The Library of William Congreve
by John C. Hodges
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Reprinted, with additional illustrations, from the Bulletin of The New York Public Library of 1954-1955. Printed at The New York Public Library.

The Library of William Congreve


When William Congreve died in 1729 he left a collection of books which his old friend and publisher, Jacob Tonson, described (in a letter preserved at the Bodleian) as "genteel & well chosen." Tonson thought so well of the collection that he urged his nephew, then his agent in London, to purchase Congreve's books. But Congreve had willed them to Henrietta, the young Duchess of Marlborough, who was much concerned with keeping intact (as she wrote in her will) "all Mr. Congreaves Personal Estate that he left me" in order to pass it along to her youngest daughter Mary. This daughter, said by gossip to have been Congreve's daughter also, married the fourth Duke of Leeds in 1740, and thus Congreve's books eventually found their way to Hornby Castle, chief seat of the Leeds family in Yorkshire.

There apparently most of Congreve's books remained until about 1930, when the eleventh Duke of Leeds sold his English estates and authorized Sotheby's to auction off "aSelected portion of the Valuable Library at Hornby Castle." Among the 713 items advertised for sale on June 2, 3, and 4, 1930, were ten books containing the signature of William Congreve. These ten, along with a few others that have been discovered here and there with Congreve's name on the title page, and nine books published by subscription with Congreve's name in the printed list of subscribers, made a total of some thirty-odd books known to have been in Congreve's library. These, we may presume, were but a small part of the Congreve books which had been incorporated with the Leeds family library in 1740.

Finding and Identifying Congreve's Book List and His Books

Among the voluminous papers of the Leeds family now stored in the British Museum, the Public Record Office, and several other depositories in England are at least a half-dozen manuscript lists or catalogues of Leeds books. In one list from the middle of the eighteenth century appear a few of the books known to have been in Congreve's library. The same is true of lists dated 1810 and 1850. But it is impossible to use any of these to determine exactly which of the books had once been Congreve's. Fortunately another manuscript list proves to be not a combination of Congreve and Leeds books but a separate catalogue of Congreve's private library. This list, herewith printed, was found by the editor in an English county depository, the Yorkshire Archaeological Society in the City of Leeds.

Let us see why we may accept this list as Congreve's and not simply another catalogue of Leeds family books—as the librarian of the Society had classified it. In the first place, it was found among the Leeds papers, in one of the sixteen boxes of manuscripts brought away from Hornby Castle shortly before it was torn down about 1930. Among the same papers, interestingly enough, is a copy of the marriage settlement (on the original parchment) whereby Mary Godolphin brought to the Leeds family the books which she had inherited through her mother from Congreve. The list was just where a Congreve document might have been expected. In fact, the list was discovered incidentally while the Leeds papers were being searched as the most promising place to find Congreve letters. Not a single letter to or from Congreve was to be found, perhaps because the gossip to the effect that Mary was the natural daughter of Congreve had caused the family to destroy or mutilate documents bearing his name. Congreve's copy of Terence (Number 595 in the list) is a good illustration. On the title page the signature "Will: Congreve" was once entirely blotted out by the same ink that wrote "Leeds" at the side. But the two centuries that have since passed have caused the Leeds ink to fade and thus show very distinctly the clear, black signature of the dramatist. As for Congreve's 44-page manuscript book list, evidently it was too useful to destroy—too valuable a record of the fine collection acquired by the Leeds family. So the list was kept, but the identifying title at the head of the list was crossed out except for its opening word "Bibliotheca." Although the name following that word is illegible for the average reader, one who knows what to look for can still trace out "Gul:{mi} Congreve, Armigeri" (see frontispiece).

We do not, however, need to depend on this reading to prove that the manuscript lists the books of William Congreve, Esquire. All the proof needed is to be found in the list itself. The 659 items bear dates between 1515 and 1728, with fourteen entries for 1728, the last year of Congreve's life. The list includes every one of the works, and the exact edition of it, for which Congreve is known to have subscribed, such as Rowe's translation of Lucan's Pharsalia (1718) and Bononcini's Cantate e Duetti (1721). Furthermore it includes the identical edition of each book said by the Sotheby catalogue for the Leeds Sale of 1930 to bear the signature of Congreve.

But the most convincing proof that the list could have belonged only to Congreve is provided by three quarto volumes, each with Congreve's signature on the title page, bound together as one volume. This volume, as described by the Sotheby catalogue for the Leeds Sale, was made up of (1) Dryden's Of Dramatick Poesie, 1684; (2) Horace's Art of Poetry, made English by the Earl of Roscommon, 1684; and (3) The Rehearsal, 1687. In other words, the three separate quartos had been specially bound together to form a unique volume, one to be found only in Congreve's library. This same unique volume appears as item Number 406 in the manuscript list, where it is described as one of the "Miscellanies bound together," consisting of "Dryden's Essay on Dram. Poetry, Horace's Art of Poetry by ye E. of Roscommon, and the Rehearsal"—the identical three quartos described in the Sotheby catalogue.

In June, 1930, while the "Selected" books from the Leeds library were being sold at Sotheby's in London in a three-day sale (referred to hereafter as the Leeds Sale), the "remaining contents" of Hornby Castle were auctioned off by Knight, Frank, and Rutley at old Hornby Castle in Yorkshire in a seven-day sale (referred to hereafter as the Hornby Castle Sale). The books, which made only a minor part of the latter sale, were all auctioned off on the sixth day. These books were catalogued as Lots 1097 through 1294, with from 2 to 430 books in a single lot, making a total of about 7,475. Only a very small fraction of these were mentioned by title in the printed catalogue, and nothing was said about signatures on title pages. But among those mentioned appear twenty-one of the exact editions in Congreve's list: Numbers 37, 71, 158, 161, 168, 172, 233, 270, 288, 343, 380, 467, 492, 493, 499, 500, 516, 533, 543, 620, 652. Among the "Selected" books catalogued for the Leeds Sale appear sixty-one of the exact editions in Congreve's list: Numbers 4, 10, 42, 55, 76, 79 (or 80), 96, 97, 98, 152, 160, 178, 179, 182, 183, 184, 207, 208, 234, 257, 258, 262, 281, 283, 292, 342, 360, 367, 406, 413, 421, 423, 427, 441, 442, 444, 451, 455, 458, 460, 462, 463, 465, 502, 507, 518, 529, 534, 536, 542, 544, 553, 558, 566, 579, 592, 639, 641, 649, 651, 656.

Since Congreve's books had been incorporated with the Leeds library in 1740, we can understand how eighty-two of the identical editions in the list could turn up in sales of Leeds books in 1930. Most of the eighty-two exact editions named (and many of the thousands of unnamed books) in these sales were probably once Congreve's. The fact that Sotheby's catalogue mentions the Congreve signature in only ten books suggests that he usually failed to write his name in his books. Sotheby lists most of the books for which Congreve is known to have subscribed, and yet no mention is made of a Congreve signature in any of them. Nor does any signature appear in the special edition of Rowe's Shakespeare (Number 544 in the list) now in the Folger Shakespeare Library and almost certainly once Congreve's.

But other books besides the ten mentioned by Sotheby's were signed by Congreve. One example is Sotheby's item Number 532 (Congreve's Number 518), which was sold to McLeish and Sons and then to E.S. de Beer, Esq., before the unmistakable signature of the dramatist was noted. Another example is Congreve's Number 501, which was in the Hornby Castle Sale and bears the true signature, "Wm: Congreve." Especially significant is a letter to the editor dated August 20, 1949, from Her Grace Katherine, Duchess of the tenth Duke of Leeds, stating that many years ago she had herself "made a great hunt for any books at Hornby Castle bearing the signature of Congreve," had found "numbers" of them, and had made a full catalogue with the aid of "Mr. Charles Whibley, the writer & bibliophile." Unfortunately this catalogue has been lost. If it is ever found, it will be an interesting record of autographed Congreve books held together by one family for nearly two centuries. But the catalogue could not include all the items on the Congreve list since, as we have seen, the dramatist evidently owned many books in which he failed to write his name.

In the twenty-odd books known to have been autographed by the dramatist, the signature is commonly "Will: Congreve," but the surname is sometimes preceded by "W," "Wm," "Willm," "Gul," "Gulielmi," or "Gulielmus." One of Congreve's books (Number 236 in the list) preserved in the Yale Library uses both "W: Congreve" and "Gulielmus Congreve" in different signatures. None of the signatures should be accepted as that of the dramatist until the handwriting is verified, for "William" has long been a common Christian name in the Congreve family. In 1700 there were living no fewer than five Congreves bearing this name, all descended from the same grandfather. One of these was Colonel William Congreve (1671-1746) of Highgate, acousin of the dramatist, whose papers have been confused with those of the dramatist in many sales as well as in many American libraries. The colonel usually signed "Will:" as did the dramatist, but the two cousins formed the "W" in strikingly different ways. The colonel rounded the first upper prong of this letter and brought the middle prong to only little more than half the height of the other prongs; the dramatist sharpened the first prong and brought the middle prong fully up to the height of the others.

Since the present Duke of Leeds reports that he no longer has books bearing Congreve's signature, we may presume that they were largely, if not fully, disposed of in the two sales of 1930 and are now widely scattered. Books with Congreve's signature are preserved at the Yale Library (Congreve's Numbers 236, 262, 441), at the Library of the University of Tennessee (Numbers 119, 595), at the Morgan Library (Number 289), at the Boston Public Library (Number 192), at the Brotherton Library of the University of Leeds (Number 541), and in the private libraries of E.S. de Beer, Esq., (Number 518) and the Reverend J.F. Gerrard (Number 371). The editor of this work will be grateful for information concerning the location of other volumes bearing the true signature of William Congreve (1670-1729). Such volumes will be doubly interesting if annotated in the dramatist's handwriting. Some of the books were thus annotated, according to Jacob Tonson, in his letter of 27 January 1728/29 (afew days after Congreve's death), to his nephew, Jacob Tonson, Junior: "His [Congreve's] collection of Books were very genteel & well chosen. Iwish you should think them worth your buying; Ithink there are in [these] books several notes of his own or corrections & everything from him will be very valuable."

Editing and Printing the Book List

The manuscript list consists of 659 entries arranged in rough alphabetical order on forty-four pages in a sort of journal approximately seven by eleven inches in size. The normal entry gives the name of the author (for perhaps three-fourths of the entries), the short title, the format, the place and date of publication, and sometimes the publisher. And finally, after most of the items appears the "Theca" or shelf number—one of 33 shelves on which Congreve arranged his books at his lodgings in Surrey Street, London.

