The Life and Amours of the Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival - The Belle of the Delaware
by Kate Percival
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The Life and Amours


Beautiful, Gay and Dashing

Kate Percival

The Belle of the Delaware

Written by herself

Voluptuous, Exciting, Amorous and Delighting




Chapter I


I am about to do a bold thing. I am about to give to the world the particulars of a life fraught with incident and adventure. I am about to lift the veil from the most voluptuous scenes. I shall disguise nothing, conceal nothing, but shall relate everything that has happened to me just as it occurred. I am what is called a woman of pleasure, and have drained its cup to the very dregs. I have the most extraordinary scenes to depict, but although I shall place everything before the reader in the most explicit language, I shall be careful not to wound his or her sense of decency by the use of coarse words, feeling satisfied there is more charm in a story decently told than in the bold unblushing use of term which ought never to sully a woman's lips.

I was born in a small village in the state of Pennsylvania, situated on the banks of the Delaware, and about thirty miles from Philadelphia. My father's house was most romantically situated within a few yards of the river. It was supported as it were, at the back by a high hill, which, in summer was covered with green trees and bushes. On each side of the dwelling was a wood so dense and thick that a stranger un-acquainted with the paths through it could not enter. In front of the house, the river on sunshiny days gleamed and glistened in the rays of the sun, and the white sails passing and repassing formed quite a picturesque scene. At night, however, especially in the winter time, the scene was different. Then the wind would howl and moan through the leafless trees and the river would beat against the rocks in a most mournful cadence. To this day I can remember the effect it had on my youthful mind, and whenever I hear the wind whistling at night, it always recalls, to my memory my birth place.

My father was a stern, austere man, usually very silent and reserved. I only remembered seeing him excited once or twice. My mother had died in my infancy—(I was but fifteen months at the time) and my father's sister became his housekeeper. I had but one brother a year older than myself. How well I remember him, a fine noble-hearted boy full of love and affection. We were neglected by our father and aunt, and left to get through our childhood's days as best we could. We would wander together hand in hand by the river side or in the woods, and often cry ourselves to sleep in each other's arms at our father's want of affection for us. We enjoyed none of the gayeties, none of the sports of youth. The chill of our home appeared to follow us wherever we went, and no matter how brightly the sun shone, it could not dissipate the chill around our hearts. I never remember seeing my father even smile. A continual gloom hung over him, and he usually kept himself locked in his room except at meal times.

This life continued until I was ten years of age, when one day my father informed me that the next day I was to go to Philadelphia to a boarding school. At first I was glad to hear it, for any change from the dull monotony of that solitary house must be an agreeable one to me. I ran to the garden to tell my brother; but the moment I mentioned it, Harry threw himself sobbing in my arms.

"Will you leave me, Kate!" he exclaimed, "What will I do when you are gone, I shall be so lonely—so very lonely without you?"

"But Harry, darling," I returned, "I shall be back again in a few months, and then I shall have so much to tell you, and we shall have such nice walks together."

I succeeded in calming him, especially as our father informed him before the day was over that he too was to go to a boarding school in the city of Baltimore. That evening we took our last ramble together before we left home. It was the month of June, and all nature was decked in her gayest apparel. It was a beautiful moon-light night, and the hair [sic] was fragrant with the odor of June roses, of which there were a large number in the garden. We wandered by the side of the river and watched the moon rays playing on the surface of the water, while a gentle breeze murmured softly through the pine trees. On that evening we settled our future life. It was arranged between us that when Harry grew up to be a man I should go and keep his house. We dwelt a long time on the pleasures of such life. At last it was time for us to return to the house, we embraced each other tenderly and separated.

The next morning I left very early, and in a few hours reached my destination and was enrolled among the pupils of B.... Seminary, I shall not dwell long on my school days, although I might devote much of space to them. I was not a popular girl in the school—I was too cold, too reserved, and some of the girls said too proud. I took no pleasure in girlish sports, but my chief amusement was reading. I would retire to a corner of the school room and while the other girls were at play—I would be plunged in the mysteries of Mrs. Radcliffs novels, or some other work of the same character. Frequently the Principal insisted on my shutting up my book and going out to play, but I would creep back when she had left the schoolroom, and resume my favorite occupation. I remained at school seven years, and during that time I never once visited home, for my father made a special agreement that I was to spend my vacation at school.

It is strange that, considering the prominent part I had played in the Court of Venus, that up to the age of seventeen, not a single thought concerning the relation of the sexes ever entered my head. I had up to that age never experienced the slightest longing or desire and looked on all men with the utmost indifference. And yet I knew that I was called beautiful and was the envy of all my school fellows.

I have not yet given a description of myself to the reader and it is nothing but right that I should do so. At the age of seventeen my charms were well developed, and although they had not attained the ripe fullness which a few years later was the admiration and delight of all my adorers, still I possessed all the insignia of womanhood. In stature I was above the medium height, my hair was a dark auburn and hung in massive bands on a white neck. My eyes were a deep blue and possessed a languishing voluptuous expression; they were fringed with long silky eyelashes and arched with brows so finely pencilled that I have often been accused of using art to give them their graceful appearance. My features were classically regular, my skin of dazzling whiteness, my shoulders were gracefully rounded and my bust faultless in its contours. My more secret charms I shall describe at some future time when I shall have to expose them to the reader's gaze.

I have said that up to the age of seventeen I had never experienced the slightest sexual desire. The spark of voluptuousness which has ever since burnt so fiercely in my breast was destined to be lighted up by one of my own sex. Yes, dear Laura, it was you who first taught me the delights and joys of love; it was you who first kindled that flame of desire that has caused me to experience twelve years of delirious bliss; it was to your gentle teaching, sweet friend, that I owe my initiation in all the mysteries of the Court of Venus; it was your soft hand that pointed out to me that path of pleasure—and all the delight shown on the wayside. The incident happened in this manner:

About three months before I left school we were told one morning that a new music and French teacher would take her abode in B— Seminary the next day. We were all extremely anxious to see her, and at the expected hour she made her appearance. Her name was Laura Castleton, and her father lived in St. Mary's County, Maryland. She was a brunette, about twenty years of age, and one of the most beautiful girls I ever saw. She was nearly as tall as myself, but considerably stouter, and her body was molded in a most exquisite manner. Although her eyes were very black and her hair like the raven's plume, her skin was as white as alabaster. Her teeth were as regular as if they had been cut of a solid piece of ivory, and her hands and feet were fairylike in their proportions. I was the eldest girl in the school and Laura immediately made me her companion. She was exceedingly intelligent, well educated, and well read. I was soon attracted to her and we became inseparable. We would pass all our spare time reading to each other or in conversation on literary subjects. I agreed to love her with my whole heart, and was never happy outside of her company.

"Laura," I said to her one day when we were walking on the playground with our arms around each other's waist, "why can't we sleep together?"

"Would you like it, Kate?" she asked, bending her black eyes upon my face with a peculiar gloom in them which sent the blood rushing to my cheeks—but why and wherefore I did not know.

"Indeed I would, Laura. It would be so nice to lie in your arms all night."

"Well, darling, I will ask Mrs. B—. I have no doubt that she will give her consent."

The lovely girl drew me towards her and gave me a warmer kiss than she had ever before bestowed upon me. The contact of her easy lips to mine sent an indefinable thrill through my body which I had never experienced before. In the evening she informed me that she had spoken to Mrs. B—and that the latter had consented that we should sleep together. I was overjoyed at this news and longed for night to come so that I might recline in my darling's arms.

At last the hour of bedtime arrived and I followed Laura to her chamber. She put the lamp on the dressing table and, kissing me affectionately, bade me undress myself quickly. We began our toilette for the night. I was undressed first, and having put on my nightgown, I sat down on the side of the bed and watched Laura disrobing herself. After she had removed her dress and her petticoats, I could not help being struck with her resplendent charms. Her chemise had fallen off her shoulder, beautifully rounded, and two globes of alabaster reposing on a field of snow. She appeared to be entirely unaware that I was watching her, for she sat down on a chair exactly in front of me, and crossing one leg over the other, she began to remove her garters and stockings. This attitude raised her chemise in front, and allowed me to have a full view of her magnificently formed limbs. I even caught sight of her voluptuous thighs. Laura caught my eye.

"What are you gazing at so earnestly?" she asked.

"I am gazing at your beauties, Laura."

"One would think that you were my lover," returned Laura laughingly.

"So I am, dear—for you know I love you."

"You little witch you, you know well enough what I mean. But if you want to admire beauty, why not look in the glass, for I am not nearly as beautiful as you are, dear Kate."

"What nonsense, Laura," I replied, "but come, let us get into bed."

