Selections from early Middle English, 1130-1250 - Part I: Texts
Author: Various
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All but the first three are rare, or occur only in notes. Any other bracketed characters are in the original text.

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In the last three selections, doubled represents the large C-like paragraph symbol. In Orm and earlier selections, is as printed.

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The Notes were published in a separate volume, in preparation at the time this e-text was produced (August 2008). For each selection, the bracketed paragraph describing the MSS. has been summarized from these Notes; additions or omissions shown by ellipses or brackets according to the usual rules for academic quotation.

Further details about the format of this e-text are at the end of the text. All notes in [[double brackets]] were added by the transcriber.]



Edited With Introductions And Notes


JOSEPH HALL M.A., Hon. D.Litt., Durham University


OXFORD At The Clarendon Press M CM XX


London Edinburgh Glasgow New York Toronto Melbourne Cape Town Bombay

HUMPHREY MILFORD Publisher to the University


Some of the texts in this book have already appeared in the Specimens of Early English edited by the Rev. Richard Morris. But Nos. i, ii, iv, vii, xiii and xv are new, the important shorter pieces, Nos. vi, viii, xvi, xviii, xxi and xxiii, are printed in full, and some, as Nos. viii and ix, are taken from additional or better manuscripts. The pieces are arranged tentatively in what appears to be the chronological order of their composition, but Nos. xix and xvii should have come before the Ancrene Wisse, and No. vii has been placed next to the Proverbs of Alfred, from which it appears to be derived. It is hoped that those who study the older book will find in the present one a useful supplement.

The texts follow the manuscripts in all details. The syntax being comparatively simple, there is not much to be gained by modern punctuation, and that of the manuscripts has gained a fresh importance from theories which have been founded upon it. Where obvious mistakes have been corrected in the text, notice is always given in the footnotes. Additions are made within square brackets, and interlineations are printed between accents.

My best thanks are due to the custodians of the libraries for the facilities which with uniform kindness they extended to me in the collation of the manuscripts.

J. H.


January, 1920.


Page I. WORCESTER FRAGMENTS 1 Worcester Cathedral Library, 174.

II. SAINT GODRIC'S HYMNS 5 British Museum, Royal 5 F. vii.

III. THE PETERBOROUGH CHRONICLE (A.D. 1132-1154) 5 Bodleian, Laud Misc. 636.

IV. CHARTER OF HENRY THE SECOND 11 B. M., Harleian Charter iii B. 49.

V. A PARABLE 12 B. M., Cotton Vespasian A. xxii.

VI. THE PROVERBS OF ALFRED 18 Jesus Coll. Oxford, Arch. E. 29.

VII. MEMENTO MORI 29 Same as No. VI.

VIII. POEMA MORALE 30, 31 Lambeth, 487. B. M., Egerton 613. Trinity Coll. Camb., B. 14. 52.

IX. ANCRENE WISSE A 54, 55 Corpus Christi Coll. Camb., 402. Caius Coll., 234.

IX. ANCRENE WISSE B 60, 61 Corpus MS., as before. B. M., Cotton Nero A. xiv, with passages from C inserted between asterisks. Variants upon MS. Nero from B. M., Cotton Titus D. xviii (without any indicating letter) and B. M., Cotton Cleopatra C. vi (= C). B indicates agreement of T and C as against N.

X. IN DIEBUS DOMINICIS 76 Lambeth, 487.


XII. SERMONS FOR PALM SUNDAY AND EASTER DAY 82 Trinity Coll. Camb., B. 14. 52.


XIV. LA[Gh]AMON 94, 95 B. M., Cotton Caligula A. ix. B. M., Cotton Otho C. xiii.

XV. ORM 112 Bodleian, Junius 1.

XVI. SAWLES WARDE 117 Bodleian, 34 (to l.339, p. 127). B. M., Royal 17 A. xxvii (from l.339, p. 127 to end).

XVII. SAINT KATHERINE 128 B. M., Royal 17 A. xxvii.

XVIII. THE ORISON OF OUR LADY 132 B. M., Cotton Nero A. xiv.

XIX. SAINT JULIANA 138, 139 B. M., Royal 17 A. xxvii. Bodleian, 34.

XX. THE OWL AND THE NIGHTINGALE 148, 149 Jesus Coll. Oxford, Arch. E. 29. B. M., Cotton Caligula A. ix.

XXI. THE BESTIARY 176 B. M., Arundel 292.

XXII. GENESIS AND EXODUS 197 Corpus Christi Coll. Camb., 444.

XXIII. KENTISH SERMONS 214 Bodleian, Laud Misc. 471.


[Transcriber's Note:

All corrections listed here have been made in the body of the e-text. The form as originally printed is shown in [brackets]. A few additional corrections have been added from the Notes volume.]

1/17 [nu beo] [printed without brackets] 2/30 [fei][gh]e [[fei]ge] 11/1 {}urh MS kurh [body text printed without italics; added linenote] 12/15 alisendnesse [alisendnessee] 14/58 fi{lio} [fi{lii}] 17/162 d{escendi} [d{escendit}] 83/32 For v{iam} p{ro} read v{estimenta} p{rosternebant} 85/79 s{e}cla [s{e}c{u}la] 87/161 Omit words in brackets [printed [his fleis [&] his blod.] at beginning of line] 150/16 at [ar] 152/57 wit [wi] 154/104 bysemar [bisemar] 160/183 nyht [niht] 160/185 vych [vich] 160/191 qua [qwa] 166/289 In footnote, ule [added footnote] 167/289 In footnote, ule [no change] 167/310 eue [eve] 168/336 Murehe ilyche [Muree iliche] 168/339 holy [holi] 221/248 iheed for ihee[r]d


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"Worcester Cathedral Library, 174.... Its contents are ... (2)the scrap here marked A; (3)the pieces B and C with five more fragments of the same poem. Acompletes the page on which the glossary ends, and B is on the verso of the leaf. The leaves have been slightly shorn at one side and reduced at top and bottom, but probably to no great extent: the conjectural complement, which is here printed within square brackets, is for the most part fairly obvious, the more so as portions of the lost letters often remain. The whole MS. is in the same large square hand, but the pieces in verse, which are written continuously, like prose, are less carefully executed. The handwriting is of the second half of the twelfth century, perhaps about 1180 A.D. The Latin headings are not in the MS."]]


S{an}c{tus} beda was iboren her on breotene mid us [f. 63 r [&] he wisliche [writen] awende [/] eo englis{c} leoden urh weren ilerde [&] he eo c[not]ten unwreih e questiuns hote a derne di[gh]elnesse e de[or]wure is 5 lfric abbod e we alquin hote he was bocare [&] e [fif] bec wende Genesis Exodus Vtronomius Numerus Leuiticus [urh] eos weren ilrde ure leoden on englisc et weren eos biscop[es eo] bodeden cristendom 10

wilfrid of {R}ipum Johan of beoferlai Cub[ert] of Dunholme Oswald of wireceastre Egwin of heoueshame l[dhelm] of malmesburi Swiun elwold Aidan Biern of wincstre [Pau]lin of rofecstre S.Dunston [&] S. lfeih of cantore buri

eos l[rden] ure leodan on englisc 15 ns deorc heore liht ac hit fire glod [nu is] eo leore forleten [&] et folc is forloren [nu beo] ore leoden eo l[re] ure folc [&] feole of en loreines losi [&] [/] folc for{}mid Nu si [ure] drihten us Sicut aq{ui}la p{ro}uocat 20 pullos suos ad uolandu{m} [&] sup{er} eo[s uolitat ] is beo godes word to worlde asende [/] we sceolen fier fe [festen to him]

[Linenotes: 2. writen] [bec] Varnhagen. 3. englisc] englise MS. 7.[fif] V. 11.Ripum] Sipum MS. 13.Paulin] [Cwiche]lm Wright.] us V.]


en earde [f. 63v [&] alle eo isceftan e him to [s]cu[l]en [&] mid muchele cre[fte e]ne mon he idihte [&] him on ileide lif [&] soule Softliche he heo isom[nede] ac r bi sor idol 5 [/] bode [/] bearn : onne hit iboren bi hit [woan]e [&] mnet eo weowe [&] ene seoruhfule si [&] [/] sori idol [/] soule schal [[&] li]came sorliche idlen foron hit cume weopinde [&] woniende iwite 10 [swo D]ea mid his pricke pine ene licame he walke [&] wende [&] wone [oftes]ies he si on his bedde wo me [/] ic libbe [/] ffre mine lif dawes us [lon]ge me ileste for heui is his greoning [&] seorhful is his woaning 15

[Linenotes: 3. [e]ne Buchholz. [on]ne Haufe. 7.hit [greone ond woan]e B. 9.[[&] li]came H. [hire li]came Singer. 11.[D]ea H., B. [thonne D]eath S. 13.wome MS.]

[&] al [bi] his si mid seorwe biwunden him deaue a ren : him dimme [a] i[gh]en him scerpe e neose him scrincke a lippen him scorte [e] tunge [him starke his skin ] him truke his iwit him teore his miht 20 him colde his [siden ] ligge e ban stille onne bi [/] soule{}hus seoruhliche bereaued [at] also muchele wunne e er{}inne wunede us bi s bearnes [bod]unge ifulled eo moder greone [&] [/] bearn woane 25 So bi eo [bu]rdtid mid ba'lewen imenged so bi eft e feorsi Mid seoruwen al bewunden onne e licame [&] e sowle soriliche to[dl]e : onne bi [/] wrcche lif iended al mid sori si onne bi e [fei][gh]e iflut to en flore 30

[Linenotes: 19.[him ... skin] no gap in MS. 21.e ban] perhaps he stan. 23.[at] B., [of] H. 27.In MS. the second half of this line is sorhliche to dl... copied by mistake from the next line. 30.[fei]ge Zupitza, [bodi]ge S.]

[[Partial word [bodi]ge italicized as shown]]]

he bi eastward istreiht he bi sone stif he [col]de also clei hit is him ikunde Mon hine met mid one [gh]erde [&] a mol[de] seoen ne mot he of re molde habben na{m}more onne [/] rihte imet [rih]tliche tche 35 onne li e clei clot colde on en flore [&] him sone from [fleo] eo he r freome dude nulle heo mid honden his heafod riht wen[den] heom unche [/] hore honden swue beo ifuled Gif heo hondle e[ne d]eade seoen his dea[gh]es beo igon 40 sone cume [/] wrecche wif e [forh]owe ene earfe si forbinde s ddan mu [&] his dimme e[gh]en [on]ne et riche wif forhowe ene earue si for ufel is eo wrecche lufe [ari]nne eo un{}blisse cuma onne besih eo soule sorliche to en lich[ame ] 45

[Linenotes: 32.[col]de Z., [hear]deth S. 41.The last half of this line is due to l.43. 43.[onne] H. [Ec] B. 44.arinne] [on]ne S., [In]ne H., B.]


[ ] u me eo hwule et ic wunede inne e [f. 64r for u were leas [&] luti[gh] [&] u[n]riht lufedest Godnesse [&] riht fre u onscunedest hwar is nu e[o mo]dinesse swo muchel e u lufedst hwar beo nu eo pundes urh [pa]newes igdered 5 heo weren monifolde bi markes itolde hwar beo [nu] eo Goldften eo e Guldene comen to ine honden in blisse is [nu] al agon min seoruwe is fornon hwar beo nu ine wde e [u] wel lufedest hwar beo [sibbe ] e seten sori ofer e 10 beden swue [gh]eorne [et] e come bote heom ute alto longe [/] u were on liue for heo [we]ren grdie to gripen ine ihte

[Linenotes: C 5. [pa]newes Holthausen. 7. e] e in darker ink. 10.[sibbe] no gap in MS.]

nu heo hi dle heom imong [heo] do e wi{}uten ac nu heo beo fuse to bringen e ut of huse, 15 b[rin]gen e ut t ire dure of weolen u rt bedled hwui noldest [u be]enchen me eo hwile ic was innen e ac semdest me mid sunne fo[ron] ic seoruhful eam weile [/] ic souhte so seoruhfulne buc noldest [u lo]kien lufe wi ilrede men 20 [gh]iuen ham of ine Gode [/] heo e fo[re] beden heo mihten mid salm songe ine sunne acwenchen Mid [ho]re messe ine misdeden fore biddan heo mihten offrian loc leofli[che] for e swue deor wure lac licame cristes 25 urh {n}e u were alese[d] from helle{}wite [&] mid his reade blode [/] he [gh]eat on rode o u we[re] ifreoed to farene i{n}to heouene ac u fenge to eowdome {urh} s de[ofles] lore Bi e hit is iseid [&] so hit is on boken 30

[Linenotes: 18.semdest] scendest S. 20.[lo]kien S., [ma]kien H., [e ma]kien B. 24.leofli[c] B. Z., in MS. re.]