The list is set down in three distinct hands. That no one of these is Congreve's need not surprise us since Congreve had very defective eyesight during the last half of his life. An adequate income from government posts enabled him at this period to employ a secretary, perhaps the "young Amanuensis" that he speaks of in writing to Pope about 1726. That was the year, it seems, when the bulk of the list—587 of the 659 items—was made out. The year is indicated by the fact that this hand enters titles of books published through 1725 but none later. After each alphabetical group a space is left as if for additions, and into these spaces a distinctive second hand has made thirty-one entries, including some as late as 1727 but none later. Then follow forty-one entries by a third hand, including four for 1727 and fourteen for 1728 but none later. Entries by the third hand are probably for books added to the library during Congreve's final illness. It is interesting to note that none of the entries in this last hand are followed by a "Theca" or shelf location, an omission indicating that by the time these titles were entered, the library had been moved from the original quarters in Surrey Street. Perhaps the young Duchess, owner of the books after Congreve's death, had already moved them to her house in St. James's—and possibly the hand is that of her secretary.

A small cross is marked before most of the 659 items—before all but fifty-eight (or thirty-seven, when allowance is made for duplicates). Perhaps these crosses were used in connection with an inventory taken in 1729 when the books were inherited by the young Duchess of Marlborough, or in 1740 when the books were incorporated by marriage settlement into the Leeds library. The thirty-seven items then missing (as indicated by the lack of a cross in Congreve's list) were Numbers 27, 29, 54, 97, 109, 110, 127, 136, 169, 196, 217, 227, 246, 249, 275, 307, 350, 373, 393, 417, 432, 438, 439, 492, 494, 517, 520, 529, 530, 531, 532, 590, 591, 598, 605, 653, and 658. The two books that had been lent to "Ld. Hervy" (see Congreve's Number 81) and to the Duchess of Marlborough (see Number 372) were in place at the time of the inventory, and each was duly acknowledged by a cross. An additional larger cross surrounded by four dots appears before eleven items (Numbers 36, 65, 120, 232, 256, 283, 298, 303, 462, 484, and 516) to indicate books sent—so the librarian says in a marginal note—to the Duchess of Leeds. These larger crosses could not have been made, of course, before 1740.

Congreve's book list is here edited and printed for the first time. After the 659 numbers, which are supplied by the editor to facilitate cross references and indexing, the 659 items of the list are printed with spelling, capitalization, and punctuation as in the manuscript. Occasional raised letters, such as the "r" in "Mr." and the "e" in "ye," are brought down into the line. The great variety of dots and dashes used to indicate shortened titles are consistently eliminated. Underscored words are printed in italics. The line breaks in the manuscript are indicated by shilling marks (/). In the manuscript many of the "Theca" numbers have been written over older numbers (indicating, no doubt, ashifting of the books to different shelves). Most of the older numbers are illegible, and only the newer, more legible numbers are printed. The occasional use of brackets in the manuscript (as in Numbers 120, 121, 157, 166, 167, and 238) makes impractical the editorial expansion in brackets of such abbreviations as "p" in No. 9 (for "par") and in No. 180 (for "per"). The thirty-one entries by the second hand and the forty-one by the third hand (Numbers 34, 35, 36, 70, etc.) are designated by the first line of the annotation.

In the paragraph following each item from the manuscript list, the editor attempts to give the author's name (with dates of his birth and death), to fill out the short title somewhat when it seems interesting or helpful in identification, and to show the place of publication, the name of the publisher, the year of publication, and the format. The letters "V" (for "U") and "I" (for "J") are usually given the English equivalents. Otherwise the short title follows the spelling and punctuation of the title page of the copy examined (usually a copy in one of the key libraries), with capitalization for only the first word of the title and for proper names.

The line immediately below this paragraph is reserved for the number, if any, in the Short-Title Catalogue (abbreviated "STC" for the period ending 1640 and "Wing" for the later period) and specialized bibliographies; and for a short list of libraries in which a copy of the exact edition may be consulted. Then follows, for some items, asecond paragraph of pertinent editorial comment.

All the items in Congreve's list have been identified, at least tentatively. There is most uncertainty, perhaps, about Numbers 114, 368, 375, and 412. Besides these, twenty others, though well enough known in some edition, have not been found in any library in the identical edition of Congreve's list: Numbers 9, 30, 113, 129, 130, 197, 210, 217, 240, 271, 277, 296, 323, 345, 366, 376, 435, 569, 578, and 637. Furthermore, Numbers 160, 185, 211, 379, 394, 567, and 647 present difficulties perhaps due to errors on the part of the person making the manuscript entry.

It will be noticed that forty or more of the items have not been found in the format given by the manuscript list. This discrepancy may be explained, at least in part, by the tendency of the makers of the list to judge the format merely by size. For example, alarge duodecimo (Number 528) is called an octavo, while many small octavos (Numbers 159, 346, 378, 516, etc.) are called duodecimos. The discrepancies involve chiefly the smaller volumes. Not a single folio volume is involved.

The finding lists of libraries (where copies of the exact editions in Congreve's list may be consulted) have been arranged geographically, including usually one European library and several American libraries located from New England to the Pacific Coast. The ideal has been to find a copy in each of seven key libraries: the British Museum (Europe), Harvard (New England), The New York Public Library, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and the Library of Congress (Middle Atlantic), the Newberry Library (Middle West), and the Huntington Library (West). The editor has checked Congreve's list with the catalogues of the seven key libraries, except for The New York Public Library and the Newberry Library, where the checking was done by members of the respective library staffs.

Occasionally an ideal distribution in the seven libraries is found, as for Numbers 10, 23, 42, 44, 88, 90, 99, and 100. Whenever an edition is not available in the key library, an effort has been made to find it in another library of the region. For books not at the British Museum, references are made to the Bodleian, the Bibliothque Nationale, or other European libraries. Books not at Harvard are most frequently found at Yale or the Boston Public Library. Those not at the Huntington Library are frequently at the nearby William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.

Of the American libraries in the finding lists, exclusive of the key libraries, the editor has examined practically all editions cited at the Boston Public Library, the Yale Library, and the Clark Library. Other American libraries are, for the most part, cited on the authority of the Union Catalog of the Library of Congress. Of the European libraries, exclusive of the British Museum, the editor has examined practically all editions cited at libraries in Paris, Brussels, The Hague, Leiden, Amsterdam, Florence, Rome, Oxford, and Cambridge, and at the various legal and medical libraries in London. Other English libraries are cited on the authority of the National Central Library, London.

In Congreve's list about sixty-two of the 659 entries are cross references or else duplicate entries. On the other hand, some entries account for more than a single title. Numbers 405-408, for example, include a total of twenty-six titles. There are approximately 620 separate titles in the list. Of these 620, about 481 (78 per cent) may be found in the British Museum, 338 (55 per cent) in the Harvard Library, 192 (31 per cent) in the Library of Congress, 188 (30 per cent) in The New York Public Library, 186 (30 per cent) in the Huntington Library, 184 (30 per cent) in the Newberry Library, and 148 (24 per cent) in the Folger Shakespeare Library. At the Bodleian may be consulted about thirty-four titles not in the British Museum; and at the Bibliothque Nationale, about thirty-seven titles in neither the British Museum nor the Bodleian. At Yale there are about sixty-eight titles not at Harvard; and at the Clark Library, about forty-seven titles not at the Huntington.

Using Congreve's Book List

We may well ask, What are some of the uses that can be made of Congreve's book list? For one thing, it may be studied as a carefully selected private library of the period. What authors, what editions, what subjects are to be found in such a library? Which of Congreve's contemporaries are represented? Which of the current books seemed important enough for a fellow writer to buy or to subscribe for in advance of publication? To what extent did the literature of ancient Greece, of Rome, of modern Italy, of France, of Spain, of Germany find its way into a private library in England's Augustan Age? And to what extent were such books in their original language? One scholar has found in Congreve's book list the information he needed about certain early editions of Horace. Another, inquiring into the Italian influence on England during the eighteenth century, has found a partial answer in the Italian books and in the books about Italy set down in Congreve's list.

Fortunately the list can be made to give information about the one who collected and used the books. We know less, perhaps, about Congreve than about any other equally significant writer of the period; and consequently, additional information about him is especially important. We have long known of course, that he made translations from the French, the Latin, and the Greek and have assumed that he read those languages. We feel more confident about the extent of his reading when we find a full fourth of his library in French, nearly a fifth in Latin, and a goodly number of volumes in Greek. About twenty titles in Italian make us reasonably sure that he read that language also. And since he had in Spanish only a Spanish-English dictionary and two Spanish books (for each of which he had a translation in another language), we may assume that his knowledge of Spanish must have been slight indeed. His deficiency in German is strongly suggested by the fact that German is represented in the list only in translation.

As a translator from the Greek and the Latin Congreve first brought himself to the attention of Dryden, who pronounced the youthful Congreve "more capable than any man I know" to translate the whole of Homer. Congreve never completed that proposed translation, but years later he was singled out by Pope for the dedication of his Homer. That Congreve's genuine interest in the classics continued throughout his life is attested by the constant and carefully chosen additions to his library. His collection is richest in the works of Cicero, Homer, Horace, and Virgil, but he owned the collected works of many other classical authors. The breadth of his interest is shown by the fact that over sixty Greek and Latin writers are either represented in his library or referred to in his own writings. The Italian Louis Riccoboni visited Congreve in 1727 and was surprised to find that a dramatist could be so scholarly. In Congreve, he said, "Taste [was] joined with great Learning."[*]

[Footnote: From Riccoboni's An Historical and Critical Account of the Theatre in Europe, p. 175. One of the last books added to Congreve's library was Riccoboni's Histoire du Thtre Italien, Paris, [1727]. See Number 314.]

Certain items in the inventory tend to confirm reports that have hitherto been given little credit. One of these has to do with Congreve's interest in horses and horseback riding, which seems to be supported by item Number 277:

The gentleman's jockey, and approved farrier; instructing in the natures, causes, and cures of all diseases incident to horses. 8vo. London, 1717.

Many people will find it difficult to associate with Congreve a special interest in horses, particularly an interest that extended beyond his youth, as suggested by the late date 1717. Another report that has seemed even less in keeping with Congreve concerns the impact of Quakerism on him. Could he have taken a special interest in one of the Quakers, visited him repeatedly, and could he have seriously considered adopting the beliefs of the Quakers? The report that he did so has not been taken seriously. But we must not overlook the fact that Congreve owned (as item Number 53 in his list) the most important document of Quakerism, the 574-page analysis and defense by Robert Barclay entitled An Apology for the True Christian Divinity as the same is Held Forth, and Preached, by the People, called in Scorn, Quakers, London, 1701 (or 1703).

Congreve did not, like his friend Jonathan Swift, lose interest in the purchase of books during the last third of his life. For Swift's library we have an inventory made when Swift was about fifty. Another inventory at his death more than twenty-five years later showed but few additions. In the case of Congreve, the earliest inventory—the 587 items in the first hand made out about 1726—came only three years before his death. But active buying must have continued throughout his life as shown by the dates in the imprints. The thirty-one entries by the second hand seem to indicate approximately the purchases for 1727 and the forty-one entries by the third hand approximately those for 1728. Congreve was evidently an active purchaser of books from his youth and did not stop during his last years.

