was investigating the depth of the "burden," of that church, comparing it with the Jewish and Heathen antiquities and with the developement of the mysteries of those antiquities through the centuries of the Christian Era, when I was duly prepared and the time of the last development of preparations for the Millennial glory arrived, I was called by messengers of the Heavenly Congress to "the works," which were to be performed and explained by my instrumentality, and, under the direction of Heavenly leaders, who were most qualified to be my leaders in "those works," I overcame all difficulties and I kept the "works of my spiritual Father Jesus Christ unto the end," until all has been performed and explained, that belongs to the commencement of the Millennial glory, or what is the same, for the New Era or the New Jerusalem.

And we, that is, the whole body of messengers whom I represent, have received "the iron rod and the morning star," the two symbols of our mission. The first symbol testifies, that nations which reject our message of Peace, will be broken to pieces. We do not break them, but we announce to them judgments by which they will be broken. But we are laboring to save nations, that they as god's people might come out from Babylon, that they be not partakers of her sins and receive not of her plagues, REVEL. xviii: 4. If people hear our voice, they will be partakers of the Heavenly blessings prepared for them in the New Era or in the New Jerusalem, and while they will be saved, their political and ecclesiastical systems "as the vessels of a potter will be broken to shivers." Systems that could not bring better fruits than those which the political and ecclesiastical history and the experience of our days shows, are founded in delusion and deception, which were generating continuous destruction of human life and property and all the misery which is founded in political and ecclesiastical follies. But enlightened men and women of all ages and amongst all nations have seen a new day, and to us has been entrusted "the Morning Star," the symbol testifying that we have received all that is needed for the new day, the New Era, which our morning star is announcing.

All my published works and all my manuscripts are testifying, that it is impossible to save this country from the yoke of monarchs and from the most abject degradation and servitude, by any weapons except those which have been entrusted to our charge by Christ's spirit. And those who study this whole book from the commencement to the end, in the same order in which the documents are placed in it, so that they understand each portion separately and the connection of it with all that precedes, to be prepared for the right understanding of what follows, to comprehend at length the whole, will be as convinced as I am, that we, that is I and all my visible and invisible fellow laborers, have truly received the great commission to move nations for the introduction of the promised New Era, which will be the universal Republic of Truth and Justice, Harmony and Peace amongst all nations, the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times, in which all in Heaven and on Earth will be gathered together in Christ, Ephes, 1: 10.

Readers must keep in mind, that all that is written in this book is only a preparation to the "monthly theological course" which is appointed at the end. In the "monthly course" the system or the chain to bind the Dragon REVEL. xx: 2 will be explained and that will be made manifest, which is mentioned in this book but cannot be explained. And our proceedings in that monthly course will be then published in different languages for a testimony to all nations, to move them for co-operation, that all in Heaven and on Earth might be brought to Harmony and Peace.

President Buchanan! allow me to close this treatise with some important words to you! For you we need no more testimonies than those partly printed partly written documents which I have sent at different critical occasions by the mail directly to you, if they had been handed to you, and you had studied them with such attention, as they deserved to be studied by the President of the United States. Those testimonies would have been sufficient to convince you, that no other weapons can be used for the victory against your enemies and the enemies of the true Republican cause, by whom this country is overflowed, and who in Europe are preaching crusades against you and the supporters of the cause entrusted to your care, except the weapons of Christ's spirit entrusted to our care. Those who are with the Lamb, called, chosen and faithful, will overcome the Beast and its ten Horns. REVEL. xvii: 14. This will not take place with preparations for war and with armies of soldiers; but we have the Heavenly armies upon white horses, REVEL. xix: 14, and offer to all our enemies reconciliation with Heaven and temporal and eternal most precious blessings. But if they reject the Heavenly gifts, all infernal hosts are subject to our Heavenly armies, and by these executioners of divine judgments as many of our enemies will be destroyed as sufficient, to move the rest of them to repentance. Although I could give thousands of instances of destruction of enemies of our cause, who have been cast into the inferior regions, because they have rejected the Heavenly gifts offered them by our instrumentality, I will mention only one instance for a peculiar warning to you.

