Language of Flowers
by Kate Greenaway
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Language of Flowers



Printed in Colours by Edmund Evans

London: George Routledge and Sons

Abecedary Volatility.

Abatina Fickleness.

Acacia Friendship.

Acacia, Rose or White Elegance.

Acacia, Yellow Secret love.

Acanthus The fine arts. Artifice.

Acalia Temperance.

Achillea Millefolia War.

Aconite (Wolfsbane) Misanthropy.

Aconite, Crowfoot Lustre.

Adonis, Flos Painful recollections.

African Marigold Vulgar minds.

Agnus Castus Coldness. Indifference.

Agrimony Thankfulness. Gratitude.

Almond (Common) Stupidity. Indiscretion.

Almond (Flowering) Hope.

Almond, Laurel Perfidy

Allspice Compassion.

Aloe Grief. Religious superstition.

Althaea Frutex (Syrian Mallow) Persuasion.

Alyssum (Sweet) Worth beyond beauty.

Amaranth (Globe) Immortality. Unfading love.

Amaranth (Cockscomb) Foppery. Affectation.

Amaryllis Pride. Timidity. Splendid beauty.

Ambrosia Love returned.

American Cowslip Divine beauty.

American Elm Patriotism.

American Linden Matrimony.

American Starwort Welcome to a stranger. Cheerfulness in old age.

Amethyst Admiration.

Anemone (Zephyr Flower) Sickness. Expectation.

Anemone (Garden) Forsaken.

Angelica Inspiration.

Angrec Royalty.

Apple Temptation.

Apple (Blossom) Preference. Fame speaks him great and good.

Apple, Thorn Deceitful charms.

Apocynum (Dog's Vane) Deceit.

Arbor Vitae Unchanging Friendship. Live for me.

Arum (Wake Robin) Ardour.

Ash-leaved Trumpet Flower Separation.

Ash Tree Grandeur.

Aspen Tree Lamentation.

Aster (China) Variety. Afterthought.

Asphodel My regrets follow you to the grave.

Auricula Painting.

Auricula, Scarlet Avarice.

Austurtium Splendour.

Azalea Temperance.

Bachelor's Buttons Celibacy.

Balm Sympathy.

Balm, Gentle Pleasantry.

Balm of Gilead Cure. Relief.

Balsam, Red Touch me not. Impatient resolves.

Balsam, Yellow Impatience.

Barberry Sourness of temper.

Barberry Tree Sharpness.

Basil Hatred.

Bay Leaf I change but in death.

Bay (Rose) Rhododendron Danger. Beware.

Bay Tree Glory.

Bay Wreath Reward of merit.

Bearded Crepis Protection.

Beech Tree Prosperity.

Bee Orchis Industry.

Bee Ophrys Error.

Belladonna Silence

Bell Flower, Pyramidal Constancy.

Bell Flower (small white) Gratitude.

Belvedere I declare against you.

Betony Surprise.

Bilberry Treachery.

Bindweed, Great Insinuation.

Bindweed, Small Humility.

Birch Meekness.

Birdsfoot Trefoil Revenge.

Bittenweet; Nightshade Truth.

Black Poplar Courage.

Blackthorn Difficulty.

Bladder Nut Tree Frivolity. Amusement.

Bluebottle (Centaury) Delicacy.

Bluebell Constancy.

Blue-flowered Greek Valerian Rupture.

Boras Henricus Goodness.

Borage Bluntness.

Box Tree Stoicism.

Bramble Lowliness. Envy. Remorse.

Branch of Currants You please all.

Branch of Thorns Severity. Rigour.

Bridal Rose Happy love.

Broom Humility. Neatness.

Buckbean Calm repose.

Bud of White Rose Heart ignorant of love.

Bugloss Falsehood.

Bulrush Indiscretion. Docility.

Bundle of Reeds, with their Panicles Music.

Burdock Importunity. Touch me not.

Buttercup (Kingcup) Ingratitude. Childishness.

Butterfly Orchis Gaiety.

Butterfly Weed Let me go.

Cabbage Profit.

Cacalia Adulation.

Cactus Warmth.

Calla Aethiopica Magnificent Beauty.

Calycanthui Benevolence.

Camellia Japonica, Red Unpretending excellence.

Camellia Japonica, White Perfected loveliness.

Camomile Energy in adversity.

Canary Grass Perseverance.

Candytuft Indifference.

Canterbury Bell Acknowledgement.

Cape Jasmine I'm too happy.

Cardamine Paternal error.

Carnation, Deep Red Alas! for my poor heart.

Carnation, Striped Refusal.

Carnation, Yellow Disdain.

Cardinal Flower Dittitutim.

Catchfly Snare.

Catchfly, Red Youthful love.

Catchfly, White Betrayed.

Cedar Strength.

Cedar of Lebanon Incorruptible.

Cedar Leaf I live for thee.

Celandine (Lesser) Joys to come.

Cereus (Creeping) Modest genius.

Centaury Delicacy.

Champignon Suspicion.

Chequered Fritillary Persecution.

Cherry Tree Good education.

Cherry Tree, White Deception.

Chesnut Tree Do me justice. Luxury.

Chickweed Rendezvous.

Chicory Frugality.

China Aster Variety.

China Aster, Double I partake your sentiments.

China Aster, Single I will think of it.

China or Indian Pink Aversion.

China Rose Beauty always new.

Chinese Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness under adversity.

Christmas Rose Relieve my anxiety.

Chrysanthemum, Red I love.

Chrysanthemum, White Truth.

Chrysanthemum, Yellow Slighted love.

Cinquefoil Maternal affection.

Circaa Spell.

Cistus, or Rock Rose Popular favour.

Cistus, Gum I shall die to-morrow.

Citron Ill-natured beauty.

Clematis Mental beauty.

Clematis, Evergreen Poverty.

Clotbur Rudeness. Pertinacity.

Cloves Dignity.

Clover, Four-leaved Be mine.

Clover, Red Industry.

Clover, White Think of me.

Cobaea Gossip.

Cockscomb Amaranth Foppery. Affectation. Singularity.

Colchicum, or Meadow Saffron My best days are past.

Coltsfoot Justice shall be done.

Columbine Folly.

Columbine, Purple Resolved to win.

Columbine, Red Anxious and trembling.

Convolvulus Bonds.

Convolvulus, Blue (Minor) Repose. Night.

Convolvulus, Major Extinguished hopes.

Convolvulus, Pink Worth sustained by judicious and tender affection.

Corchorus Impatient of absence.

Coreopsis Always cheerful.

Coreopsis Arkansa Love at first sight.

Coriander Hidden worth.

Corn Riches.

Corn, Broken Quarrel.

Corn Straw Agreement.

Corn Bottle Delicacy.

Corn Cockle Gentility.

Cornel Tree Duration.

Coronella Success crown your wishes.

Cowslip Pensiveness. Winning grace.

Cowslip, American Divine beauty. You are my divinity.

Cranberry Cure for heartache.

Creeping Cereus Horror.

Cress Stability. Power.

Crocus Abuse not.

Crocus, Spring Youthful gladness.

Crocus, Saffron Mirth.

Crown Imperial Majesty. Power.

Crowsbill Envy.

Crowfoot Ingratitude.

Crowfoot (Aconite-leaved) Lustre.

Cuckoo Plant Ardour.

Cudweed, American Unceasing remembrance.

Currant Thy frown will kill me.

Cuscuta Meanness.

Cyclamen Diffidence.

Cypress Death. Mourning.

Daffodil Regard.

Dahlia Instability.

Daisy Innocence.

Daisy, Garden I share your sentiments

Daisy, Michaelmas Farewell.

Daisy, Party-coloured Beauty.

Daisy, Wild I will think of it.

Damask Rose Brilliant complexion.

Dandelion Rustic oracle.

Daphne Odora Painting the lily.

Darnel (Ray grass) Vice

Dead Leaves Sadness.

Dew Plant A Serenade.

Dittany of Crete Birth.

Dittany of Crete, White Passion.

Dock Patience.

Dodder of Thyme Baseness.

Dogsbane Deceit. Falsehood.

Dogwood Durability.

Dragon Plant Snare.

Dragonwort Horror.

Dried Flax Utility.

Ebony Tree Blackness.

Eglantine (Sweetbrier) Poetry. I wound to heal.

Elder Zealousness.

Elm Dignity.

Enchanter's Nightshade Witchcraft. Sorcery.

Endive Frugality.

Eupatorium Delay.

Everflowering Candytuft Indifference.

Evergreen Clematis Poverty.

Evergreen Thorn Solace in adversity.

Everlasting Never-ceasing remembrance.

Everlasting Pea Lasting pleasure.

Fennel Worthy all praise. Strength.

Fern Fascination.

Ficoides, Ice Plant Your looks freeze me.

Fig Argument.

Fig Marigold Idleness.

Fig Tree Prolific.

Filbert Reconciliation.

Fir Time.

Fir Tree Elevation.

Flax Domestic Industry. Fate. I feel your kindness.

Flax-leaved Goldy-locks Tardiness.

Fleur-de-Lis Flame. I burn.

Fleur-de-Luce Fire.