Qui custodit diuitias ser[uus] est diuitiis u were eow ines weolan noldest u nouht r{}of d[len ] for drihtenes willn ac fre u grdiliche gderedest e more lu[er]liche eart u forloren from al [/] u lufedest 35 [&] ic scal wrcche soule [ weo]we nu drin eart u nu lo [&] unwur alle ine freonden nu ha{m} [un]che alto long [/] u ham neih list r u beo ibrouht aer u be[on] scalt on deope se on durelease huse 40 r wurmes wlde al [et e] wurest was fweles quale holde e u icwemdest r Mid alre [re] swetnesse eo u swue lufedest eo swetnesse is nu al agon [/] b[ittere] e bi fornon [/] bittere ilste ffre [/] swete ne cume e [nffre ] 45

[Linenotes: 36.[weo]we H., [ece] we S. ham] nu han MS.] [kunde] S., H., B.]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"Royal 5 F vii, British Museum ... apparently an inserted leaf. This leaf ... belongs to the beginning of the thirteenth century...."]]

A +Sainte marie uirgine [f. 85r moder ih{es}u cristes nazarene onfo schild help in godric onfang bring he[gh]ilich wi e in godes riche

+Sainte marie xpistes bur 5 maidenes clenhad moderes flur dilie min sinne rix in min mod bring me 'to winne wi e selfd God.

B Crist and sainte marie swa on scamel me iledde at ic on is ere ne silde wid mine bare fote i{}tredie 10

C +Sainte Nicholaes godes dru tymbre us faire scone hus At i burth at i bare. Sainte nicholaes, bring vs wel are.

[Linenotes: II. 3. Over _onfo_, _onfong_ in later hand. 4._wi_] _w_ corr. out of _. 6._maidenes_] _id_ corr. out of _rd_.]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"Laud Misc. 636, Bodleian Library (MS. E).... A new hand begins with 1132 and continues to the end in 1155 A.D."]]

[Headnote: The Anarchy]

[Sidenote: MCXXXII.]

f. 88v] +is gear co{m} henri king to is land. a co{m} henri abbot [&] uureide e muneces of burch to e king fori he uuolde undereden mynstr{e} to clunie. sua te king was wel neh be{}paht. [&] sende eft{er} e muneces. [&] ur'h godes milce [&] ur'h e b{iscop} of Seresb{er}i [&] te b{iscop} of linc{ol} [&] te ore ricemen e{5} er wron a wiste e king he feorde mid suicdo{m}. a he na{n} mor ne{}mihte. a uuolde he his nefe sculde ben abb{ot} in burch. oc xpist it ne{}uuolde. Was it noht suithe lang er{}eft{er} atte king sende eft{er} hi{m}. [&] dide hi{m} gyuen up abb{ot}rice of burch. [&] faren ut of lande. [&] te king iaf abb{ot}rice an p{ri}or of S' neod Martin was{10} ge{}haten. he co{m} on S' pet{res} messe{}dei mid micel wurscipe into the minstre.

[Sidenote: MCXXXV.]

+On is gre for se king h{enri} ouer s t te la{m}masse. [&] oer dei a he lai an slep in scip. a estrede e di ouer al landes [&] uuard e sunne suilc als it{15} uuare thre niht ald mone. an st{er}res abuten hi{m} at middi. Wur'en men suie of{}uundred [&] of{}dred [&] sden micel ing sculde cum{en} her{}eft{er}. sua dide. for at ilc gr warth e king ded. oer daei eft{er} S' Andreas massedi on norm{andi}. a wes treson a as landes. for uricman sone ruede oer e mihte.{20} a namen his sune [&] his frend [&] brohten his lic to engle{lande} [&] bebiriend in Reding{e}. Godman he wes [&] micel ie wes of hi{m}. durste nanman misdon wi oer on his time. Pais he makede men [&] dr. Wua{}sua bare his byrthen gold [&] sylure. durste na{n} man sei to hi{m} naht bute god.{25}

[Linenote: 20. a wes treson a Emerson, in MS. a westre sona.]

f. 89r] Enmang is was his nefe cumen to engle{lande} Stephne de blais. [&] co{m} to lundene. [&] te lundenisce folc hi{m} underfeng. [&] senden ȩft{er} e rceb{iscop} Will{el}m curbuil. [&] halechede hi{m} to kinge on midewintre{}di. On is kinges time wes al unfri [&] yfel [&] rflac. for agenes hi{m} risen sona a ricemen e wron swikes. alre fyrst Balduin{30} de Reduers [&] held Execestre agenes hi{m}. [&] te king it be{}st. [&] sian Bald{uin} acordede. a tocan a ore [&] helden her castles agenes hi{m}. [&] dauid king of scotland toc to uuerrien hi{m} a ohuuethere at here sandes feorden betwyx heo{m}. [&] hi to{}gdere comen [&] wure shte. o it litel forstode.{35}

[Sidenote: MCXXX'VII.]

+is gre for e 'k{ing} Steph{ne} ofer s to normandi [&] ther wes under{}fangen for{}i hi uuenden he sculde ben alsuic alse the eo{m} wes. [&] for he hadde get his tresor. ac he to{}deld it [&] scatered sotlice. Micel hadde henri k{ing} gadered gold [&] syluer. [&] na god ne dide me for his saule thar{}of.{40}

a 'e king S{tephne} to englal{ande} co{m} a macod he his gadering t Oxeneford. [&] ar he na{m} e b{iscop} Roger of Sereb{er}i [&] Alex{ander} b{iscop} of lincol [&] te canceler Rog{er} hise neues. [&] dide lle in p{ri}sun. til hi iafen up here castles. a the suikes under{}gton he milde man was [&] softe [&] god. [&] na iustise ne dide. a dide'n hi alle{45} wunder. Hi hadden hi{m} manred maked [&] athes suoren. ac hi nan treuthe ne heolden. alle he wron for{}sworen and here treothes for{}loren. for uric riceman his castles makede [&] agnes hi{m} heolden. [&] fylden e land ful of castles. Hi suencten suye e uureccemen of e land mid castel weorces. a e castles uuaren{50} maked a fylden hi mid deoules [&] yuelemen. a namen hi a men e hi wenden ani god hefde'n. bathe be nihtes. [&] be dies. carlmen [&] wi{m}men. [&] diden heo{m} 'in p{ri}sun eft{er} gold [&] syluer. [&] pined heo{m}; untellendlice pining. for ne uuren nure nan martyrs swa pined alse hi wron. Me henged up bi the fet [&] smoked heo{m} mid{55} ful smoke. Me henged bi the u{m}bes other bi the hefed. [&] hengen bryniges on 'her fet. Me dide cnotted strenges abuton here [f.89v] hued. [&] uurythen to it gde to e 'hrnes. Hi diden heo{m} in quarterne ar nadres [&] snakes [&] pades wron inne. [&] drapen heo{m} swa. Sume hi diden in crucethus is in an cȩste at was scort [&] nareu. [&]{60} un{}dep. [&] dide scrpe stanes er{}inne. [&] rengde e man r{}inne. hi{m} brcon alle e limes. In mani of e castles wron lof [&] gri{m}. wron rachenteges twa oer thre men hadden onoh to bron onne. at was sua maced. is fstned to an beom. [&] diden an scrp iren abuton a mannes throte [&] his hals. he 'ne myhte nowiderwardes.{65} ne sitten ne lien ne slepen. oc bron al iren. Mani usen hi drapen mid hungr. J ne can ne i ne mai tellen alle e wunder ne alle e pines hi diden wreccemen on is land. [&] lastede a xix wintre wile Stephne was king [&] ure it was uuerse [&] uuerse. Hi liden gildes o'n the tunes ure u{m}wile [&] clepeden it tenserie. a{70} e uureccemen ne hadden na{n} more to gyuen. a rueden hi [&] brendon alle the tunes. wel u myhtes faren al a dis fare sculdest thu neure finden man in tune sittende. ne land tiled. a was corn dre. [&] flec [&] cse [&] butere. for nan ne ws o e land. Wrecce men sturuen of hungr. sume ieden on lmes e waren su{m} wile{75} ricemen. sume flugen ut of lande. Wes nure gt mare wre'cce{}hed on land. ne nure hethen men werse ne diden an hi diden. For ouer{}sithon ne for{}baren 'hi nouther circe ne cyrce{}ird. oc nam{en} al e god ar{}inne was. [&] brenden sythen e cyrce [&] alte gdere. Ne hi ne forbaren b{iscopes} land ne abb{otes} ne preostes. ac rueden{80} munekes [&] clerekes. [&] uricman other e ouer myhte. Gif twa men oer iii coman ridend to an tun. al e tunscipe flugn for heo{m}. wenden hi wron rueres. e biscopes [&] leredmen heo{m} cursede ure. oc was heo{m} naht ar{}of. for hi uueron al forcursd [&] for{}suoren [&] for{}loren. War s me tilede. e erthe ne bar nan corn. for e land{85} was al fordon. mid suilce ddes. [&] hi sden openlice xpist slep. [&] his halechen. Suilc [&] mare anne we cunnen sin. we olenden xix wintre for ure sinnes. [f.90r] On al is yuele time heold Martin abbot his abbotrice xx wint{re} [&] half gr [&] viii dis. mid micel suinc. [&] fand e munekes [&] te gestes al at heo{m} be{}houed [&] heold mycel{90} carited in the hus. [&] owethere wrohte on e circe [&] sette ar{}to landes [&] rentes. [&] goded it suythe. [&] lt it refen [&] brohte heo{m} into e neuu mynst{re} on S' PETRES msse di mid micel wurtscipe. was anno ab incarn{atione} d{omini} Mcxl. a co{m}bustio{n}e loci xxiii [&] he for 'to Rome. [&] r ws wl under{}fangen fra{m} e pape{95} Eugenie. [&] be{}gt thare p{ri}uilegies. an of alle e landes of abbotrice. [&] an oer of e landes e lien to e circewican. [&] gif he leng moste liuen alse he mint to don of e horderwycan. And he be{}gt in landes at ricemen hefden mid strengthe. Of Will{el}m malduit e heold Rogingha{m} castel. he wan Cotingha{m} [&] Estun. [&] Of hugo of{100} Walt{e}uile he uuan hyrtlingb{eri} [&] Stanewig. [&] lx sol. of Aldewingle 'lc gr. And he makede manie munek{es} [&] plantede winird. [&] makede mani weorkes. [&] wende e tun betere an it r waes. [&] waes god munec [&] god man. [&] fori hi{m} luueden god [&] gode men.{105}

[Linenotes: 41. a] no paragraph in MS. 46. After maked erasure of two letters. 56.After umbes, [&] deleted. 81.e ouer] eouer MS. 97.After moste, alse erased. 99.strengthe corrected out of strengthre.]