A.D. 1849 at our appointment of a Latin convention in the City of New-York for an examination of the magnetic chain shown by our instrumentality to bind the Dragon, REVEL. XX: 2, I sent to President Zach. Taylor a copy of my printed English circular in which that convention was appointed, and a copy of my large Latin letter, taken from the copy which was directed and sent to the Archbishop of Baltimore to be read to all Bishops of the United States, who were at that time assembling their Synod in Baltimore. To those copies I added my English letter in which I addressed President Taylor showing to him, that our message is as important for all political as for all ecclesiastical governments and especially for the government of the United States to stop the Papal Imperal Royal or monarchial influence and to restore the true Republican cause, and that therefore he, President Zach. Taylor, was in duty bound to send to said convention qualified Latin scholars to attend it. In my printed and written documents as many items have been concentrated as would have been sufficient to move the President to do what was required, if President Taylor had been qualifyed for his post. We have warned him most solemnly, that he as the twelfth President, should not be a traitor of the Republican cause, as Judas Jscariot was a traitor of Christ's cause. But my warnings were not regarded by President Taylor.

After the destruction of the armies of those who were deceived in Europe by their leaders that they were fighting with carnal weapons for the Republican cause, I wrote again to President Taylor showing, that he was responsible for all destruction of human life and property, which would have been saved, if he had not neglected to fulfil his highest duty which has been shown to him in my documents; but that, notwithstanding this, according to divine mercy, to save him and by his instrumentality many others, I was again authorized to apply to him and to show, what he ought to do in those circumstances, to open the way for spreading our message of Peace amongst all nations. But when all my efforts to move the President for an energetic action for the support of the true Republican cause remained without effect, I committed him to the judgment of the Heavenly Congress.

On the 9th day of July, 1850, at 5 o'clock A.M., shortly after my arrival in Cleveland Ohio, an Angel of the Lord, a holy martyr, came to me and said, that I should write directly to the Congress and show that President Taylor had neglected to fulfil his highest duty and deserves on this account the severest judgment. After having finished my writing on that day, I was looking to find in Cleveland somebody acquainted with a congressman to whom we could entrust my document. But on that day I could not find such a man. On the 10th I went to a "free soil" minister with the expectation, that he might know such a man. That minister was not at home; but his wife said, that he had gone to the Post Office and was soon expected to return. He returned with the message, that President Taylor died at 10 o'clock P.M. of the preceding night. Then I understood the mystery, that my writing was not prepared for the Congress of the United States in Washington but for the Heavenly Congress, and I have shown to that minister my writing directed to the Congress of the United States. I did not hear before, that the President had been taken sick, although I have heard afterwards, that his sickness was very short, and that his last words were, that he was departing with the consciousness, that he had fulfilled his duties. This is the consolation which ministers of darkness impart to such destroyers as General and President Zach. Taylor was. If he had had any regard for the lives of his fellow beings and for their true happiness, he would have understood my documents and have done what was his duty for the destruction of the Beast, its image and the false prophet, which destroy every year an enormous amount of human life and property. Although I have mentioned in this treatise several strange facts, some of the following will appear more strange; but they will be the more comprehended, the more this whole book shall be understood. Not only the order which I received in the morning of the day on which Zach. Taylor departed, to write to the congress that he had neglected to fulfill his highest duty, but also the day and hour, in which he daparted, were most suitable for the celebration of the mystery of Zach. Taylor's death, and the tremendous fire in Philadelphia at 4 o'clock P.M. or 6 hours before Taylor's death, was a prophetical precursor of his death. In that fire a number of persons were killed by a terrible powder explosion commemorating the fact that the privileged murderer had been nominated President in that city. All that happened by the dreadful influence of infernal demons under the control of messengers from our congress, who have given at the exact hours on the proper day signs of a great warning. As soon as I heard of President Taylor's death, I understood, that I was ordered to write to the Heavenly Congress of the United States, that is, the congress of the holy prophets and martyrs who have the commission to unite finally all states of all governments on the globe in Christ's peaceable reign or the universal Republic of Truth and Justice, according to the prophecies which have been given by their mediumship, while they were yet in their mortal bodies. My writing to the congress was copied by one of our departed messengers, and when President Taylor departed, my writing was shown to him. Such things would not appear strange to Bible readers, if they would understand what they read. Here is no room to explain the actions of the departed, amongst which there is also writing and reading. When the departed President was reading my document showing that he had neglected to fulfil his highest duty, his animal passion of murder was aroused, to kill the writer. That privilege was granted to him only under the condition, if he succeeds by taking a toad in possession, and by its instrumentality poisoning the water of the well at the house in which I used to stop. The water was poisoned; the prophetess and her husband with whom I boarded, when I was in that section of the country, were by drinking the water, taken sick, and they recovered as soon as they ceased to use the water, but they could not catch the toad. It happened before my arrival with them. And when I arrived in their house and would drink of that excellent water, they warned me. But I did not care about their warning and drank, and was straightway taken sick and continued to be sick, till a Heavenly messenger came at the right hour and took the sickness away. At length the toad was caught and killed the right day and hour by the husband of the prophetess, who was a zealous Democrat. He was in many battles with Generals of Napoleon I. and killed men and animals; but he assured us oftentimes, that he never had so much trouble in killing any creature, as with that toad, and never heard so pitiful lamentations as have been poured out by that toad when it was dying. Zach. Taylor, when he was compelled to leave the toad and to enter into the infernal regions of his inner life, into his torments, resisted as long as he could; but when the right day and hour came, he could not resist longer. If you study this whole book so, as you need to study it, you will not be surprised at such unexpected events. You read in the fifth chapter of Mark, that a whole legion of demons, that is a whole regiment of soldiers who have been destroyed in a battle, have been permitted to enter into a heard of hogs. But they could not remain there, and were compelled to enter into the depth of the lake. And General Taylor who had destroyed many people, after having despised reconciliation and apostleship offered to him by virtue of our mission, was at length not allowed to be with a toad, but was compelled to descend into the abyss.