Flowering Fern Reverie.

Flowering Reed Confidence in Heaven.

Flower-of-an-Hour Delicate Beauty.

Fly Orchis Error.

Flytrap Deceit.

Fool's Parsley Silliness.

Forget Me Not True love. Forget me not.

Foxglove Insincerity.

Foxtail Grass Sporting.

French Honeysuckle Rustic beauty.

French Marigold Jealousy.

French Willow Bravery and humanity.

Frog Ophrys Disgust.

Fuller's Teasel Misanthropy.

Fumitory Spleen.

Fuchsia, Scarlet Taste.

Garden Anemone Forsaken.

Garden Chervil Sincerity.

Garden Daisy I partake your sentiments.

Garden Marigold Uneasiness.

Garden Ranunculus You are rich in attractions.

Garden Sage Esteem.

Garland of Roses Reward of virtue.

Germander Speedwell Facility.

Geranium, Dark Melancholy.

Geranium, Ivy Bridal favour.

Geranium, Lemon Unexpected meeting.

Geranium, Nutmeg Expected meeting.

Geranium, Oak-leaved True friendship.

Geranium, Pencilled Ingenuity.

Geranium, Rose-scented Preference.

Geranium, Scarlet Contorting. Stupidity.

Geranium, Silver-leaved Recall.

Geranium, Wild Steadfast piety.

Gillyflower Bonds of affection.

Glory Flower Glorious beauty.

Goat's Rue Reason.

Golden Rod Precaution.

Gooseberry Anticipation.

Gourd Extent. Bulk.

Grape, Wild Charity.

Grass Submission. Utility.

Guelder Rose Winter. Age.

Hand Flower Tree Warning.

Harebell Submission. Grief.

Hawkweed Quicksightedness.

Hawthorn Hope.

Hazel Reconciliation.

Heath Solitude.

Helenium Tears.

Heliotrope Devotion. Faithfulness.

Hellebore Scandal. Calumny.

Helmet Flower (Monkshood) Knight-errantry.

Hemlock You will be my death.

Hemp fate.

Henbane Imperfection.

Hepatica Confidence.

Hibiscus Delicate beauty.

Holly Foresight.

Holly Herb Enchantment.

Hollyhock Ambition. Fecundity.

Honesty Honesty. Fascination.

Honey Flower Love sweet and secret.

Honeysuckle Generous and devoted affection.

Honeysuckle Coral The colour of my fate.

Honeysuckle (French) Rustic beauty.

Hop Injustice.

Hornbeam Ornament.

Horse Chesnut Luxury.

Hortensia You are cold.

Houseleek Vivacity. Domestic industry.

Houstonia Content.

Hoya Sculpture.

Humble Plant Despondency.

Hundred-leaved Rose Dignity of mind.

Hyacinth Sport. Game. Play.

Hyacinth, White Unobtrusive loveliness.

Hydrangea A boaster. Heartlessness.

Hyssop Cleanliness.

Iceland Moss Health.

Ice Plant Your looks freeze me.

Imperial Montague Power.

Indian Cress Warlike trophy.

Indian Jasmine (Ipomoea) Attachment.

Indian Pink (Double) Always lovely.

Indian Plum Privation.

Iris Message.

Iris, German Flame.

Ivy Fidelity. Marriage.

Ivy, Sprig of, with tendrils Assiduous to please.

Jacob's Ladder Come down.

Japan Rose Beauty is your only attraction.

Jasmine Amiability.

Jasmine, Cape Transport of joy.

Jasmine, Carolina Separation.

Jasmine, Indian I attach myself to you.

Jasmine, Spanish Sensuality.

Jasmine, Yellow Grace and elegance.

Jonquil I desire a return of affection.

Judas Tree Unbelief. Betrayal.

Juniper Succour. Protection.

Justicia The perfection of female loveliness.

Kennedia Mental Beauty.

King-cups Desire of Riches.

Laburnum Forsaken. Pensive Beauty.

Lady's Slipper Capricious Beauty. Win me and wear me.

Lagerstraemia, Indian Eloquence.

Lantana Rigour.

Larch Audacity. Boldness.

Larkspur Lightness. Levity.

Larkspur, Pink Fickleness.

Larkspur, Purple Haughtiness.

Laurel Glory.

Laurel, Common, in flower Perfidy.

Laurel, Ground Perseverance.

Laurel, Mountain Ambition.

Laurel-leaved Magnolia Dignity.

Laurestina A token. I die if neglected.

Lavender Distrust.

Leaves (dead) Melancholy.

Lemon Zest.

Lemon Blossoms Fidelity in lore.

Lettuce Cold-heartedness.

Lichen Dejection. Solitude.

Lilac, Field Humility.

Lilac, Purple First emotions of love.

Lilac, White Youthful Innocence.

Lily, Day Coquetry.

Lily, Imperial Majesty.

Lily, White Purity. Sweetness.

Lily, Yellow Falsehood. Gaiety.

Lily of the Valley Return of happiness.

Linden or Lime Trees Conjugal love.

Lint I feel my obligations.

Live Oak Liberty.

Liverwort Confidence.

Licorice, Wild I declare against you.

Lobelia Malevolence.

Locust Tree Elegance.

Locust Tree (green) Affection beyond the grave.

London Pride Frivolity.

Lote Tree Concord.

Lotus Eloquence.

Lotus Flower Estranged love.

Lotus Leaf Recantation.

Love in a Mist Perplexity.

Love lies Bleeding Hopeless, not heartless.

Lucern Life.

Lupine Voraciousness. Imagination.

Madder Calumny.

Magnolia Love of Nature.

Magnolia, Swamp Perseverance.

Mallow Mildness.

Mallow, Marsh Beneficence.

Mallow, Syrian Consumed by love.

Mallow, Venetian Delicate beauty.

Manchineal Tree Falsehood.

Mandrake Horror.

Maple Reserve.

Marigold Grief.

Marigold, African Vulgar minds.

Marigold, French Jealousy.

Marigold, Prophetic Prediction.

Marigold and Cypress Despair.

Marjoram Blushes.

Marvel of Peru Timidity.

Meadow Lychnis Wit.

Meadow Saffron My fast days are fast.

Meadowsweet Uselessness.

Mercury Goodness.

Mesembryanthemum Idleness.

Mezereon Desire to please.

Michaelmas Daisy Afterthought.

Mignionette Your qualities surpass your charms.

Milfoil War.

Milk vetch Your presence softens my pains.

Milkwort Hermitage.

Mimosa (Sensitive Plant) Sensitiveness.

Mint Virtue.

Mistletoe I surmount difficulties.

Mock Orange Counterfeit.

Monkshood (Helmet Flower) Chivalry. Knight-errantry.

Moonwort Forgetfulness.

Morning Glory Affectation.

Moschatel Weakness.

Moss Maternal love.

Mosses Ennui.

Mossy Saxifrage Affection.

Motherwort Concealed love.

Mountain Ash Prudence.

Mourning Bride Unfortunate attachment. I have lost all.

Mouse-eared Chickweed Ingenuous simplicity.

Mouse-eared Scorpion Grass Forget me not.

Moving Plant Agitation.

Mudwort Tranquillity.

Mugwort Happiness.

Mulberry Tree (Black) I shall not survive you.

Mulberry Tree (White) Wisdom.

Mushroom Suspicion.

Musk Plant Weakness.

Mustard Seed Indifference.

Myrobalan Privation.

Myrrh Gladness.

Myrtle Love.

Narcissus Egotism.

Nasturtium Patriotism.

Nettle, Burning Slander.

Nettle Tree Concert.

Night-blooming Cereus Transient beauty.

Night Convolvulus Night.

Nightshade Truth.

Oak Leaves Bravery.

Oak Tree Hospitality.

Oak (White) Independence.

Oats The witching soul of music.

Oleander Beware.

Olive Peace.

Orange Blossoms Your purity equals your loveliness.

Orange Flowers Chastity. Bridal festivities.

Orange Tree Generosity.

Orchis A Belle.

Osier Frankness.

Osmunda Dreams.

Ox Eye Patience.

Palm Victory.

Pansy Thoughts.

Parsley Festivity.

Pasque Flower You have no claims.

Passion Flower Religious superstition.

Patience Dock Patience.

Pea, Everlasting An appointed meeting. Lasting Pleasure.

Pea, Sweet Departure.

Peach Your qualities, like your charms, are unequalled.

Peach Blossom I am your captive.

Pear Affection.

Pear Tree Comfort.

Pennyroyal Flee away.

Peony Shame. Bashfulness.

Peppermint Warmth of feeling.

Periwinkle, Blue Early friendship.

Periwinkle, White Pleasures of memory.

Persicaria Restoration.

Persimon Bury me amid Nature's beauties.

Peruvian Heliotrope Devotion.

Pheasant's Eye Remembrance.

Phlox Unanimity.

Pigeon Berry Indifference.

Pimpernel Change. Assignation.

Pine Pity.

Pine-apple You are perfect.

Pine, Pitch Philosophy.

Pine, Spruce Hope in adversity.

Pink Boldness.

Pink, Carnation Woman's love.

Pink, Indian, Double Always lovely.