Nu we willen sgen su{m}del wat belamp on Steph{nes} kinges time. On his time e iudeus of Noruuic bohton an xpisten cild be{}foren estren [&] pineden hi{m} alle e ilce pining ure drihten was pined. [&] on langfridi hi{m} on rode hengen for ure drihtines luue. [&] sythen byrieden hi{m}. wenden it sculde ben for{}holen. oc ure dryhtin{110} atywede he was hali m{arty}r. [&] to munekes hi{m} namen. [&] bebyried hi{m} heglice in e minst{re}. [&] he maket ur[h] ure drihtin wunderlice [&] manifldlice miracles. [&] hatte he S' Willelm.

[Sidenote: MCXXXVI'II.]

+On is gr co{m} dauid king of Scotl{and} mid ormete frd to is land. wolde winnan is land.{115} [&] hi{m} co{m} tognes Will{el}m eorl of Albamar e e king adde beteht euorwic [&] to other uez men mid fumen [&] fuhten wid heo{m}. [&] fle{m}den e king t te Standard. [&] sloghen suithe micel of his genge. [f.90v]

[Sidenote: MCXL.]

+On is gr wolde e king Steph{ne} tcen Rodb{er}t eorl{120} of gloucestre e kinges sune Henries. ac he ne myhte for he wart it war. er{}eft{er} in e lengten estrede e sunne [&] te di. abuton non tid dies. a men eten. me lihtede candles to ten bi. [&] at was xiii k{alend}. Ap{ri}l'. wron men suythe of wundred. er{}eft{er} fordfeorde Will{elm} rceb{iscop} of cantwarb{eri}.{125} [&] te king makede Teodbald rceb{iscop} e was abbot in the bec. er eft{er} wx suythe micel uuerre be{}tuyx e king [&] Randolf eorl of cstre noht for{}i he ne iaf hi{m} al he cuthe axen hi{m}. alse he dide alle othre. oc fre e mare he iaf heo{m}. e wrse hi wron hi{m}. e eorl heold lincol agnes e king. [&] be{}na{m} hi{m} al he{130} ahte to hauen. [&] te king for ider [&] bestte hi{m} [&] his brother Will{el}m de R[om]are in e castel. [&] te orl stl ut [&] ferde eft{er} Rodb{er}t eorl of gloucestre. [&] brohte hi{m} ider mid micel ferd. [&] fuhten suythe on Candel masse di agenes heore lauerd. [&] namen hi{m} for his men [h]i{m} suyken [&] flugn. [&] ld hi{m} to Bristowe [&]{135} diden ar in p{ri}sun [&] [fe]teres. a was al englel{and} styred mar an r ws. [&] al yuel w[s i]n lande. er{}eft{er} co{m} e king{es} doht{er} henries e hefde ben emp{er}i[ce] i[n A]lamanie. [&] nu ws cuntesse in Angou. [&] co{m} to lundene [&] te lundenissce folc hire wolde tcen. [&] sc fleh [&] forles ar mic[el.] er eft{er} e biscop of Wincestre henri{140} e king{es} brother Steph{nes} spac wid Rodb{er}t eorl [&] wyd e{m}p{er}ice [&] suor heo{m} athas he neure ma mid te king his brother wolde halden. [&] cursede alle e men e mid h[i{m}] heoldon. [&] sde heo{m} he uuolde uen heo{m} up Wincestre. [&] dide heo{m} cumen ider. a hi r inne wren. a co{m} e king{es} cuen [mid al]hire strengthe.{145} [&] best heo{m}. er ws inne micel hungr. a hi ne leng ne muhten olen a stali hi ut [&] flugen. [&] hi wurthen war wid{}uten [&] folecheden heo{m}. [&] namen Rodb{er}t eorl of glouc{estre}. [&] ledden hi{m} to Rouecestre. [&] diden hi{m} are in p{ri}sun. [&] te emp{er}ice fleh in{}to an minstre. [f.91r] a feorden e wisemen betwyx e kinges{150} freond [&] te eorles freond [&] sahtlede sua me sculde leten ut e king of p{ri}sun for e eorl. [&] te eorl for e king. [&] sua diden. Sithen ereft{er} sa'thleden e king [&] Randolf eorl at Stanford. [&] athes suoren [&] treuthes fston her nouer sculde be{}suiken other. [&] it ne for{}stod naht. for e king hi{m} sithen na{m} in ha{m}tun. urhc wicci{155} rd. [&] dide hi{m} in p{ri}sun. [&] ef{}sones he let hi{m} ut urhc wrse red. to forewarde he suor on halido{m} [&] gysles fand. at he alle his castles sculde iuen up. Sume he iaf up [&] sume ne iaf he noht. [&] dide anne wrse anne he hr sculde. a was engleland suythe to{}deled. sume helden mid te king. [&] sume mid e{m}p{er}ice. for a e{160} king was in p{ri}sun a wenden e eorles [&] te ricemen at he neure mare sculde cum{en} ut. [&] sh'tleden wyd e{m}p{er}ice. [&] brohten hire into Oxenford. [&] iauen hire e burch. a e king was ute a herde sgen. [&] toc his feord [&] best hire in e tur. [&] me lt hire dun on niht of e tur mid rapes. [&] stal ut. [&] sc fleh [&] ide on fote to{165} Walingford. r eft{er} sc ferde ouer s. [&] hi of normandi wenden alle fra e king. to e eorl of Angu. sume here ankes [&] sume here unankes. for he be{}st heo{m} til hi aiauen up here castles. [&] hi nan helpe ne hfden of e k{inge}. a ferde Eustace e king{es} sune to france [&] na{m} e king{es} suster of france to wife. wende to bigton{170} normandi r urh. oc he spedde litel. [&] be gode rihte for he was an yuel man. for ware se he [com he] dide mare yuel anne god. he reuede e landes [&] lide mic[ele gilde]s on. He brohte his wif to engle{}land. [&] dide hire in e caste[l of Can]teb{eri}. God wi{m}man sc ws. oc sc hedde litel blisse mid hi{m}. [&] xpist ne wolde he sculde{175} lange rixan. [&] wrd ded [&] his moder beien. [&] te eorl of Angu wrd ded. [&] his sune henri toc to e rice. [&] te Cuen of france to{}dlde fra e king. [&] sc co{m} to e iunge eorl henri. [&] he toc hire to wiue. [&] al [f.91v] peitou mid hire. a ferde he mid micel frd into engle[la]nd. [&] wan castles. [&] te king ferde agenes hi{m} mid{180} micel mare ferd. [&] owthere fuhtten hi noht. oc ferden e rceb{iscop} [&] te wise me'n betwux heo{m}. [&] makede sahte te king sculde ben lauerd [&] king wile he liuede. [&] ft{er} his di ware henri king. [&] he held'e hi{m} for fader [&] he hi{m} for sune. [&] sib [&] shte sculde ben betwyx heo{m}. [&] on al engleland. is [&] te othre foruuardes{185} et hi makeden. suoren to halden e king [&] te eorl [&] te b{iscopes} & te eorles [&] ricemen alle. a was e eorl under{}fangen t Wincestre [&] t lundene mid micel wurtscipe. [&] alle diden hi{m} manred. [&] suoren e pais to halden. [&] hit ward sone suythe god pais. sua neure was here. a was e k{ing} strengere anne he uert her was. [&] te eorl{190} ferde ouer s. [&] al folc hi{m} luuede for he dide god iustise [&] makede pais.{192}

[Linenotes: 135-45. MS. rubbed here. 172. MS. mutilated here.]

[Sidenote: MCLIIII.]

+On is gr wrd e king Steph{ne} ded [&] bebyried er his wif '[&] his sune wron bebyried t fauresfeld. t minst{re} hi makeden. a e king was ded. a was e eorl{195} beionde s. [&] ne durste nan man don oer bute god for e micel eie of hi{m}. a he to engleland co{m}. a was he underfangen mid micel wurtscipe. and to king bletcd in lundene on e sunnen di be{}foren midwint{er} di. [&] held r micel curt.

at ilce di at Mart{in} abb{ot} of burch sculde ider faren. a{200} sclede he [&] ward ded iiii . ia. [&] te munek{es} innen dis cusen oer of heo{m} slf. Will{el}m de Walt{e}uile is gehaten. god clerc [&] god man. [&] wl luued of e k{inge} [&] of alle godemen. and o[n cyric]en byrie{den} abb{ot} hehlice [&] sone e cosan ab{bot} ferde [&] te muneces [mid him to] oxenforde to e k{ing} [[&] he] iaf hi{m} at abb{ot}rice. [&] he{205} ferde hi{m} son[e to linc]ol [&] was [r bletcd to] abbot r he ham come. [&] [sithen] was under fangen [mid mic]el [wurtscipe at] burch. mid [mice]l p{ro}cessiun. [&] sua he was alsua at Ramesie. [&] at Torn{ey}. [&] at . . n [&] Spall{ding} [&] at {S.l.} bares. [&] . . . [&] [he nu is] abbot. [&] fa[ire] haued begunnon. xp[ist] him un[ne gode endinge].{210}

[Linenotes: 203. MS. mutilated and defaced from this place onward. 204.byrie^d in MS.]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"Harleian Charter III B. 49, British Museum.... The document is in a French record hand, and the writer was evidently little versed in the insular script. He uses both and th, [wynn] and w."]]

+H' []urh godes [gh]efu nglelandes king gret ealle mine bissceopas [&] ealle mine eorlas [&] ealle mine scirereuan [&] ealle mine einas frencisce [&] englisce on an sciran e teobalt erceb{isceop} [&] se hiret t xp{ist}es chyrchen on Cantuarabir[gh] habbad land inne freondlice [&] ic kee eow [/] ic hebbe heom geunnon [/] hi beon lc are lande wura{5} e hi eafdon en Edwardes kinges de[gh]e [&] on Willelmes kinges mines furur ealdefader [&] on Henrices kinges mines ealdefader [&] saca [&] Socne on strande [&] on Streame. On wudan [&] on feldan tolles [&] theames grithbriches [&] hamsocne [&] forstalles [&] i{n}fangenesthiafes [&] fleamene frimtha ofer heore agene men binna{n} Burgan [&] butan {10} swa ful [&] swa ford swa mine agene Wicneres hit sechan scolden [&] ofer swa fele einas swa ich heom to{}leten habban. And ic nelle [/] eni{}man enig{}ing er{}on theo butan hi [&] heara wicneras e hi hit bitechan willa ne frencisce ne englisce for an i{n}gan e ich habbe criste as gerichtan forgifan minre Saule to ech{er}e alisendnesse [&] ic{15} nelle geauian [/] enig{}man is abrece bi minan fullen frenscipan. God geau gehealde.

[Linenotes: 1. MS kurh IV. 4. Cantuarabir[gh]] last letter [gh] or g; the one has been corrected out of the other: so too in de[gh]e, l.6. 14.ingan] imgan MS.]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"Cotton Vespasian A 22, British Museum. It is composite; a second MS., 224 153 mm. in two columns, begins at f. 54 with the pieces printed in OEH i. 217-45. It is written in a small and crabbed hand unlike that of a professed scribe. The use of the contraction marks is unsystematic and the readings are sometimes uncertain."]]


[[The section from [N]u gode menn to end was printed as a single paragraph. It has been broken up for this e-text.]]