I have given here only some hints of strange events which are in connection with other events which could not be mentioned here, nor can we explain what we have mentioned without enlarging this treatise. But we have written a peculiar treatise in which President Taylor's spirit manifestation by the instrumentality of a toad is circumstantially explained in a manuscript which will be published when required. But here we have mentioned as much as we could in this confined space, and we hope, that not only you, President Buchanan, but also Emperor Napoleon as well as your friends and enemies in general will reflect upon such things with earnestness.

On the 24th day of June 1839, I returned from Philadelphia to Boston with many collections to write the third of my five German volumes, and to show, that the memorable events which have been reported in my first and second volumes, happened according to prophecies, as signs testifying our mission. When, on that day, as is reported in my 3d volume, I was praying in my room and preparing to write the 3d volume, Emperor Napoleon, in his Imperial splendour stood before me with the invitation, that I might become his medium. I looked into his inner state, and the magnetic outward splendor disappeared, and his inner wretchedness and distress were manifest, and he could not stand any longer before me, and, with an explosion like a powerful thunderclap, he left me and took the direction to Europe. The title of my third volume, if we translate it from German into English, reads:

"Memorable events in the life of Andrew Bernardus Smolnikar. Third volume containing the Explanation of Prophecies, by which Christ the Lord, has confirmed that he has appeared unto us for the fulfilling of his promises, in order to restore his reign upon the whole earth and to give his peace to all nations, and has at his appearance appointed the author as an extraordinary messenger, and performed by him all the mysteries for the foundation of that peace &c., New-York, 1840."