So saying, I jumped between the sheets and was followed almost immediately by Laura, who first, however, placed the lamp on a chair by the bedside. She clasped me in her arms and pressed me to her breast, while she kissed my lips, cheek and eyes passionately. The warmth of her embraces and her glowing limbs entwined in mine caused a strange sensation to steal through me. My cheeks burned and I returned her kisses with an ardor that equalled her own.

"How delightful it is to be in your arms, dear Laura," I exclaimed.

"Do you really like it?" she replied, pressing me still closer to her. At the same time our nightdresses became disarranged, and I felt her naked thighs pressing against mine.

Laura kissed me again with even greater warmth than before, and while she was thus engaged she slipped one of her soft hands in the opening of my night-chemise, and I felt it descend on one of my breasts. When I felt this, a trembling seized my limbs and I pressed her convulsively to my heart.

"What a voluptuous girl you are, Kate," she said, molding my breasts and titillating my nipples. "You set me on fire."

"I never felt so happy in my life, Laura. I could live and die in your arms."

I now carried my hand to her globes of alabaster and pressed and molded them, imitating her in all her actions. Nay, more, I turned down the bedclothes and, unbuttoning her nightdress in front, I exposed those charming, snowy hillocks to my delighted gaze. The light of the lamp shone directly upon them, and I was never tired of admiring the whiteness, firmness and splendid development of those glowing semiglobes. I buried my face between them and pressed a thousand kisses on the soft velvet surface.

"Why Kate, you are a perfect volcano," said Laura, trembling under my embraces, "and I have been laboring under the delusion that you were an icicle."

"I was an icicle, darling, but now I have been melted by your charms."

"What a happy man your husband will be," said Laura.


"To enfold such a glorious creature as you in his embrace. If you take so much delight with one of your own sex, what will you do when clasped in a man's arms?"

"You are jesting, Laura. Do you suppose for a moment that I will ever allow a man to kiss and embrace me as you do?"

"Certainly, my love—he will do a great deal more than I do."

"More? What can you mean?"

"Is it possible, Kate, that you do not know?"

"I really do not know. Do tell me, there's a dear girl."

"I can scarcely believe it possible that you are seventeen years of age—a perfectly developed woman, and that you know nothing of the mysteries of love. Are you not aware, darling, that you possess a jewel about you that a man would give half his lifetime to ravish?"

"You speak in riddles, Laura. Where is this jewel?"

"Lie perfectly quiet, and I will show you where it is."

My cheeks burned and I was all aglow, for I had pretended to be more ignorant than I really was. Laura fastened her lips on my breast and placed her hand on one of my thighs. She then slowly carried it up the marble column and at last invaded the very sanctuary of love itself. When I felt her fingers roaming in the mossy covering of that hallowed spot, every moment growing more bold and enterprising, I could not help uttering a faint scream—it was the last cry of expiring modesty, and I grew as hardy and lascivious as my beautiful companion. I stretched my thighs open to their widest extent, the better to second the examination Laura was making of my person. The lovely girl appeared to be strangely affected while she was manipulating my secret charms. Her eyes shot fire, her bosom heaved, and she began to wiggle her bottom. For some time she played with the hair which thickly covered my mount of Venus—twisting it around her fingers, she then gently divided the folding lips and endeavored to penetrate the interior of the mystical grotto—but she could not effect an entrance but was obliged to satisfy herself with titillating the inside of the lips. Suddenly flows of pleasure shot through my entire body—for her finger had come in contact with the peeping sentinel that guarded the abode of bliss, an article which until that moment I did not know I possessed. She rubbed it gently, giving me the most exquisite pleasure. If the last remnant of prudery had not taken flight before, this last act would have routed it completely. With a single jerk I threw off the bedclothes, and thus we both lay naked from the waist down.

"How magnificently you are formed, dear Kate," said Laura, examining all my hidden charms with the aid of the lamp. "What glorious thighs, what a delicious bijou, what a thick forest of hair, and what a splendidly developed clitoris. Now, sweet girl, I will make you taste the most delicious sensation you have ever experienced in your life. Let me do with you as I will."

"Do what you like with me, darling. I resign myself entirely in your hands."

Laura now commenced to gently rub my clitoris with her finger, while she kissed my breasts and lips passionately. I soon began again to experience the delicious sensation I have spoken of before; rivers of pleasure permeated through my system. My breasts bounded up and down—my buttocks were set in motion from the effect of her caressing finger, my thighs were stretched widely apart, and my whole body was under the exquisite influence of her scientific manipulations. At last the acme came, a convulsive shivering seized me, I gave two or three convulsive heaves with my buttocks, and in an agony of delight I poured down my first tribute to the god of love.

For a quarter of an hour I lay in a complete state of annihilation, and was only recalled from it by the kisses of Laura.

"Darling Kate," she exclaimed, "you must give me relief or I shall die—the sight of your enjoyment has lighted up such a fire within me that I shall burn up if you do not quench it."

"I will do my best, dear Laura, to assuage your desires. You have made me experience such unheard-of delight that I should indeed be wanting in gratitude if I were not to attempt to make you some return."

I rose up and, kneeling across her, began to examine at my ease her lovely Mons Veneris.

It was a glorious object, covered over with a mass of black silky hair, through the midst of which I could discern the plump lips folding close together. I placed my finger between them and felt her clitoris swelling beneath it until it actually peeped its little red head from its soft place of concealment. I now advanced one finger and found that it entered her coral sheath with the utmost ease; at the same time it was tightly grasped by the sensitive folds of her vagina. I began to move it in and out, while I kissed her white belly and thighs.

"Stop, darling," said Laura, rising up and going to a drawer, "I will contrive something better to bring on the dissolving period. You are rather a novice as yet in the art of procuring enjoyment."

She took from the drawer a dildo, which she fastened securely around my waist, and making me lie on my back, she leaned over me and guided it into her sensitive quiver. She then commenced to move herself rapidly upon it. It was a delicious sight to me; I could see the instrument entering in and out of her luscious grotto while her features expressed the most entrancing enjoyment and her broad white bottom and breasts shivered with pleasure. Her motions did not continue long, however. In a few minutes she succumbed and the elixir of love poured down her white thighs. The voluptuous sight before me and the rubbing of the dildo on my clitoris caused me to emit again at the same moment that she did, and we both sank exhausted on the bed. I shall not detain the reader with all the exquisite enjoyments I experienced for the next three months in my lessons with the beautiful Laura: suffice it to say that we exhausted every method that two young girls of ardent imagination could propose. At last the time approached for us to separate, and with tears and embraces we bade each other adieu.

I returned home and it was several years before I saw the sweet companion of my school days again.

Chapter II


When I returned home I found my father as gloomy and austere as ever. He welcomed me with a cold kiss and asked me a few questions as to the progress I had made in my studies. My replies did not appear to satisfy him and I had not been home a week before he declared his intention to send me to school again. I was by no means sorry to hear of this resolve, for my brother was finishing his education in New York, and the house was insufferably dull. I was at once dispatched to Mount de Sales, a convent near Baltimore. The inmates of the convent consisted of pupils and nuns—the latter acting as instructresses to the former, assisted by two or three priests.

I had been in the convent a year when we received a new pupil named Margaret Maitland, the daughter of a distinguished lawyer, residing in Baltimore. Margaret was a beautiful girl about my own age. She was rather tall, her eyes and hair were black, while her skin was of a whiteness ravishing to behold.

She was exceedingly religious and spent a great portion of her time in prayer, fasting and vigils. I noticed that she confessed to a Father Clark very frequently and always appeared very happy and contented when she left the confessional. I felt satisfied that there was something going on which partook more of the flesh than the spirit, and I determined to watch.

Father Clark's apartment was situated at the eastern extremity of the convent. It contained a large closet, and one day I concealed myself in it at the time I knew his penitent would visit him. I had been there but a few minutes before the priest entered. He was about forty years of age, stoutly built and rather handsome. He did not wait long before Margaret made her appearance. She looked positively beautiful. Her eyes sparkled, her cheeks were flushed, and her bosom rose and fell, showing that she was laboring under some excitement. To my extreme surprise, the moment she entered the room she ran up to Father Clark, and throwing her white arms round his neck kissed him passionately on the lips. He returned her embraces and drew her on his knee. This sight was entirely novel to me, and my cheeks burned while my eyes almost started from their sockets watching what would be their next proceeding. I had not long to wait, for I saw the priest's officious fingers unbutton Margaret's dress in front and deliberately pull it off her ivory shoulders, thus exposing two globes of snow, round, firm, exquisitely formed, and surmounted by two strawberry nipples, which stood out stiff. He pressed and kissed her breasts, absolutely burying his manly face between the soft cushions. He was, however, soon not satisfied with this, but canting her slightly up in his lap, he put his hand up her clothes, and invaded the most secret recesses of her body. This action raised her petticoats in such a manner that it exposed, to my gaze, one of her ivory thighs, which was large, well developed and beautifully rounded. I could see that he was moving his hand rapidly while Margaret seemed on the point of dying with delight. After amusing himself a short time in this manner, he suddenly desisted and, slipping her off his lap, placed her on her hands and knees on the floor. He then went to a cupboard and took from it a bunch of rods. Margaret remained in the position which he had placed her without making the slightest movement. Father Clark now walked up to her and, raising her petticoats, threw them over her head, thus exposing, in a moment, all her hidden charms to my excited eyes. It was a delicious sight, sufficient to have seduced the most rigid anchorite. I could see Margaret's white buttocks, admirably formed, her two beautiful thighs, and exquisitely formed legs; all was naked from her waist down. Situated at the lower portion of her white bottom, between her lovely thighs, I could discern the pouting lips of her bijou, with a line of coral marking the spot where they met.