[f. 56v] Hit [gh]elamp [/] an rice king wes. strang [&] mihti. his 'land glest wide [&] side. his folc was 'swie rfetelle. his under{}oden [gh]wer on his cyne{}rice wuneden. a be{}fel hit swa [/] hi{m} a ance befll to under{}[gh]ete w an alle his cyne{}rice hi{m} were frend oer fend. hold oer f. [&] he nam hi{m} t rede [/] heo{m} wolde{5} [gh]earceon an grate laienge. [&] ider [gh]eclepen all his underod. [/] hi bi ne fce to his curt 'berie come sceolde [&] sette nne d[gh]ie. [/] hi alle be e ltst to a d{e}[gh]'ie. er were. Ac is [gh]esceod he hadde istt bi{}tweone frend [&] fend. [/] an hi come mistlice to brie. [gh]ef he frend wre. me hine sceolde derewrlice for{}clepien. [&] do hine wasse.{10} [&] [gh]ife hi{m} hs formemete. [/] hi{m} to la{n}g ne uhte to abiden of {s}e laford to e none inn come. Gief he fend wre. me sceolden non eter gat [gh]emete mid gode repples [&] stiarne swpen. [&] stiarne hne bes. [&] binde hi{m} hand [&] ftt. [&] do hine in{}to iest{er}nesse. [&] er abide of all his [gh]eferen were [gh]egadered. [/] hi alle clone. smle{15} belcen were. a sende se king his rndraches of fif ceen to alle his under{}eoden. to [gh]elaie is folc. hwet bute come sm cfer su{m} lter'su{m} frend su{m} fend. [&] was idon b ha{m} al sw r cwee [we] [/] isett was. a hit er to co{m}. [/] se hlaford in{}to ar halle come. mid his dierewur{} [gh]eferede. mid []rlen [&] aldren. mid cn'ihten{20} mid enen. a cwe se hlafor to his. r an{n} we mid ure frienden toe mete g. sce{w}ie we es uncoe mn ur [gh]ef. a hi to for hi{m} cme. a wnte he hin to ha{m} [&] us cwe. Un [f.56v] wraste man wat lacede [gh]u an alle mre rice at [gh]e hatrede [&] wid{er}wardnesse a[gh]nes me [gh]e win[ne] sceolde. [&] to mine 'f [gh]ebugon. Sw ibrce ic mine{25} rice ne scule [gh]e mine mete ibite. ac scule a e hit mid mire lufe [gh]earnede. a is was isgd. a were cofe abruden into est{er}nesse. e hi sturfe hungre. [&] se hlaford nam {w}ii{nne} to is frenden [&] et [&] dranc [&] macede hine wel blie mid his '[&] er hi hadden brad [&] win. [&] vii. sandon.{30}

[Linenotes: V. 11. se] fe MS. 18. sum ... fend added on margin. 20.dierewur] dierewurd MS. [&] aldren over an erasure. 21.enen over an erasure. 22.scewie] scepie MS. 28.wiinne] hit hɨ MS. 29.[&] er ... sandon added lengthwise on margin.]

[["sum ... fend" printed as shown in text, without leading space]]

[N]u gode menn understande is bispel. es king is ure hlaford almihti god e is king ofer alle kingen. [&] hlaford ofer alle hlaford. S[t]rang he his [&] michti. for he [gh]esceop alle ing of nahte. [&] na ing ne m[gh]i [gh]enes his wille. ne hi{m} wistande. for{}an hi{m} sigd se wt[gh]e. Qui celor{um} {con}tines t{ro}nos [&]c. [/] is. hlaford 'of mihte{35} e {h}alst hefenen ri{m}settles. [&] t neowelnes'se e und{er} eore is be{}locst. iii p{r}ou. e dunan u a'wihst mid ina hand; he is wiss mihti for{}{an} e non miht nis buto{n} fra{m} him. His land is all es middenard. for he alle [gh]esceop. [&] all dihte wi ute swince. He us is king [&] sceppend. [&] fader. [&] hlaford. King for he mid rihtwisnesse{40} diht 'man [&] engel god [&] euel. sceppende. for he us machede lichame [&] sawle ableow. feder for he us fett [&] scred. [&] forteh alse is cyldren. hlaford fora{n} e is [gh]ie [&] drednesse is ofer hus. [&] 'as h to bie{n}ne. He is hure fad{er}. he len us his eore t tolie. h{is} corn to sawe. his eore us werp corn [&] westm. natt. [&] dierchin. his loht leem [&] lif.{45} his wt{er} drench [&] fiscẏnn. his fr manifeald ennge. his snne. mone. sterren. rien. dw. wind. wude. 'unitald fultume al [/] we habbe of se feder we habbe. of wa{m} we alle [&] us siel{f}e habbe. M[gh]e we ahct clepeien hine mod{er} wene we. [gh]e mu[gh]e we. hwat de si moder hire bearn. formes[t] hi hit che{r}e [&] blissi be e lichte. [&]{50} see hi die und{er} hire rme [f.57r] oer hi's hafed hele to don hi{m} slepe. [&] reste.

[Linenotes: 35. of mihte added on margin. 36. halst] MS. alste. 37.awihst] the last six letters on margin. At beginning of following line hst eore belucst mid.] MS. [/] = at. 44.his] he MS. 48.sielfe] siele MS. 50.chere] chete MS.]

is de all [gh]ure drihte. he blisse hus mid d[gh]ies licht. h[e] sweue hus mid iestre nicht. Get for an ore ing god [gh]escop a niht. He wat wel [/] man[gh]e men bie sa ful of [gh]scung. mihti efre s. N [gh]ewld ha{m} selfe. to bigeten wrldlic chte. er{}for{55} god haf{} [gh]escepe ha{m} reste. sme 'wile hare's u{n}ances. [gh]eet he cwe a wunder word to ar sawle bi a wite ysaia{m}. Nu{m}q{ui}d pot{est} mulier obliuisci infante{m} s{uum} u{t} n{on} m{isereatur} fi{lio} u{teri} s{ui}. [/] is la lef ma[gh]e wima{n} for[gh]ete{n} his oge cild. [/] hi ne milsi. hire brn of hire ogen inno. [&] [gh]ief hi for{}[gh]iet ah{}hwer nell c{60} for{}[gh]ete e cwe drihte. be a{m} e he fad{er} is [&] lafrd he hi{m} sel{f} cwe{} be e wite. Si ego p{ate}r u{bi} {est} honor m{eus}. si d{ominus} u{bi} {est} ti{m}'or m{eu}s. [/] is. gif ic fader ha{m}. wer his mi ma{n}scipe. [gh]if ic. hlaford wer hs mine a[gh]e? er{}fore. G.m. ure king. we o[gh]e wr'hmint. hur sceappend al at we bie. ure fader soe lufe. ur h'laford{65} drednesse. [&] is is so king e wile wte an alle his und{er}eode w hine lufe [&] hwa hine hate. hw hi{m} is frend oer fend. [&] er{}for he ha [gh]elaed alle fol[c]. to ane d[gh]e. [/] is dome's d[gh]ee. [/] hi alle er beon be e latst. hw seden rst [/] es rndraces wer isent of fif cheen. swa ibeo. as fif cheen beo fif lgan. for{}an e god is{70} urh esen [gh]ecnw.

[Linenotes: 56._haf_] _hafd_ MS. 57._word_] _worder_ MS. 61._self cwe_] _sel cwed_ MS. 71._esen_] _ corr. out of _p_.]

Si forme lage [/] is si [gh]cnde lage. e god sett formest an es ma{n}nes heorte. [/] is at non man ne don oere. buton [/] e he wolde [/] me ded[e] hi{m}. [&] don his nixta{n} al [/] he wolde [/] me ded[e]hi{m}. Wi{}ute eser lge ni's man e [gh]escod habbe. rndraces of isser lage wer abel. Seth. enoc. Ne. [&] swce gode{75} man. See es mid{de}nard was [gh]estaeled fra{m} a forme man to a latst e wr t es [f.57r] wrldes ende. nas tid ne tme ne ne wr. [/] god ne send gode mnn his folc forte [gh]elaie to his rice. Ac si lge sne adiligde. urh unwreaste leahtru{m} [&] manifald snne. er{}efter arerde god as lage urh moẏse{n} e heretoche of his{80} folce e he a [gh]ecs. [&] wrte his hi{m} self in stanene wax{}br'edene. [&] si [gh]eleste sume wle. [&] er{}of were larawes [&] [gh]elaieres Moises [&] aaro{n}. [&] samuel. [&] fele ore. Swa la{n}ge [/] si alswa swi[e] abrea. [&] adili[gh]ede. urh unhersa{m}nesse. wat hit co{m} to a time e god sende e halie witge. [&] hi a arrdon mid hare wrte urh es hale gastes{85} gfe 'a god lage. [&] rihtleceden [/] folc swa se hi mihte{n}. [&] bodeden ure's hlafordes to{}cme ses helendes ih{es}u c{ri}stes. e sceolde his a[gh]n wille. urh his gastes [gh]fe in ure heorte wrte. [&] don s mid his mihte [/] stef{}creft ne mihte. [&] an esser l[gh]e of e wit[gh]in. wer laieres mche.

[Linenote: corr. out of na.]

Eft bine fece [&] es lare [&] lage swie acolede urh manifea[l]d{90} {s}nne. [&] hur [&] hur urh false gdes e lc iode ha{m} selfe macde. sume of golde. sm of silure. of treowe. of stane. [&] awente godes lof [&] wrhminte fra{m} e sceappende to are [gh]esceafte. swa [/] a ure halende wes accenned of a{m} unwe{m}mede mede sante Marie. al se midde{n}nard was mid senne begripe. [&] al fol'c [gh]ede i{n}{}to e's diefles mue. buto{n}{95} wel fewe of wa{m} his lefe moder wes istriened. he a arerd alle godnisse. [&] sette his hale lge. [&] at e mre his. [gh]iaf miht [&] stre{n}ce ur{h} e gief of his gaste his hesne to fulforie. [/] non ore la[gh]e ne mihte. [&] understande hwu. ri ampres were an mancyn r his to cyme. Ure acenneng wes ful. u{r} lif unwreast. ur dea grislic. he{100} co{m} [&] brochte ri i{n}[g] {er} a[gh]n. he wes acnde of e clene mede. e efer urh lefede mede. hi's lif was hali[gh]e. his dea ful of milce. his clene acennende cl{n}sde ure fule acenne{n}de. his hali lif rihtlecede ure unwreaste lif. his admoded dea ofer{}co{m}. [&] fordede ure sori[gh]e [&] [gh]elice dea. s is [f.57v] si fiere lge.

[Linenotes: 90.manifeald snne] manifead fnne MS. 98.urh] url MS. 100.ur] un MS.]

An isser were rndraces [&]{105} [gh]elaieres a ap{ost}les [&] e leorni{n}ch[n]ihtes. er{}efter ures helendes upst[gh]e to heuene. a ap{ost}les [&] hare unglenges e[r] efter come hale men [&] e hafedmen e nu beo in hale cyrce. [&] wre of domes d[gh]e. urh es hali gastes [gh]fe. [&] al{}swa ure helende ha{m} lerde. man[gh]e ing [t]ehten a folce to freme. [&] is is si fifte lage. An isser beo bedeles{110} [&] laieres to b{e}rie archebisc{opes}. [&] biscop{es}. prestes. [&] hare [gh]egeng. Ac ah we fif n{m}me. alle hi [beo an] on godes wille. [&] lc of ha{m} [gh]estren [&] fulfell ore. Of eses fif ceen [&] of hare bedeles we habbe [gh]u [gh]sd. Of e folce we sigge [/] hit cu{m} fastlice. fram middenardes anginn alse fele alse deade beo alse fele beo to b{er}ie cme. wat frend.{115} wat f. [&] elce d[gh]e cce ringe. Ac [gh]ief [gh] habbe und{er}stande [/] we [gh]u er sde. eter gate me his scft. [&] er me hi to [gh]esceode. Si gate [/] is elces mannes endedee. {an} he step ut of ese life into an ore. Ac we sede [gh]ehw. [/] [gh]ief he frend were me sceolde [gh]ief hi{m} his mr[gh]e mete [/] he e bet mihte abide an{n} more mete.

[Linenotes: 112.hi] hit MS.] [/] MS. ore] oore MS.]