Congreve's list emphasizes collected editions, especially for plays, and contains very few quartos. When he collected his works in three volumes in 1710, he apparently destroyed (at least he did not list) the earlier editions of his plays in quarto. He loved to write such ballads as the racy "Jack French-Man's Defeat," but he never recognized these by including them in his book list or in his collected works; nor did he list his youthful novel Incognita (1691), if indeed he had a copy of it. Such omissions were later made by men with much greater novels to their credit. In the sales catalogues listing the books of Defoe and Fielding, one looks in vain for Robinson Crusoe or Tom Jones.

But perhaps most important is the information given by the list about Congreve's special fields of interest and the fact that the list provides likely sources for his literary work. Mention should be made of his fine collection of drama (Greek, Roman, French, and English); of some one hundred titles of literary criticism; of nearly as many carefully selected works in biography and history; of a choice collection of thirty travel books and somewhat smaller lots in medicine, music, and cookery. Many of the books might be classified under religion and philosophy. The poets, both English and foreign, are well represented. And surprisingly enough, there are more than one hundred items of prose fiction, chiefly French. The influence of this fiction, if any, on Congreve's own Incognita, and the influence of the literary criticism on his essay Concerning Humour in Comedy, are only two of many studies that might be based on Congreve's book list. Perhaps someone will use the works on astrology to help account for one of his humorous characters, old Foresight of Love for Love. Since many of the 659 items consist of collected works, the library is actually more extensive than the number of items might indicate. Jacob Tonson had good reason for wanting his nephew to buy Congreve's "genteel & well chosen" library.


The editor is deeply grateful to the many librarians on both sides of the Atlantic and to others who have generously assisted in the preparation of this study. Agrant from the American Philosophical Society in 1949 made possible the search which incidentally turned up Congreve's manuscript book list, and grants from the Henry E.Huntington Memorial Library (1951) and the Folger Shakespeare Library (1952) provided time and rare faculties for the editing.

The staff of the Union Catalog of the Library of Congress has located in America editions in the book list not already included in the Catalog; S.P.L.Filon, Esq., of the National Central Library in London, has helped with English books neither in the British Museum nor in the libraries at Oxford and Cambridge; and Dr. Stanley Pargellis has very kindly had Congreve's list checked for all items in the Newberry Library. The Reserve Division has noted all titles in The New York Public Library.

To His Grace, the Duke of Leeds, and to the Trustees of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society the editor is indebted for kind permission to photostat and publish the list.

Among the many individuals to whom the editor is indebted, special mention should be made of Miss Isabel Fry and Mr. Lyle Wright, of the Huntington Library; Mrs. Edna C.Davis, of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library; Miss Eleanor E.Goehring, Professor John L.Lievsay and Professor Alwin Thaler, of the University of Tennessee; and Dr. Giles E.Dawson, Dr. James G.McManaway, and Dr. Edwin E.Willoughby, of the Folger Shakespeare Library. Many items in the book list might not have been identified except for the kindness and the genius of Dr. Willoughby.


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4 Ambassadors Travels into Muscovy &c.

[Fol. Lond.1669. 1]

Adam Olearius (1600?-1671). The voyages and travells of the ambassadors sent by Frederick Duke of Holstein, to the great Duke of Muscovy, and the King of Persia. ... Containing a compleat history of Muscovy, Tartary, Persia. And other adjacent countries. ... Whereto are added the travels of John Albert de Mandelslo ... from Persia, into the East-Indies. Containing a particular description of Indostan, the Mogul's empire, the oriental ilands, Japan, China, &c. ... Faithfully rendered into English, by John Davies, of Kidwelly. The second edition corrected. London, for John Starkey, and Thomas Basset, 1669. fol.

Wing O270.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry.

The first edition of the English translation, 1662, was derived from the original work in German, 1647. For Congreve's copy of the French translation of 1666, see No. 616. Acopy of the 1669 edition was a part of item No. 480 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

5 Aulus Gellius cum Notis Gronovii

[4to. Lug.B.1706. 22]

Aulus Gellius (c. 123-c. 165). Auli Gellii noctium atticarum libri XX prout supersunt ... perpetuis notis & emendationibus illustraverunt Johannes Fredericus et Jacobus Gronovii. Lugduni Batavorum, apud Cornelium Boutesteyn, & Johannem du Vivi, 1706. 4to.

BM; Harv, NYP, LC, Chicago.

6 —— Idem sine Notis

[24to. Amst.1665 5]

Auli Gellii noctes attic. Editio nova et prioribus omnibus docti hominis cura multo castigatior. Amstelodami, apud Danielem Elzevirium, 1665. 12mo.

BM; Harv, LC.

7 Aristotelis Rhetorica Gr. Lat. p Goulston

[4to. Lond.1619. 22]

Aristotle (384-322 B.C.). Aristotelis de rhetorica seu arte dicendi libri tres, grcolat. [Ed. Theodorus Goulston.] Londini, typis Eduardi Griffini, 1619. 4to.

STC 766

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

8 —— Poetica p Alex Paccium in Lat. conversa

[24to. Par.1542. 5]

Aristotelis Poetica, per Alexandrum Paccium ... in latinum conversa. [Parisiis] prostant apud Jacobum Bogardum [1542]. 16mo.

BM; Harv, LC.

Congreve had also the 1692 French translation by Dacier. See No. 198.

9 Aristote Rhetorique p Mr. Cassandre

[4to. Ib.1668. 22]

La rhtorique d'Aristote en franois. Traduction nouvelle. [Par Franois Cassandre.] Paris, L.Chamhoudry, 1654. 4to.

Copies of the first quarto (1654) are at BN and Princeton, but no copy of a 1668 quarto has been located.

10 Art of ye Stage Translated from ye French 2 Vols[.]

[4to. Lond.1684. 27]

Francois Hdelin, Abb d'Aubignac (1604-1676). The whole art of the stage. Containing not only the rules of the dramatick art, but many curious observations about it. Which may be of great use to the authors, actors, and spectators of plays. London, for the author, and sold by William Cadman, Rich. Bentley, Sam. Smith, & T.Fox, 1684. 4to.

Wing A4185.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

Congreve's copy, with his signature in each volume, was item No. 298 in the Leeds Sale, 1930. This is a translation of the first French edition, 1657, acopy of which appears as No. 469 below.

11 L'Art de Penser

[12mo. Amst.1697. 24]

Antoine Arnauld (1612-1694) and Pierre Nicole (1625-1695). La logique ou L'art de penser, contenant outre les regles communes, plusieurs observations nouvelles, propres former le jugement. Septime edition, revu & de nouveau augmente. AAmsterdam, chez Henri Wetstein, 1697. 12mo.

Leeds (England), Amsterdam; Cornell.

12 —— de Faire les Devises

[8vo. Par.1645. 12]

Henry Estienne, Sieur Des Fossez (fl. 1639-1649). L'art de faire des devises, o il est traict des hieroglyphiques, symboles, emblemes, nygmes, sentences, paraboles, revers de medailles, armes, blasons, cimiers, chiffres et rebus. Avec un traict des rencontres ou mots plaisans. AParis, chez Jean Pasl, 1645. 8vo.

BM; Harv, LC.

13 Arthur's (King) Life & Death, wth: ye Knights of ye Round Table. wants ye Title. Printed by Wynkyn de Worde

[Fol. Lond 1529. 2]

[La mort darthur. Translated from the French by Sir T.Malory.] Black Letter. London, Wynkyn de Worde, 1529. fol.

STC 803.

BM; Michigan (film).

The only copy reported by STC, in the BM, is described as "Imperfect; wanting the titlepage and first six leaves of the table."

14 Alcimus & Vannoza, a Trag. Hist. of 2 Illustr Italian Families

[8vo. Ib.1677. 8]

Jean Pierre Camus, Bishop of Belley (1584-1652). Atrue tragical history of two illustrious Italian families; couched under the names of Alcimus and Vannoza. Written in French. ... Done into English by a person of quality. London, for William Jacob, 1677. 8vo.

Wing C419.

BM; Harv, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

15 Aubrey's Miscellanies

[8vo. Ib.1696. 8]

John Aubrey (1626-1697). Miscellanies. London, for Edward Castle, 1696. 8vo.

Wing A4188.

BM; Yale, LC, Clark.

16 Atterbury's (Bp) Rights of an Eng. Convocat. Stated. 2d. Edit.

[8vo. Ib.1701. 14]

Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester (1662-1732). The rights, powers, and privileges of an English convocation, stated and vindicated. 2nd ed. London, Tho. Bennet, 1701. 8vo.

BM; Princeton, Newberry, Hunt.

17 Allexandri ab Alexandro Geniales Dies

[8vo. Hanov.1610. 7]

Alexander ab Alexandro (d. 1523). Genialium dierum libri sex. Hanovi, typis Wechelianis, apud Claudium Marnium & heredes Joan. Aubrii, 1610. 8vo.

Museum of Antiquities (Leyden); Massachusetts Hist. Soc. (Boston), Oregon.

18 L'Abb de Saint-Real Oeuvres 5 Tom.

[12mo. Haye 1722 30]

Csar Vichard de Saint-Ral (1639-1692). Oeuvres. [Ed. by P.Marchand.] ALa Haye, chez les frres Vaillant & Nicholas Prvost, 1722. 5 tom. 12mo.

See also No. 129.

BM; Yale, Princeton.

19 Amours de Psiche et de Cupidon p Fontaine

[12mo. Ib.1700. 25]

Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695). Les amours de Psich et de Cupidon. ALa Haye, chez Adrian Moetjens, 1700. 12mo.

BM; LC, Clark.

20 —— de Daphnis et Chloe p Amiot

[12mo. —— 25]

[Jacques Amyot, Bishop of Auxerre (1513-1593)]. Les amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chlo. Ecrites en grec par Longus, & traduites en franois par Amiot. AAmsterdam, chez les freres Westin, 1716. 12mo.


21 —— des Dames Illustres de Notre Siecle

[12mo. Col.1700. 26]

[Roger de Bussy-Rabutin (1618-1693) and others.] Amours des dames illustres de notre siecle. ACologne, chez Jean Le Blanc, 1700. 12mo.

BN; Yale.

22 —— de Tibulle p Mr. de la Chappelle 3 Tom.

[12mo. Amst.1715 24]

Jean de La Chapelle (1655-1723). Les amours de Tibulle. AAmsterdam, chez Jean Fred. Bernard, 1715. 3 tom. 12mo.


This romance is interspersed with French verse translations of selections from Tibullus.

23 Addison's Travels, wth. Remarks on Several Parts of Italy

[8vo. Lond.1705. 28]

Joseph Addison (1672-1719). Remarks on several parts of Italy, &c. in the years, 1701, 1702, 1703. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1705. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

24 Abra-Mul, or, ye History of ye Dethronement of MahometIV.

[12mo. Ib.1696. 8]

Eustache Lenoble, Baron de Saint-Georges et de Tennelire (1643-1711). Abra-mul; or, Atrue history of the dethronement of Mahomet IV. Written in French by M.Le Noble. Made English by J.P. London, for R.Clavel, 1696. 8vo.