Father Clark raised the rod and brought it down gently on her broad, white buttocks—their hue was immediately changed to a blushing red, while Margaret twisted and turned under the flagellation, every movement revealing more of her exquisite Mon Veneris. While the priest plied the rod, he appeared to be experiencing the most delicious sensations. Margaret's bottom was soon as red as a cherry, but she did not appear to mind the flogging which she was receiving the least bit.

When the priest had continued this exercise a few minutes, he threw down the rod, and kneeling on the ground behind her, he unbuttoned his pantaloons, and out leaped his staff of love, stiff, firm and with its ruby head uncovered. He nestled it for a moment between her buttocks, and then gently driving the vermilion lips of her coral sheath with his fingers, he brought his instrument to bear on the luscious opening, and seizing her by the hips, in another moment he was plunged to the very hilt in her beautiful body. When Margaret felt that the conjunction was complete she uttered a faint exclamation of joy and wiggled her buttocks from side to side as if to prevent her prisoner from escaping her. The priest now began to move himself in and out of her—and as he did so, I could distinctly see his staff appear and disappear in its warm nest. Every time he withdrew, her vagina clasped his instrument so tightly that he drew out the interior lips, and each time that he plunged it into her palpitating body, they were carried in with it. You can imagine my sensations, dear reader, when I saw all this. I instinctively raised my clothes and carried my hand to my own moss-covered retreat, and forcing a finger between the lips, I found it tightly grasped by my vagina, and I imitated all their motions, thrusting it in and out, my eyes being all the time fixed on the amorous couple. The priest was evidently in the seventh heaven of enjoyment, his hands wandered from one beauty to another as if at a loss to know which to take possession of. At one moment it would be her snowy globes which still remained uncovered; at another it would be her white belly, and then again it was the top of her Mount of Venus. Suddenly his motions grew quicker, his staff entered in and out of the coral retreat so rapidly that I could no longer detect the motion. The crisis came, and with a smothered exclamation of joy they both discharged. At the same moment the exciting scene I had witnessed drew from me my tribute to the god of sexual desire.

I cultivated Margaret's friendship after this, and when I was intimate enough with her I told her all I had seen. She blushed at first, but when she saw that I could be discreet, she confessed the whole truth to me. I found her an able instructress, and was soon even more perfectly au fait in all the mysteries of love, except the actual experience of sexual intercourse with the other sex. She made me a witness of many scenes between herself and Father Clark, and I soon found they were both perfectly adept in the art of procuring sexual enjoyment.

One day I discovered further evidence of the great morality pervading in Mount de Sales. The Lady Abbess was a handsome, fine-looking woman of about forty years of age. She was very strict with all the boarders of the convent, except with two sisters named Emily and Fannie Dawson. These two girls were her pets and were always with her. They were both beautiful girls, with flashing dark eyes and beautiful complexions. On the day I refer to, Margaret Maitland came to me and whispered in my ear that if I would come with her she would show me a pretty sight. I followed and she led me to the Lady Abbess's room and told me to peep through the keyhole. I did so and saw a very strange scene which I will endeavor to describe to you.

Seated on a low chair near a large sofa was Father Price. His pantaloons were down and the lower portion of his body all uncovered; his instrument of love stood stiff and erect. Seated sideways towards him on the sofa I have just referred to, was the Lady Abbess. Her dress was off her shoulders, revealing her well-developed bust. The lower portion of her body was entirely naked; one of her feet rested on an ottoman, the other on the ground; by this means one of her thighs was elevated. Father Price had one finger in her lustful slit, while she had grasped his staff in her hand. He was slowly pushing his finger in and out of her warm nest, and every now and then kissing her broad white buttocks which were entirely at his command. But this was not all; Emily and Fannie Dawson were also there, acting their parts. Emily stood on the sofa with her petticoats raised above her naval, thus revealing her delicious thighs, her white belly and the moss-covered domain of Venus. She was exquisitely made. The Lady Abbess was titillating her clitoris with her unoccupied hand, while Emily's excited face, the tip of her tongue slightly protruding from her coral lips and the heaves of her alabaster buttocks rising to meet the Abbess's deflowering finger, sufficiently showed the intense delights she was enjoying. Fannie was at the other end of the sofa. She had her back turned towards Father Price; she knelt on the sofa with one knee, while the other leg rested on the ground; her skirts were thrown over her head, and her head was buried in the sofa, thus elevating her white bottom in the air. Between her ivory thighs we could see the panting lips of her luscious bijou. She was rubbing the top of her slit with one finger, and by the quivering of her buttocks, I guessed she was enjoying herself to her heart's content.

Margaret and I watched all their proceedings. Their motion soon grew fast and furious, and we were both so excited by what we saw that we instinctively raised each other's petticoats and imitated their actions on each other. I forced a finger in Margaret's lovely grotto, and at the same time felt her finger caressing my clitoris. I opened my thighs to the widest possible extent to admit her manipulation more readily and she did the same. It was a delicious sensation, feeling her delicate finger force its way into my warm vagina. We kept time with the actors in the next room, and at the very moment that I saw the sperm go from Father Price's instrument to the broad, white buttocks of the Abbess, both Margaret and myself emitted, and the Abbess and the two sisters were not a moment behind. We then ran to our dormitories for fear of being discovered.

A few weeks after this occurrence my father took me away from the convent and I returned home. Here my time passed monotonously enough, and I wished myself back to Mount de Sales a hundred times. But an event happened which more than reconciled me to my change of life. This was nothing less than a visit from Harry Duval, a cousin who resided in Baltimore.

Harry was a fine, handsome young fellow, about twenty-two years of age. The moment I saw him, I felt irresistibly attracted towards him. But I disguised my admiration with all the hypocrisy common to young girls.

One day we were out walking together in the beautiful grounds surrounding my father's house. The weather was deliciously warm and the birds filled the air with their melodies. I was clad very lightly, wearing a low-necked dress with a light scarf thrown over my shoulders. We wandered for some distance, conversing on everyday topics, when my cousin proposed that we should rest ourselves on the grass under the shade of a fine, large elm tree; I consented and we sat down. Harry took my hand in his and kissed it. I blushed at this familiarity but did not withdraw it from his grasp. By degrees he grew more enterprising, and drawing me towards him, imprinted a kiss on my lips. I now made an effort to withdraw myself from his grasp but he held me tightly.

"Dear Kate," said he, "I love you with all my heart and soul."

"Oh Harry," I replied, "you have said that to hundreds of others."

"Pray, darling—it is you alone that possesses my heart. I swear I love none but you."