Swa hit is here.{120} {an} se gode man e godes lufe ha [gh]folged to is ende cu{m}. wite{r}lice wi{}ut uantruce er cume e hali engles hi{m} t. [&] [gh]f ha ahte uniwasse oer hit wr [gh]ewasse ier pine of e deae e he her le. oer efter mid eelice lette. [&] {an} lat me a sawle to merchestowe. [/] his se mor[gh]emete si blisse e he ha an ar sawle. at wite [gh]e wel.{125} nan halege na his fulle blisse er he under{}f adomes dee his licame. [/] wr se fulle mete. a{n} se mann mid sawle [&] mid licame und{er}-fang sicernesse of cer blisse. [&] wat beli{m}p hit [gh]ief he fend his 'e to are gate cu{m}? God urh his [f.57v] mucele milce ne letes us nefer fandie. Ac naeles [gh]ief he fend his an unwreast mann er beo{130} an [gh]erd'ie. e weregede gastes e hine uniredlice und{er}fange mi{d} stiarne swupen. Alse fele uneawes alse hade upe him [&] sennenn. al swa fendes he er [gh]emet. hɨne to und{er}f. [&] to don hɨne into iesternesse. oft a domes d[gh]i alle godes fend simle fra{m} his [gh]esece abroden bienn [&] hi[n] to hare lean ha{m} e lange scel [gh]eleste.

[Linenotes:] [/] MS. witerlice] witetlice MS.] [/] MS. 131.mid] min MS.]

us hit ha b [&]{135} is. [&] wr oft domesdei. Ac an{n} hit er to cum [/] se hlaford e mucele dee. cum fort s [&] frend [&] fend. ann cum all his und{er}iede hi{m} to{}fore. er he sit mid his derewre [gh]efered mid ni[gh]en anglene had. mid er unwɇmmed meide his moder. mid his ap{ost}len. mid a hgefad{er}en. [&] o hal[gh]e wtien. mid martiren. mi[d] hali{140} {con}fessore{n} mid halie meiden. mid al an e er midenarde for his lufe werpe abc. [&] lagelice her hi{m} eni. wic [gh]ee. wic drednesse wur er. {an} at fer to{}for hi{m} abern [/] middenard. {an} si eore alle cwace{} an e sterren falle. si sunne [&] se mone aestre for godes b{ri}ctnesse. e wlcne to ga. and si hali rode tacne mid e{145} spere [&] mid e neiles urh angles beo for ibrocht. an{n} e angles cwacia. [&] t richtwse ha{m} adrede. wat sceol se senfulle don. e isecg er his richtwise deme. e non ne mae bechece. non beswice. he his hi{m} sel{f} witnisse [&] deme. Wat sceol se wrecce don. e bufon is[gh] his hlaford e he [gh]egremed fe. under hi{m} helle mu open.{150} abuuten hi{m} all folc. hi{m} selfe bi s'ca[n]dlice senne beswapen. er ne mi no{n} frend ore helpe. lc had innh to do{n}ne a{n} hi{m} selfe. an seie{} ha{m} god e geltẏ ma{n}ne{n} [gh]e sene[gh]eden. an [gh]eur cenesse. [&] [gh]e scule [f.58r] birne an mire cenisse. [Gh]e sene[gh]den alse lange alse [gh] lefede [&] [gh]e scule birne alse lo{n}ge as c lefie.

[Linenotes: 140.o corr. out of to hali [gh]ewitien MS.] [/] MS. middenard] middernad MS. an] [/] MS. 144.cwace] cwaced MS. 149.self] sel MS. 153.seie] seied MS.]

Wite into ce fer. e is{155} '[gh]arced mine f [&] his [gh]egen. Son[e] hi wre abroden of his [gh]esece. [&] an sone ge se hlaford mid his frenden to his mete. [/] his to is esten. e sei an an hali write Delicie m sunt e{ss}e cu{m} filiis ho{minum}. at is. Mine esten beo wunian mid mannen bearnen. Ac we sed[en] [gh]u litl her [/] hi sceolde{n} abbe{n} god b{ra}d [&] uin. [&] vii{160} sonden. hi sculen habe [/] brad e{}sei ie godspel. Ego su{m} panis uiu{us} q{ui} d{e} c{elo} d{escendi}. et is. Ic m cwuce bread e astah fram hefene. se[gh] ure helende. Se e of ese brad ett. ne sterfe he nefer. is bread was maced of ane 'hwete corne. al{}swa se he cwe [gh]ee godspelle. Nisi {gra}n{um} frum{en}ti. [&]c. is corn was [gh]esawen{165} urh es ngles mu into es meidenes re Marie. in are burh of nazareth. is corn c{m} fer'st i{n}ne bethle{m}. [/] cwe us of breade. hit wex [&] blewu. in iudea. hit rpede in ier{usa}l{e}m. Judas [&] at leore folc hit rpn. [&] deden hit an ar rode alswa alse be{}twenen melstanent. Se{}e hit was idon into er berient alswa into hfne. anen{170} hit was ibroht up into heofene to es hahes hlafordes borde. er hit fet. [&] engles. [&] mancinn in cenisse. [&] is is hare b'read. hwer scule we win finden? Al swa se he cwe. Ego su{m} uitis uera. [&]c.

[Linenotes: 160.gṛod MS. 162.e] qe MS.] cn MS. 170.See] sede MS.]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"Jesus College, Oxford, E 29, formerly Arch. i. 29 (J).... written not long after 1276 (Anglia xxx, 222).... Our piece is written continuously as prose, each stanza forming a paragraph, but iv and v are in one without l. 54, which is here supplied, while l. 43 is written at the end of the preceding paragraph and similarly the lines beginning viii-xvii, xix-xxiii. The scribe was evidently struggling with an original which he could not always read; see footnote to l. 105.

".... the copy of the Poema Morale in the same MS. has undergone a drastic revision which sets it apart among the versions of that poem, and the version of the Owl and Nightingale has suffered, though not to the same extent. On the other hand MS. T was copied by a man who was incapable of remodelling it; though a ruin, it often preserves in details the original."]]


[Headnote: us Que Alured]

+At Seuorde ste eynes monye. [f. 262r fele Biscopes. and feole. bok ilred. Eorles prute. knyhtes egleche. ar wes e eorl Alu{ri}ch. of are lawe swie wis. 5 And ek Ealured englene hurde. Englene durlyng{;} on englene londe he wes kyng. Heom he bi{}gon lre. so ye mawe i{}hure. 10 hw hi. heore lif lede scholden. Alured. he wes in englene lond. and king. wel swie strong. He wes king. and he wes clerek. wel he luuede godes werk. 15 He wes wis on his word. and war. on his werke. he wes e wysuste mo{n}{;} at wes englelonde on.


+vs que Alured englene frouer. wolde ye mi leode. lusten ure lou{er}de. 20 he u wolde wyssye. wisliche inges. hw ye myhte worldes. wrsipes welde. and ek eure saule. somnen to criste. wyse were e wordes. e seyde e king Alured. +M+ildeliche ich Munye. myne leoue freond. [f. 262v poure and riche. leode myne 26 at ye alle a{}drede. vre dryhten crist. luuyen hine and lykyen. for he is lou{er}d of lyf. He is one. god{;} ouer alle godnesse. He is one gleaw. ou{er} alle glednesse. 30 He is one. blisse. ou{er} alle blissen. He is one monne. Mildest mayster. He is one. folkes fader. and frouer. He is one. rihtwis. and so riche king. at him ne schal beo wone. nouht of his wille. 35 {e} hine her on worlde. wrie enche.

[Linenote: 36. e] wc MS.]


+vs que alured. englene urouer. Ne may non ryhtwis king. vnder criste seoluen. Bute if he beo in boke ilered. And he. his wyttes swie wel kunne. 40 And he cunne lettres. lokie him{}seolf one. hw he schule his lond laweliche holde.


us que Alured. +e eorl and e eelyng. ibure vnder gdne. king. 45 at lond to leden. myd lawelyche deden. And e clerek and e knyht. he schulle dmen euelyche riht. e poure. and e ryche. 50 dmen ilyche. Hwych{}so e mon sowe{;} al swuch he schal mowe. And eu{er}uyches monnes dom. to his owere dure churre.

[Linenote: 52. After mon, erasure of two letters.]


[us que Alured.] an knyhte bi{}houe. kenliche on to fne. 55 for{}to werie at lond. wi hunger and wi herivnge. at e chireche habbe gry. And e cheorl beo in fry. his sedes to sowen. his medes to mowen. 60 And his plouh beo i{}dryue. to vre alre bihoue. is is es knyhtes lawe. loke he at hit wel fare.


+vs que Alured. 65 e mon. e on his youhe. yeorne leorne. wit and wisdom. and i{}writen reden{;} he may beon on elde. wenliche loreu. And e at nule one youhe yeorne leorny. wit and wysdom. and iwriten rede. 70 at him schal on elde. sore rewe. enne cume elde. and vnhele. enne beo his wne ful wroe isene. 75 Boe heo beo bi{}swike. and eke hi beo a{}swunde.


us que Alured. Wy{}vte wysdome is weole wel vnwur. for ey o mon ahte. huntseuenti Acres. and he hi hadde isowen. alle myd reade golde. 80 And [/] gold greowe. so gres do on eore. [f. 263r nere he for his weole. neuer e furer. Bute he him of frume. freond iwrche. for. hwat is gold. bute ston. bute if hit haue wismon. 85

[Linenote: 85. After wismon, ut deleted.]


us que Alu{re}d. +N+e scolde neuer yongmon howyen to swie. eih him his wyse wel ne lykie. Ne eih he ne welde. al at he wolde. for god may. yeue god after vuele. 90 weole after wowe. enne he wule. wel is him at hit ischapen is.

[Linenote: 91. enne he wule after yeue in l.90.]


us sey Alured. +S+trong hit is to reowe. a{}yeyn e s at flowe. 95 so it is to swynke. a{}yeyn vnylimpe. e mon. e on his youhe. swo swinke. and worldes weole her iwin. 100 at he may on elde. idelnesse holde. And ek myd his worldes weole. god iqueme er he quele. youe and al at he haue i{}drowe. 105 is enne wel bi{}towe.

[Linenote: 105. youe in darker ink in a space too large for it; similarly dowees, l.118; wlonk, l.124; vouh, l.129; Mayenes, l.130.]


us que Alured. +M+onymon wene at he wene ne{}arf. longes lyues. ac him lye e wrench. for anne his lyues alre best luuede. 110 enne he schal lten{;} lyf his owe. for nys no wrt uexynde a wude. ne a velde. at euer mvwe as feye fur vp{}holde. Not no mon ene tyme. hwanne he schal. heonne turne. 115 Ne nomon ene ende. hwenne he schal heonne wende. Dryhten hit one wot. dowees lou{er}d. hwanne [we] vre lif leten schule.


us que Alured. 120 +Y+f u seoluer and gold. ye{t}st and weldest in is world. Neu{er} vpen eore. to wlonk. u ny wre. Ayhte nys non ildre istreon{;} 125 ac hit is godes lone. hwanne hit is his wille. ar{}of we schulle wende. And vre owe lyf. myd alle for{}leten. anne schulle vre ifon. to vre vouh. gripen. welden vre Mayenes. and leten vs by{}hinde. 130

[Linenote: 122. yetst] yefst MS.]


us que Alured. +N+e{}ilef u nouht to fele. uppe e s at flowe. If u hafst madmes monye and inowe. gold and seoluer. hit schal gnyde to nouht. to duste hit schal dryuen. Dryhten schal libben euere. [f. 263v Monymon for his gold. haue godes vrre. 136 And for his seoluer. hym{}seolue for{}yeme. for{}yete and for{}lese. Betere him by{}come iboren at he nre.


us que Alured. +L+vste ye me leode. 140 ower is e neode. And ich eu wille lre. wit and wisdom. at alle ing ou{er}{}go. syker he may sitte. e hyne haue to i{}vere. For eyh his eyhte him a{}go. 145 his wit ne a{}go hym neu{er}{}mo. for ne may he for{}vare. e hyne haue to vere. e wile his owe lyf. ileste mote.