Pink, Indian, Single Aversion.

Pink, Mountain Aspiring.

Pink, Red, Double Pure and ardent love.

Pink, Single Pure love.

Pink, Variegated Refusal.

Pink, White Ingeniousness. Talent.

Plane Tree Genius.

Plum, Indian Privation.

Plum Tree Fidelity.

Plum, Wild Independence.

Polyanthus Pride of riches.

Polyanthus, Crimson The heart's mystery.

Polyanthus, Lilac Confidence.

Pomegranate Foolishness.

Pomegranate, Flower Mature elegance.

Poplar, Black Courage.

Poplar, White Time.

Poppy, Red Consolation.

Poppy, Scarlet Fantastic extravagance.

Poppy, White Sleep. My bane. My antidote.

Potato Benevolence.

Prickly Pear Satire.

Pride of China Dissension.

Primrose Early youth.

Primrose, Evening Inconstancy.

Primrose, Red Unpatronized merit.

Privet Prohibition.

Purple Clover Provident.

Pyrus Japonica Fairies' fire.

Quaking-Grass Agitation.

Quamoclit Busybody.

Queen's Rocket You are the queen of coquettes. Fashion.

Quince Temptation.

Ragged Robin Wit.

Ranunculus You are radiant with charms.

Ranunculus, Garden You are rich in attractions.

Ranunculus, Wild Ingratitude.

Raspberry Remorse.

Ray Grass Vice.

Red Catchfly Youthful lore.

Reed Complaisance. Music.

Reed, Split Indiscretion.

Rhododendron (Rosebay) Danger. Beware.

Rhubarb Advice.

Rocket Rivalry.

Rose Love.

Rose, Austrian Thou art all that is lovely.

Rose, Bridal Happy love.

Rose, Burgundy Unconscious beauty.

Rose, Cabbage Ambassador of love.

Rose, Campion Only deserve my love.

Rose, Carolina Love is dangerous.

Rose, China Beauty always new.

Rose, Christmas Tranquillize my anxiety.

Rose, Daily Thy smile I aspire to.

Rose, Damask Brilliant complexion.

Rose, Deep Red Bashful shame.

Rose, Dog Pleasure and pain.

Rose, Guelder Winter. Age.

Rose, Hundred-leaved Pride.

Rose, Japan Beauty is your only attraction.

Rose, Maiden Blush If you love me, you will find it out.

Rose, Multiflora Grace.

Rose, Mundi Variety.

Rose, Musk Capricious beauty.

Rose, Musk, Cluster Charming.

Rose, Single Simplicity.

Rose, Thornless Early attachment.

Rose, Unique Call me not beautiful.

Rose, White I am worthy of you.

Rose, White (withered) Transient impressions.

Rose, Yellow Decrease of love. Jealously.

Rose, York and Lancaster War.

Rose, Full-blown, placed over two Buds Secrecy.

Rose, White and Red together Unity.

Roses, Crown of Reward of virtue.

Rosebud, Red Pure and lovely.

Rosebud, White Girlhood.

Rosebud, Moss Confession of love.

Rosebay (Rhododendron) Beware. Danger.

Rosemary Remembrance.

Rudbeckia Justice.

Rue Disdain.

Rush Docility.

Rye Grass Changeable disposition

Saffron Beware of excess.

Saffron Crocus Mirth.

Saffron, Meadow My happiest days are past.

Sage Domestic virtue.

Sage, Garden Esteem.

Sainfoin Agitation.

Saint John's Wort Animosity. Superstition.

Sardony Irony.

Saxifrage, Mossy Affection.

Scabious Unfortunate love.

Scabious, Sweet Widowhood.

Scarlet Lychnis Sunbeaming eyes.

Schinus Religions enthusiasm.

Scotch Fir Elevation.

Sensitive Plant Sensibility. Delicate feelings.

Senvy Indifference.

Shamrock Light heartedness.

Snakesfoot Horror.

Snapdragon Presumption.

Snowball Bound.

Snowdrop Hope.

Sorrel Affection.

Sorrel, Wild Wit ill-timed.

Sorrel, Wood Joy.

Southernwood Jest. Bantering.

Spanish Jasmine Sensuality.

Spearmint Warmth of sentiment.

Speedwell Female fidelity.

Speedwell, Germander Facility.

Speedwell, Spiked Semblance.

Spider, Ophrys Adroitness.

Spiderwort Esteem not love.

Spiked Willow Herb Pretension.

Spindle Tree Your charms are engraven on my heart.

Star of Bethlehem Purity.

Starwort Afterthought.

Starwort, American Cheerfulness in old age.

Stock Lasting beauty.

Stock, Ten Week Promptness.

Stonecrop Tranquillity.

Straw, Broken Rupture of a contract.

Straw, Whole Union.

Strawberry Tree Esteem and love.

Sumach, Venice Splendour. Intellectual excellence.

Sunflower, Dwarf Adoration.

Sunflower, Tall Haughtiness.

Swallow-wort Cure for heartache.

Sweet Basil Good wishes.

Sweetbrier, American Simplicity.

Sweetbrier, European I wound to heal.

Sweetbrier, Yellow Decrease of love.

Sweet Pea Delicate pleasures.

Sweet Sultan Felicity.

Sweet William Gallantry.

Sycamore Curiosity.

Syringa Memory.

Syringa, Carolina Disappointment.

Tamarisk Crime.

Tansy (Wild) I declare war against you.

Teasel Misanthropy.

Tendrils of Climbing Plants Ties.

Thistle, Common Austerity.

Thistle, Fuller's Misanthropy

Thistle, Scotch Retaliation.

Thorn Apple Deceitful charms.

Thorn, Branch of Severity.

Thrift Sympathy.

Throatwort Neglected beauty.

Thyme Activity.

Tiger Flower For once may pride befriend me.

Traveller's Joy Safety.

Tree of Life Old age.

Trefoil Revenge.

Tremella Nestoc Resistance.

Trillium Pictum Modest beauty.

Truffle Surprise.

Trumpet Flower Fame.

Tuberose Dangerous pleasures.

Tulip Fame.

Tulip, Red Declaration of love.

Tulip, Variegated Beautiful eyes.

Tulip, Yellow Hopeless love.

Turnip Charity.

Tussilage (Sweet-scented) Justice shall be done you.

Valerian An accommodating disposition.

Valerian, Greek Rupture.

Venice Sumach Intellectual excellence. Splendour.

Venus' Car Fly with me.

Venus' Looking-glass Flattery.

Venus' Trap Deceit.

Vernal Grass Poor, but happy.

Veronica Fidelity.

Vervain Enchantment.

Vine Intoxication.

Violet, Blue Faithfulness.

Violet, Dame Watchfulness.

Violet, Sweet Modesty.

Violet, Yellow Rural happiness.

Virginian Spiderwort Momentary happiness.

Virgin's Bower Filial love.

Volkamenia May you be happy.

Walnut Intellect. Stratagem.

Wall-flower Fidelity in adversity.

Water Lily Purity of heart.

Water Melon Bulkiness.

Wax Plant Susceptibility.

Wheat Stalk Riches.

Whin Anger.

White Jasmine Amiableness.

White Lily Purity and Modesty.

White Mullein Good nature.

White Oak Independence.

White Pink Talent.

White Poplar Time.

White Rose (dried) Death preferable to loss of innocence.

Whortleberry Treason.

Willow, Creeping Love forsaken.

Willow, Water Freedom.

Willow, Weeping Mourning.

Willow-Herb Pretension.

Willow, French Bravery and humanity.

Winter Cherry Deception.

Witch Hazel A spell.

Woodbine Fraternal love.

Wood Sorrel Joy. Maternal tenderness.

Wormwood Absence.

Xanthium Rudeness. Pertinacity.

Xeranthemum Cheerfulness under adversity.

Yew Sorrow.

Zephyr Flower Expectation.

Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends.

Absence Wormwood.

Abuse not Crocus.

Acknowledgment Canterbury Bell.

Activity Thyme.

Admiration Amethyst.

Adoration Dwarf Sunflower

Adroitness Spider Ophrys.

Adulation Cacalia.

Advice Rhubarb.

Affection Mossy Saxifrage.

Affection Pear.

Affection Sorrel.

Affection beyond the grave Green Locust.

Affection, maternal Cinquefoil.

Affectation Cockscomb Amaranth.

Affectation Morning Glory.

Afterthought Michaelmas Daisy.

Afterthought Starwort.

Afterthought China Aster.

Agreement Straw.

Age Guelder Rose.

Agitation Moving Plant.

Agitation Sainfoin.

Alas! for my poor heart Deep Red Carnation.

Always cheerful Coreopsis.

Always lovely Indian Pink (double).

Ambassador of love Cabbage Rose.

Amiability Jasmine.

Anger Whin.

Animosity St. John's Wort.

Anticipation Gooseberry.

Anxious and trembling Red Columbine.

Ardour Cuckoo Plant.

Argument Fig.

Arts or artifice Acanthus.

Assiduous to please Sprig of Ivy with tendrils.

Assignation Pimpernel.

Attachment Indian Jasmine.

Audacity Larch.