So saying, he imprinted fresh kisses on my lips in spite of the resistance I made. To tell the truth, my resistance was getting weaker and weaker, for I felt a delicious feeling run through my body such as I had never experienced before. He grew bolder and almost devoured me with kisses. In our struggle the light scarf which I wore on my shoulders became displaced and my neck and the upper portion of my bust were bare. The sight of my white shoulders appeared to electrify Harry, for he immediately brought his lips to bear upon them, and caressed and patted them with his hand. He did not stop here, however. My dress was rather loose in front and he had the audacity to invade the secrets of my bosom. The pressure he made caused some of the buttons to give away behind and my frock fell completely off my shoulders, revealing to his gaze my two "orbs of snow," as he called them. He immediately took possession of them and molded and pressed them with his hands, at the same time gently titillating the strawberry nipples which, under his lascivious touches, stood out stiff. I was now completely on fire and no longer opposed him. To tell the truth, I was as anxious as he to experience the acme of love. Harry kissed and caressed my bubbies for some minutes, and while thus engaged, one of his hands was furtively raising my petticoats. At last I felt one of his hands on my naked thigh—a shiver of desire ran through my frame. He cautiously ascended the snowy columns, and in a moment or two I felt an impudent finger in the outskirts of the domain of Venus. I instinctively lifted up my thighs in order to facilitate his curious researches, and soon experienced the most delicious sensations, for his finger had already divided the lips which formed the entrance of my moss-covered retreat. He gently pushed it forward until it was clasped tightly by the warm sides of my vagina. While he was acting in this manner he kissed me repeatedly on the lips and breast, only pausing to suck the rosy nipples which surmounted the two semiglobes. Although he addressed every term of endearment to me, I was too much excited to make any reply. For in a few moments he continued his delicious play, titillating the interior of my Mons Veneris, while he caressed my clitoris with his thumb, sending a lava of delight through my frame. In spite of all my endeavors not to appear too lascivious, I could not help moving my buttocks in response to his soul inspiring touches—I felt the crisis approaching. At that moment I saw him tear open the front of his pantaloons and out jumped his member, as stiff as an iron bar. With his unoccupied hand he seized mine and bore it down on the menacing object. I seized it in my grasp and began to imitate his motions. This was more than Harry could bear, for I had scarcely made half a dozen movements when my cousin, frantically seizing me around the waist, stretched my length on the green sward. In one moment he was between my thighs, which I am willing to confess were opened wide enough to receive him, and in another moment his instrument had penetrated the lips of my most secret charms, and was imbedded to the very hilt in my body. Oh God! the ecstasy I felt when the conjunction was complete I can never describe. He reposed for a moment or two in this condition and then began to gently heave his buttocks. I responded with a corresponding motion and no tongue can tell the delights I enjoyed as his delicious staff rushed in and out of the sheath destined by nature to receive it.

"Oh, Harry," I exclaimed, "this is too much—I am suffocating with pleasure—darling, dar-dar—"

The crisis came; a flood of rapture escaped from me while I felt his copious discharge lubricate the very mouth of my womb. I absolutely fainted with pleasure.

When I recovered my senses I found that Harry was drying me with his pocket handkerchief. This done, he stooped and imprinted a kiss on the sheath of his joys, and then assisted me to rise. We then returned to the house fully satisfied with our delightful experiences.

"Darling Kate," said he, as we reached the door, "leave the door of your bed chamber open tonight."

I pressed his hand as a sign of affirmation and we separated. You can easily imagine, dear reader, how anxiously I waited for night. My bedroom was far removed from any other occupied part of the house, and I had no fear that we should be interrupted. At last the hour for retiring came, and I took up my candle and went to my chamber. I did not undress myself, but sat on the beside anxiously awaiting my cousin's coming. I had been there about a quarter of an hour when I heard his footsteps, and in another moment he was by my side. He rushed to me, kissed my lips and then, with trembling fingers, bared my breasts, which he covered with kisses. He then absolutely tore off my clothes, not even sparing my chemise, and I stood before him as naked as I was born. In a few seconds he was in the same situation and I saw for the second time in my life his splendid member, so stiff and firm that its ruby head nearly reached his navel. All my modesty disappeared as if by magic, and I removed my hands which I had instinctively placed over my center of attraction and, rushing towards him, seized his burning rod in my grasp. I capped and uncapped the fiery head and played with the purse containing the two witnesses to virility. My cousin's eyes shot fire and he began to move his buttocks in reply to my touches. He placed his hands on my bottom and pressed me close to him, and I could feel his staff of love pressing against my white belly. In another moment he had thrown me on my back on the bed, and then set about examining the charms of my person at his ease. His first proceeding was to open my thighs to the widest extent, thus exposing to his gaze and touches the whole of love's domain. He played with the hair covering the hillock of Venus; he divided the lips with his finger and, seeking my clitoris, almost sent me crazy with pleasure by gently rubbing it. He then turned me over on my belly and patted the cheeks of my buttocks, which he swore were whiter than driven snow. He titillated both my clitoris and bottom at the same time, but noticing by my convulsive movements that I was on the eve of spending, he suddenly desisted. Restoring me to my former position on my back, and throwing himself on top of me, he inserted his staff of love into the pouting lips of my moss-covered slit. No sooner had I felt the delicious morsel pierce me to the quick than I passed one of my arms round his neck and pressed him convulsively to my bosom. I then clasped his loins with my thighs and legs and strained myself so closely to him that the very hair of our genitals intermingled. A large mirror hung beside the bed and I could see our forms reflected in it. I could see his instrument imbedded to the very hilt in my Mons Veneris, the tips of which clasped it tightly. He now commenced to work his plump buttocks up and down. I replied by a corresponding motion and we kept time admirably together. The thrilling rapture, the delicious sensations of that ecstatic period is out of my power to describe. When I felt his hot pego rushing in and out of my sensitive vagina, I squirmed and wriggled under his fierce thrusts, and I thought my breath would leave my body. At last the dissolving period approached. I could tell it was coming on by his more rapid thrusts, by his half-drawn sighs, by his interrupted breathing, and more especially, by a peculiar suction which my vagina exercised on his rod. I spurred his bottom with my heels, I pressed him to me, I bit him in the agony of my delight, and just as I was discharging, I passed my hand underneath his thigh and tickled his testicles.

"I am coming, darling Kate," he exclaimed. "Oh God, I come, I co-!"

"I too, Harry," I exclaimed, "there, there! there!"

He made two more vigorous thrusts to which I responded with such vigor that it made his testicles butt against my bottom, and the next moment we were both dissolved in bliss.

He then withdrew from me and lay down by my side. A delightful conversation followed in which he told me how much he loved me and how faithful he would always be to me. While we were thus conversing I had hold of his instrument while he was playing with my center of love. In a short time I felt his staff swelling beneath my grasp, and it was soon in a state of princely erection again. We again resumed the rites of Venus.

This time he stretched himself all his length on his back and drew me on top of him. He clasped me around the waist, while I myself guided his dart into my bower, which was burning to receive it. He then insisted that I should pump up his spermatic treasures myself while he would remain perfectly passive. I was quite agreeable, and began an up-and-down motion. My vagina fitted his pego like a glove, and I had not played horsewoman a dozen times before I felt his boiling sperm inundate my womb, while I also poured down my share of love's elixer in such profusion that it wetted both thighs and belly.

I shall not detain the reader by detailing how many times we sacrificed ourselves to the shrine of Venus that night, nor shall I depict all the postures and modes we persued, as I have many similar scenes to depict; suffice it to say that when we got up the next morning we were both thoroughly exhausted, and pale and feeble from our unwonted exertions.

For six weeks I enjoyed sexual delights in every possible form—not a day passing without at least one experience of my cousin's capabilities. At the end of that time he was compelled to return home. He left me with the most ardent protestations of love and devotion, and took an oath that he would marry none but me. I had such a confidence in him that I firmly believed his word.

Chapter III


After Harry's departure, my father's house grew more and more distasteful to me, and I resolved to make an effort to leave it. One day I went to him and expressed a wish to take a situation as governess—he made but slight objections, and at last gave his consent. I immediately sent an advertisement to the Philadelphia papers and received several answers; amongst them was one from a Mr. Herbert Clarence who lived in the village of Chester. He offered me such advantageous terms that I at once accepted them, and the next day started for my new home.

Riverside Lodge, as Mr. Clarence's residence was called, was situated on the banks of the Schuylkill, and was fitted up with all the elegance wealth could command. The grounds were handsomely laid out, the gardens cultivated to the extreme of art, and in short, it bore more resemblance to the residences we meet on the other side of the water which are occupied by the proud aristocracy of England than the mansion of a simple American gentleman.

Nature too had done an immense deal to enhance the beauties of the dwelling. The scenery around was pastoral and beautiful—what it wanted in grandeur it more than made up with the picturesque view to be seen from all sides of the house. The lodge was situated on a rising hillock and fronted the river, from which it was not more than a hundred yards distant. To the north of the house was a thick wood, containing trees of many years growth. In this sylvan retreat Mr. Clarence had fitted up rustic chairs and seats, and in the heat of the summer it afforded a delightful shelter from the sun's rays. On both the other sides of the dwelling was a handsome sloping lawn, also covered with fine trees.

I was met at the door of the house by the owner, a fine handsome man of about thirty-five years of age. He introduced me to his wife, a confined invalid who never left her chamber. I then saw my pupils, two little girls, the eldest not more than six years of age. I found Mr. Clarence to be a perfect gentleman, courteous, polite and agreeable. I soon felt quite at home with him. Mrs. Clarence never interfered with me, and days passed without my even seeing her. I pitied poor Mr. Clarence having such a sick wife, for it was easy to be seen that he was a man of a very amorous temperament, and it was also certain that his wife could afford him no satisfaction in this respect.

I was naturally thrown much into Mr. Clarence's society and noticed that he daily grew more tender to me. When shaking hands with me he would press my hand and retain it in his, and when I wore a low-necked dress I observed that his eyes were fixed on my white shoulders, and that when he caught a glimpse of my bosom his face would flush and a decided protuberance would manifest itself in his pantaloons.