[Linenote: 149. After _e_, _ erased.]


us que Alured. 150 +I+f u hauest seorewe. ne seye u hit nouht an arewe. seye hit ine sadelbowe. and ryd e singinde for. enne wile wene. et ine wise ne con{;} at e ine wise wel lyke. 155 serewe if u hauest. and e erewe hit wot{;} by{}fore. he e mene{;} by{}hynde he e tele. u hit myht segge swyhc mo{n}. at e ful wel on. 160 wy{}vte echere ore. he on e Muchele more. By{}hud hit on ire heorte{;} at e eft ne smeorte. Ne let u hyne wite. 165 al at in heorte by{}wite.


us que Alured. +N+e schal tu neuere i wif. by hire wlyte cheose. for neu{er} nne inge. at heo to e brynge. Ac leorne hire custe. heo cue hi wel sone. 170 For mony mon for ayhte. vuele iauhte. And ofte mon of fayre. frakele icheose. wo is him at vuel wif. brynge to his cotlyf. So him is alyue{;} 175 at vuele ywyue. For he schal vppen eore. dreori i{}wure. Monymo{n} singe. at wif hom brynge. 180 wiste he hwat he brouhte. wepen he myhte.


us que Alured. +N+e wur u neuer so wod. ne so wyn{}drunke. at uere segge ine wife. alle ine wille. 185 For if u iseye e bi{}vore. ine ivo alle. And u hi myd worde iwreed heuedest. Ne scholde heo hit lete. for ing lyuyinde. at heo ne scholde e for vp{}breyde. of ine baleu{}syes. wymmon is word. wo. [&] haue tunge to swift. 190 eyh heo wel wolde. ne{}may heo. hi no{}wiht welde.


us que Alfred. +I+delschipe and ou{er}{}prute. [f. 264r at lere yong wif vuele ewes. 195 And ofte at wolde. do. at heo ne scholde. ene vnev lihte. leten heo myhte. If heo ofte a swte for{}swunke were. 200 eyh hit is vuel to buwe. at beo nule treowe. For ofte Muse e kat. aft{er} hire moder. e mon at let wymmon his mayster iwure. Ne schal he neu{er} beon ihurd. 205 his wordes lou{er}d. Ac heo hine schal steorne to{}trayen. and to{}tene. And selde wur he blye and gled. e mon at is his wiues qued. 210 Mony appel is bryht wi{}vte. and Bitter wi{}inne. So is mony wymmon. on hyre fader bure. Schene vnder schete. and eyh heo is schendful. So is mony gedelyng. godlyche on horse. and is eyh lutel wur. 215 wlonk bi e glede. and [v]uel at are neode.


us que. Al{ured}. [N]Eure u bi ine lyue. e word of ine wyue. 220 to swie u. ne arde. If heo beo i{}wreed myd worde. oer myd dede. wymmo{n} wepe for mod. oftere an for eny god. 225 And ofte lude [&] stille. for to vor{}drye hire wille. Heo wepe oer{}hwile. for to do e gyle. Salomon hit haue i{}sed. 230 at wymmon can wel vuelne red. e hire red folewe. heo brynge hine to seorewe. for hit sey in e lo. as scumes for{}teo. 235 hit is i{}furn i{}seyd. [/] cold red is quene red. hu he is vnlede. at folewe hire rede. Ich hit ne segge nouht for an. 240 at god ing. ys god wymmon. e mon e hi may i{}cheose. and i{}couere over ore.

[Linenotes: 219. Eure MS. 224. mod] first stroke of m erased.]


us que Alured. +M+onymon wene at he weny ne arf. Freond at he habbe. ar me him vayre bi{}hat. 245 Sey him vayre bi{}vore. and frakele bi{}hynde. so me may ane loe lengust lede. Ne ilef u neu{er} ane mon. at is of feole speche{n}. Ne alle e inge. 250 at u i{}herest singe{n}. Mony mon haue swikelne mu. milde and monne for{}cu. Nele he e cue. hwenne he e wule bi{}kache.


us que Alured. 255 +vrh sawe mon is wis. And urh hisele. glev. urh lesinge mon is lo. and urh lure wrenches. And vnwur. [f. 264v And urh hokede honde. at he bere. him seolue he for{}vare. 260 From lesynge u e wune. And alle vnewes u e bi{}schune. so myht u on eode. leof beon in alle leode. And luue yne nexte. he is at e neode gd. 265 At chepynge. and at chyreche. freond u e iwurche. wy pou{er}e and wi riche. wi alle monne ilyche. anne myht u sikerliche. sely sytte. 270 And ek faren ouer lond le hwider so beo i wille.

[Linenote: 256. his ele. mon is glev MS.]


us que Alured. +A+lle world{}ayhte schulle bi{}cumen to nouhte. 275 And vyches cunnes madmes. to mixe schulen i{}Multen. And vre owe lif. lutel hwile ileste. for eyh o mon. wolde al e worlde. And al e wunne. e ar{}inne wunye. Ne myhte he ar{}myde his lif. none hwile holde. 280 Ac al he schal for{}leten. on a litel stunde. And schal vre blisse{;} to balewe us iwure. Bute if we wurche. wyllen cristes. Nu bienche we anne vs sulue. vre lif to leden. so crist vs gynne lere. 285 anne mawe we wenen. at he wule vs wrie. for so seyde salomon. e wise. e mon at her wel de. he cume ar he lyen fo. on his lyues ende. 290 he hit schal a{}vynde.


us que Alured. +N+e gabbe u ne schotte. ne chid u wy none sotte. ne myd manyes cunnes tales. 295 ne chid u wi nenne dwales. Ne neu{er} u ne bigynne. to telle ine tyinges. At nones fremannes borde. ne haue u to vale worde. 300 Mid fewe word{e}. wismon fele bi{}luken wel con. And sottes bolt is sone iscohte. for{}i ich holde hine for dote. at say al his wille. 305 anne he scholde beon stille. For ofte tunge breke bon{;} eyh heo seolf nabbe non.


us que Alured. +W+is child is fader blisse. 310 Jf hit so bi{}tyde at u bern ibidest. e hwile hit is lutel. ler him mon{}ewes. anne hit is wexynde{;} hit schal wende ar{}to. [f. 265r e betere hit schal iwure euer buuen eore. 315 Ac if u him lest welde. werende on worlde. lude and stille. his owene wille. hwanne cume ealde. ne myht u hyne awelde. 320 anne de hit sone. at e bi vnyqueme. Ofer{}howe in ibod. and make e ofte sory{}mod. Bet{er}e e were. 325 iboren at he nere. for betere is child vnbore. ane vnbuhsum. e mon e spare yeorde. and yonge child{e}. and let hit arixlye. at he hit areche ne may. at him schal on ealde{;} sore reowe. Am{en}. 330

Expl{iciunt} dicta Regis Aluredi.


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"As for no. vi."]]

+M+on may longe lyues wene. [f. 252v Ac ofte him lye e wrench. feyr weder turne ofte in to reyne. [&] wunderliche make his blench. ar{}vore mon. u e by{}ench. 5 Al schal falwy i grene. waylaway. nys king ne quene. at ne schal drynke of dees drench. Mon er u falle of i bench. yne sunne u aquench. 10

+N+is non so strong. ne sterk. ne kene. at may ago dees wyer blench. Yung and olde. briht and schene. [f. 253r Alle he ryue on o streng. Fox and ferlych is his wrench. 15 Ne may no mon ar{}to{}yeynes. way{}laway reting ne bene. Mede. liste. ne leches drench. Mon let sunne and lustes ine. wel u do [&] wel u ench. 20

Do bi salomones rede. Mon. [&] enne u schalt wel do. Do as he e tauhte and seyde. at in endinge e bringe to. enne ne schaltu neu{er} mys{}do. 25 Ac sore u myht e adrede. way{}laway such wene to lede. Long lif. and blysse vnder{}fo. Ac de lute in his scho. Hym stilliche. to for{}do. 30

+M+on hwi nultu e bi{}knowe. Mon hwi nultu e bi{}seo. of fule fule u art isowe. wurmes fode. u schalt beo. her nauestu blisse dayes re. 35 Ac i lif al u last in wowe. weylawey de e schal a{}dun rowe. er u wenest heyust to steo. In de schal i lyf endi. And in wop al i gleo. 40

+W+orld and weole. e bi{}swike. I{}wis heo beo ine ifo. If e world wi weole e slyke at is for to do e wo. are{}fore. let lust ouer{}go. 45 And eft hit e like. weylawey. sore he him bi{}swike. [f. 253v at for one stunde oer two. wurche him pyne. euer{}mo. Mon. ne do u nouht swo. 50


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"i. Lambeth 487 (L), a small quarto, 177 135 mm., of 67 leaves, written towards the end of the twelfth century... nos. x, xi. of this book are also taken from it. The words printed in clarendon in these three pieces are written in red, not inserted afterwards by a rubricator but done at the same time as the rest of the text. The PM ends with fordemet, l.270, in the middle of a page; the final t has a flourish for its cross stroke; the copyist had apparently no knowledge of any more.

"ii. iii. Egerton 613, B. M.... has two copies of the PM: the second (e) furnishes here a complement to the Lambeth MS. as far as l.370, with which it ends; the first (E) is used to complete the text. e was written in the first quarter of the thirteenth century, E is somewhat later; the former has accents, the latter none.

"iv. Trinity College, Cambridge, B. 14. 52 (T), on vellum, 135 105 mm.; written early in the thirteenth century.... A leaf is lost after f 8, and a new hand begins with f 9; the PM appears to be a distinct MS. (Anglia, iv. 408). The initials of each line are capitals and written apart from their words. A later hand has glossed aihte 42, goodes; ore 53, favour, grace; lean 64, deserving; manke 70, Manca, Mancus."]]

[[Passages "printed in clarendon" have been treated as boldface.]]

(Lambeth MS.)

(Trinity MS.)

ich em nu alder ene ich wes awintre [&] a lare. [f. 59v Ich welde mare ene ich dede mi 'wit ahte bon mare. Wel longe ich habbe child ibon a worde [&] a dede a'h ich bo a wintre ald to [gh]ung ich em on rede. vnnet lif ich habbe iled. [&] [gh]et me ing ilede. 5 enne ich me bi{}enche wel ful sare ich me adrede. mest al [/] ich habbe idon bi{}fealt to child{}hade. Wel late ich habbe me bi{}ocht{;} bute God me nu rede. Fole idel word ich habbe iq{u}een soen ich speke kue. fole [gh]unge dede idon{;} e me of{}inchet nue. 10

[Linenotes: 2. ịḥc ich MS. mi ịcḥ ahte; wit in margin MS.]

+Ich am nu elder an ich was a wintre [&] a lore. [f. 1r Ich wealde more an idude mi wit oh to be more To longe ich habbe child iben a worde [&] a dade. eih ibie a winter eald to jung ich am on rade. Vnnet lif ich habbe ilad [&] [gh]iet me inche ilade 5 an ibienche me ar{}on wel sore ime adrade. Mast al ich habbe idon is idelnesse [&] chilce. Wel late ich habbe me bi{}oht bute me god do milce. Fele idel word ich habbe ispeken seen ich speken cue. [&] fele [gh]eunge dade idon e me ofinke nue. 10

Mest al [/] me likede er nu{;} hit me mis{}like a muchel fulie his wil{;} hine solf he biswike. Ich mihte habbe bet idon. hefde ich e isele. Nu ich walde ah ich ne mei{;} for elde [&] for un{}hele. Elde me is bi{}stolen on. er ich hit wiste. 15 ne michte ich seon bi{}fore me. for smike ne for miste. Er[gh]e we beo to done god. [&] to ufele al to riste. Mare eie stonde men of monne anne hom do of c{ri}ste. e wel ne do e hwile e ho mu[gh]en. wel oft hit schal rowen{;} enne [gh]e mawen sculen [&] repen [/] ho er sowen. 20 Do he to gode [/] he mu[gh]e e hwile [/] he bo aliue. ne lipnie na mon to muchel to childe ne to wiue. [f. 60r e him solue for[gh]et for wiue ne for childe{;} he scal cumen in uuel stude bute him God bo milde.

[Linenote: 14. un{}helẹe MS.]