Avarice Scarlet Auricula.

Aversion China or Indian Pink.

Bantering Southern-wood.

Baseness Dodder of Thyme.

Bashfulness Peony.

Bashful shame Deep Red Rose.

Beautiful eyes Variegated Tulip.

Beauty Party-coloured Daisy.

Beauty always new China Rose.

Beauty, capricious Lady's Slipper.

Beauty, capricious Musk Rose.

Beauty, delicate Flower of an Hour.

Beauty, delicate Hibiscus.

Beauty, divine American Cowslip.

Beauty, glorious Glory Flower.

Beauty, lasting Stock.

Beauty, magnificent Calla Aethiopica.

Beauty, mental Clematis.

Beauty, modest Trillium Pictum.

Beauty, neglected Throatwort.

Beauty, pensive Laburnum.

Beauty, rustic French Honeysuckle.

Beauty, unconscious Burgundy Rose.

Beauty is your only attraction Japan Rose.

Belle Orchis.

Be mine Four-leaved Clover.

Beneficence Marshmallow.

Benevolence Potato.

Betrayed White Catchfly.

Beware Oleander.

Beware Rosebay.

Blackness Ebony Tree.

Bluntness Borage.

Blushes Marjoram.

Boaster Hydrangea.

Boldness Pink.

Bonds Convolvulus.

Bonds of Affection Gillyflower.

Bravery Oak Leaves.

Bravery and humanity French Willow.

Bridal favour Ivy Geranium.

Brilliant complexion Damask Rose.

Bulk Water Melon. Gourd.

Busybody Quamoclit.

Bury me amid Nature's beauties Persimon.

Call me not beautiful Rose Unique.

Calm repose Buckbean.

Calumny Hellebore.

Calumny Madder.

Change Pimpernel.

Changeable disposition Rye Grass.

Charity Turnip.

Charming Cluster of Musk Roses.

Charms, deceitful Thorn Apple.

Cheerfulness in old age American Starwort.

Cheerfulness under adversity Chinese Chrysanthemum.

Chivalry Monkskood (Helmet Flower).

Cleanliness Hyssop.

Coldheartedness Lettuce.

Coldness Agnus Castus.

Colour of my life Coral Honeysuckle.

Come down Jacob's Ladder.

Comfort Pear Tree.

Comforting Scarlet Geranium.

Compassion Allspice.

Concealed love Motherwort.

Concert Nettle Tree.

Concord Lote Tree.

Confession of love Moss Rosebud.

Confidence Hepatica.

Confidence Lilac Polyanthus.

Confidence Liverwort.

Confidence in Heaven Flowering Reed.

Conjugal love Lime, or Linden Tree.

Consolation Red Poppy.

Constancy Bluebell.

Consumed by love Syrian Mallow.

Counterfeit Mock Orange.

Courage Black Poplar.

Crime Tamarisk.

Cure Balm of Gilead.

Cure for heartache Swallow-wort.

Curiosity Sycamore.

Danger Rhododendron. Rosebay.

Dangerous Pleasures Tuberose.

Death Cypress.

Death preferable to loss of innocence White Rate (dried).

Deceit Apocynum.

Deceit Flytrap.

Deceit Dogsbane.

Deceitful charms Thorn Apple.

Deception White Cherry Tree.

Declaration of love Red Tulip.

Decrease of love Yellow Rose.

Delay Eupatorium.

Delicacy Bluebottle. Centaury.

Dejection Lichen.

Desire to please Mezercon.

Despair Cypress.

Despondency Humble Plant.

Devotion Peruvian Heliotrope.

Difficulty Blackthorn.

Dignity Cloves.

Dignity Laurel-leaved Magnolia.

Disappointment Carolina Syringa.

Disdain Yellow Carnation.

Disdain Rue.

Disgust Frog Ophrys.

Dissension Pride of China.

Distinction Cardinal Flower.

Distrust Lavender.

Divine beauty American Cowslip.

Docility Rush.

Domestic industry Flax.

Domestic virtue Sage.

Durability Dogwood.

Duration Cornel Tree.

Early attachment Thornless Rose

Early friendship Blue Periwinkle.

Early youth Primrose.

Elegance Locust Tree.

Elegance and grace Yellow Jasmine.

Elevation Scotch Fir.

Eloquence Indian Lagerstraemia.

Enchantment Holly Herb.

Enchantment Vervain.

Energy in adversity Camomile.

Envy Bramble.

Error Bee Ophrys.

Error Fly Orchis.

Esteem Garden Sage.

Esteem not love Spiderwort.

Esteem and love Strawberry Tree.

Estranged love Lotus Flower.

Excellence Camellia Japonica.

Expectation Anemone.

Expectation Zephyr Flower.

Expected meeting Nutmeg Geranium.

Extent Gourd.

Extinguished hopes Major Convolvulus.

Facility Germander Speedwell.

Fairies' fire Pyrus Japonica.

Faithfulness Blue Violet.

Faithfulness Heliotrope.

Falsehood Buglass.

Falsehood Yellow Lily.

Falsehood Manchineal Tree.

Fame Tulip. Trumpet Flower.

Fame speaks him great and good Apple Blossom.

Fantastic extravagance Scarlet Poppy.

Farewell Michaelmas Daisy.

Fascination Fern.

Fascination Honesty.

Fashion Queen's Rocket.

Fecundity Hollyhock.

Felicity Sweet Sultan.

Female fidelity Speedwell.

Festivity Parsley.

Fickleness Abatina.

Fickleness Pink Larkspur.

Filial love Virgin's bower.

Fidelity Veronica. Ivy.

Fidelity Plum Tree.

Fidelity in adversity Wall-flower.

Fidelity in love Lemon Blossoms.

Fire Fleur-de-Luce.

First emotions of love Purple Lilac.

Flame Fleur-de-lis. Iris.

Flattery Venus' Looking-glass.

Flee away Pennyroyal.

Fly with me Venus' Car.

Folly Columbine.

Foppery Cockscomb Amaranth.

Foolishness Pomegranate.

Foresight Holly.

Forgetfulness Moonwort.

Forget me not Forget Me Not.

For once may pride befriend me Tiger Flower.

Forsaken Garden Anemone.

Forsaken Laburnum.

Frankness Osier.

Fraternal love Woodbine.

Freedom Water Willow.

Freshness Damask Rose.

Friendship Acacia.

Friendship, early Blue Periwinkle.

Friendship, true Oak-leaved Geranium.

Friendship, unchanging Arbor Vitae.

Frivolity London Pride.

Frugality Chicory. Endive.

Gaiety Butterfly Orchis.

Gaiety Yellow Lily.

Gallantry Sweet William.

Generosity Orange Tree.

Generous and devoted affection French Honeysuckle.

Genius Plane Tree.

Gentility Corn Cockle.

Girlhood White Rosebud.

Gladness Myrrh.

Glory Bay Tree.

Glory Laurel.

Glorious beauty Glory Flower.

Goodness Bonus Henricus.

Goodness Mercury.

Good education Cherry Tree.

Good wishes Sweet Basil.

Goodnature White Mullein.

Gossip Cobaea.

Grace Multiflora Rose.

Grace and elegance Yellow Jasmine.

Grandeur Ash Tree

Gratitude Small White Bell-flower.

Grief Harebell.

Grief Marigold.

Happy love Bridal Rose.

Hatred Basil.

Haughtiness Purple Larkspur.

Haughtiness Tall Sunflower.

Health Iceland Moss.

Hermitage Milkwort.

Hidden worth Coriander.

Honesty Honesty.

Hope Flowering Almond.

Hope Hawthorn.

Hope Snowdrop.

Hope in adversity Spruce Pine.

Hopeless love Yellow Tulip.

Hopeless, not heartless Love Lies Bleating.

Horror Mandrake.

Horror Dragonswort.

Horror Snakesfoot.

Hospitality Oak Tree.

Humility Broom.

Humility Small Bindweed.

Humility Field Lilac.

I am too happy Cape Jasmine.

I am your captive Peach Blossom.

I am worthy of you White Rose.

I change but in death Bay Leaf.

I declare against you Belvedere.

I declare against you Liquorice.

I declare war against you Wild Tansy.

I die if neglected Laurestina.

I desire a return of affection Jonquil.

I feel my obligations Lint.

I feel your kindness Flax.

I have lost all Mourning Bride.

I live for thee Cedar Leaf.

I love Red Chrysanthemum.

I partake of your sentiments Double China Aster.

I partake your sentiments Garden Daisy.

I shall die to-morrow Gum Cistus.

I shall not survive you Black Mulberry.

I surmount difficulties Mistletoe.

I will think of it Single China Aster.

I will think of it Wild Daisy.

I wound to heal Eglantine (Sweetbrier).

If you love me, you will find it out Maiden Blush Rose.

Idleness Mesembryanthemum.

Ill-natured beauty Citron.

Imagination Lupine.

Immortality Amaranth (Globe).

Impatience yellow Balsam.

Impatient of absence Corchorus.

Impatient resolves Red Balsam.

Imperfection Henbane.

Importunity Burdock.

Inconstancy Evening Primrose.

Incorruptible Cedar of Lebanon.