Things went on in this way for two months. Then one day Mr. Clarence asked me if I would like to go out riding with him. I had always been fond of equestrian exercises and consented very willingly. The horses were brought round to the door and I mounted a handsome bay pony, while my companion rode a large gray horse which appeared but half broken. Mr. Clarence assisted me to mount and in doing so I exposed a considerable portion of my limbs, my petticoats getting entangled in the saddle. When he saw my leg above the knee, for I wore no drawers, a crimson flush suffused his face—but it was not one of shame but desire. He recovered himself, however, almost immediately, and off we started.

We had ridden about six or seven miles when Mr. Clarence's horse suddenly took fright and galloped off with him. At the turn of the road, from some cause or other, the rider was thrown off and deposited on the green sward. Fortunately he was not injured—his horse, however, galloped away towards Riverside Lodge.

"A pretty situation, Miss Percival," said Clarence as he rose to his feet. "Here am I, six miles from home, and nothing left for me but to tramp it on foot."

"Nay, Mr. Clarence, that must not be. If you do not mind, you can ride behind me. The pony can bear us both very well, and we can proceed slowly."

"I am afraid to discommode you, Miss Percival."

"Not at all—our ancestors, you know, used to ride pillion."

"I accept your kind offer," he returned, and springing on the pony's back took his place behind me.

He passed one arm around my waist for the purpose of holding himself securely in his position. We then slowly started in the direction of the lodge. We had not advanced a mile, however, before I felt something pressing stiffly against my bottom. My previous experience made me know what it was and you may easily believe, dear reader, that I began to feel a strange sensation running through me. Whether my companion detected my sensations or not, I cannot say, but certain it is that the arm that encircled my waist was raised until his hand rested on my bosom, outside my riding habit; however, I made no attempt to remove it, and encouraged, doubtless, by my seeming tacit consent to his enterprises, he furtively inserted two of his fingers in the opening in front of my dress and I felt them on my naked breast. The contact of my bubbies appeared to electrify him, for I felt his staff of love beating against my buttocks, still more plainly than before.

"Mr. Clarence," said I, "this is wrong—remember you have a wife."

"My darling girl," he replied, "I cannot help it. I am deeply enamored with you. My wife is sick and unable to receive my embraces. Dearest Kate, be kind to me. I swear I will not injure you."

What could an amorous, love-sick girl reply? I was too fond of sexual pleasures to refuse them when time and opportunity offered. T made no reply whatever. My silence evidently encouraged him, for he now unbuttoned the front of my habit and placed his hand on my naked breasts, molding them and titillating the strawberry nipples. With his other hand he managed to raise my petticoats from behind, and I felt myself sitting bare-bottomed on his lap. This was not all, for between my fleshy thighs was his instrument, which he had managed to disengage from his pantaloons. He now raised me up slightly and in another moment his hand invaded my mossy crevice. No sooner did his fingers come in contact with the hair surrounding the domain of Venus than all reserve left him and, inclining me slightly forward, he directed his instrument and in a moment forced it into my moist and burning passage, and drove it home with a sudden plunge.

"Oh God! Mr. Clarence! how delicious!" I exclaimed when I felt the hair surmounting his pubes tickling my bottom, and I wiggled myself from side to side on his splendid staff. The pony now began to canter and the motion he made was sufficient to cause his lance to move in and out of me. During this exciting proceeding, Clarence was titillating my clitoris in front, and turning my head around he kissed my lips in the most passionate manner. The pony really seemed to have some idea of what was being transacted on his back, for he set off in a gallop which soon brought a climax to our pleasure, for we both discharged simultaneously.

He then withdrew his weapon and we proceeded quietly home, indulging, however, in most delicious conversation on the way. When we reached Riverside Lodge we dismounted and entered the drawing room. It was unoccupied.

"Darling girl," said Herbert, "I must enjoy you once more—we shall not be interrupted."

"I am yours, dear Herbert, do with me as you please," I replied.

He led me to a sofa and laid me on my back, and then threw my clothes up above my navel. He paused awhile to gaze on my hidden charm, and ran his hands over the various objects that met his gaze.

"What magnificent limbs! What splendid thighs!" he exclaimed, "and what a graceful, rounded and polished belly, and then what a delicious Mons Veneris! What a profusion of curly hair adorns this lovely spot!"

He was not content with the unveiled charms of the lower portion of my body, but he must needs release my large and plump breasts—and these afforded him a new theme on which to expatiate. He did not moralize long, but unbuttoning his pantaloons he released his stiff lance and, bringing it to bear between my widely stretched thighs, I soon felt it forcing its way into my sensitive vagina. I raised my buttocks to meet his thrusts and experienced the most delicious sensation. His motions grew quicker and the end approached. I wiggled my bottom from side to side. I gave utterance to my rapture in words, sighs and exclamations of pleasure and received his whole discharge at the same moment that I myself emitted. When he had finished he leaned over and kissed my breasts and assisted me to rise. We heard steps approaching the room and I hastily retired to my chamber.

My time after the adventure with Mr. Clarence passed very agreeably. My amorous desires were fully satisfied and I enjoyed a repetition of the scenes I had passed through with my cousin. I found Herbert very ardent and very ingenious in his mode of performing the sexual act—I shall have to refer to some of his experiments by and by.

One day I was informed that Mr. Clarence's sister-in-law was coming to spend a few weeks at Riverside Lodge. Herbert gave me the information with manifest pleasure painted on his face and I felt sure her coming pleased him; for my own part, I cannot say that I was especially delighted, for I was afraid her presence would interfere with our enjoyments.

On the appointed day, a carriage drove up to the entrance and Amy Denmead, Mrs. Clarence's sister, alighted. The moment I saw her, truth compels me to state that she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever beheld. She was about twenty years of age, above the medium height and her form was molded in the most exquisite manner. Her face was really lovely, her features faultless, her complexion fair as Parian marble and yet the hue of health was on her cheeks—the white and red contrasting in admirable manner. Her hair was a dark glossy brown and hung in natural ringlets on her snowy neck and shoulders. Her bosom was full, voluptuous and beautifully rounded. Her hands and feet were small, almost to a fault, her carriage was full of grace and when she smiled she allowed to be seen a row of pearly teeth which, if they had been cut out of a solid piece of ivory, could not have been more regular.

When I was introduced to her she received me with a good deal of warmth in her manner and observed that she was certain we would be good friends. During the evening she asked me if I had any objections to her sleeping with me, as she was too timid to sleep alone. I replied that I should be very happy for her to share my bed. We retired early as she was tired from her journey. She undressed very quickly and was soon between the sheets. I quickly followed her example. The moment I lay by her side she clasped me in her arms and pressed a warm kiss on my lips. I returned it, for I began to feel attracted by this delicious creature, and the warm contact of her beautiful semiglobes to mine sent a thrill through me. But we made no further progress that night, confining ourselves to conversation only. She asked me a great many questions concerning Herbert Clarence, as to "how I liked him," "how he behaved towards me," and a hundred other interrogatories. At last we went to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning I found Miss Denmead already risen. I got up, dressed myself and went down to seek her. I searched the house and found she was not there, and then came to the conclusion that she must have gone into the garden for a stroll. I followed and directed my steps to a summer-house situated at the bottom of the lawn. The pathway that led to it was of grass so that the sound of footsteps could not be heard. When I approached the arbor I heard the rustling of a dress inside, and instead of opening the door I peeped through the keyhole. Great God! I saw a sight which sent the blood boiling through my veins. Herbert Clarence was reclining on his back on a divan which he had drawn into the middle of the floor. His pantaloons were slipped down to his heels, leaving the whole of the lower portion of his body uncovered. Straddling him, with one foot resting on the ground and with the other on the divan was the beautiful Amy. Her dress was open in front, leaving her splendid breasts entirely bare. Her petticoats were elevated above her navel and thrown behind her white belly, her voluptuous thighs, her magnificent limbs, and above all that masterpiece of nature, her lovely Mons Veneris entirely exposed to my gaze, for she stood directly facing me. His instrument had penetrated the luscious lips of her slit. While I was watching he gave one tremendous heave upwards with his buttocks and sent it into her body clear up to his testicles. She was evidently gorged with delight and enraptured, for her lovely face expressed the most intense enjoyment, and by the quivering of her eyelids I felt assured the crisis would soon come. They now commenced to move together, he directing his thrusts upwards while she worked her bottom in reply to his motions. While this delicious play was going on, I could distinctly see his staff entering in and out of her coral sheath, the lips of which embraced it so tightly that they seemed to be afraid it should escape from them. It was the most voluptuous sight I had ever seen. As the acme approached, Amy leaned over and kissed Herbert—their tongues sought each other's mouths and they imitated the sexual act. So intense was their feeling of pleasure that they actually bit each other. The working of his lance in her sensitive vagina caused a suction sound delightful to hear.