Wing L1051.

BM; Harv, LC, Newberry.

25 P. Aretino de Ragionamenti

[8vo. . . . 1584. 6]

Pietro Bacci Aretino (1492-1556). La prima parte de Ragionamenti. [Part I, pp. 1-198; Part II, pp. 1-339.] 1584. 8vo.

BM; Harv, LC, Illinois.

26 Annales Galantes Parties

[12mo. Par.1677. 26]

[Marie Catherine Hortense Desjardins, afterwards Villedieu (d. 1683)]. Annales galantes. Divise [sic] en huit parties. Paris, chez Claude Barbin, 1677. 2 vol. 12mo.


27 Avantures D'Abdalla Fils d'Hanif

[24to. Haye 1713. 26]

Abb Jean Paul Bignon (1662-1743); Pseud., Mr. de Sandisson. Les avantures d'Abdalla, fils d'Hanif, envoy par le Sultan des Indes la dcouverte de l'isle de Borico, o est la fontaine merveilleuse dont l'eau fait rajeunir. ... Traduites en franois sur le manuscrit arabe, trouv Batavia [or rather written] par Mr. De Sandisson. ALa Haye, chez Guillaume de Voys, 1713. 12mo.


28 L'Amant Oisif, Nouvelles Espagnoles

[12mo. Brus.1711. 26]

L'amant oisif. Contenant cinquante nouvelles espagnoles. [By Garouville.] ABrusselles, George de Backer, 1711. 12mo.


29 Aminta, Favola Boscareccia del Tasso

[24to. Amst.1678. 5]

Torquato Tasso (1544-1595). Aminta, favola boscareccia. Amsterdam, nella stamperia S.D. Elsevier, et in Parigi si vende appresso Thomaso Jolly, 1678. 32mo.


30 L'Academie Francois Sentimens sur la Tragi-Comedie du Cid

[12mo. Londres 1703. 24]

Les sentimens de l'Acadmie franoise sur la tragi-comdie du Cid. [Chiefly by Jean Chapelain. First Ed., 1638.] AParis, chez Jean Baptiste Coignard, 1701. 12mo.


No copy of a 1703 edition has been found.

31 d'Ariste et Eugene Entretiens

[12mo. Paris.1671. 12]

[Le P. Dominique Bouhours (1628-1702).] Les entretiens d'Ariste et d'Eugene. Seconde edition. AParis, chez Sebastien Mabre-Cramoisy, 1671. 12mo.

BN; Newberry, Clark.

32 Alaric ou Rome vaincu p Scudery

[12mo. Ib.1655. 6]

Georges de Scudry (1601-1667). Alaric, ou Rome vaincu. Pome heroque. AParis, chez Augustin Courb, 1655. 12mo.

BM; Yale, Folg, Newberry.

A copy of this edition, with Dryden's signature on the fly leaf, was item No. 574 in the Leeds Sale, 1930, and is now in the Folger Shakespeare Library. Apparently this copy had been a gift from Dryden to Congreve. See James M.Osborn, John Dryden: Some Biographical Facts and Problems, New York, 1940, p. 231.

33 Atheni Dipnosophistarum. Tom. 3 Per Nat: Com:

[12mo. Basil 1556 18]

Entry by the second hand.

Atheni dipnosophistarum . . . libri XV. Natale de Comitibus. Basili, per Henrichum Petri, 1556. 8vo.

See No. 1 above.

BM; LC, Newberry.

34 Arbuthnot's tables of antient Coins, Weights, & Measures

[4to. Lon.1727 ....]

Entry by the third hand.

John Arbuthnot (1667-1735). Tables of ancient coins, weights and measures explain'd and exemplify'd in several dissertations. London, J.Tonson, 1727. 4to.

BM; Harv, NYP, LC, Texas, Hunt.

35 —— Oratio anniversaria Harvana

[4to. Lon.1727 ....]

Entry by the third hand.

Oratio anniversaria Harveana, habita . .. die xviii Octobris, A.D. 1727. Londini, impensis Jacobi Tonson, 1727. 4to.

BM; Harv, U.S. Surgeon General's Office, Texas.

36 Arsinoe, an Opera

[4to. Ib.1705 ....]

Entry by the third hand.

[Peter Anthony Motteux (1663-1718).] Arsinoe, Queen of Cyprus. An opera, after the Italian manner. London, for J.Tonson, 1705. 4to.

Bodleian; Boston Public, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

37 Burnet's (Bp) History of his own Time Vol. 1. from ye Restoration to ye Revolution

[Fol. Lond.1724. 1]

Only the first volume of Bishop Gilbert Burnet's history, published by Thomas Ward, appears in Congreve's list. The second volume was not published until 1734, five years after Congreve's death. Acopy of this edition was listed under No. 1138 in the Hornby Castle Sale, 1930.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Hunt.

38 —— Letters giving account of Things most Remarkable in his Travels p Switzerland, Italy&c[.]

[8vo. Rot.1687. 3]

Gilbert Burnet (1643-1715). Some letters, containing an account of what seemed most remarkable in travelling through Switzerland, Italy, some parts of Germany, &c. Rotterdam, for Abraham Acher, 1687. 8vo.

Wing B5918.

BM; Yale, NYP, Chicago.

Three editions were printed at Rotterdam in 1687, but only one of these, the "second," was in 8vo.

39 Burnetii (Tho.) Archologi Philosoph[.]

[4to. Lond.1692. 14]

Thomas Burnet, Master of the Charter House (1635?-1715). Archologi philosophic: sive Doctrina antiqua de rerum originibus. Libri duo. Londini, typis R.N. impensis Gualt. Kettilby, 1692. 4to.

Wing B5943.

BM; Harv, Folg, Newberry, Washington State.

40 —— Telluris Theoria Sacra Ed. 3a.

[4to. Ib.1702 14]

Telluris theoria sacra: orbis nostri originem & mutationes generales, quas aut jam subiit, aut olim subiturus est, complectens. ... Editio tertia. Londini, impensis Benj. Took, 1702. 4to.

BM; Yale, Vassar, Clark.

41 —— Theory of ye Earth 2 Vols.

[Fol. Ib.1684. 1]

The theory of the earth. . . . The first two books. London, by R.Norton, for Walter Kettilby, 1684. fol.

Wing B5950.

BM; Harv, NYP, Michigan, Hunt.

42 Beaumont & Fletcher's Comedies & Tragedies - - - Large Paper

[Fol. Ib.1679. 1]

Francis Beaumont (1584-1616) and John Fletcher (1579-1625). Fifty comedies and tragedies. All in one volume. London, by J.Macock, for John Martyn, Henry Herringman, Richard Marriot, 1679. fol.

Wing B1582.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

A copy of this edition was item No. 40 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

43 Boccalini's Advertisements from Parnassus

[Fol. Ib.1656. 2]

Trajano Boccalini (1556-1613). I ragguagli di Parnasso: or, Advertisements from Parnassus; in two centuries ... put into English by ... Henry Earl of Monmouth. London, for Humphrey Moseley, and Thomas Heath, 1656. fol.

Wing B3380.

BM; Harv, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

44 Ben Jonson's Works Old Edit.

[Fol. Ib. . . . 2]

Since "Old Edit" in No. 541 refers to the first folio of Shakespeare, it is probable that "Old Edit" here refers to Jonson's first folio printed at London by Will Stansby, 1616.

STC 14751.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

Congreve's copy is extant. See J. Isaacs, TLS for September 2, 1949.

45 —— Ditto Best Edit. L. Papr.

[Fol. Ib.1692. 1]

The works of Ben Jonson. [Third edition.] ... To which is added a comedy called The New Inn. London, by Thomas Hodgkin, for H.Herringman, E.Brewster, T.Bassett, R.Chiswell, M.Wotten, G.Conyers, 1692. fol.

Wing J1006.

BM; Harv, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

46 Blackmore's (Sir Richd.) K. Arthur

[Fol. Ib.1697. 1]

Sir Richard Blackmore (d. 1729). King Arthur. An heroick poem. In twelve books. London, for Awnsham and John Churchill, and Jacob Tonson, 1697. fol.

Wing B3077.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

47 —— Eliza, an Epick Poem

[Fol. Ib.1705. 1]

London, Awnsham & John Churchill, 1705. fol.

BM; Harv, NYP, Newberry, Hunt.

48 —— Creation, a Philosoph. Poem

[8vo. Ib.1712. 28]

Creation. A philosophical poem. In seven books. London, for S.Buckley and J.Tonson, 1712. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Princeton, Newberry.

49 —— Essays upon Sevl. Subjects

[8vo. Ib.1716. 14]

London, E. Curll; J. Pemberton, 1716. 8vo.

BM; NYP, Newberry, Clark.

50 Blount's (Tho.) Law-Dictionary and Glossary. 3d. Edit.

[Fol. Ib.1717. 1]

Thomas Blount (1618-1679). A law-dictionary and glossary ... The third edition. [London,] by E.Nutt, and R.Gosling for D.Browne, J.Walthoe, 1717. fol.

BM; Harv, LC, Minnesota, Hunt.

51 Boadicea Q. of Britain. A Trag. by Charles Hopkins

[4to. Ib.1697. 27]

Charles Hopkins (1664?-1700?). Boadicea Queen of Britain. Atragedy. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1697. 4to.

This play is dedicated to Congreve.

Wing H2719.

BM; Harv, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

52 Bulstrode's (Whitelock) Essay of Transmigra -tion

[8vo. Ib.1692. 8]

Whitelocke Bulstrode (1650-1724). An essay of transmigration, in defence of Pythagoras: or, Adiscourse of natural philosophy. London, for T.Basset, 1692. 8vo.

Wing B5450.

BM; Yale, LC, Hunt.

53 Barclay's (Robt.) Apology for ye Quakers

[8vo. Ib. . . . . 14]

Robert Barclay (1648-1690). An apology for the true Christian divinity as the same is held forth ... by Quakers ... afull explanation and vindication of their principles and doctrines. London, T.Sowle, 1701. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP (1701), LC, Newberry (1701 only).

Congreve's copy was apparently of the fourth edition, 1701, or of the fifth, 1703, both of which were printed in London by T.Sowle in 8vo. The earlier London editions were in 4to.

54 Le Berger Extravagant

[8vo. Rov.1640. 3]

Entry crossed through but legible.

[Charles Sorel, Sieur de Souvigny (1597?-1674).] Le berger extravagant. O parmy des fantasies amoureuses on void les impertinences des romans & de la posie. ARouen, chez Jean Berthelin, 1639. 8vo.


An additional engraved title page bears the date 1640. Congreve had also an English translation of this work. See No. 350.

55 Balzac Oeuvres diverses

[4to. Paris 1644. 2]

Jean Louis Guez de Balzac (d. 1654). Les [oe]uvres diverses du sieur de Balzac. AParis, par P.Rocolet, 1644. 4to.