We read, "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness[G] in high places." EPHES. vi: 11 and 12. These are the secret enemies whom we must know, and we must stand on a ground, on which they cannot come, and from which we will conquer them. When Napoleon was allowed to approach me with the invitation, that I should follow him, that is, that I should become his medium, he was allowed in a like manner, as the tempter or devil in the 4th chapter of MATTHEW was allowed to tempt Jesus. Napoleon was one of the dragons or devils, who was permitted to do so for a great instruction to all rulers on the globe. There is not one, but there are many dragons or devils, leading each his sphere of infernal demons or degraded departed spirits. You will understand the more the mystery, the farther you proceed in studying this book. Now is renewed and fulfilled, what is written in the gospels, and what in the Bible was not understood, receives light by our experience. Jesus could not descend from his height, to become a medium of one of these rulers of darkness. And likewise I could not do this. This dragon, this spirit of delusion and destruction, when I commenced to look into his interiors was made manifest, and he could not stand any longer. He was compelled to leave me instantly and to be tormented seeking another medium. At length[H], because our message of Peace has been rejected and people were so degraded, that the European Revolution of 1848 opened the way to the throne of Napoleon III, Napoleon I. could have this as a suitable medium to delude and destroy nations. And to this dragon so much of human life and property has been sacrificed, that for the celebration of the birth of the Papal Imperial Royal Mary on the 8th September 1855, thirty thousand soldiers have been murdered at the taking of Sebastopol. Nobody who does not see human affairs from our position, can duly appreciate the criminality of such a tremendous madness, from which to deliver Napoleon III. and his armies, you, President Buchanan, are able to give us a powerful assistance. I do not despair of the conversion of Napoleon III himself. When people descend so deep into the society of infernal spirits that there is no other remedy than destruction of many to save the remnant, then according to divine judgment people receive such rulers as are connected with one or the other of the infernal dragons, to inspire them with the infernal furies to destroy each other. Great warriors are great mediums of the princes of darkness. But if they are reached by our instrumentality, they when they are studying our message of Peace, are drawing their leading spirits from their depth of misery into a better condition. Napoleon III. if he could be moved to study our message of Peace and to act accordingly, could reach his uncle Napoleon, and draw him into the pacification. What we mention here, is explained in our system for the promised New Era.

This is the joyful message, which is to be communicated by your instrumentality, President Buchanan, to Emperor Napoleon and other monarchs, that they might study our message of Peace and become our fellow laborers to draw their living and departed friends into the New Era, or the New Jerusalem, which is to be introduced by our instrumentality. And you, President Buchanan, are powerfully exhorted, to prepare for the Kingdom of our Lord and his Christ, REVEL. xi: 15. Editors and translators of the New Testament were so ignorant of the true Christian principles that they took instead of "the kingdom of our Lord and his Christ" the wrong reading "the kingdoms" in plural number; but there will be one kingdom, that is, one government of our Lord, and his Christ. And this will be a true Republican government—to give explanations about which there is no room here, but we remark, that this great truth will become self-evident to those who comprehend this book. And we expect, that you, respected President Buchanan, will comprehend it and then you will take the spiritual weapons, which are comprehended in our message, for the conversion of monarchs into true republicans, which is the same, as true Christians. But in the first place bishops and priests in America are to be moved, to attend our monthly theological course and then assist us at the conversion of monarchs; And we expect that by your good example and your assistance bishops and priests will learn at length to comprehend their highest duty. Matters come to maturity; but we will not expatiate, because we have already extended this treatise so far: nothing but our duty to do all in our power for the pacification of nations, moved us to write it according to our mission for the redemption of oppressed humanity.

Postscript to the first treatise. I arrived the last time in Washington City at the end of March, this year, 1859, and remained there until the 8th of April. Then I walked to Baltimore and wrote to hon. Hicks, Governor of Maryland, and invited him, to study the documents which I had offered to President Buchanan, but he had no time to study them, although they contain matters of great importance for all governments to remove War and establish Peace on the whole globe. I mentioned many items in my letter that I expected to move the Governor to accept my offer; but, received no answer. The same time a great sign was given so that I was sent speedily from Baltimore to the Western Reserve of Ohio. At my arrival there the Spring was changed in a severe Winter, and I commenced to write during a great storm and snow on Easter Saturday, April 23d 1859, a new treatise exhibiting wonders and signs in connexion with Presidents and other high Officers of the Federal Government of the United States and showing, how they are subjugated by the Beast with seven Heads and are supporting the ten Horns of that Beast, and that there will be a great destruction of human life and property in this country, as there is in Europe, if it shall not be stopped by receiving and spreading our Heavenly message of Peace, which is developed by our mediumship. Since my public appearance in my present mission there was continuous correspondence of memorable events connected with the Government of the United States and memorable events connected with the steps of my mission, containing most solemn warnings to this Government, and many striking instances are concentrated in said treatise which was intended to occupy the second place in this book. But we found that the book would become too large, to be bought and studied by many who might be attracted to study this and then to co-operate with us for the fulfilment of the prophecy which was given by the disappearance of the Steamboat President and all persons, who were in it at the same time in which President Harrison died in such connexion with what was set in type at the same time for my 4th volume, entitled: "The one thing Needfull," and with the documents which were at the same time sent from Europe for our use, and explained in said volume in such correspondence with the disappearance of the Steamboat President and the death of President Harrisson, that the prophecy contained in those events is manifest, by which the spirit assures us, that he will sweep away the antichristian government of the United States as well as other governments. Knowing this, people of the United States and their Officers may avoid all the dreadful destruction, which is in Europe preparing the way, that at length governments and people will pay attention to our message and learn how to establish perfect peace on the whole globe.