"Dear Herbert, I am coming," suddenly exclaimed the lovely girl.

These words seemed to increase Clarence's ardor, for he commenced to work his bottom with lightning rapidity, and suddenly giving a tremendous push upwards which she replied to by a corresponding motion downwards, they both remained motionless, his staff so deeply engulfed in her that the hair of their genitals was intermingled. Convulsive movement then seized her whole frame and she fell on his belly. He was still imbedded in her.

They remained motionless for ten minutes when she opened her eyes and kissed Herbert repeatedly on the lips. The warmth of her caresses appeared to reanimate him and he returned her embraces.

"I must now go, darling," said she. "Someone may come."

"I must once more taste the delights of heaven," he returned. "We shall have no opportunity until tomorrow, dear Amy, and I am not half satisfied yet."

He withdrew himself from her and wiping the throne of love gently with his pocket handkerchief, he stooped down and kissed her Mons Veneris. He then drew her on his knee and began gently to titillate her clitoris with his finger, she performing her part by covering and uncovering the ruby head of his lance. They continued this play for some little time—every motion evidently bringing them nearer the consummation.

"Herbert, I shall spend if you continue your titillations much longer," said Amy, beginning to wriggle her buttocks.

"Come then, darling," replied Herbert. "I too am ready."

And so saying he reclined her on the divan, and taking her thighs in his arms, he drove his lance to the hilt into her body. They seemed no longer to know what they were about. Joined as they were together, they seemed to experience the utmost voluptuousness. Amy especially appeared to be enjoying the delights of heaven. Her rapid movements, her exclamation of supreme pleasure, the trembling of her eyelids, and the convulsive manner in which she pressed Herbert's bottom was sufficient proof of her intense pleasure. A few reciprocal motions and they again discharged.

They now rose, adjusted their clothing and I thought it better to retire, which I immediately did. A few minutes afterwards Amy entered, apparently as fresh as ever, and greeting me with a kiss, stating that she had been taking a long walk. I did not say a word, determined to take my own time to tell what I had seen. That night when we retired to bed, Amy addressed a few words to me and then fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning she was still sleeping. I turned down the bedclothes and found that the lower portion of her body was entirely naked. Her nightdress, too, was open in the front, leaving her delicious breasts exposed. They were firm, round and white as the driven snow, and surmounted by delicate pink nipples. Her beautiful hair covered the pillow like a veil. Her ruby lips were slightly separated, revealing her pearly teeth, and her lovely cheeks were tinged with a slight color which made her appear most lovely. Her belly was the smoothest and whitest I had ever seen. Her magnificently molded thighs were stretched widely apart, and at the lower part of her belly was her glorious domain of Venus. It was indeed a pretty bijou. Imagine to yourself, dear reader, a hillock surmounted with curly brown hair, between which could be seen the pouting lips to the entrance of bliss, folded so closely together that a line of coral only showed where they joined. It was a sight that would have tempted an anchorite. I do not know what possessed me but I leaned over her and imprinted a kiss on that fountain of delight. I then gently divided the lips with my finger and sought for her clitoris, which I soon had swelling under my touches.

In a few moments it grew quite stiff. A shiver of delight ran through the lovely girl, but she did not awake. With a finger of my other hand I penetrated into the coral passage and began to move it rapidly in and out, while with my other finger I titillated her vagina. Amy, still asleep, replied to my titillations by working her bottom up and down.

"Oh Herbert," she exclaimed, "it is too delightful! Faster darling, faster."

I moved my finger with such extreme rapidity I could feel her vagina beginning to contract on my finger; she wiggled herself to and fro.

"I am coming, darling, dear Herbert, I am com—com—"

She could utter no more, but pushing her bushy mount close up to my hand I felt my fingers endowed with the love potion I had distilled from her. At the moment of discharging she awoke, and opening her eyes gazed with astonishment on me.

"Is it you, dear Kate?" she exclaimed as soon as she could recover her breath. "I really thought it was—" she seemed suddenly to remember and hesitated to finish her sentence.

"You thought it was Herbert Clarence," I remarked.

The lovely girl blushed, but made no reply.

"I saw your proceedings with him yesterday in the arbor," I continued, "but do not be alarmed, dear Amy, for I am willing to confess he has done exactly the same thing to me."

"If that be the case, there need be no reserve between us," replied Amy, and raising from her reclining posture she seized me by the waist and throwing me on the bed she divested me of my chemise almost before I knew what she was about. When she saw my naked body she uttered an exclamation of pleasure and ran her hands rapidly over my charms. She first of all kissed and molded my bubbies, sucking the very nipples—from this she descended to my belly, smoothing it down with her soft hand—at last she attacked me in the very center of pleasure, running her fingers on the hair surmounting my Mons Veneris, opening the lips and gazing curiously in the ruby cavity. Then she seized on my clitoris, exciting it with her lascivious touches, and at last, as if unable to control herself longer, she forced a finger into the deepest recesses of my vagina and commenced to move it rapidly in and out.

"Amy, Amy!" I exclaimed, "you are killing me with pleasure."

"Have you not given me the most intense enjoyment this morning, and shall I not be equally kind to you? But stay, darling," she continued, "I have something that will give you even greater delight."

She suddenly desisted from her manipulations, and running through her trunk took from it an India-rubber dildo, shaped exactly like a man's instrument.

"This is what I amuse myself with when alone," said she, "and now I am going to give you a taste of it. Place yourself on your knees dear Kate, and recline your head on the pillow."

I placed myself in the position she indicated, by which means my buttocks were elevated high in the air.

"How glorious you look in this position, Kate," said Amy, pressing her hands over my bottom. "What a pretty object is your bijou between your swelling thighs, how closely the plump lips come together and how delicately they are shaded by the curling hair growing on that precious buttock! I must—I must kiss it."

So saying she stooped down and imprinted a long kiss on the object presented to her regard—nay, she did more, for I actually felt her tongue divide the mysterious portals of Venus and penetrate into the most secret recesses of my covered way of love, rendering me almost crazy with the delicious titillation. She was one of the most lascivious girls I ever met with, and evidently enjoyed one of her own sex almost as much as she did one of the male kind. She moved her tongue rapidly for a few moments and I verily believe, had she continued five seconds longer, I should have spent in her mouth. But she suddenly ceased.

"Now, darling, for something more substantial," she exclaimed.

And bringing the point of the dildo to the entrance of my vagina, she suddenly plunged it to the very hilt into my glowing sheath. She now commenced to move it in and out of me somewhat slowly, as if for the purpose of prolonging my exquisite feelings. Soon, however, she saw by the motion of my buttocks that I was on the eve of discharging, and placing her hand scientifically between my thighs, she titillated my clitoris and bottom at the same moment, while with the other hand she drove the dildo with lightning rapidity into my lustful cavity. I could hold out no longer.

"I must come, dearest Amy," I gasped. "There-there-th—"

And with a half murmured ejaculation of pleasure I poured down a flood of love's tide and sank motionless on my belly in the bed.

In a few minutes I recovered and we both lay side by side. Again and again we tasted bliss in each other's arms, I sought to repay her for the delights she had afforded me, and I may say, I succeeded. At last we were unable to do anything more and fell asleep in each other's arms. We were awakened by a tap at the door. Amy rose up and ran to open it and who should be there but Mr. Clarence. A few hurried whispers ensued between them, then Herbert stepped into the room.

"Dear Kate," said he, coming to me as I lay in bed. "Amy has informed me that you have come to a good understanding together, and I need not tell you how much gratified I am to hear it. God forbid that two such beautiful girls should be rivals. I love you both and I believe I can satisfy you both. My wife, tomorrow, goes to Philadelphia to spend a few days—there is no reason we should not enjoy pleasure all together. I propose that tomorrow evening shall be our initiation—we shall have the house entirely to ourselves. Do you consent, Kate?"

"Willingly," I replied. Jumping up from my bed, regardless of the exposure of my person, and throwing my arms around his neck, I kissed him on the lips.

"What do you say, Amy, do you consent?"

"I shall like it most of all things," replied his sister-in-law, following my example. As we both hung about his neck he pressed us to him, and the sight of our naked charms evidently affected him, and I thought he would there and then give us proof of his prowess, but he controlled himself and advised us to husband our strength for the following night as he intended to do. He then kissed us both and retired from the chamber.

Chapter IV


The next day at two o'clock Mrs. Clarence and her two children started for Philadelphia, leaving Amy, Mr. Herbert and myself the sole occupants of Riverside Lodge. We passed a delightful afternoon together, wandering about the grounds, reading amorous books, and filling up intervals with tender conversation. I found Amy to be a very intelligent girl who conversed on almost every subject. We stayed out in the open air until it began to grow dark, then we all reentered the house. We then sat down to a delicious repast followed by a bottle or two of champagne. The wine caused our eyes to sparkle and unloosened our tongues.