Alto lome ich habbe igult a werke [&] a worde. Alto muchel ic habbe ispend to litel ileid on horde. Mast al at me likede ar nu hit me mislica. e mu[c]hel fol[gh]e his iwil him selfen he biswica. Ich mihte habben bet idon. hadde ich o isele 15 Nu ich wolde ac ine mai for elde [&] for unhale. Elde me is bistolen on ar ich hit iwiste Ne mai ich isien bifore me for smeche ne for miste. Ar[gh]e we be to don god to juel al to riste More eie stonde man of man an him do of criste. 20 e wel ne de e hwile he mai wel ofte hit sal him rewen. an alle men sulle ripen at hie ar sewen. Do al to gode at he mu[gh]e ech e hwile he be aliue. Ne lipne noman to muchel to childe ne to wiue. e e him selfe for[gh]iet for wiue oer for childe [f. 1v He sal cumen on euel stede bute him god be milde. 26

[Linenotes: 19. Ar [gh]e MS. juel] j corr. out of [gh]. 23.h MS.]

Sende sum god bi{}foren eow. e hw[i]le [/] [gh]e mu[gh]en to houene. 25 for betere is an elmesse biforen{;} enne bo eft{er} souene. Alto lome ich habbe igult a werke [&] o worde. Al to muchel ich habbe ispent. to litel ihud in horde. Ne beo e loure ene e solf{;} ne in mei. ne in ma[gh]e. Soht is [/] is oer's monnes frond bet{re} en his a[gh]en. 30 Ne lipnie wif to hire were. ne were to his wiue bo for him solue ech .M{on}. e 'hwile [/] he bo aliue.

[Linenotes: 27. ịḷich MS. 28.ịḥ ich MS.]

Sende god biforen him man e hwile he mai to heuene For betre is on almesse biforen an ben after seuene. Ne bie e leuere an e self ne i mi ne i mowe Sot is e is oer mannes frend betere an his owen. 30 Ne hopie wif to hire were ne were to his wiue Be for him self afric man e hwile he be aliue.

Wis is e to him solue ench e hwile e mot libben. for sone wule hine for[gh]eten e fremede [&] e sibbe. e wel ne de e hwile he mai{;} ne scal wenne he walde. 35 Monies monnes sare iswinc habbe oft un{}holde. Ne scal na mon don afirst. ne slawen wel to done. for moni mon bihate wel e hit for[gh]ete sone. e .M{on}. e wule siker bon to habben Godes blisse. do wel him solf hwile [/] he mai{;} enne haue he his mid iwisse. 40 es riche .M{en}. wene bon siker urh walle [&] urh diche. e de his echte on sikere stude he hit sent to heueneriche.

Wis e him selue bienche e hwile he mt libben For sone wille him for[gh]iete e fremde [&] e sibbe. e wel ne do e hwile he mai ne sal he an he wolde. 35 For manimannes sore iswinc habbe ofte unholde. Ne solde noman don a furst ne laten wel to done For maniman bihote wel at hi for[gh]iete sone. e man e wile siker ben to habben godes blisse. Do wel him self e hwile he mai anne haue hes mid iwisse. 40 e richemen wene siker ben u'rch wallen [&] thurh dichen. He de his aihte an siker stede e hit sent to heueriche.

for er ne erf he bon of{}dred of fure ne of oue er ne erf he him binimen e lae ne e loue. [f. 60v er ne erf he habben kare of [gh]eve ne of [gh]elde. 45 ider he sent. [&] solf bere to lutel [&] to selde. ider we sculen dra[gh]en [&] don wel ofte [&] ilome. for er ne scal me us naut binimen mid wrangwise dome. ider [gh]e sculen [gh]orne dra[gh]en. walde [gh]e god ileue. for ne mei {er} hit ou binimen king ne reue. 50

[Linenotes: 45. [gh]eve] v corr. out of f MS.] [/] MS.]

For ar'f he ben ofdrad of fure ne of ieue. ar ne mai hit him binime e loe ne e lieue. ar ne arf he habben care of here ne of [gh]ielde 45 ider we sende [&] ec bere to litel [&] to selde. ider 'we solden drawen [&] don wel ofte [&] ilome. For ar ne sal me us naht binime mid wrong wise dome. ider we solde [gh]ierne drawen wolde [gh]ie me ileuen. [f. 2r For ne mai hit us binime no king ne no sẏrreue. 50

[Linenotes: 31. After hire were, ac erased. 38.bihote] o above MS.]

Al [/] beste [/] we hefden ider we hit solde senden for er we hit michte finden eft. [&] habben buten ende. o e er do eni God for habben godes are. al he hit scal finden eft er [&] hundred fald mare. e et echte wile halden wel hwile e he mu[gh]e es welden. 55 Giue hies for godes luue{;} enne de hes wel ihalden.

Alat beste at we habbe her ider we solde sende. For ar we mihte finden eft. [&] habben abuten ende. Se e her do ani god for'to haben godes ore. Al he hit sal eft finde ar [&] hundredfealde more. Se e aihte wile holde wel e hwile hes mu[gh]e wealden. 55 [Gh]ieue hes for godes luue anne do hes wel ihealden.

[Linenotes: 55.holde] o above MS. 56.[gh]ieue] [gh] corr. out of G.]

Vre swinc [&] ure tile is ofte iwoned to swinden. Ach [/] e we do for godes luue{;} eft we sculen al finden. Ne scal nan ufel bon un{}bocht. ne nan god unfor[gh]olden. vfel we do al to muchel. [&] god lesse e{n}ne we sculden. 60 o e mest do nu to gode. [&] e lest to lae. Eier to lutel [&] to muchel scal u{n}chen eft hom bae. er me scal ure werkes weien bi{}foran e heuen king. and [gh]euen us ure swinkes lan eft{er} ure erninge. Ech mon mid [/] he hauet. mei buggen houene riche. 65

For ure swinch [&] ure tile is ofte wuned to swinde. Ac al at we [gh]ieue for godes luue al we hit sulen eft finden. Ne sal ar non euel ben unboht ne god unfor[gh]olden. Euel we do al{}to muchel [&] god lasse an we solden. 60 Se e mast do nu to gode [&] se last to lothe. Eier to litel [&] to muchel hem sal unche boe. ar me sal ure werkes wei[gh]en bifore an heuen kinge. [&] [gh]ieuen us ure werkes lean after ure erni{n}ge. Africh man mid at he haue mai bugge heueriche 65

e mare haue [&] e e lesse{;} bae hi mu[gh]en iliche. [f. 61r Al{}se mid his p'enie alse oer mi his punde. [/] is e wunderlukeste chep{;} [/] eni mon efre funde. [&] e e mare ne mai don{;} do hit mid his gode onke. Alse wel se e e haue golde fele manke. 70 [&] oft god kon mare onc en e him [gh]eue lesse. [&] his werkes [&] his we[gh]es his milce. [&] rihtwisnesse. lutel lac is gode lof{;} [/] kume of gode wille. [&] ec{}lete muchel [gh]eue of an e herte is ille. Houene [&] hore he ouer sich. his e[gh]en bo swa brichte. 75

e e more haue [&] e e lasse boe iliche. Alse on mid his peni se oer mid his punde is is et wunderlukeste ware at animan funde. [&] se e more ne mai don mid his gode ianke. Alse wel se e e haued goldes fele manke. 70 And ofte god can more anc an e him [gh]ieue lasse. Al his werkes [&] his weies is milce [&] rihtwi[s]nesse. Litel lc is gode lef e cume of gode wille [f. 2v [&] elate muchel [gh]ieue an his herte is ille. Heuene [&] ere he ouer sih his eien be ful brihte. 75

Su{n}ne [&] mone [&] houen fur bo estre a[gh]ein his lihte. Nis him noht for{}holen ni hud. swa muchele bo his mihte. nis hit ne swa derne [idon] ne [a] swa ostre nihte. he wat wet enke [&] hwet do alle q{ui}ke wihte. Nis na lau{er}d swich se is c{ri}st. ne king swuch ure drihten. 80

Nis him no ing forholen swo muchel is his mihte. Ne bie hit no swo derne idon ne on swo uster nihte. He wot hwat enche [&] hwat do alle quike wihte Nis louerd swilch is c{ri}st ne king swilch ure drihte Boe [gh]ieme e his bien bi daie [&] bi nihte. 80

houene [&] ore [&] al [/] is biloken is in his honde. he de al [/] his wil is{;} a wettre [&] alonde. He makede fisses in e se [&] fu[gh]eles in e lifte. he wit [&] walde alle ing [&] scop alle scefte. he is hord buten horde [&] ende buten ende. 85 he ane is eure an ilche stude wende er u wende. he is buuen us [&] bi{}noen. bi{}foren [&] bi{}hinden. e e de godes wille uwer he mei him finden.

[Linenotes: 82. ịṣ his MS. 83. After fu[gh]eles in, k deleted.]

Heuene [&] ere [&] al at is biloken is in his honden He do al at his wille is awatere [&] alonde. He make e fisses in e sa e fueles on e lofte. He wit [&] wealde alle ing [&] he sop alle safte. He is ord a{}buten ord [&] ende abuten ende 85 He is one afre on eche stede wende ar u wende. He is buuen us [&] bineen biforen [&] bihinde e godes wille do aihware he mai[gh] him finde

[Linenote: 88. godeswille MS.]

Helche rune he iher [&] wat alle deden. he ur{}siche uches monnes onc. Wi hwat scal us to rede. 90 We [/] broke godes hese [&] gulte swa ilome. hwet scule we seggen oer don et e muchele dome. a e luueden unriht [&] ufel lif leden. [f. 61v Wet sculen ho seggen oer don{;} en e engles bon of{}dred.

Elche rune he here [&] he wot alle dade He urh{}sih elches mannes anc wi hwat sal us to rade. 90 We e breke godes has [&] gulte swo ilome Hwat sulle we seggen oer don {}te muchele dome We e luueden unriht [&] euel lif ladden Hwat sulle we seggen oer don ar ngles be ofdradde

[Linenotes: 92. After don, an erasure of about ten letters. 93.unriht] r corr. out of l MS.]

hwet sculen we bere{n} biforen us mid hom scule we iquemen. 95 o e neure god ne dude e houenliche deme. er sculen bon doule swa fole [/] wulle us for{}wreien. [&] nabbe hi naing for[gh]eten of al [/] ho ise[gh]en. Al [/] we mis{}duden her{;} ho hit wulle kue ere. [buten w habbe hit bt. e hwile w her wre] 100 Al ho habbe in hore write{;} [/] we mis{}duden here. ach we nusten ne ni{}se[gh]en. ho weren ure ifere.

[Linenote: 100. Supplied from MS. e.]

Hwat sulle we beren us biforen mid hwan sulle we iq{ue}me 95 We e nafre god ne duden an heuenliche deme. ar sulle ben deflen swo fele at wille us forwreien. [f. 3r Nabbe hie no ing for[gh]ieten of at hie her iseien. Alat hie iseien her hie wille cuen are Bute we haben hit ibet e hwile we here waren. 100 Al hie habbe on here write at we misduden here. eih we hes ne niseien hie waren ure iferen.

Hwet sculen ordlinghe's don. a swicen [&] ta forsworene hwi bo fole iclepede. [&] swa lut icorene. wi hwi weren ho bi{}[gh]eten to hwon weren ho iborene. 105 [/] scule{n} bon to dee idemet. [&] eure ma for{}lorene. Ech .M{on}. scal him solue er bi{}clepie [&] bideme{n}. his a[gh]en werch [&] his onc te witnesse he scal {t}emen. ne mei him na .M{on}. alsa wel demen ne alswa rihte for nan ne knau him ase [gh]ere{;} buten ane drihte. 110 Ech .M{on}. wat him solue best{;} his werkes. [&] his wille. e e lest wat bi{}sei ofte mest{;} e hit al wat is stille. nis nan witnesse alse muchel se mo{n}ne's a[gh]en horte. Wa se sei [/] he bo hal. him solf wat best his smirte.