After the disappearance of President Harrison and of the prophetical Steamboat President, solemn warnings were repeated under all following Presidents in correspondence with what happened in our mission; and in this respect President Buchanan is peculiarly remarkable, and in said treatise memorable events of great warnings connected with his administration have been explained. But we must delay their publication, and every reader will find in the following treatises of this book superabundance of solemn warnings, that all might become our zealous fellow laborers for the accomplishment of the glorious promises, and that especially President Buchanan might give to others good example and come from patching the old house which must crumble to pieces, in our peace union and give powerful assistance for the introduction of the promised New Era. Great mercy was shown through him to the country while he is yet in Babylon, but was quenching the fire which would have consumed the country, if his antagonist had been elected President. Therefore, notwithstanding his having neglected the one thing needful until this hour we expect, that he will arrive at length on our ground and co-operate with us in building the New Jerusalem.

This treatise, to which I add this postscript June 22d 1859, was written in February last, and the tremendous war and destruction in Italy broke out two or three months afterwards, exactly[I] while I was explaining the thrilling prophecy given by Daniel or Judgement of God performed by Sickles under the control of our Leader in the 14th verse of the 14th chap, of the REVEL., "having in his hand a sharp sickle." He gave to the destroying Spirit the permission to seize the medium and to show prophetically what he will do in hundreds of thousands of cases, if the right order shown in our Plan, will not be restored. There is a depth in the mystery of the unexpected tragedy, in which all actors have most suitable names and offices, each for the post he occupies; and the most suitable spot as well as the most suitable day and hour were selected for the performance, with all the preceding, accompanying and following circumstances in correspondence with our doing on the same Sunday Sexagesima on which this year the tragedy was perpetrated, as well as what happened in the preceding years since my first public appearance in my present mission on that Sunday A.D. 1838, and the initiation which has been imparted to me on that Sunday for my present ministry, by the martyr on the white cloud, who has in his hand a sharp sickle, REVEL. xiv. 14. I give here only some hints; but the explanation is given in connexion with many other cases of a great warning to this government in the treatise, the publication of which must be delayed; for we expect that the contents of the following treatises of this book will be strong enough to awaken the enemies of President Buchanan to give us assistance to awaken him from his lethargy, if he should not be sooner aroused to assist us to deliver them from their wrong course, by which they injure the great cause of the true Freedom of nations.

In the great ignorance in which people are regarding the inner life of man and the spirit world, they are reading many signs of the times, without understanding what they read.

I mentioned above, that I started on the 8th April from Washington. It is to be understood that so many signs and wonders took place and so many secrets were disclosed, while I was trying spirits in Washington, that a book of this size would be too small to comprehend them. On the 8th April 1859, I finished all work which I had to perform in Washington, at the same hour, in which four men were, all at once in Baltimore, hung by the neck, till dead, although the black struggled some minutes longer with death than his white companions. As soon as my work was finished in Washington, I started and walked to Baltimore, and arrived in that city on the 9th April, when all newspapers were filled with reports of the execution, and with biographies of the executed. I had to read the reports of that execution which belongs to the links of the chain to bind the dragon REVEL. xx., 2. That reading occasioned my above mentioned letter to governor Hicks. I thought, that perhaps after the execution of some champions of his party, he and other leaders of that party might be more prepared to receive lessons from us, than they were prepared in former times, while I was applying to them in Baltimore, Annapolis, and in hundreds of other cities and villages, exhorting and warning them, to study our message of Peace, and co-operate with us for the true American, or, what is the same, the true Republican cause. But they have despised our warnings. At length matters arrived so far that, if all other warnings of this book should not be sufficient, we expect that the spirit manifestations which are connected with that execution and are mentioned in the fourth treatise of this book, will move them to become our worthy fellow labourers for the fulfilment of the grandest promises. But we repeat, that every reader should study this book in the same order in which it is written, weighing with great attention and earnestness every sentence, till he understands it and retains in his mind all that preceded. If you have studied in this manner this treatise, you are prepared for studying the second treatise.