"Come, girls," said Herbert, rising from his chair after we had finished dessert, "follow me, and I will conduct you to the room destined to be the theater of our joys."

We obeyed and he led us to a part of the house I had never visited before. At the end of a passage he unlocked a door and ushered us into a magnificently furnished chamber, in fact it was furnished with a luxury which I had never before imagined. The apartment was of octagon shape and was lighted by a chandelier which hung from the ceiling, suspended therefrom by silver chains. The ceiling itself was beautifully frescoed and was painted with scenes from heathen mythology. Placed here and there throughout the chamber were statuettes made of Parian marble which almost seemed to breathe in the soft artificial light. The floor was covered with a gorgeous medallion carpet and around the walls were placed easy chairs and sofas of the most costly description. A peculiar intoxicating perfume was shed through the room, which had the effect of inducing a soft languor. There were eight panels formed by the octagon shape of the room. The upper portion of each panel was filled by a beautifully executed oil painting, the lower portion by a mirror or plate glass descending to the floor.

Each painting was numbered from one to eight, and they were such exciting subjects and so beautifully executed that I cannot refrain from giving a description of them to the reader. Number one represented a beautiful girl reclining on a sofa, her petticoats raised to reveal the lower portion of her body. Her head was thrown back, her breasts were bare, and her thighs were elevated in the air. In front of her was a young man with the insignia of his sex proudly elevated, menacing the domain of Venus with his formidable weapon. Another girl seated on the sofa behind him was endeavoring to pull him away from her more fortunate companion—her clothes too were raised above her navel, revealing all the secrets of her person. The artist had painted her charms so perfectly that it was difficult to believe they were not real. The lips of her slit and the hair surmounting the hillock of Venus was done to the very life. This picture was labeled The Dispute.

Number two, labeled A Water Party, represented a boat gliding down a silver stream. On the edge of the boat sat a man entirely naked with a girl in the same condition in his arms. Her arms encircled his neck while he grasped her around the body. Her thighs were wrapped tightly around his loins while his instrument was buried to the very hilt in her salacious slit. In the water, a girl was resting on her hands, her plump bubbies just kissing the stream, while behind her stood a man with her legs in his grasp, his staff of love deeply imbedded in her sensitive vagina. The lips of her bijou were beautifully depicted at the lower part of her white bottom. Another nymph was getting into the boat with her back turned to the spectator, thus showing the glorious slope of her back and her voluminous white buttocks and thighs.

Number three, labeled A Complete Seat, represented a man sitting on the edge of a low wall, a lovely girl completely in a state of nature in his lap. She sat sideways. One of her thighs rested on his arm, the other hung down. The elevation of her thigh enabled the spectator to see his pego hovering between the lips of the warm nest destined by nature to receive it.

Number four, entitled Rural Felicity, depicted a beautiful girl seated on a rock beside a stream of water. She was naked, as also was her companion, a stalwart man who kneeled over her belly in such a manner that he had placed his staff between her bubbies, which she squeezed together for the purpose of holding it tightly in position; below his buttocks could be seen the whole of her domain of love his bottom resting on the hairy mount.

Number five, entitled Mutual Enjoyment, represented a man and a woman lying on a couch together, but in reversed position. The man's tongue had penetrated into her lustful cavity, while she had his engine in her mouth, at the same time tickling his testicles with her fingers.

Number six, labeled Garden Studies, represented a beautiful flower garden in the midst of which was a man seated on a rustic bench. A girl was standing over him with her clothes raised up, and his rod was just entering her sheath at the same time that he was titillating her clitoris with his finger.

Number seven, labeled A Scene In The Rocky Mountains, represented a naked nymph seated on a rock, while in front of her stood her lover with her thigh resting on his arms. She had seized his weapon and was just forcing it into her lascivious cavity. A short distance off was another girl, also seated, amusing herself with a dildo, which she had imbedded into her sheath.

Number eight, entitled A Kitchen Scene, represented a naked man embracing a girl from behind. Her head rested on an ottoman placed on a bench, her thighs rested on his shoulders, and he was kissing her bottom, molding her breasts and driving into her vagina all at the same time.

The reader can imagine how the sight of these lascivious pictures acted upon two such excitable girls as we were. I forgot to mention that in the center of the apartment was a long divan, evidently made purposely for the sexual act. It was perfectly certain from our sparkling eyes, from our heightened color, and from our trembling limbs that we were almost crazy with desire and that we were ready to do anything to appease our passions. Still, there was for a moment or two a kind of restraint as to who should begin. Amy was the first to break.

"We have come here to enjoy ourselves," she exclaimed. "Let us lose no time. I propose the first thing we do is to strip ourselves entirely naked."

"Agreed," I returned, commencing to unfasten my frock, and in a few moments we had divested ourselves of every particle of clothing.

When we all three stood naked, we saw our forms reflected over and over again in the mirrors. Herbert came up to us and clasped us both in his arms. He kissed us all over: now it was our bubbies, now it was our whole bellies, now it was the center of love itself until we were all so excited that the consummation could no longer be delayed. Amy, indeed, was beyond herself, for she threw herself on her back on the divan and, opening her white thighs to the widest extent, begged for someone to come and give her relief.

"If someone does not come and quench the fire burning in me, I shall die," said she.

"My slit is on fire-come Clarence, drive your delicious pego into my vitals-see, I open the door for you-come, darling, come."

And the voluptuous girl, with her finger and thumb, opened the lips of her coral sheath and showed up the pink interior. Who could resist such an appeal as this? Certainly not Herbert, for he rushed to the suffering girl and in a moment his pego was knocking at the mouth of her womb, imbedded to the very hair in her salacious cavity. Great God, what a delicious sight it was! Amy was crazy with delight; she folded her legs and thighs around his loins and jutted up her Mons Veneris to meet his thrusts. They had already commenced to move together when Amy suddenly called to me.

"Come here, Kate," said she, "you must have your share too—just turn your bottom towards me and straddle across my face."

I did as she requested, and my position was such that my notch came directly over her mouth.

"Now, Herbert," said Amy, "I will titillate her clitoris with my tongue while you imitate the sexual act with your tongue."

I threw my arms around Herbert's neck, he brought his face to mine, and his tongue penetrated my lips. In the meantime, I could feel Amy's tongue seek out my clitoris, which she no sooner found than she began to titillate it in the most entrancing manner. I was gorged with love and so was Amy, for I could feel her whole body shiver with her delicious sensations. Herbert began to drive most furiously into her body. Amy kept time with her tongue in my slit. We were much too excited to be able to prolong this scene. The crisis soon arrived: Amy's burning womb received Herbert's boiling sperm while she responded in such profusion that it actually ran down her white thighs; nor was I behind, for Amy's tongue brought down from me a copious shower of the elixir of love. This exciting scene over, we all took a bath, which was conveniently situated in an adjoining chamber, and partaking of a few glasses of champagne, we rested ten minutes.

"Come, dear Kate," said Clarence, "it is your turn now," and throwing himself on his back on the divan, he drew me on top of him. In another moment his engine of love had penetrated my slit and I felt it rubbing one side of my sensitive vagina. Amy stationed herself behind us and watched with flushing eyes and heightened color the in-and-out motion of his pego into my body. At last unable to control herself any longer she passed one hand between our bellies and titillated my clitoris while with her other hand she tickled alternately my bottom and his testicles. Soon, however, she changed her tactics and applied some vigorous slaps on my broad buttocks, turning the white cheeks into a rosy hue; each time she struck me it seemed to impale me on his fiery staff, causing it to enter a prodigious way into my mount.

I insisted that Clarence should remain perfectly passive while I did all the work, and I can assure the reader that I moved my buttocks in fine style. The mirrors around us reflected our actions, and not only was I feeling gratified but, owing to their agency, I could see his weapon entering in and out of my coral crevice. It was a delicious sight and enhanced our pleasures tenfold—I was, however, so full of love's juices that I could hold back no longer.

"I am coming, dear Herbert," I exclaimed, "come at the same time that I do, darling—come—co—co—"

I could perceive that Herbert was responding to my invocation, for he suddenly heaved up his buttocks and placing his two hands on my bottom he pressed me so closely to him that the hair surrounding our private parts was mingled in one mass together and I could feel his hot semen rush into me, meeting my own discharge which I emitted most copiously. Amy expressed herself as much gratified at witnessing our entrancing enjoyments as if she herself had been the recipient.