Independence Wild Plum Tree.

Independence White Oak.

Indifference Everflowering Candytuft.

Indifference Mustard Seed.

Indifference Pigeon Berry.

Indifference Senvy.

Indiscretion Split Reed.

Industry Red Clover.

Industry, Domestic Flax.

Ingenuousness White Pink.

Ingenuity Pencilled Geranium.

Ingenuous simplicity Mouse-eared Chickweed.

Ingratitude Crowfoot.

Innocence Daisy.

Insincerity Foxglove.

Insinuation Great Bindweed.

Inspiration Angelica.

Instability Dahlia.

Intellect Walnut.

Intoxication Vine.

Irony Sardony.

Jealousy French Marigold.

Jealousy Yellow Rose.

Jest Southernwood.

Joy Wood Sorrel.

Joys to come Lesser Celandine.

Justice Rudbeckia.

Justice shall be done to you Coltsfoot.

Justice shall be done to you Sweet-scented Tussilage.

Knight-errantry Helmet Flower (Monkshood).

Lamentation Aspon Tree.

Lasting beauty Stock.

Lasting pleasures Everlasting Pea.

Let me go Butterfly Weed.

Levity Larkspur.

Liberty Live Oak.

Life Lucern.

Lightheartedness Shamrock.

Lightness Larkspur.

Live for me Arbor Vitae.

Love Myrtle.

Love Rose.

Love, forsaken Creeping Willow.

Love, returned Ambrosia.

Love is dangerous Carolina Rose.

Lustre Aconite-leaved Crowfoot, or Fair Maid of France.

Luxury Chesnut Tree.

Magnificent beauty Calla, Aethiopica.

Majesty Crown Imperial.

Malevolence Lobelia.

Marriage Ivy.

Maternal affection Cinquefoil.

Maternal love Moss.

Maternal tenderness Wood Sorrel.

Matrimony American Linden.

May you be happy Volkamenia

Meanness Cuscuta.

Meekness Birch.

Melancholy Dark Geranium.

Melancholy Dead Leaves.

Mental beauty Clematis.

Mental beauty Kennedia.

Message Iris.

Mildness Mallow.

Mirth Saffron Crocus.

Misanthropy Aconite (Wolfsbane).

Misanthropy Fuller's Teasel.

Modest beauty Trillium Pictum.

Modest genius Creeping Cereus.

Modesty Violet.

Modesty and purity White Lily.

Momentary happiness Virginian Spiderwort.

Mourning Weeping Willow

Music Bundles of Reed with their panicles.

My best days are past Colchicum, or Meadow Saffron.

My regrets follow you to the grave Asphodel.

Neatness Broom.

Neglected beauty Throatwort.

Never-ceasing remembrance Everlasting.

Old age Tree of Life.

Only deserve my love Campion Rose.

Painful recollections Flos Adonis.

Painting Auricula.

Painting the lily Daphne Odora.

Passion White Dittany.

Paternal error Cardamine.

Patience Dock. Ox Eye.

Patriotism American Elm.

Patriotism Nasturtium.

Peace Olive.

Perfected loveliness Camellia Japonica, White.

Perfidy Common Laurel, in flower.

Pensive beauty Laburnum.

Perplexity Love in a Mist.

Persecution Chequered Fritillary.

Perseverance Swamp Magnolia.

Persuasion Althea Frutex.

Persuasion Syrian Mallow.

Pertinacity Clotbur.

Pity Pine.

Pleasure and pain Dog Rose.

Pleasure, lasting Everlasting Pea.

Pleasures of memory White Periwinkle.

Popular favour Cistus, or Rock Rose.

Poverty Evergreen Clematis.

Power Imperial Montague.

Power Cress.

Precaution Golden Rod.

Prediction Prophetic Marigold.

Pretension Spited Willow Herb.

Pride Amaryllis.

Pride Hundred-leaved Rose.

Privation Indian Plum.

Privation Myrobalan.

Profit Cabbage.

Prohibition Privet.

Prolific Fig Tree.

Promptness Ten-week Stock.

Prosperity Beech Tree.

Protection Bearded Crepis.

Prudence Mountain Ash.

Pure love Single Red Pink.

Pure and ardent love Double Red Pink.

Pure and lovely Red Rosebud.

Purity Star of Bethlehem.

Quarrel Broken Corn-straw.

Quicksightedness Hawk-weed.

Reason Goat's Rue.

Recantation Lotus Leaf.

Recall Silver-leaved Geranium.

Reconciliation Filbert.

Reconciliation Hazel.

Refusal Striped Carnation.

Regard Daffodil.

Relief Balm of Gilead.

Relieve my anxiety Christmas Rose.

Religious superstition Aloe.

Religious superstition Passion Flower.

Religious enthusiasm Schinus.

Remembrance Rosemary.

Remorse Bramble.

Remorse Raspberry.

Rendezvous Chickweed.

Reserve Maple.

Resistance Tremella Nestoc.

Restoration Persicaria.

Retaliation Scotch Thistle.

Return of happiness Lily of the Valley.

Revenge Birdsfoot Trefoil.

Reverie Flowering Fern.

Reward of merit Bay Wreath.

Reward of virtue Garland of Roses.

Riches Corn.

Rigour Lantana.

Rivalry Rocket.

Rudeness Clotbur.

Rudeness Xanthium.

Rural happiness Yellow Violet.

Rustic beauty French Honeysuckle.

Rustic oracle Dandelion.

Sadness Dead Leaves.

Safety Traveller's Joy.

Satire Prickly Pear.

Sculpture Hoya.

Secret Love Yellow Acacia.

Semblance Spiked Speedwell.

Sensitiveness Mimosa.

Sensuality Spanish Jasmine.

Separation Carolina Jasmine.

Severity Branch of Thorns.

Shame Peony.

Sharpness Barberry Tree.

Sickness Anemone (Zephyr Flower).

Silliness Fool's Parsley.

Simplicity American Sweetbrier.

Sincerity Garden Chervil.

Slighted love Yellow Chrysanthemum.

Snare Catchfly. Dragon Plant.

Solitude Heath.

Sorrow Yew.

Sourness of Temper Barberry.

Spell Circaea.

Spleen Fumitory.

Splendid beauty Amaryllis.

Splendour Austurtium.

Sporting Fox-tail Grass.

Stedfast Piety Wild Geranium.

Stoicism Box Tree.

Strength Cedar. Fennel.

Submission Grass.

Submission Harebell.

Success crown your wishes Coronella.

Succour Juniper.

Sunbeaming eyes Scarlet Lychnis.

Surprise Truffle.

Susceptibility Wax Plant.

Suspicion Champignon.

Sympathy Balm.

Sympathy Thrift.

Talent White Pink.

Tardiness Flax-leaved Goldy-locks.

Taste Scarlet Fuchsia.

Tears Helenium.

Temperance Azalea.

Temptation Apple.

Thankfulness Agrimony.

The colour of my fate Coral Honeysuckle.

The heart's mystery Crimson Polyanthus.

The perfection of female loveliness Justicia.

The witching soul of music Oats.

Thoughts Pansy.

Thoughts of absent friends Zinnia.

Thy frown wilt kill me Currant.

Thy smile I aspire to Daily Rose.

Ties Tendrils of Climbing Plants.

Timidity Amaryllis.

Timidity Marvel of Peru.

Time White Poplar.

Tranquillity Mudwort.

Tranquillity Stonecrop.

Tranquillize my anxiety Christmas Rose.

Transient beauty Night-blooming Cereus.

Transient impressions Withered White Rose.

Transport of joy Cape Jasmine.

Treachery Bilberry.

True love Forget Me Not.

True Friendship Oak-leaved Geranium.

Truth Bittersweet Nightshade.

Truth White Chrysanthemum.

Unanimity Phlox.

Unbelief Judas Tree.

Unceasing remembrance American Cudweed.

Unchanging friendship Arbor Vitae.

Unconscious beauty Burgundy Rose.

Unexpected meeting Lemon Geranium.

Unfortunate attachment Mourning Bride.

Unfortunate love Scabious.

Union Whole Straw.

Unity White and Red Rose together.

Unpatronized merit Red Primrose.

Uselessness Meadowsweet.

Utility Grass.

Variety China Aster.

Variety Mundi Rose.

Vice Darnel (Ray Grass).

Victory Palm.

Virtue Mint.

Virtue, Domestic Sage.

Volubility Abecedary,

Voraciousness Lupine.

Vulgar Minds African Marigold.

War York and Lancaster Rose.

War Achillea Millefolia.

Warlike trophy Indian Cress.

Warmth of feeling Peppermint.

Watchfulness Dame Violet.

Weakness Moschatel

Weakness Musk Plant.

Welcome to a stranger American Starwort.

Widowhood Sweet Scabious.

Win me and wear me Lady's Slipper.

Winning grace Cowslip.

Winter Guelder Rose.

Wit Meadow Lychnis.

Wit ill-timed Wild Sorrel.

Witchcraft Enchanter's Nightshade.

Worth beyond beauty Sweet Alyssum.

Worth sustained by judicious and tender affection Pink Convolvulus.