Memorable events, by which the parties of Abolitionists and Republicans as well as subjects of Monarchs should be aroused for co-operation with us, to draw not only the President and the Congress of the United States but also monarchs on our ground for the introduction of the promised universal Republic of Harmony and Peace on earth.

As strange as our disclosures made in the first treatise may appear to those who have neglected to observe the signs of the times, they should not be surprised who know that the time for the fulfilment of the great promises in regard to mankind had arrived, although all things seem to run in quite another course than they expected.

In the 6th verse of the 14th chap. of the REVELS. the first of the three Angels spoken of in that and the following verses, commences to deliver his message. At the commencement of the last century it was known amongst German theologians, that those three angels or messengers are the three men, each of whom is representing a body of messengers by whom the contents of the prophecy given to each of those angels are to be fulfilled. The first is preaching the everlasting Gospel, the contents of which are given in the 7th verse. Gospel is Greek evangelion and means glad tidings. The contents of the glad tiding of his preaching is that nations should be converted from their idols to God the creator of the universe, and he announces that the time of judgment had arrived. The commencement of this preaching took place with Martin Luther, so that he is to be considered as the representative of those, who are comprehended in the prophecy of the first of those three angels. But Luther and other preachers who came at that time and afterwards against the Pope of Rome, and continue yet in the same spirit their work, did not know in Luther's time nor afterwards, nor do they know in our time their position, except as they learn it by what is disclosed by the third angel or messenger, who commences his prophecy in the 9th verse of the 14th chap. of the REVEL. In the third of my five German volumes, published from A.D. 1838 to 1842 it has been shown that Luther had a prophetical position, that is, he was according to the term adopted by modern spiritualists, a very strong medium, inspired and supported by his leaders, who were deluding and destroying spirits, who did not know the true God and his Christ, but were prophesying judgments which took place and continue till people shall be converted from their idols to the living God. The three hundred years from Luther's appearance to our appearance, were years of manifold developments preparatory to our mission. Although Luther was born in Eisleben, that means "the life in ice," because the fire of Christian charity has been extinguished, and the spirit of persecution was nourished amongst all parties and sects, notwithstanding this great preparations have taken place since his public appearance till our public appearance, and there is an admirable correspondence between his actions in the sixteenth century and my actions which took place in the same years of the nineteenth century, till Luther died on the 18th day of February 1546, which year in our century, I mean 1846, was the great tropical year for dreadful renovations of judgments, for the reason that the leaders of parties and sects and their followers have rejected our message, which I commenced to proclaim after having been publicly initiated to my present mission on the 18th day of February 1838. We shall speak further on in this book regarding the great event. But we have mentioned Doctor Martin Luther as representing the champions of Protestantism against Popery. Their mission is only prophetical. On their position they are supporting Popery or Monarchy in general and they are particularly supporting a number of Popish tenets regarding the Bible, regarding Christ and his mission and manifold other doctrines, in which when they endeavored to improve, they generally apostatized farther from truth towards materialism, than the papal Hierarchy themselves; but they were continuously repeating the substance of their prophecy, that people should be converted from their idols to the living God. But by all that repetition parties and sects multiplied, and there has been since Martin Luther's appearance until this hour so dreadful a Babylon, or confusion and delusion in social, political and ecclesiastical affairs, as there never was before. And while pious men were looking into the prophecies, to see the end of this dreadful Babylon, Doctor Bengel of Wurtemberg in Germany was awakened in the first part of the last century, to compare for many years the prophetical dates of the Revelation with events of the ecclesiastical history, and has shown in his book, entitled: "Erklaerte Offenbarung," which means "Revelation explained," that Christ's manifestation for overcoming his enemies and establishing his peaceable reign on earth, would take place about the year 1836. John Wesley was not the author but only the copy holder of what Doctor Bengel has explained in the Revelation.

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