gurre kamilaroi - Kamilaroi Sayings (1856)
by William Ridley
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"To whom he was not spoken of, they shall see; and they who have not heard shall understand."—Paul to Romans, xv., 21.



gurre kamilaroi.

a b d e g h i j k l m n ng o p r t u v w y ai ao oi

ippai, murri, kubbi, kumbo. ippata, mata, kapota, buta. yarai, gille, taon, wi, boiyoi. giwir, inar, birri, mie. kaingal, buba, ngumba. wurume, ngummunga. daiadi, boadi.

baiame gir yarai, gille, mirri, taon ellibu gimobi.

baiame yalwunga murruba; baiame minnaminnabul ngummilda, minnaminnabul winungulda.

baime gir kanungo kubba, kunial, maian, tulu, yindal, beran, boiyoi gimobi.

baiame gir yaraman, burumo, bundar, mute, duli, dinoun, buralga, biloela, millimumul, gulamboli, kobado, mullion, guiya, nurai, ngundoba, burulu, mungin, kanungo di gombi.

baiame gir giwir gimobi; mal giwir adam. baiame go: "kamil murruba giwir ngandil nguddelago; ngaia giwirgo inar gimbille." ila baiame inar gimobi; mal inar iv: iv gulir adamu.

adam buba murringu, buba wundangu, buba kanungo: iv ngumba murringu, ngumba wundangu, ngumba kanungo.

adam iv ellibu warawara yanani. kanungo giwir kanungo inar warawara yanani, kanungo kagil ginyi. baiame yili ginyi, goe, "kanungo giwir, kanungo inar warawara yanani, kanungo kagil ginyi, ngaia ngarma balu bumale." immanuel, wurume baiamengu, goe "kamil. kamil nginda ngarma bumala, nginda ngunna bumala, ngaia balugi, giwir inar moron gigigo."

immanuel ngeanekunda baiame: ngerma baiame giwir ginyi. murruba immanuel; kamil ngaragedul murruba yealokwai ngerma.

ilambo immanuel taongo tai-yanani, giwir ginyi. ngerma gir burula wibil murruba gimobi, burula muga murruba gimobi, burula muga-binna murruba gimobi.

giwir kair layaru. ngerngu bular boadi, mari, mata. layaru wibil ginyi. bular boadi gurre waala immanuelgo, goaldendai, "ngai daiadi, nginnu layaru, wibil." kamil yanani immanuel. Yerala layaru baluni. bularbularo babine balun taonda. ila immanuel taiyanani. mari mata ellibu yugillona. immanuel goe, "nginnu daiadi yealo moron gigi." burula giwir burula inar yugillona. immanuel daonmago yanani. yarul daonma kundawi; immanuel goe "ngindai arul diomulla" ngarma gir yarul diome. immanuel kakuldone "layaru taiyanunga." i layaru moron ginyi, taiyanani. bular boadi burul guiye.

ngarageduli miedul wibil ginyi; ngumba boiyoi wune; kamil miedul murruba ginyi; murru ginyi wibil, ngullimun baluni. buba yanani immanuel ngummillego; gir ngummi; goe, "inda barai taiyanunga, murruba gimbildi ngai miedul. ngai miedul burul wibil ngullimun baluni; inda taiyanunga ngai kundigo." immanuel goe, "ngulle yanoai kundigo." ila yanani bular kundigo. ngumba duri, yugillona, goe "ngii! ngii! ngai miedul baluni." burula inar yugillona goe "ngii! miedul baluni." immanuel goe "kurria yunga. kamil miedul baluni; yeal babillona." burulabu gindami; ngarma gir balundai winungi. immanuel murra kawani miedul, goe, "miedul waria." ila miedul moron ginyi, warine, gurre goe. ngumba, buba ellibu, burul guiye.

ngarageduli bular giwir muga nguddelona turrubulda immanuel aro yanani; bular muga winungi. kakuldone, "immanuel, durunmi, wurume, davidu ngummilla! ngurraga ngeane." burula giwir goe "kurria! kurria ngindai kakullego." giwir muga yealo kakuldone "durunmi, wurume davidu, ngummilla! ngurraga ngeane."

ila immanuel warine, goe "minna ngindai goalle? minna ngaia murramulle?" ngarma goe, "durunmi, wuna ngeane ngummildai." ila immanuel ngarma mil tamulda: baianbu ngarma murru ngummillego.

burula kagil giwir immanuel kunmulta. ngarma kaogo bindea yulalle. ngarma gir tulu wimi, ngaragedul tulu nganbir wimi: ngarma gir immanuel wimi; murra biru-duni, dinna biru-duni; tului wirri. ngarma tulu tiome, immanuel tului pindelundai. yerala immanuel baluni. yerala giwir pilari turrur duni; gue dulirri.