Worthy all praise Fennel.

You are cold Hortensia.

You are my divinity American Cowslip.

You are perfect Pine Apple.

You are radiant with charms Ranunculus.

You are rich in attractions Garden Ranunculus.

You are the queen of coquettes Queen's Rocket.

You have no claims Pasque Flower.

You please all Branch of Currants.

You will be my death. Hemlock.

Your charms are engraven on my heart Spindle Tree.

Your looks freeze me Ice Plant.

Your presence softens my pains Milkvetch.

Your purity equals your loveliness Orange Blossoms.

Your qualities, like your charms, are unequalled Peach.

Your qualities surpass your charms Mignionette.

Youthful innocence White Lilac.

Youthful love Red Catchfly.

Zealousness Elder.

Zest Lemon.


I WANDERED lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host of golden Daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle in the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced; but they Outdid the sparkling waves in glee; A poet could not but be gay, In such a jocund company; I gazed and gazed, but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought!

For oft when on my couch I lie, In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the Daffodils.



Go, lovely Rose! Tell her that wastes her time on me, That now she knows, When I resemble her to thee, How sweet and fair she seems to be.

Tell her that's young. And shuns to have her graces spied, That hadst thou sprung In deserts where no men abide, Thou must have uncommended died.

Small is the worth Of beauty from the light retired; Bid her come forth, Suffer herself to be desired, And not blush so to be admired.

Then die, that she The common fate of all things rare May read in thee; How small a part of time they share That are so wondrous sweet and fair,

Yet, though thou fade, From thy dead leaves let fragrance rise And teach the maid That goodness Time's rude hand defies; That virtue lives when beauty dies.



A SENSITIVE Plant in a garden grew, And the young winds fed it with silver dew, And it opened its fan-like leaves to the light, And closed them beneath the kisses of Night.

* * *

But none ever trembled and panted with bliss In the garden, the field, or the wilderness, Like doe in the noontide with love's sweet want, As the companionless Sensitive Plant.

The snowdrop, and then the violet, Arose from the ground with warm rain wet, And their breath was mixed with fresh odour, sent, From the turf, like the voice and the instrument.

Then the pied wind-flowers and the tulip tall, And narcissi, the fairest among them all, Who gaze on their eyes in the stream's recess, Till they die of their own dear loveliness.

And the naiad-like lily of the vale. Whom youth makes so fair and passion so pale, That the light of its tremulous bells is seen Through their pavilions of tender green;

And the hyacinth purple, and white, and blue, Which flung from its bells a sweet peal anew Of music so delicate, soft and intense, It was felt like an odour within the sense!

And the rose like a nymph to the bath addrest, Which unveiled the depth of her glowing breast, Till, fold after fold, to the fainting air The soul of her beauty and love lay bare;

And the wand-like lily, which lifted up, As a Maenad, its moonlight-coloured cup, Till the fiery star, which is its eye, Gazed through the clear dew on the tender sky;

And the jessamine faint, and the sweet tuberose, The sweetest flower for scent that blows; And all rare blossoms from every clime Grew in that garden in perfect prime.

The Sensitive Plant, which could give small fruit Of the love which it felt from the leaf to the root, Received more than all [flowers], it loved more than ever, Where none wanted but it, could belong to the giver—

For the Sensitive Plant has no bright flower; Radiance and odour are not its dower; It loves, even like Love its deep heart is full, It desires what it has not, the beautiful!

* * *

Each and all like ministering angels were For the Sensitive Plant sweet joy to bear. Whilst the lagging hours of the day went by Like windless clouds o'er a tender sky.

And when evening descended from heaven above, And the earth was all rest, and the air was all love, And delight, though less bright, was far more deep, And the day's veil fell from the world of sleep,

* * *

The Sensitive Plant was the earliest Up-gathered into the bosom of rest; A sweet child weary of its delight, The feeblest, and yet the favourite, Cradled within the embrace of night.



TUNE—"The Posie."

O LUVE will venture in, where it daur na weel be seen, O luve will venture in, where wisdom ance has been; But I will down yon river rove, amang the wood sae green, And a' to pu' a posie to my ain dear May.

The primrose I will pu', the firstling o' the year, And I will pu' the pink, the emblem o' my dear, For she's the pink o' womankind, and blooms without a peer; And a' to be a posie to my ain dear May.

I'll pu' the budding rose, when Phoebus peeps in view, For it's like a baumy kiss o' her sweet bonnie mou; The hyacinth's for constancy w' its unchanging blue, And a' to be a posie to my ain dear May.

The lily it is pure, and the lily it is fair. And in her lovely bosom I'll place the lily there; The daisy's for simplicity and unaffected air, And a' to be a posie to my ain dear May.

The hawthorn I will pu', wi' its locks o' siller grey, Where, like an aged man, it stands at break o' day, But the songster's nest within the bush I winna tak away; And a' to be a posie to my ain dear May.

The woodbine I will pu' when the e'ening star is near, And the diamond-drops o' dew shall be her e'en sae clear: The violet's for modesty which weel she fa's to wear, And a' to be a posie to my ain dear May.

I'll tie the posie round w' the silken band o' luve, And I'll place it in her breast, and I'll swear by a' above, That to my latest draught o' life the band shall ne'er remuve. And this will be a posie to my ain dear May.



TUNE—"There'll never be peace" &c.

Now in her green mantle blithe Nature arrays. And listens the lambkins that bleat o'er the braes, While birds warble welcome in ilka green shaw; But to me it's delightless—my Nannie's awa.

The snaw-drap and primrose our woodlands adorn, And violets bathe in the weet o' the morn; They pain my sad bosom, sae sweetly they blaw, They mind me o' Nannie—and Nannie's awa.

Thou lav'rock that springs frae the dews of the lawn, The shepherd to warn o' the grey-breaking dawn, And thou mellow mavis that hails the night-fa', Give over for pity—my Nannie 's awa.

Come, autumn, sae pensive, in yellow and grey, And sooth me wi' tidings o' Nature's decay; The dark, dreary winter, and wild-driving snaw, Alane can delight me—now Nannie's awa,



TUNE—"Humours of Glen."

THEIR groves o' sweet myrtle let foreign lands reckon, Where bright-beaming summers exalt the perfume; Far dearer to me yon lone glen o' green breckan, Wi' the burn stealing under the lang yellow broom.

Far dearer to me are yon humble broom bowers, Where the blue-bell and gowan lurk lowly unseen; For there, lightly tripping amang the wild flowers, A listening the linnet, aft wanders my Jean.



On turning one down with a plough, in April 1786.

WEE, modest, crimson-tipped flow'r, Thou's met me in an evil hour; For I maun crush amang-the stoure Thy slender stem; To spare ihee now is past my po'w'r, Thou bonnie gem.

Alas! it's no thy neebor sweet, The bonnie Lark, companion meet! Bending thee 'mang the dewy weet! Wi' spreckled breast, When upward-springing, blythe, to greet The purpling east.

Could blew the bitter-biting north Upon thy early, humble birth; Yet cheerfully thou glinted forth Amid the storm, Scarce rear'd above the parent earth Thy tender form.

The flaunting flow'rs our gardens yield. High shell'ring woods and wa's maun shield, But thou beneath the random bield O' clod or stane, Adorns the histie stibbte-Jleld, Unseen, alane.

There, in thy scanty mantle clad, Thy snawy bosom sun-ward spread, Thou lifts thy unassuming head In humble guise; But now the share uptears thy bed, And low thou lies!

Such is the fate of artless Maid, Sweety flow'ret of the rural shade! By love's simplicity betray'd. And guileless trust, Till she, like thee, all soil'd, is laid Low i' the dust.

Such is the fate of simple Bard, On life's rough ocean luckless starr'd! Unskilful he to note the card Of prudent lore, Till billows rage, and gales blow hard. And whelm him o'er!

Such fate to suffering worth is giv'n, Who long with wants and woes has striv'n, By human pride or cunning driv'n, To mis'ry's brink. Till wrench'd of ev'ry stay but Heav'n, He, ruin'd, sink!

Ev'n thou who mourn'st the Daisy's fate, That fate is thine—no distant date; Stern Ruin's plough-share drives, elate. Full on thy bloom, Till crush'd beneath the furrow's weight, Shall be thy doom!



On the Approach of Spring.

Now Nature hangs her mantle green On every blooming tree, And spreads her sheets c' daisies white Out o'er the grassy lea; Now Phoebus cheers the crystal streams, And glads the azure skies; But nought can glad the weary wight That fast in durance lies.

Now lav'rocks wake the merry morn, Aloft on dewy wing; The merle, in his noontide bow'r, Makes woodland echoes ring; The mavis mild wi' many a note, Sings drowsy day to rest: In love and freedom they rejoice, Wi' care nor thrall opprest.

Now blooms the lily by the bank, The primrose down the brae; The hawthorn's budding in the glen, And milk-white is the slae; The meanest hind in fair Scotland May rove their sweets amang; But I, the Queen of a' Scotland, Maun lie in prison strang.

I was the Queen o' bonnie France, Where happy I hae been; Fu' lightly rase I in the morn, As blythe lay down at e'en; And I'm the sov'reign of Scotland, And mony a traitor there; Yet here I lie in foreign Lands, And never ending care.