After half an hour's enjoyment of more wine, Herbert's erect weapon, which we had never ceased handling, showed us that he was again ready for combat. This time he devised a new mode for satisfying his desires. He had been playing with my bubbies, admiring their whiteness, firmness, and volume. He pressed them closely together and remarked that the narrow channel thus made would just fit his instrument. He placed me half sitting on an ottoman and made me recline on my back on the divan. He then made Amy straddle my chest, her bottom just resting on the top of my breasts, her face turned towards me, thus presenting her delicious buttocks to his gaze. He now stood between my thighs, his right knee coming in contact with my hairy mount. He then placed his instrument between my breasts, and at the same time entered Amy's slit from behind. I squeezed my bubbies together and held his staff tight. It was a curious position but it gave us all infinite enjoyment—for while he was satisfying Amy's greedy crevice with his pego, he was rubbing my clitoris with his knee—we all discharged together.

All these experiences in the field of Venus were not sufficient to quench our desires, so excited were we with the voluptuous surroundings. After a few minutes' rest, Amy proposed the next tableau. She lay down lengthwise on the divan and made me lie on the top of her with my head between her thighs, by which position my mouth came in contact with her notch, while hers did the same with mine. As I supported myself on my knees my bottom was raised. She then directed Herbert to enter me from behind. No sooner was his staff embedded in my vagina than she commenced to titillate my clitoris with her tongue, while I performed the same office for her. I shall not attempt to describe my feelings during this delicious combat. Not only did I feel his soul-inspiring thrusts, but the titillations of her tongue almost sent me crazy with delight, to say nothing of the pleasure I experienced from biting and sucking her voluptuous clitoris. We all discharged sooner this time than we had done before.

We were now somewhat exhausted and sat down to a splendid collation and drank some delicious wines. After this was over we all reclined on the divan together.

"Herbert," said Amy, "while we are resting, tell us your love adventures—they must be very racy."

"Willingly, my love, but it is a long story and I am afraid of shocking your modesty for I shall be obliged to use plain language."

"I tell you what to do, Herbert," said I—"use French terms, that will be an excellent way of getting over the difficulty."

"A good idea, Kate—and I will follow it. When I want to speak of the throne of Venus I will use the word 'Con.' When I refer to man's organ I will say 'Vit'—the buttocks I will call the 'Fesses' and 'Cul' indiscriminately. I warn you beforehand, some phrases I shall express entirely in French as they cannot be translated without offending American ears. Besides which I love to speak of matters of which I believe you are ignorant; for I am free to confess there is no greater rake than myself."

We placed ourselves in listening posture, he with a hand placed over each of our mounts, he then commenced his history in the terms which will be found in the next chapter.

Chapter V


"I was born at Temperanceville, a village in the interior of the state of New York. My father was a rich man, and the house in which we lived was a fine mansion, beautifully situated in the midst of a grove of trees. Up to the age of sixteen, nothing occurred worthy of note. Since the time I was eight years of age my father had employed a private tutor to instruct me—but he was a very easy man and allowed me to slight my lessons with impunity; the consequence was that at sixteen I was, comparatively speaking, ignorant. One day my father asked me to write a note for him, and when I handed it to him he was shocked at the numerous mistakes in orthography and composition, and forthwith decided that I must be sent to school. My tutor was dismissed and the very next week I was sent to a large boarding-school in Brooklyn, kept by a Mr. Ames.

"I soon felt at home in my new position and liked the change very much, making rapid progress in my studies. I was one of the biggest boys in the school, and having, in more than one instance, proved my courage, I was spared much annoyance from the other boys, who although they might surpass me in learning were not my masters in fisticuffs.

"A year passed in this manner, and during that period I almost recovered the time lost in my early education. I was a favorite, both with the boys and the principal of the school, and the days passed very pleasantly until an event occurred which changed the entire tenor of my existence.

"I had often heard Mr. Ames speak of his daughter Cordelia, who was in France finishing her education. During my second year at school she returned home and the following day I saw her for the first time in the garden attached to the house. At the moment I first beheld her, she was stooping down gathering flowers. This posture elevated her clothes behind and I saw a considerable portion of her beautiful legs, the sight of which for the first time inspired me with sexual desire. I anxiously waited for her to turn around that I might see her face. In a few moments she did so and I was immediately struck with her beauty. She was a brunette with dark glossy hair, intensely black eyes, regular features, luscious red lips, white teeth, a laughing expression on her countenance, ivory shoulders, rather short stature, broad hips, and a glorious figure. She detected my earnest gaze, but instead of being abashed at it, she merely smiled at me and passed. I judged her to be about twenty years of age.

"I could not forget Cordelia's smile all that day. It haunted me wherever I went. I was too young to understand its real significance, but it was sufficient to cause an indefinable feeling to take possession of me. When I retired to bed that night (my father had insisted that I should have a room to myself), I noticed that the chamber adjoining mine, which had been shut up ever since I had been at school was now open and fitted up with new furniture. In answer to my inquiry I was told that the room was destined for Miss Cordelia; I felt pleased to think that I should have her for such a close neighbor, and I began to think we might become more intimately acquainted.

"About three nights after this, I retired to bed quite late—in fact, the whole house had already retired. When I came to Miss Cordelia's room, I was surprised to find the door half open and a brilliant light streaming from it. My curiosity was so much aroused that I peeped into the chamber. Great God! a sight met my eyes which took away my breath and riveted me to the floor.

"The beautiful Cornelia with nothing on but her chemise, was lying on a sofa; but this was not all. Her back was towards me and her sole garment was raised above her hips, revealing to me her lovely bottom, the back portion of a pair of the whitest thighs in the world, and the whole of her magnificently formed legs. In lying down she had a curious position which jutted out her buttocks and allowed me to see between her fleshy thighs the luscious lips of her bijou shaded with black hair.

"I stood confounded for a moment but soon recovered myself, as the lovely creature appeared to be asleep. I determined to venture into the chamber that I might obtain a closer view of her concealed beauties; I cautiously glided into the chamber and found that she did not wake. I advanced close to her and, kneeling down behind her, examined at leisure the beautiful objects before my eyes. I can find no words to express her exquisite con. The two fleshy lips met close together, showing only a line of coral which curved from her bottom and was lost in a mass of black curly hair. Of course I was perfectly excited at this sight. And in spite of all prudent considerations, I could not resist bending my head down and imprinting a kiss on the object offered to my regard. She evidently felt the embrace, for a shiver ran through her body, but she did not open her eyes. I now grew more bold, and dividing the lips of her bijou with my tongue I sought the interior of her grotto and met at the entrance her stiffened clitoris, which I had no sooner touched than as if by instinct she pressed her bushy mount close to my face. I now moved my tongue slowly in and out of the luscious opening and she responded by heaves of her buttocks, and in a few moments she poured down a flood of love's elixir. I rose to my feet and was about to withdraw when Cordelia opened her eyes and gazed on me, full in the face. I blushed all over with shame and was about to make a precipitate retreat, when the dear girl smiled on me and, seizing my hand, conveyed it to her splendid bubbies. I already read my pardon on her face, and clasping my arms around her, I pressed her frantically to my heart. I kissed her deliriously, gluing my lips to her, at the same time forcing my tongue into her mouth. She returned all my caresses.

"After toying in this manner a little while, I slipped her chemise off her shoulders and exposed her two semiglobes to my greedy gaze. What lovely objects! I kissed them, sucked the nipples, buried my face between them, stroked her belly and played with her hairy mount. She, too, was not unoccupied, for she had unbuttoned my trousers and was caressing my staff with her hand, capping and uncapping its red head and with the other hand she tickled my testicles. In a broken voice she confessed to me that she had only pretended to be asleep during my manipulations of her charms; that she desired to enjoy me as much as I did her, and she begged me at once to satisfy her longings. I was all primed and loaded for the combat, and kneeling on the floor I drew her towards me; she stooped down and with her own hand guided my instrument into her salacious notch. I felt it tearing up her vagina, and in a moment our conjunction was complete.

"She now commenced to move her bottom rapidly on my staff, while I, with my arms clasped round her handsome body, pressed her towards me in such a manner that her snowy breasts beat against my face. I took one of her rosy nipples in my mouth, and while she was pumping up my spermatic treasures, I sucked and titillated the cunning little strawberry top of her alabaster globes. Nor was this all, for I lowered one of my hands and tickled her bottom—sometimes gently slapping her fleshy cushions, at others forcing a finger in le trou de son cul. When she felt this last operation she could no longer withhold her emission, but throwing her arms round my neck she discharged profusely at the same moment that I anointed her vagina and thighs with my love juices.

"I enjoyed her three times before leaving her. We came to a very good understanding together, and it was decided that I should visit her again the next evening when everybody had retired to bed. I slept soundly that night and rose the next morning extremely happy, for I was cheered up by the thoughts of the joys I was about to experience.

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