A copy of this edition was item No. 33 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

56 —— Le Prince

[4to. Ib.1631. 2]

Paris, chez Toussaint du Bray, Pierre Roccolet, et Claude Sonnius, 1631. 4to.

BM; Harv, NYP, LC, Newberry.

57 Boileau Oeuvres avec des Eclaircissemens Historiques donnez p lui-meme 2 Tom.

[4to. Amst.1718. 19]

Nicholas Boileau-Despraux (1636-1711). [OE]uvres de Nicholas Boileau Despraux. Avec des claircissemens historiques, donnez par lui-meme. AAmsterdam, chez David Mortier, 1718. 2 tom. 4to.

BM; Harv, Chicago, Clark.

58 —— Ditto. 4 Tom. avec des Remarq -ues

[12mo. Ib.1717. 30]

[OE]uvres en vers . . . avec des claircissemens historiques. AAmsterdam, chez les freres G. & R.Westein, 1717. 4 tom. 12mo.


59 —— Ditto 2 Tom. en-1 Vol.

[12mo. Ib.1695. 30]

[OE]uvres diverses du Sieur D*** avec le trait du sublime. AAmsterdam, chez Antoine Schelte, 1695. 2 tom. 12mo.


60 Boyle's (Charles) Exam. of Dr. Bentley's Dissert. on Phalaris Epistles

[8vo. Lond.1698. 33]

Charles Boyle, Earl of Orrery (1676-1731). Dr. Bentley's dissertations on the Epistles of Phalaris and the Fables of sop. London, for Tho. Bennet, 1698. 8vo.

Congreve's copy could have been the first edition, Wing O469 (BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry, Hunt) or the second edition in the same year, Wing O470 (BM; Harv, Princeton, Clark).

61 Bossu du Poeme Epique

[12mo. Par.1675. 12]

Ren Le Bossu (1631-1680). Trait du pome pique. Paris, M.Le Petit, 1675. 2 tom. 12mo.

BM; Yale, Clark.

62 Burgersdicii Institutio Logica - - abest Titulus

[8vo. . . . . . 6]

Franco Petri Burgersdijck (1590-1635). Fr. Burgersdicii institutionum logicarum libri duo. Cantabrigi, apud Joann. Hayes. ... Prostant venales apud Guil. Graves Jun., 1680. 8vo.

Wing B5636.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg.

This popular textbook on logic, edited and reissued many times during the seventeenth century, was probably represented in Congreve's book list by the last English edition, 1680.

63 Bourdeille, Seignr. de Brantom, Memoires contenant les Vies de Dames Galantes de son Temps. 2 Tom[.]

[12mo. Leyd.1699. 26]

Pierre de Bourdeille, Seigneur de Brantme (1540-1614). Memoires, contenant les vies de dames galantes de son temps. Leyde, J.Sambix le jeune, 1699. 2 tom. 12mo.

BM; Harv, NYP, Hunt.

64 Busbequii omnia qu extant. apd. Elzevir

[24to. Lug.Bat 1633. 5]

Augier Ghislain de Busbecq (1522-1592). A.Gislenii Busbequii omnia qu extant. Lugd[uni] Batavorum, ex officina Elzeviriana, 1633. 16mo.

BM; Harv, NYP, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

65 Bononcini Cantate et Duetti

[Fol. Lond.1721. 21]

Giovanni Battista Bononcini (c. 1672-c. 1752). Cantate e duetti dedicati alla Sacra Maesta di Giorgio Re della Gran Bretagna &c. Londra [no publisher given], 1721. fol.

BM; Yale, Hunt.

Congreve's name appears in the printed list of subscribers.

66 Barnes Homer vide Homeri &c[.]

[.... .... 22]

See No. 290.

67 Bates' Dispensatory see Dispensatory

[.... —- 4]

See No. 215.

68 Boccae.s' Nouels English

[— .... 33]

Entry by the second hand.

Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375). The decameron containing an hundred pleasant nouels. London, Isaac Jaggard, 1620. 2 vol. fol.

STC 3172.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry (Vol. 2 only), Hunt.

The spelling "nouels" makes it probable that Congreve's copy was from the first English translation of the Decameron, 1620, rather than from one of the later translations. See also No. 123.

69 Holy Bible in four Voloumns

[4to Oxford 1727 22]

Entry by the second hand.

The Holy Bible, etc. Oxford, J. Baskett, 1727, 26. 4to.

BM; Harv.

Possibly Congreve had an interleaved copy of this edition in four volumes.

70 Bleinheim, a Poem

[fol. Lon.1728 ....]

Entry by the third hand.

[George Baron Lyttelton (1709-1773)] Bleinheim. London, for J.Roberts, 1728. fol.

BM; Harv.

71 J. Csaris qu exstant Tabulis neis. ornata 2 Vol. Corio Russico. apud Tonson Charta Imper.

[Fol. Lond.1712. 10.]

Gaius Julius Csar (102-44 B.C.). G. Julii Csaris qu extant. ... Tabulis neis ornata. Londini, sumptibus & typis Jacobi Tonson, 1712. 2 vol. fol.

BM; Harv, NYP, Newberry, Hunt.

A copy of this edition was listed under No. 1187 in the Hornby Castle Sale, 1930.

72 —— Commentarii emendati et recogn. Jo. Rosseto

[Fol. Lausann 1571. 1]

G. Julii Csaris commentarii, post omnes omnium editiones accurata sedulitate, ... & studiosissim recogniti Joanne Rosseto. Lausann, excudebat Joannes Probus, 1571. fol.

BM; Folg.

73 —— Commentaires avec Remarques p le Sr. Sanson D' Abbeville

[4to. Par.1650. 13]

Les commentaires de Cesar. . . . Remarques sur la carte de l'ancienne Gaule tire des commentaires de Cesar par le Sr Sanson d'Abbeville. AParis, chez la veuve Jean Camusat et Pierre Le Petit, 1650. 4to.

BN; Harv.

74 —— Commentaries Translated into Eng. by Clemt. Edmonds

[Fol. Lond.1677. 1]

In the Savoy [London], by Tho. Newcomb, for Jonathan Edwin, 1677. fol.

Wing C200.

BM; NYP, Cincinnati, Newberry, Hunt.

75 Chaucer's Works Old Edit. Black Letter

[Fol. Ib.1561. 1]

London, Jhon Kyngston for Jhon Wight, 1561. fol.

STC 5075 or 5076.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

76 —— Ditto. wth. his Life & a Glossogra -phy

[Fol Ib.1687. 1]

Wing C3736.

BM; Harv, Princeton, Newberry, Hunt.

A copy of this edition was item No. 141 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

77 —— Ditto. wth. 3 Tales added by J. Urry. Best Edit.

[Fol. Ib.1721. 10]

Eighth edition. London, for Bernard Lintott, 1721. fol.

BM; Harv, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

78 Cowley's (Abrah.) Works Compt. 9. Edit.

[Fol. Ib.1700. 9]

Abraham Cowley (1618-1667). The works. . .. The ninth edition. To which are added, some verses by the author, never before printed. London, for Henry Herringman; and are to be sold by Jacob Tonson and Thomas Bennet, 1700. fol.

Wing C6660.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Hunt.

79 —— Ditto. 2 Vols. wth. Cuts. L. Paper

[8vo. Ib.1707. 19]

The tenth edition. Adorn'd with cuts. London, Jacob Tonson, 1707. 2 vol. 8vo.

BM; Harv, LC, Michigan, Hunt.

80 —— Ditto. 2 Vols. —— Small Pap.

[8vo. Ib.1707. 27]

See No. 79.

A copy of this edition (listed as 3 vols.) was a part of item No. 126 (also a part of item No. 361) in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

81 Chardin's (Sir Jno.) Travels into Persia &c. Lent to Ld. Hervy

[Fol. Ib.1686. 9]

Sir John Chardin (1643-1713). The travels of Sir John Chardin into Persia and the East Indies. London, for Moses Pitt, 1686. fol.

Wing C2043.

BM; Harv, NYP, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

82 P. Corneille Theatre 2 Tom.

[Fol. Roven 1664. 1]

Pierre Corneille (1606-1684). Le Thtre de P.Corneille. 2 vol. Imprim Rouen, et se vend Paris chez Thomas Jolly, 1664. fol.

BM; Harv, NYP (v. 1, 1663, de Luyne).

Each volume of Congreve's copy bears this inscription: "Wm. Congreve the gift of my ffriend Mr. Jacob Tonson Senr." See J.Isaacs in TLS for September 2, 1949.

83 —— Ditto. 3 Tom.

[8vo. Ib.1660. 30]

Imprim Rouen, et se vend Paris, chez Augustin Courb et Guillaume de Luyne, 1660. 3 vol. 8vo.

BM; BN, Harv, NYP, Hunt.

84 T —— Pomes Dramatiques 2 Tom.

[8vo. Ib.1661. 30]

Thomas Corneille (1625-1709). Pomes dramatiques de T.Corneille. Imprims Rouen, et se vendent Paris, chez Augustin Courb et Guillaume de Luyne, 1661. 3 vol. 8vo.

BN; Harv.

85 Cotgraves French & Eng. Dictionary

[Fol. Lond.1660. 9]

Randle Cotgrave (fl. 1610). A French and English dictionary. London, by William Hunt, 1660. fol.

Wing C6378.

BM; Yale, Clark.

86 Cooperi (Tho) Thesaurus Lingu Rom. et Britan.

[Fol. Ib.1584. 9]

Thomas Cooper (1517?-1594). Thesaurus lingu Roman & Britannic. Londini, in dibus Henrici Bynnemani, 1584. fol.

STC 5689.

BM; Harv, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

87 Cambridge Dictionary Eng. & Lat.

[4to. Camb.1693. 22]

Lingu Roman dictionarium . . . a new dictionary [Engl. and Lat. Lat. and Engl.] Cambridge, for W.Rawlins, T.Dring, R.Chiswell, C.Harper, W.Crook, J.Place, and the executors of S.Leigh, 1693. 4to.

Wing L2354.

BM; Yale, Peabody Inst. (Baltimore).

88 Cyder, a Poem. Large Paper

[8vo. Lond.1708. 28]

John Philips (1676-1709). Cyder, a poem. In two books. London, Jacob Tonson, 1708. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

89 Callipdia made Eng. By N. Rowe

[8vo. Ib.1712. 20]

Claude Quillet (1602-1661). Callipdia. Apoem. In four books ... made English by N.Rowe. London, for E.Sanger and E.Curll, 1712. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Folg, Hunt.

90 Cartwright's (Wm.) Comedies, Tragi-Com. with other Poems

[8vo. Ib.1651. 20]

William Cartwright (1611-1643). Comedies, tragi-comedies, with other poems. ... The ayres and songs set by Mr. Henry Lawes. London, for Humphrey Moseley, 1651. 8vo.

Wing C709.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

91 Catulli, Tibulli, et Propertii Opera, cum variis Lectionibus Ch. Majori

[4to. Cantabr.1702. 17]

Cantabrigiae, typis Academicis, impensis Jacobi Tonson bibliopol Londin, 1702. 4to.