But as for thee, thou false woman, My sister and my fae, Grim vengeance, yet, shall whet a sword That thro thy soul shall gae: The weeping blood in woman's breast Was never known to thee; Nor th' balm that draps on wounds of woe Frae woman's pitying e'e.

My son! my son! may kinder stars Upon thy fortune shine; And may those pleasures gild thy reign. That ne'er wad blink on mine! God keep thee frae thy mother's faes, Or turn their hearts to thee: And where thou meet'st thy mother's friend, Remember him for me!

Oh! soon, to me, may summer-suns Nae mair light up the morn! Nae mair, to me, the autumn winds Wave o'er the yellow corn! And in the narrow house o' death Let winter round me rave; And the next flow'rs that deck the spring, Bloom on my peaceful grave!



READ in these Roses the sad story Of my hard fate, and your own glory; In the white you may discover The paleness of a fainting lover; In the red the flames still feeding On my heart with fresh wounds bleeding. The white will tell you how I languish, And the red express my anguish. The white my innocence displaying, The red my martyrdom betraying; The frowns that on your brow resided, Have those roses thus divided. Oh! let your smiles but clear the weather, And then they both shall grow together.



SWEET is the rose, but growes upon a brere; Sweet is the Juniper, but sharpe his bough; Sweet is the Eglantine, but pricketh nere; Sweet is the Firbloom, but his branches rough; Sweet is the Cypress, but his rind is tough, Sweet is the Nut, but bitter is his pill; Sweet is the Broome-flowere, but yet sowre enough; And sweet is Moly, but his roote is ill. So every sweet with sowre is tempred still, That maketh it be coveted the more: For easie things that may be got at will, Most sorts of men doe set but little store. Why then should I account of little pain, That endless pleasure shall unto me gaine?




WHY do ye weep, sweet babes? Can tears Speak grief in you, Who were but born Just as the modest morn Teemed her refreshing dew? Alas! ye have not known that shower That mars a flower; Nor felt the unkind Breath of a blasting wind; Nor are ye worn with years; Or warped as we, Who think it strange to see Such pretty flowers, like to orphans young. Speaking by tears before ye have a tongue.

Speak, whimpering younglings, and make known The reason why Ye droop and weep, Is it for want of sleep, Or childish lullaby Or that ye have not seen as yet The violet Or brought a kiss From that sweetheart to this? No, no; this sorrow shown By your tears shed, Would have this lecture read: That things of greatest, so of meanest worth. Conceived with grief are, and with tears brought forth.



TUNE—"Wishaw's favourite."

O, MY luve's like a red, red rose, That's newly sprung in June: O, my luve's like the melodie That's sweetly play'd in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass. So deep in hive am I; And I will luve thee still, my dear, Till a' the seas gang dry.

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear, And the rocks melt w' the sun; I will luve thee still, my dear, While the sands o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only luve! And fare thee weel a while; And I will come again, my luve, Tho' it were ten thousand mile.


VIRGINS promised when I died, That they would each primrose-tide Duly, morn and evening, come, And with flowers dress my tomb. —Having promised, pay your debts, Maids, and here strew violets.


MUSIC, when soft voices die, Vibrates in the memory; Odours when sweet violets sicken, Love within the sense they quicken.

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead, Are heaped for the beloved's bed; And so thy thoughts when thou art gone. Love itself shall slumber on.


RADIANT sister of the day Awake! arise! and come away! To the wild woods and the plains, To the pools where winter rains Image all their roof of leaves, Where the pine its garland weaves Of sapless green, and ivy dun, Round stems that never kiss the sun. Where the lawns and pastures be And the sandhills of the sea, Where the melting hoar-frost wets The daisy star that never sets, And wind-flowers and violets Which yet join not scent to hue Crown the pale year weak and new: When the night is left behind In the deep east, dim and blind, And the blue moon is over us, And the multitudinous Billows murmur at our feet, Where the earth and ocean meet And all things seem only one In the universal sun.



FAIR Daffodils, we weep to see You haste away so soon; As yet, the early-rising sun Has not attained its noon. Stay, stay, Until the hastening day Has run But to the even song; And having prayed together, we Will go with you along.

We have short time to stay as you, We have as short a spring; As quick a growth to meet decay, As you or any thing. We die, As your hours do, and dry Away, Like to the summer's rain, Or as the pearls of morning's dew, Ne'er to be found again.



LAY a garland on my hearse Of the dismal yew; Maidens willow branches bear; Say, I died true. My love was false, but I was firm From my hour of birth. Upon my buried body lie Lightly, gentle earth!


MOURN, ilka grove the cushat kens! Ye haz'lly shaws and briery dens! Ye burnies, wimplin down your glens, Wi' toddlin din, Or foaming strang, wi' hasty stens, Frae lin to lin.

Mourn little harebells o'er the lee; Ye stately foxgloves fair to see; Ye woodbines hanging bonnilie, In scented bow'rs; Ye roses on your thorny tree. The first o' flow'rs.

At dawn, when ev'ry grassy blade Droops with a diamond at his head, At ev'n, when beans their fragrance shed, I' th' rustling gale, Ye maukins whiddin thro' the glade, Come join my wail.

Mourn, spring, thou darling of the year; Ilk cowslip cup shall kep a tear: Thou, simmer, while each corny spear Shoots up its head, Thy gay, green, flow'ry tresses shear, For him that's dead!

Thou, autumn, wi' thy yellow hair, In grief thy sallow mantle tear! Thou, winter, hurling thro' the air The roaring blast, Wide o'er the naked world declare The worth we've lost!



PPANSIES, Lilies, King-cups, Daisies, Let them live upon their praises; Long as there's a sun that sets, Primroses will have their glory; Long as there are Violets, They will have a place in story; There's a flower that shall be mine, 'Tis the little Celandine.

Ere a leaf is on the bush, In the time before the thrush Has a thought about her nest, Thou wilt come with half a call, Spreading out thy glossy breast Like a careless prodigal; Telling tales about the sun, When we've little warmth, or none.

Comfort have thou of thy merit, Kindly unassuming spirit! Careless of thy neighbourhood, Thou dost show thy pleasant face On the moor, and in the wood, In the lane—there's not a place, Howsoever mean it be, But 'tis good enough for thee.

Ill befall the yellow flowers, Children of the flaring hours! Buttercups that will be seen, Whether we will see or no; Others, too, of lofty mien, They have done as worldlings do, Taken praise that should be thine, Little, humble Celandine!

Prophet of delight and mirth, Ill requited upon earth; Herald of a mighty band, Of a joyous train ensuing, Serving at my heart's command, Tasks that are no tasks renewing; I will sing, as doth behove, Hymns in praise of what I love!



FFAIR pledges of a fruitful tree, Why do ye fall so fast? Your date is not so past, But you may stay yet here awhile To blush and gently smile. And go at last.

What, were you born to be, An hour or half's delight, And so to bid good-night? 'Twas pity Nature brought ye forth, Merely to show your worth And lose you quite.

But you are lovely leaves, where we May read, how soon things have Their end, though ne'er so brave: And after they have shown their pride, Like you, awhile, they glide Into the grave.



THE nymph must lose her female friend, If more admired than she— But where will fierce contention end, If flowers can disagree.

Within the garden's peaceful scene Appear'd two lovely foes, Aspiring to the rank of queen, The Lily and the Rose.

The Rose soon redden'd into rage, And, swelling with disdain, Appeal'd to many a poet's page To prove her right to reign.

The Lily's height bespoke command, A fair imperial flower; She seem'd designed for Flora's hand, The sceptre of her power.

This civil bick'ring and debate The goddess chanced to hear, And flew to save, ere yet too late, The pride of the parterre.

Yours is, she said, the nobler hue, And yours the statelier mien; And, till a third surpasses you, Let each be deemed a queen.

Thus, soothed and reconciled, each seeks The fairest British fair: The seat of empire is her cheeks, They reign united there.



WHY this flower is now called so, List, sweet maids, and you shall know. Understand this firstling was Once a brisk and bonny lass, Kept as close as Danae was, Who a sprightly springald loved; And to have it fully proved, Up she got upon a wall, 'Tempting down to slide withal; But the silken twist untied, So she fell, and, bruised, she died. Jove, in pity of the deed, And her loving, luckless speed, Turn'd her to this plant we call Now "the flower of the wall."



ASK me why I send you here, This firstling of the infant year; Ask me why I send to you This Primrose all bepearled with dew; I straight will whisper in your ears, The sweets of love are washed with tears.

Ask me why this flower doth show So yellow, green, and sickly too; Ask me why the stalk is weak And bending, yet it doth not break; I must tell you, these discover What doubts and fears are in a lover.