bullului ngarma gir immanuel taonda wimi, kundawi. immanuel nguru babine balun taonda; yealo malo babine balun taonda; yealo ngaragedul nguru babine balun taonda: ngaragedul nguruko moron ginyi, warine.

yerala gunagullago yanani. yeladu immanuel gunagullada nguddela: ngerma kanungo ngummilda, kanungo winungulda.

murruba immanuel; kamil ngaragedul murruba yealokwai ngerma. yerala immanuel yealo taongo taiyanille; ngeane kanungo ngummille. immanuel kaia goalle; ila kanungo balun, giwir, inar, kaingal, kanungo moron gigi. immanuel goalle "minna inda gimobi? minna inda gimboi? inda murruba gimobi? inda ngununda taiyanunga gunagullago. inda kagil gimobi? inda biru yanunga, urribu yanunga."

giru nginda kagil ginyi; inda warawara yanani; giru baiame yili ginyi. baiame yalwunga murruba; ngeane kanungo warawara yanani. winungulla: kamil ngaia yal goalda; giru ngaia goalda. immanuel ngirribatai yarine, gunagulladi taongo. kanungo giwir kagil ginyi: immanuel ngandil murruba; immanuel baluni, giwir moron gigigo.

Yeladu baiame goalda; "ngindai, kanungo giwir, kurria kagil gigle, berudi warraia; ngeane murru ngurrile. kamil ngaia yili gigla. murruba immanuel baluni." yeladu immanuel goalda: "taiyanunga ngununda kanungo ngindai inggil, ila ngaia ngindai tubbiamulle."

inda taiyanunga immanuelgo.

giwir nguddelona littraga: bain dinna tunggor, ngurribu bain ge bain; kamil yanelina. paul, barnaba ellibu, aro yanani. paul goaldone; baindul ngerma winungailone. paul kaia ngummildone, kakuldone, "waria ngurriba dinnaga." tungordul parine, yanani ellibu.

burulabu giwir ngummi, goe "ngipai!" kakuldone "baiame bular yarine yealokwai giwir." paul, barnaba ellibu, bunnangunne, kakuldone, "kurria! kamil ngeane baiame; ngeane giwir yealokwai ngindai. ngeane guiye murru ngurringillone. ngeane murru goalda burulabu; kurria ngindai yealo kagil gigle: berudi warraia, ngummilla baiame moron. baiame gir gunagulla, taon, burul kolle, kanungo minnaminnabul gimobi. baiame yalwunga baiame."

Kamilaroi is the language spoken by the aborigines along the Namoi River, on part of the Bundarra and Balun, and 200 miles of the Barwan (or Darling); also on Liverpool Plains, and about the head of the Hunter.

The writer believes that any one who carefully reads through this Key, especially the first 2 pages, will be able to pronounce the foregoing Kamilaroi sentences, and teach the aborigines to read them. Many of the aborigines, especially the young men, are very quick at learning to read.

It is very important that the rule of naming the letters according to their pronunciation in words should be attended to, as it will remove great difficulties from the way of beginners. How could an ignorant person guess that the letter called "double you" had the sound w in wit? or that "aitch" was merely a hard breathing?

The Christian into whose hands this little book may come, and who has any aborigines speaking kamilaroi near, is earnestly requested to consider, whether it is not worth a patient and prayerful effort to teach them to read those precious saving truths which are dimly and scantily, but in some measure really, expressed in these brief sentences.


To the foregoing "Kamilaroi speech."


Pronounce a as a in father " a as a in mat " e as ey in obey " e as e in net " i as i in marine " i as i in it " o as o in bone " o as o in on " u as oo in moon " u as u in bun " ai as i in wine " ao as ow in how " oi as oi in noise " g always as in go " ng as ng in ring.

In English we use the sound ng or ng only at the end of a syllable; its frequent occurrence at the beginning of a syllable in Kamilaroi is therefore a slight, but only a slight difficulty. It is only necessary to use precisely the same consonant sound which we have in ring, sing, &c., with a vowel after and not before it.

N.B. Name the letters as they are pronounced; that is, call g ge (as in get), h he, ng eng, r re, w we, and y ye. Thus the name will guide the learner to the proper sound in spelling.

The first four words on page 3 are names of men; the next four words are names of women; then, as follow, each line hereunder containing the English words for the correspond line of Kamilaroi:—

sun, moon, earth, fire, pennyroyal (herb). man, woman, boy, girl. child, father, mother. son, daughter. brother, sister.

God verily sun, moon, stars, earth also made.

God always is good; God everything sees, everything hears.

God verily every hill, plain, watercourse, tree, grass, beran (a herb), pennyroyal made.