BM; Harv, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.

92 —— Eadem cum Notis Variorum, et ex Recensione Graevii. 2 Vol.

[8vo. Rhen.1680 7]

Trajecti ad Rhenum, sumptibus Rudolphi a Zyll, 1680. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Illinois.

93 —— Eadem. cum Foliis deauratis apd Tonson

[12mo. Lond.1715. 24]

Londini, ex officin Jacobi Tonson, & Johannis Watts, 1715. 12mo.

BM; Harv, Illinois.

94 —— Eadem

[24to. Amst.1686. 5]

Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius, cum C. Galli fragmentis. Amsteledami, apud Isbrandum Haring, 1686. 24to.

BM; Yale, Pennsylvania.

95 Catulli Opera Separatim. ex Recensione Is. Vossii

[4to. Lugd.Bat 1691. 7]

Editio secunda. Lugduni Batavorum, apud Danielem Graesbeeck, Cornelium Boutesteyn, Johannis de Vivie, Petrus van der Aa, 1691. 4to.

BM; Harv, LC, Cincinnati.

96 Congreve's (Wm.) Works 3 Vols. L. Papr.

[8vo. Lond.1710. 28]

London, for Jacob Tonson, 1710. 3 voi. 8vo. (The pages of the large paper edition in the Huntington Library measure approximately 5 by 8 inches.)

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

A copy of this edition was a part of item No. 548 in the Leeds Sale, 1930. Congreve presented one copy of his 1710 works to Joseph Keally (see Congreve's letter to Keally dated Nov. 9, 1710) and another to A.Henley, in which he wrote on the title page, "The Gift of the Author to A.Henley." (See J.Isaacs in TLS for September 2, 1949).

97 —— Ditto. 3 Vols. Small Papr.

[8vo. Ib.1710. 27]

Entry crossed through but legible.

See No. 96.

A copy of this edition was a part of item No. 548 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

98 —— Ditto. 2d Vol. Fine Papr.

[12mo. Ib.1719. 27]

The works of Mr. William Congreve. . . . The third edition, revis'd by the author. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1719. 2 vol. 12mo.

BM; Harv, Pennsylvania, Chicago.

A copy of this edition was item No. 156 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

99 —— Amendments of Mr Collier's False & imperfect Citations from ye Old Batchelour &c Large Paper

[8vo. Ib.1698. 8]

London, for J. Tonson, 1698.

Wing C5844.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

100 Collier's (Jerem.) View of ye Eng. Stage

[8vo. Ib.1698. 8]

Jeremy Collier (1650-1726). A short view of the immorality, and profaneness of the English stage. London, for S.Keble, R.Sare, and H.Hindmarsh, 1698. 8vo.

Wing C5263.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

Congreve probably bought the first of the three editions of 1698.

101 Review of Mr Colliers View

[8vo. Ib.1698 8]

A defense of dramatick poetry: being a review of Mr. Collier's View of the immorality and profaneness of the stage. London, for Eliz. Whitlock, 1698. 8vo.

The dedication to John, Viscount Lisburne, is signed "E.S." [Elkanah Settle?]

Wing F9051 (under Edward Filmer).

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

102 Reflections on ye Stage & Mr Collier's defence of ye View

[8vo. Ib.1699 8]

John Oldmixon (1678-1742). Reflections on the stage, and Mr. Collyer's Defense of the Short view. In four dialogues. London, for R.Parker and P.Buck, 1699. 8vo.

Wing 0262.

Yale, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

103 Stage Vindicated agt. Mr Collier by Edw. Filmer

[8vo. Ib.1707 8]

Edward Filmer (b. 1652?). A defense of plays: or, The stage vindicated, from several passages in Mr. Collier's Short view. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1707. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

104 Creech's (Tho.) Translation of Horace

[8vo. Ib.1688. 20]

Thomas Creech (1659-1700). The odes, satyrs, and epistles of Horace. Done into English. The second edition. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1688. 8vo.

Wing H2775.

BM; Princeton, Michigan.

105 Collection of Treaties, Declarations of War &c from 1648 to 1710

[8vo. Ib.1710. 14]

A general collection of treatys, declarations of war, manifestos, and other publick papers, ... from 1648 to the present time. London, by J.Darby for Andrew Bell and E.Sanger, 1710. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP, LC, Virginia, Oregon.

106 —— The Statutes now in force relating to High Treason. Bound in Turky Leather

[12mo. Ib.1709. 6]

A collection of the several statutes and parts of statutes, now in force, relating to high treason, and misprision of high treason. London, printed by C.Bill, and the executrix of T.Newcomb, 1709. 12mo.

BM; Harv, NYP, LC, Minnesota, Hunt.

107 Cuisinier Royal et Bourgeois 2 Tom.

[8vo. Paris 1722. 32]

Le nouveau cuisinier royal et bourgeois. 2 tom. Paris, chez Claude Prudhomme, 1722. 12mo.


108 Cebetis Tabula Gr. Lat. Notis Tho. Johnson

[8vo. Lond.1720. 6]

Cebes. Tabula. Nov versione, in puerorum usus, donata, ex selectioribus criticorum notis illustrata. ... Opera Thom Johnson. Londini, impensis authoris, 1720. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP.

109 Court Cookery, or the Compleat Eng. Cook By Richd. Smith

[8vo. Ib.1725 32]

Court cookery: or, The compleat English cook. ... By R.Smith, Cook (under Mr. Lamb) to King William. London, for T.Wotton, 1725. 8vo.

Bodleian; LC.

110 Compleat Court-Cook by Mr Lamb

[8vo. Ib.1710. 32]

Patrick Lamb. Royal cookery; or, The complete court-cook. Containing the choicest receipts in all the particular branches of cookery, now in use in the queen's palaces of St. James's, Kensington, Hampton-court, and Windsor. London, for Abel Roper, and sold by John Morphew, 1710. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP, LC.

111 Clavis Homerica

[8vo. Rot.1655. 7]

Antonius Roberti (17th century). Clavis homerica, sive Lexicon vocabulorum omnium, qu in Iliade Homeri, nec non potissim Odyss parte continentur ... gr. & lat. Roterdami, ex officin Arnoldi Leers, 1655. 8vo.

BM; Pennsylvania, Chicago.

112 Cornelianum Dolium. Com[oe]dia

[8vo. Lond.1638. 5]

Thomas Randolph (1605-1635). Cornelianum dolium. Com[oe]dia lepidissima. ... Auctore, T.R. Londini, apud Tho. Harperum, et vneunt per Tho. Slaterum et Laurentium Chapman 1638. 12mo.

STC 20691.

BM; Harv, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

113 Il Calloandro Fedele di Marini

[12mo. Ven.1654. 6]

Giovanni Ambrogio Marini (1594-1650).

A copy of a Venice, 1654, edition has not been found.

A copy published at Venice in 1652 may be consulted at the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana in Rome.

114 Il Celimauro, Istoria Spagnvola

[12mo. Nap.1622. 5]

Not positively identified. Perhaps this was an Italian translation of a Spanish novel, the same novel that Antonio Giulio Brignole Sale (1605-1665) used about twenty years later as the source for his L'Istoria Spagnuola o il Celidoro.

115 Cervantes Il Novelliere Castigliano

[8vo. Ven.1626. 3]

Miguel de Cervantes Saavadra (1547-1616). Il novelliere Castigliano ... tradotto dalla lingua Spagnuola nell'Italiana dal Sig. Guglielmo Alessandro de Nouilieri, Clauelli. In Venetia, presso il Barezzi, 1626. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Pennsylvania, California.

116 —— Nouvelles 2 Tom.

[12mo. Amst.1709. 26]

Nouvelles . . . traduction nouvelle. Seconde dition, augmente de plusieurs histoires. AAmsterdam, chez Claude Jordan, 1709. 2 tom. 12mo.


117 Charron of Wisdom, English'd by Dr Stanhope 2 Vols[.]

[8vo. Long.1697. 33]

Pierre Charron (1541-1603). Of Wisdom. Three books. Written originally in French, by the Sieur de Charron. ... Made English by George Stanhope. London, for M.Gillyflower, etc., 1697. 2 vol. 8vo. [The first volume (516 pp.) contains Book I and the second volume (708 pp.), Books II and III.]

Wing C3720.

Bodleian; NYP, Princeton, Cincinnati, Clark.

118 Celsus (Corn.) de Medicina

[8vo. Amst.1713 4]

Aulus Cornelius Celsus (53 B.C.-7 A.D.). Aur. Corn. Celsi de medecina libri octo. Amsteldami, apud Joannem Wolters, 1713. 8vo.

Royal College of Surgeons (London); Harv, Columbia, Chicago.

119 Comte de Gabalis, ou Entretiens sur les Sciences Secretes

[12mo. Paris 1670. 29]

[Abb de Montfaucon de Villars (c. 1635-1673).] Le Comte de Gabalis, ou Entretiens sur les sciences secretes. AParis, chez Claude Barbin, 1670. 12mo.

BM; Tennessee.

Congreve's copy, with "Will Congreve" on the title page, is now in the library of the University of Tennessee.

120 Contes Arabes [les Mille et Une Nuit] p Mr. Galland 12 Tom.

[12mo. Ib.1705. 23]

Antoine Galland (1646-1715). Les mille & une nuit. Contes arabes. AParis, chez la veuve de Claude Barbin, 1704-1717. 11 vol. 12mo.


121 —— Persans [les Mille et un Jour] p Mr. de la Croix 5 Tom.

[12mo. Ib.1710. 23]

Franois Ptis de la Croix (1653-1713). Les mille & un jour. Contes persans, traduits en franois. AParis, en la boutique de Claude Barbin, chez la veuve Ricoeur, 1710-12. 5 tom. 12mo. [Volumes II-V are dated 1711 or 1712, and the booksellers vary.]


122 —— Chinois, ou Vie du Mandarin Fum-Hoam 2 Tom[.]

[8vo. Ib.1723. 30]

Thomas-Simon Gueulette (1683-1766). Les aventures merveilleuses du mandarin Fum-Hoam, contes chinois. AParis, Denis Moughet, 1723. 2 tom. 12mo.

BM; NYP, LC, Newberry.

123 Contes et Nouvelles de Boccace avec Fig. 2 Tom[.]

[8vo. Col.1712. 23]

Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375). Contes et nouvelles. ... Traduction libre, accommode au got de ce temps. Seconde edition. ACologne, chez Jacques Gaillard, 1712. 2 tom. 8vo.

Bodleian; Harv.

124 —— de Marg. de Valois avec Fig. 2 Tom[.]

[8vo. Amst.1700. 23]

Margaret d'Angoulme, Queen Consort of Henry II, King of Navarre (1492-1549). Contes et nouvelles de Marguerite de Valois, reine de Navarre. 2 tom. AAmsterdam, chez George Gallet, 1700. 8vo.

BM; Harv.