IN midst of all, there lay a sleeping youth Of fondest beauty. Sideway his face reposed On one white arm, and tenderly unclosed, By tenderest pressure, a faint damask mouth To slumbery pout; just as the morning south Disparts a dew-lipp'd rose. Above his head, Four lily stalks did their white honours wed To make a coronal; and round him grew All tendrils green, of every bloom and hue, Together intertwined and trammel'd fresh: The vine of glossy sprout; the ivy mesh, Shading its Ethiop berries; and woodbine, Of velvet leaves, and bugle blooms divine. Hard by, Stood serene Cupids watching silently. One, kneeling to a lyre, touch'd the strings, Muffling to death the pathos with his wings; And, ever and anon, uprose to look At the youth's slumber; while another took A willow bough, distilling odorous dew, And shook it on his hair; another flew In through the woven roof, and fluttering-wise, Rain'd violets upon his sleeping eyes.


MODONNA, wherefore hast thou sent to me Sweet Basil and Mignonette, Embleming love and health, which never yet In the same wreath might be. Alas, and they are wet! Is it with thy kisses or thy tears? For never rain or dew Such fragrance drew From plant or flower; the very doubt endears My sadness ever new, The sighs I breathe, the tears I shed, for thee.


THERE grew pied Wind-flowers and Violets, Daisies, those pearl'd Arcturi of the earth, The constellated flowers that never set; Faint Oxlips; tender Blue-bells, at whose birth The sod scarce heaved; and that tall flower that wets Its mother's face with Heaven-collected tears, When the low wind, its playmate's voice, it hears.

And in the warm hedge grew lush Eglantine, Green Cow-bind and the moonlight-colour'd May And cherry blossoms, and white cups, whose wine Was the bright dew yet drained not by the day; And Wild Roses, and Ivy serpentine With its dark buds and leaves, wandering astray, And flowers azure, black, and streaked with gold, Fairer than any wakened eyes behold.

And nearer to the river's trembling edge There grew broad flag-flowers, purple prankt with white, And starry river buds among the sedge. And floating Water-lilies, broad and bright, Which lit the oak that overhung the hedge With moonlight beams of their own watery light; And bulrushes, and reeds of such deep green As soothed the dazzled eye with sober sheen.


FADE, Flow'rs! fade, Nature will have it so; 'Tis but what we must in our autumn do! And as your leaves lie quiet on the ground, The loss alone by those that lov'd them found; So in the grave shall we as quiet lie, Miss'd by some few that lov'd our company; But some so like to thorns and nettles live, That none for them can, when they perish, grieve.



HERE damask Roses, white and red, Out of my lap first take I, Which still shall run along the thread, My chiefest flower this make I.

Amongst these Roses in a row, Next place I Pinks in plenty, These double Pansies then for show; And will not this be dainty

The pretty Pansy then I'll tie, Like stones some chain inchasing; And next to them, their near ally, The purple Violet placing.

The curious choice clove July flower, Whose kind hight the Carnation, For sweetnest of most sovereign power, Shall help my wreath to fashion;

Whose sundry colours of one kind, First from one root derived, Them in their several suits I'll bind: My garland so contrived.

A course of Cowslips then I'll stick, And here and there (though sparely) The pleasant Primrose down I'll prick. Like pearls that will show rarely;

Then with these Marigolds I'll make My garland somewhat swelling, These Honeysuckles then I'll take, Whose sweets shall help their smelling.

The Lily and the Fleur-de-lis. For colour much contending; For that I them do only prize, They are but poor in scenting.

The Daffodil most dainty is, To match with these in meetness; The Columbine compared to this, All much alike for sweetness.

These in their natures only are Fit to emboss the border. Therefore I'll take especial care To place them in their order:

Sweet-williams, Campions, Sops-in-wine, One by another neatly; Thus have I made this wreath of mine, And finished it featly.



THERE is a garden in her face, Where roses and white lilies grow; A heavenly paradise is that place. Wherein all pleasant fruits do grow; There cherries grow that none may buy Till cherry ripe themselves do cry.

Those cherries fairly do enclose Of orient pearl a double row, Which, when her lovely laughter shows, They look like rosebuds fill'd with snow; Yet them no peer nor prince may buy Till cherry ripe themselves do cry.

Her eyes like angels watch them still, Her brows like bended bows do stand, Threatening with piercing frowns to kill All that approach with eye or hand These sacred cherries to come nigh. Till cherry ripe themselves do cry.



THE pride of every grove I chose, The violet sweet and lily fair, The dappled pink and blushing rose, To deck my charming Cloe's hair.

At morn the nymph vouchaf'd to place Upon her brow the various wreath; The flowers less blooming than her face, The scent less fragrant than her breath.

The flowers she wore along the day; And every nymph and shepherd said, That in her hair they look'd more gay Than glowing in their native bed.

Undrest, at ev'ning, when she found Their odours lost, their colours past; She chang'd her look, and on the ground Her garland and her eye she cast.

That eye dropt sense distinct and clear, As any muse's tongue could speak, When from its lid a pearly tear Ran trickling down her beauteous cheek.

Dissembling what I knew too well; My love! my life! said I, explain This change of humour; pray thee tell: That falling tear.—What does it mean

She sigh'd, she smil'd; and to the flowers Pointing, the lovely moralist said: See! friend, in some few fleeting hours, See yonder, what a change is made!

Ah me! the blooming pride of May, And that of beauty are but one: At morn both flourish bright and gay, Both fade at ev'ning, pale, and gone!

At dawn poor Stella danc'd and sung; The am'rous youth around her bow'd: At night her fatal knell was rung! I saw and kiss'd her in her shroud;

Such as she is, who dy'd to-day, Such I, alas! may be to-morrow: Go, Damon, bid thy muse display The justice of thy Cloe's sorrow.




GATHER ye rose-buds while ye may: Old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles to-day, To-morrow will be dying.

The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun, The higher he's a-getting, The sooner will his race be run, And nearer he's to setting.

That age is best, which is the first, When youth and blood are warmer; But being spent, the worse and worst Times will succeed the former.

—Then be not coy, but use your time, And while ye may, go marry; For having lost but once your prime, You may for ever tarry.



NOW the bright morning-star, day's harbinger, Comes dancing from the east, and leads with her The flowery May, who from her green lap throws The yellow cowslip, and the pale primrose. Hail, bounteous May, that dost inspire Mirth, and youth, and warm desire; Woods and groves are of thy dressing, Hill and dale doth boast thy blessing. Thus we salute thee with our early song, And welcome thee, and wish thee long.


AMONG the myrtles as I walk'd, Love and my Sight thus intertalk'd: Tell me, said I, in deep distress, Where I may find my Shepherdess? —Thou Fool, said Love, know'st thou not this? In everything that's sweet she is. In yon'd Carnation go and seek, There thou shalt find her lips and cheek; In that enamell'd Pansy by, There thou shalt have her curious eye; In bloom of Peach and Rose's bud There waves the streamer of her blood. —'Tis true, said I; and thereupon I went to pluck them one by one, To make of parts an union; But on a sudden all were gone. At which I stopp'd; said Love, these be The true resemblance of Thee; For as these Flowers, thy joys must die; And in the turning of an eye; And all thy hopes of her must wither, Like those short sweets here knit together.




TUNE—"Hughie Graham"

"O GIN my love were yon red rose, "That grows upon the castle wa'; "And I mysel' a drap o' dew, "Into her bonnie breast to fa'!

"Oh, there beyond expression blest, "I'd feast on beauty a' the night; "Seal'd on her silk-waft faulds to rest, "Till fley'd awa by Phoebus' light."

O were my love yon lilac fair, Wi' purple blossoms to the spring; And I, a bird to shelter there, When wearied on my little wing;

How I wad mourn, when it was torn By autumn wild, and winter rude! But I wad sing on wanton wing, When youthfu' May its bloom renew'd.[*]

[*] These stanzas were added by BURNS.


OF all the floures in the mede Than love I most these floures white and rede Soch that men callen Daisies in our town, To hem I have so great affection, As I sayd erst, when comen is the Maie. That in my bedde there daweth me no daie, That I n'am up and walking in the mede To see this floure ayenst the Sunne sprede; Whan it up riseth early by the morrow, That blissful sight softeneth all my sorrow.




A ACACIA Friendship. 7

B BLADDER NUT TREE Frivolity. Amusement. 9

C COWSLIP, AMERICAN Divine beauty. You are my divinity. 11

D DEAD LEAVES Sadness. 15

E ENCHANTER'S NIGHTSHADE Witchcraft. Sorcery. 16

F FIG MARIGOLD Idleness. 17

G GRAPE, WILD Charity. 19

H HYACINTH Sport. Game. Play. 21


J JACOB'S LADDER Come down. 24

K KENNEDIA Mental beauty. 25

L LARKSPUR, PURPLE Naughtiness. 26

M MOSS Maternal love. 28

N NETTLE TREE Concert. 30

O OSMUNDA Dreams. 31

P PERIWINKLE, BLUE Early friendship 32

Q QUEEN'S ROCKET You are the Queen of Coquettes. Fashion. 35

R ROSE Love. 36

S SOUTHERNWOOD Jest. Bantering. 38

T THRIFT Sympathy. 40

V VERONICA Fidelity 42

W WOOD SORREL Joy. Maternal tenderness. 43

X XERANTHEMUM Cheerfulness under adversity 45

Y YEW Sorrow. 46

Z ZEPHYR FLOWER Expectation 47


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