God verily horse, dog, kangaroo, opossum, goanna, emu, native companion, cockatoo, swallow, pelican, parrot, eagle, fish, brown-snake, deadly-black-snake, flies, mosquitoes, all animals made.

God verily man made; first man Adam. God said, "Not good man alone for to dwell; I for man woman will make." Then God woman made; first woman Eve; Eve wife of Adam.

Adam is father of the blackfellows, father of the whites, father of all: Eve the mother of blacks, mother of whites, mother of all.

Adam, Eve also, astray went. All men all women astray went, all bad became. God angry became, he said "All men, all women, astray are gone, all bad have become. I them dead will smite." Immanuel, Son of God, said "Not so. Not thou them smite; Thou me smite, I will die; man, woman, alive for to be."

Immanuel with us God: he God man became. Good is Immanuel; not another is good like him.

Long ago Immanuel to earth came, man he became. He verily many sick well made, many blind well made, many deaf well made.

A man name Lazarus. Belonging to him two sisters Mary, Marta. Lazarus sick became. The two sisters word sent to Immanuel, saying, "My brother, Thy Lazarus, is sick." Not went Immanuel. By and bye Lazarus died. Four days he lay dead in the ground. Then Immanuel came. Mary, Martha also were weeping. Immanuel said "Your brother again alive shall be." Many men, many women, were weeping. Immanuel to the grave went; a stone the grave covered; Immanuel said "Ye the stone take away." They the stone lifted up. Immanuel cried aloud "Lazarus come forth." Then Lazarus alive became, he came forth. The two sisters were very glad.

At another time a little girl sick became; the mother pennyroyal gave; not the little girl well became; much she grew sick, almost dead. The father went Immanuel to see; truly he found him; he said "Thou quickly come, well make my little girl. My little girl is very sick, almost dead; you come to my house." Immanuel said "We two will go to the House." Then went the two to the house. The mother came, she wept, said "Alas! alas! my little girl is dead." Many women were weeping, said "Alas! the little girl is dead." Immanuel said "Cease weeping. Not the girl is dead; only she is asleep." All of them laughed; they verily her to-be-dead knew. Immanuel by hand took the girl, said "damsel arise." Then the girl alive became, arose, words spoke. The mother, father also, very glad.

Another time, two men blind sat by the way. Immanuel there came; the two blind heard, they cried aloud, "Immanuel, King, Son of David, look! pity us." Many people said "Have done! cease ye to cry aloud." The men blind again cried aloud "King, Son of David, look! pity us!"

Then Immanuel stood still, said "What you will say? What I shall do?" They said "King, grant us to see." Then Immanuel them eyes touches; instantly they are able to see.

Many bad men Immanuel seized. They on his head thorns bound. They indeed a log laid, another log across they laid: they indeed Immanuel laid down; hands they pierced, feet they pierced; on cross fastened. They the cross raised, Immanuel on the cross hanging. Soon Immanuel died. Soon after a man with a spear his side pierced; blood flowed.

In evening they verily Immanuel in ground laid, covered. Immanuel the night lay dead in ground; also one day he lay dead in ground; also another night he lay dead in ground; next morning alive he became, arose. Soon after to heaven he went. Now Immanuel in heaven dwells; he all sees, all knows.

Good is Immanuel; not another is good like him. Hereafter Immanuel again to earth will come; we all shall see. Immanuel aloud will speak; then all the dead, men, women, children, all alive shall become. Immanuel will say "What hast thou done? What has thou done? thou good hast done? Thou to me come to heaven. Thou evil hast done? thou far go, very far go away."

Truly thou bad hast become; thou astry hast gone; truly God angry is. God always is good; we all astray have gone. Hearken; not I lies tell; truth I tell. Immanuel from above came down, from heaven to earth. All men bad are become; Immanuel only is good; Immanuel died, men alive for to be.

Now God saith: "Ye, all men, cease bad to be, turn ye; we will be reconciled. Not I angry am. Good Immanuel died." Now Immanuel saith: "Come unto me all ye weary, then I you will cause to rest."

You come to Immanuel.

A man dwelt at Lystra; with sick foot diseased, very ill indeed; not he could walk. Paul, Barnabas also there came. Paul was speaking; the lame man him was hearing. Paul earnestly looked, he cried aloud "stand upright on feet." The lame man leapt, walked also.

All the people saw, they wondered, they cried aloud "Gods two are come down like men." Paul, Barnabas also ran, cired aloud "Have done! not we gods; we men like you. We glad become, we sorry become, we angry become, again we are reconciled. We good tell to all; cease ye any more evil to be; turn ye look to God the living. God verily heaven, earth the great water, all, everything made. God always is God (the same ever.")


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