125 —— de la Fontain avec Fig. 2 Tom[.]

[8vo. Ib.1721. 30]

Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695). Contes et nouvelles en vers. AAmsterdam, chez N.Etienne Lucas, 1721. 8vo.

BM; Pennsylvania.

126 —— le Mme Livre 2 Tom en 1 Vol[.]

[8vo. Ib.1699. 25]

Contes et nouvelles en vers. A Amsterdam, chez Pierre Brunel, 1699. 2 tom. in 1. 8vo.

Bodleian; Clark.

127 Chomel Abreg de L'Histoire des Plantes Usuelles

[8vo. Par.1712. 4]

Pierre Jean Baptiste Chomel (1671-1740). Abrg de l'histoire des plantes usuelles. Dans lequel on donne leur noms differens, franois et latins. La maniere de s'en servir, la dose, & les principales compositions de pharmacie, dans lesquelles elles sont employes. AParis, Charles Osmont, 1712. 12mo.

BM; Library of U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Michigan.

128 Culpeper's London Dispensatory

[12mo. Lond.1654 4]

Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654). Pharmacop[oe]ia Londinensis: or The London dispensatory. London, printed by a well-wisher of the Common-wealth of England, 1654. 12mo.

Wing C7526.

BM; Yale, U.S. Surgeon General's Office.

129 Conjuration des Espagnols contre la Repub. de Venise

[12mo. Paris 1683. 24]

Csar Vichard de Saint-Ral (1639-1692). Conjuration des Espagnols contre la republique de Venise en l'anne M.D.C.XVIII. AParis, chez Claude Barbin, 1674. 12mo.

Aberdeen, BN, Royal Library (The Hague).

A copy of a 1683 edition has not been found.

130 Chifflet Grammaire de la Langue Francois

[12mo. Brux.1688 24]

Laurent Chifflet. Essay d'une parfaite grammaire, de la langue franoise. ABruxelles, chez Lambert Marchant, 1680. 12mo.


A copy of a 1688 edition has not been found.

131 Cluverii Introductio in Geographiam

[24to. Amsterd. 5]

Philippus Cluverius (1580-1622). Introductionis in universam geographiam tam veterem quam novam libri VI. Amstelodami, ex officina Elzeviriana, 1659. 24to.

Liverpool, BN; Harv, Philadelphia, LC.

132 Corn. Nepos . . . . Foliis deauratis apd. Tonson

[12mo. Lond.1715 24]

Cornelius Nepos (c. 99-c. 24 B.C.). Excellentium imperatorum vit. [Edited by Michael Maittaire.] Londini, ex officin Jacobi Tonson, & Johannis Watts, 1715. 12mo.

BM; Harv, LC.

133 Cambrai (Evque de) vide Salignac

[.... .... 18]

See Nos. 575-578.

134 Ciceronis de Officiis Libri 3 cum Notis variorum ex Recensione Grvii 3 Vol. Typis Blavianis

[8vo. Amsterd.1688 31]

Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.). De officiis libri tres. Cato major, Laelius, paradoxa, somnium Scipionis. Ex recensione Joannis Georgii Grvii. Amstelodami, ex typographia P. & I.Blaeu, 1688. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Princeton, Indiana.

135 —— Idem sine Notis ex Recens. Graevii

[12mo. Ib.1689. 32]

M. Tullii Ciceronis de officiis libri tres. ... Ex recensione Joannis Georgii Grvii. Amstelodami, apud H.Wetstenium, 1689. 12mo.

BM; Chicago.

136 —— Epistolarum Libri XVI. ad Familiares. ex Recensione Grvii

[12mo. Ib.1689. 32]

M. Tullii Ciceronis epistolarum libri XVI. ad familiares ... ex recensione Io. Georgii Grvii cum ejusdem animadversionibus. Amstelaedami, apud Henricum Wetstenium, 1689. 12mo.

BM; Virginia.

137 —— Opera Notis Gronovii XI. Vol[.]

[12mo. Lug.Bat.1692 33]

Marci Tulli Ciceronis opera quae extant omnia ... ab Jacobo Gronovio. Lugduni Batavorum, apud Petrum vander Aa, 1692. 12mo.

BM; Chicago.

138 —— de Oratore ad Fratrem Q. ex Recensione Tho. Cockman

[8vo. Oxon 1696 32]

Oxoni, e theatro Sheldoniano, 1696. 8vo.

Wing C4298.

BM; Yale, Chicago.

139 —— de Finibus, Made English by S. P. & Revis'd by Mr Jer. Collier

[8vo. Lond.1702 32]

Tully's five books de finibus. . . . Done into English by S.P. Gent. [i.e., Samuel Parker.] Revis'd. ... By Jeremy Collier. London, for Jacob Tonson and Robert Gibson, 1702. 8vo.

BM; Boston Public, Union Theological Seminary, Chicago, Clark.

140 —— de Finibus cum Notis Tho. Bentley

[8vo. Cantab.1718 32]

M. T. Ciceronis de finibus bonorum et malorum. ... Emendavit, notisque illustravit Thomas Bentley. Cantabrigi, typis academicis, 1718. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Michigan.

141 —— Cato Major, Llius, et Somnium Scipionis

[24to . . . 24]

De officis libri 3. Cato major . . . Laelius ... paradoxa ... somnium Scipionis. Amstelodami, ex officin Elzevirian, 1677. 24to.

BM; Harv, Newberry.

Perhaps Congreve's copy was from this edition or from one of the editions in 24to issued in 1700 and 1703. Copies of the three editions may be consulted at Harvard.

142 —— Trait de la Divination, p Mr. l'Abbe Regnier Desmarais

[8vo. Amst.1711 12]

Trait de la divination traduit du Latin de Ciceron, par Mr. l'Abb Regnier des Marais. AAmsterdam, chez Isaac Trojel, 1711. 8vo.

BM; Princeton.

143 —— Epistolarum Libri XVI ad Familiares cum Notis Var. Ex Recensione Grvii. 4 Tom.

[8vo Ib.1693. 31]

M. Tullii Ciceronis epistolarum libri XVI. ... ex recensione Joannis Georgii Grvii. 4 tom. Amstelodami, ex typographia P. & I.Blaeu, 1693. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Johns Hopkins, Michigan.

144 —— Epistolarum Libri XVI ad Atticum cum Notis Variorum. Ex Recensione Grvii. 4 Tom.

[8vo. Ib.1684. 31]

M. Tullii Ciceronis epistolarum libri XVI ad T.Pomponium Atticum. Ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii. Amsteldami, sumptibus Blaviorum, & Henrici Wetstenii, 1684. 2 vol. text and 2 vol. notes. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Pennsylvania, Michigan.

145 —— Orationes cum Variorum Notis Ex Recensione Grvii. 14 Tom.

[8vo. Ib.1699 31]

M. Tullii Ciceronis oratione sex recensione Joannis Georgii Grvii. Amstelodami, P. & I.Blaeu, 1699, [95-99.] 6 vol. text, 7 vol. notes, indexes. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Pennsylvania, Illinois.

146 —— de Natura Deorum cum Var Notis. Ex Recens. Davisii

[8vo. Cantabr.1718 31]

Cantabrigi, impensis Cornelii Crownfield, 1718. 8vo.

BM; Harv.

147 —— Tusculanarum Disputationum Libri V. cum Comment. Davisii

[8vo. Ib.1723. 31]

Editio secunda, auctior et emendatior. Cantabrigi, sumptibus Cornelii Crownfield, 1723. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP.

148 —— Academica cum Comment. Davisii.

[8vo. Ib.1725. 31]

Cantabrigiae, sumptibus Corn. Crownfield, 1725. 8vo.

BM; Harv.

149 —— Libri de Divinatione et de Fato. cum Var Notis et Davisii

[8vo. Ib.1721. 31]

Cantabrigi, sumptibus Cornelii Crownfield, 1725. 8vo.

BM; Harv.

150 Comines (Phil. de) Memoires p Denys Godefroy 3 Tom[.]

[8vo Bruss.1706 11]

Philippe de Comines, Seigneur d'Argenton (1445-1509). Memoirs ... contenans l'histoire des Rois Louys XI. & Charles VIII. depuis l'an 1464 jusques en 1498. Augumentez ... par feu Mr. Denys Godefroy. ABrusselle, chez Franois Foppens, 1706. 3 tom. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Hunt.

Congreve apparently did not have the fourth volume, which appeared in 1714.

151 —— History, wth. Annotations

[Fol. Lond.1674. 2]

The history of Philip de Commines, Knight, Lord of Argenton. The fourth edition corrected, with annotations. London, for Samuel Mearne, John Martyn, and Henry Herringman, 1674. fol.

Wing C5542.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Illinois.

152 Camoens Luciad, or Portugal's Historical Poem, Englishd by Rd Fanshaw

[Fol. Ib.1655. 2]

Luiz de Camoens (1524?-1580). The Lusiad ... put into English by Richard Fanshaw. London, for Humphrey Moseley, 1655. fol.

Congreve's copy, with his signature on the title page, was item No. 125 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

Wing C397.

BM; Harv, NYP, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

153 Chapman's Homer. vide Homer

[— —- 21]

See No. 292.

154 Council of Trent vide Paul's History &c[.]

[— —- 15]

See No. 453.

155 Christian Religion &c vide Religion of a Church of Engld. Woman

[— —- 14]

See No. 515.

156 Comte de Clare vide Religieuse Amoureuse.

[.... —- 26]

Entry crossed through but legible.

See No. 520.

157 Collection of Poems [ye Grove]

[8vo. Ib.1721. 20]

The grove; or, A collection of original poems, translations, &c. By W.Walsh, J.Donne, Dryden, ... Sir J.Suckling, etc. London, for W.Mears, 1721. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

158 Celsus De Medecina

[8{vo}. Lug:Bat: 4]

Entry by the second hand.

Aulus Cornelius Celsus (53 B.C.-7 A.D.). Aurelii Cornelii Celsi de re medica libro octo. Lugduni Batavorum, ex officina Plantiniana, apud Franciscum Raphelengium, 1592. Small 4to.

BM; Harv, LC, John Crerar.

A copy of this edition was listed under No. 1256 in the Hornby Castle Sale, 1930.

159 La Cyropedie de Charpentier 2 Tom. 1 vol.

[12mo La Hay.1717 ....]

Entry by the third hand.

Franois Charpentier (1620-1702). La cyropdie, ou L'histoire de Cyrus; traduite du grec de Xenophon. ALa Haye, pour Paul & Isaac Vaillant, 1717. 2 tom. Small 8vo.

Bibliothque Royale (Brussels).

160 Dryden's (Jno.) Comedies, Tragedies & Opera's. 2 Vols. Large Papr.

[Fol. London 1721. 10]

John Dryden (1631-1700). The comedies, tragedies, and operas. ... Now first collected together, and corrected from the originals. In two volumes. London, for Jacob Tonson, Thomas Bennet, and Richard Wellington, 1701. fol.

Macdonald 107 a i.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Clark.

The "1721" of Congreve's List is apparently an error for "1701." Alarge paper copy of the 1701 edition was item No. 210 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

161 —— Translation of Virgil. with 100 Sculptures L.Papr[.]

[Fol. Ib.1697. 10]

The works of Virgil: containing his pastorals, georgics, and neis. Translated into English verse; by Mr. Dryden. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1697. fol.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Texas, Hunt.

A copy of this edition was listed under No. 1180 in the Hornby Castle Sale, 1930. Congreve's name appears in the printed list of subscribers as "Mr. Will Congreve."

162 —— Ditto. Small Paper

[Fol. Ib.1697. 9]

See No. 161.

163 —— Juvenal & Persius L. Paper

[Fol. Ib.1693. 10]

The satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis. Translated ... by Mr. Dryden, and several other eminent hands. Together with the satires of Aulus Persius Flaccus. Made English by Mr. Dryden. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1693. fol.

Wing J1288.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Texas, Hunt.

For this edition Congreve translated the Eleventh Satire of Juvenal and contributed verses "To Mr. Dryden on His Translation of Persius."

164 —— Fables Ancient & Modern

[Fol. Ib.1700. 9]

Fables ancient and modern; translated into verse, from Homer, Ovid, Boccace, & Chaucer. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1700. fol.

Wing D2278.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Texas, Hunt.

165 —— Works 3d. Vol. vizt. Original Poems & Translations

[Fol. Ib.1701. 9]

The works of Mr. John Dryden. The third volume. Consisting of the author's original poems and translations. Now first publish'd together. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1701. fol.

Macdonald 108 (2).

BM; Harv, Folg, Hunt.

166 —— Works 3d. Vol [Plays]

[4to. Ib.1695. 27]

The third volume of the works of Mr. John Dryden. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1695. 4to.

Wing D2210; Macdonald 106 e.

BM; Yale, Folg, Clark.

167 —— Works 4th. Vol [Poems]

[4to. Ib.1695. 27]

The fourth volume of the works of Mr. John Dryden. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1695. 4to.

Wing D2210; Macdonald 106 e.

BM; Yale Folg, Clark.

168 —— Collection of Miscellany Poems in 6 Vols[.]

[8vo. Ib.1702 &c. 27]

Miscellany poems: the first (-sixth) part. ... Publish'd by Mr. Dryden. The third edition. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1702, 1693-1709. 8vo.

Macdonald 42 c, etc.; Case 172 (1) (d), etc.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Michigan, Clark.

A copy of this edition was listed under No. 1110 in the Hornby Castle Sale, 1930.

169 —— Ditto 6 Vols[.]

[12mo. Ib.1716. 27]

Fourth edition. 6 pts. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1716. 12mo.

Macdonald 49; Case 172 (1) (e), etc.

BM; Harv, Folg, LC, Michigan, Hunt.

170 —— Dramatick Works 6 Vols[.]

[12mo. Ib.1717. 27]

The dramatick works of John Dryden, Esq. London, for Jacob Tonson: and sold by R.Knaplock, W.Taylor, W.Mearns, J.Browne, W.Churchill, E.Symon, and J.Brotherton, 1717. 6 vol. 12mo.

This is the edition by Congreve with the famous introduction characterizing Dryden.

Macdonald 109 a i.

BM; Harv, Folg, Clark.

171 —— Essay on Dram. Poetry &c[.]

[4to. -1684 27]

Of dramatick poesie, an essay. By John Dryden, servant to His Majesty. Second edition. London, for Henry Herringman, 1684. 4to.

Wing D2328; Macdonald 127 b i.

See also No. 406, which was apparently a second copy of Dryden's essay bound with other works.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Illinois, Hunt.

172 Dictionaire Historique et Critique p Mr. Bayle 4 Tom[.]

[Fol. Rotterd.1720. 16]

Pierre Bayle (1647-1706). Dictionnaire historique et critique. Troisime dition. 4 tom. Rotterdam, chez Michel Bohm, 1720. fol.

BM; Harv, NYP, LC, Ohio Wesleyan.

A copy of this edition was listed under No. 1175 in the Hornby Castle Sale, 1930.

173 —— Universelle Fr. et Lat 5 Tom.

[Fol. aTrevoux 1721. 10]

Dictionnaire universel Franois et Latin. Nouvelle dition. 5 tom. Imprim Trvoux, & se vend Paris, chez Florentin Delaulne, etc., 1721. fol.

BM; Illinois.

174 —— Francois p Richelet

[4to. Genev.1693 22]

Pierre Richelet (1631-1698). Dictionaire Franois ... corrige augmente [by E.Souciet]. AGeneve, pour David Ritter, chez Vincent Mige, 1693. 4to.


175 —— Italien et Francois p Veneroni

[4to. Paris 1710 22]

Giovanni Veneroni (1642-1708). Dictionaire italien et franois, contenant tout ce qui se trouve dans les autres dictionaires. ... Nouv. ed. AParis, chez Michel David, 1710. 4to.

Aberdeen, BN; LC.

176 —— Comique, Satyrique, Critique p le Roux

[8vo. Amst.1718 23]

Philibert Joseph Le Roux (d. c. 1790). Dictionnaire comique, satyrique, critique, burlesque, libre & proverbial. AAmsterdam, chez Michel Charles. Le Cne, 1718. 8vo.

BM; Yale, Newberry.

177 Davenant's (Sir Wm.) Works Compleat.

[Fol. London 1673. 9]

Sir William Davenant (1606-1668). The works of. London, by T.N. for Henry Herringman, 1673. fol.

Wing D320.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Texas, Hunt.

178 —— Discourse upon Gondibert

[12mo. Ib.1650. 5]

A Paris, chez Matthieu Guillemot, 1650. 12mo.

Wing D322.

BM; Harv, Folg, Hunt.

A copy of this edition was item No. 182 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

179 —— (Dr.) Essay on ye East India Trade

[8vo. Ib.1696 8]

Charles Davenant (1656-1714). An essay on the East-India-trade. By the author of The essay upon wayes and means. London, for J.K., 1696. 8vo.

Wing D307.

BM; Harv, NYP, Columbia, Newberry, Hunt.

A copy of this edition was a part of item No. 181 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

180 Dictionarium Historicum Geogr. Poet. p Car Stephanum et N. Lloydium

[Fol. Ib.1686. 9]

Charles Estienne (1504-1564). Dictionaricum historicum, geographicum, poeticum ... aCarolo Stephano ... Nicolaum Lloydium. Londini, impensis B.Tooke, T.Passenger, T.Sawbridge, A.Swalle & A.Churchill, 1686. fol.

Wing E3349.

BM; Yale, NYP, Chicago, Hunt.

181 —— Spanish & Eng. by Minsheu

[Fol. ib.1599. 2]

Richard Perceval (1550-1620). A dictionarie in Spanish and English, first published ... by Ric[hard] Percivale ... enlarged ... by John Minsheu. London, by E, Bollifant, 1599. fol.

STC 19620.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

182 Donne's Poems

[4to. London.1633. 20]

John Donne (1573-1631). Poems. With elegies on the authors death. London, by M.F[lesher] for John Marriot, 1633. 4to.

STC 7045.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry, Texas, Hunt.

A copy of this edition was item No. 200 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

183 —— Ditto

[8vo. Ib.1669. 20]

Poems. . . . With elegies on the authors death. To which is added divers copies under his own hand, never before printed. In the Savoy [London], by T.N. for Henry Herringman, 1669. 8vo.

Wing D1871.

BM; Harv, Folg, Newberry, Hunt.

A copy of this edition was a part of item No. 631 in the Leeds Sale, 1930.

184 Diemerbroeck Anatome Corporis Humani

[4to. Ultraj.1672. 4]

Isbrandus de Diemerbroeck (1609-1674). Anatome corporis humani. Ultrajecti, sumptibus & typis Meinardi Dreunen, 1672. 4to.

BM; Harv, Minnesota.

Congreve's copy, with "Will: Congreve ex dono D: Hobbs," was item No. 194 in the Leeds Sale, 1930. According to Professor J.Isaacs (TLS for September 2, 1949) the inscription reads, "Willm. Congreve ex dono Dr. Hobbs."

185 Descartes Compendium of Musick

[4to. Lond.1657. 3]

Wing does not list a 1657 edition of Ren Descartes' Compendium. The 1653 edition (Wing D1132), probably the one in Congreve's library, may be consulted in BM; Harv, Newberry, and Clark. This edition was printed in London, by Thomas Harper, for Humphrey Moseley and Thomas Heath, 1653. 4to.

186 Dennis (Jno.) Select Works 2 Vols Large Paper

[8vo. Ib.1718. 28]

John Dennis (1657-1734). The select works of Mr. John Dennis. In two volumes. London, for John Darby, 1718. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry.

187 —— Remarks on Prince Arthur

[8vo. Ib.1696. 8]

Remarks on a book entituled, Prince Arthur, an heroick poem. With some general critical observations, and several new remarks upon Virgil. London, for S.Heyrick and R.Sare, 1696. 8vo.

Wing D1040.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, Newberry, Clark.

188 —— Remarks on ye Fable of ye Bees

[8vo. Ib.1724. 33]

Vice and luxury publick mischiefs: or Remarks on a book intituled The fable of the bees; or, Private vices publick benefits. London, for W.Mears, 1724. 8vo.

BM; Harv, Folg, Texas, Hunt.

189 —— Original Letters

[4to. Ib.1721. 33]

Original letters, familiar, moral and critical. London, for W.Mears, 1721. 2 vol. in 1. 8vo.

BM; Harv, NYP, Folg, LC, Newberry, Hunt.

190 Dacier (Madame) Anacreon et Sapho

[12mo. Amst.1699. 25]

Anne Lefvre, afterwards Dacier (1654-1720). Les poesies d'Anacreon et de Sapho, traduites de grec en franois, avec des remarques. AAmsterdam, chez Paul Marret, 1699. 12mo.

BM; Harv, Williamsburg Colonial.

191 —— Comedies de Terence 3 Tom.

[12mo. Ib.1706. 25]

Les comedies de Terence, traduites en franois, avec des remarques, par Madame Dacier. AAmsterdam, aux dpens de Gaspar Fritsch, 1706. 3 tom. 12mo.

BM; Chicago.

192 —— Comedies d'Aristophane

[12mo. Ib.1692. 25]

Comedies grecques d'Aristophane. Traduites en franois, avec des notes critiques, & un examen de chaque piece selon les regles du theatre. Par Madame Dacier. AParis, chez Denys Thierry et Claude Barbin, 1692. 12mo.

BM; Harv, Boston Public, NYP.

Congreve's copy, with the signature "W: Congreve" on the title page, is now in the Boston Public Library.

193 —— L'Odysse d'Homere 3 Tom[.]

[12mo. Paris.1716. 18]

L'Odysse d'Homere, traduite en franois, avec des remarques par Madame Dacier. Paris, aux dpens de Rigaud, 1716. 3 tom. 12mo.

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