[Linenotes: 105. ẉ hwon MS. 108. temen] demen MS. 111.before werkes, werhes deleted.]

Hwat sullen horlinges don es wichen [&] e forsworene Wi swo fele be icleped swo fewe bed icorene Wi hwi waren hie bi[gh]iete to hwan waren hie iborene. 105 e sulle ben to deae idemd [&] afremo forlorene. Elch man 'sal ar biclepien himselfen [&] ec demen. Hi{s} o[gh]en werc [&] his anc to witnesse he sal temen. Nemai him noman alse wel demen ne alse rihte For non ne cnowe hine alse wel buten one drihte. 110 Man wot him self best his werkes [&] his wille. Se e last wot he sei ofte mast se it al wot is stille Nis no witnesse alse muchel se mannes o[gh]en hierte Hwo se sei at hie be hol him self wot his smierte.

[Linenote: 108. His] Hic MS.]

Ech .M{on}. scal h[i]m solf demen to dee oer to liue. 115 a witnesse of his a[gh]en werch{;} hine er{}to scal driue. Al et ech .M{on} haue idon soen he com to mo{n}ne sculde he hit sechen o boke iwriten he scal ienchen enne. [f. 62r Ah drihten ne deme nenne .M{on}. eft{er} his biginnigge. ah al his lif scal bon suilch bo his endinge. 120

Elch man sal him selfen demen to deae oer to liue. 115 e witnesse of his o[gh]en werc to oer an hine sal driue. Alat afri man haue idon seen he cam to manne Swo he hit iseie abc iwrite he sal hit enche anne. Ac drihte ne deme noman after his biginninge Ac al his lif sal ben teald after his endinge. 120

[gh]ef [/] his uuel al hit is uuel [&] God [gh]efe god his ende. God [gh]eue [/] ure ende bo god. [&] wite [/] he us lende. e .M{on}. [/] uuel don na god. ne neure god lif leden. er de [&] dom come to his dure he mei him sare adreden. [/] he ne mu[gh]e enne biden are. for [/] itit ilome. 125 for{}i he is wis e biet [&] bit [&] bet bi{}fore dome. Wenne de is attere dure wel late he bidde are. Wel late he lathe uuel werc{;} e ne mei hit don ne mare.

[Gh]ief e endinge is god al hit is god [&] euel [gh]ief euel is e ende. [f. 3v God [gh]ieue at ure ende be god [&] [gh]ieue at he us lende. Se man e nafre nele don god ne nafre god lif lade. Are dea [&] dom cume to his dure he mai[gh] hi{m} sore a{}drade at he ne mu[gh]e anne bidden ore for at itit ilome. 125 For{}i he wis e bit [&] bi[gh]iet [&] bet bifore dome. anne e dea is ate dure wel late he bidde ore. Wel late he late euel werc an he hit ne mai don no more.

[/] achten we to leuen wel. for ure drihten solf hit seide. A hwilke time se eure .M{on}. of inch his mis{}dede. 130 Oer raer oer later{;} milce he scal imeten. Ac {}e [/] er naf[] nocht ibet{;} wel muchel he haue to beten.

[Linenotes: 130. ingch MS. 132. e] we MS.]

Senne lat e [&] u nah hi{m} an u hit ne miht do no more{;} For{}i he is sot e swo abit to habben godes ore. 130 eih hweere we hit leue wel for drihte self hit sade. Elche time sal e man of{}unche his misdade Oer raer oer later milce he sal imete. Ac e e her naue ibet muchel he haued to bete

[Linenote: 133. After imete, ac erased.]

Monimon seit hwa rech of pine e scal habben ende. Ne bidde ich na bet bo alesed a domes dei of bende. lutel he wat wet is pine. [&] lutel he hit scawe 135 hwice hete is er a saule wune hu biter wind er blawe. hefde he bon er enne dei oer twa bare tide{;} nolde he for al middenerd e erdde er abiden. et habbe iseid [e] comen onen a hit wisten mid iwissen. wa wur sor[gh]e seue[gh]er. for souenihte blisse. 140

Maniman sei hwo reche pine e sal habben ende 135 Ne bidde ich no bet bie ich alesed a domesdai of bende. Litel wot he 'hwat is pine [&] litel he cnowe Hwilch hit is ar sowle wunie hwu biter wind ar blowe. Hadde he ben ar on oer two bare tiden. Nolde he for al midden{}eard e ridde ar abiden. 140 at habbed isaid e come anne it wiste mid iwisse. Wo wure sore[gh]e seue [gh]ier for seue nihte blisse.

[Linenotes: 137. ḥis MS. After cnowe, erasure of hwil. 140.After Nolde erasure of two letters. almidden MS.]

In hure blisse e e ende haue. for endelese pine. [f. 62v betere is wori water drunch{;} en atter meind mid wine. Swines brede is swie swete. swa is of wilde dore. alto dore he is abuh{;} e [gh]ef er fore his swore. Ful wombe mei lihtliche speken of hunger. [&] of festen{;} 145 swa mei of pine e ne cnau e scal a ilesten. Hef he ifonded su{m}me stunde{;} he wolde al seggen oer. Et lete him were wif. child. suster. feder [&] broer.

[Linenote: 144. abuh] abuṭẹh MS.]

[&] ure blisse e ende haue for ende{}lease pine Betere is wori water an atter imengd mid wine. Swines brade is wel swete swo is of wilde diere. 145 Ac al to diere he hit abui e [gh]ief ar{}fore his swiere. Ful wombe mai lihtliche speken of hunger [&] of fasten Swo mai of pine e not hwat is pine e sal ilasten. Hadde fonded sume stunde he wolde seggen oer [f. 4r Elate him ware wif [&] child suster [&] fader [&] broer. 150

Al he walde [&] oerluker don [&] oerluker enche{n} Wenne he bi{}ohte on helle fur e nawiht ne mei quenchen. 150 Eure he walde her inne wawe [&] ine wene wunien{;} Wi [/] e mihte helle pine bi{}flien [&] bi{}sunien Et lete him were al world wele [&] orliche blisse. for to [/] muchele blisse cumen is mure mid iwisse.

[Linenote: 152. Before e, me deleted.]

Al he wolde oerluker don [&] oerluker enche an he biohte an helle fur at no{}wiht ne mai quenche. Afre he wolde her in wo [&] in wane wunien Wi{}an he mihte helle fur biflen [&] bisunien. Elate him ware al wele [&] ereliche blisse 155 For to e muchele blisse cume is murie mid iwisse.

[Linenote: 153. After wunien, wi an he mihte erased.]

Iwule nu cumen eft to e dome [/] ich er ow of sede 155 A a dei [&] at ta dome us helpe c{ri}st [&] rede. er we mu[gh]en bon ee offerd [&] herde us adrede{n}. er he scal al son him bi{}foren his word [&] ec his deden. Al scal er bon enne cud er me{n} lu[gh]en her ent stelen. Al scal er bon a{n}ne unwron{;} [/] men wru[gh]en her [&] helen. 160 We sculen alre monne lif iknauwen al{}se ure ahen. er sculen eueni{n}gges bon e riche [&] e la[gh]e. Ne scal na mon skamie er ne erf he him a{}dreden. Gif him her of{}inc his gult [&] bet his misdede. [f. 63r for him ne scame ne ne grome e sculen bon ibor[gh]en. 165

[Linenote: 163. skamie] smakie MS.]

Ich wulle nu cumen eft to e dome e ich eow ar of sade. On e daie [&] on e dome us helpe crist [&] rade ar we mu[gh]en ben sore offerd [&] harde us ofdrade. ar elch sal al isien him biforen his word [&] ec his dade. 160 Al sal ar ben anne cu at men lu[gh]en her [&] halen. Al sal ar ben anne unwrien at men her hudden [&] stalen. We sullen alre manne lif icnowen alse ure o[gh]en ar sullen efninges ben to e heie [&] to e lo[gh]e. Ne sal eih no man samie iar ne arf he him adrade. 165 [Gh]ief him her ofinche his gult [&] bet his mis{}dade. For hem ne same ne ne grame e sulle ben ibore[gh]e

[Linenotes: 157. ẹfṭ eft MS. 165. iar] a corr. out of e.]

Ach o{}re habbe scome [&] grome [&] oft fele sor[gh]e. e do{m} scal sone bon idon ne lest he nawiht lo{n}ge. ne scal him na mon mene er of st{re}nge ne of wronge. e sculen habbe herdne dom a her weren herde. a e uuele holden wreche men [&] uuele la[gh]e redde. 170 Ec efter [/] he ef idon sal er enne [beon] idemet. [blie mei h enne beon. e god hf wel icwemed]

[Linenote: 172. Supplied from MS. e.]

Ac ore habbe same [&] grame [&] oer fele sore[gh]e. e dom {s}al ben sone idon ne last hit nowiht longe Ne sal him noman mene ar{}of strence ne of wronge 170 o sulle habben hardne dom e here waren hardde o e euel hielden wreche men [&] euel la[gh]e arerde. Elch after at he haue idon sal ar ben anne idem{d} Blie mai he anne ben e god haue wel iquemd.

[Linenotes: 169. sal] al MS. 173. idem MS.]

Alle a i sprunge bo of adam [&] of eue. Alle hi sculen cumen ider for soe we hit ileue. a e habbe wel idon efter hore mihte. 175 to houene riche hi sculen faren for mid ure drihte. a e habbe doules werc idon. [&] er inne bo ifunde. hi sculen faren for mid him in to helle grunde. er hi scule{n} wunien a buten are [&] ende. Ne breke neure drihte helle gate for lesen hi of bende. 180

[Linenote: 178. mid ṃịḍ MS.]

Alle o e sprunge be of ada{m} [&] of eue 175 Alle hie sulle ider cume for soe we hit ileued. o e habbed wel idon after here mihte [f. 4v To heueriche hie sulle fare for mid ure drihte. o e deueles werkes habe idon [&] ar{}inne be ifunde Hie sulle fare for mid hem in{}to helle grunde. 180 ar hie sulle wunien abuten ore [&] ende. Brec nafre eft crist helle dure for lesen hem of bende

[Linenotes: 180.After _fare_, _ elided.]

Nis na sullic ech hom bo wa [&] hom bo uneade. Ne scal neure eft c{ri}st olie de for lesen hom of deae. Enes drihten helle brec his fro{n}d he ut brochte. him solf he olede de for him . wel dore he hom bohte. Nalde hit mei do for mei. ne sust{er} for broer. 185 nalde hit sune do for fader. ne na mon for oer.

Nis no sellich eih hem be wo [&] eih hem be uneae Ne sal nafre eft crist olien dea for lesen hem of deae. nes drihten helle brac his frend he ut brohte 185 Him self he olede dea for hem wel diere he hes bohte. Nolde hit mo[gh]e don for mai ne suster [for] broer Nolde sune don for fader ne no man for oer.

Vre alre lau{er}d for his relles ipined wes a rode. vre bendes he unbon[d] [&] bohte us mid his blode. We [gh]eue unee for his luue a stuche of ure brede. [f. 63v Ne enke we noht [/] he scal deme a q{ui}ke [&] a dede. 190 Muchele luue he us cudde. walde we hit und{er}sto{n}de [/] ure eldre misduden{;} we habbe uuele on honde. De com in is middenerde urh es doules honde. [&] sake [&] sor[gh]e [&] swinc a wat{er}e [&] a londe.

Vre alre louerd for his ralles ipined he was arode Ure bendes he unbond [&] bohte us mid his blode. 190 We [gh]ieue uneae for his luue a steche of ure breade Ne enche we naht ar at sal deme e q{ui}ca [&] e deade. Muchel luue he us kedde wolde we hit understonde. at ure elderne mi'sduden we habe euel an honde. Dea cam in is middenrd urh ealde deueles onde 195 [&] senne [&] sore[gh]e [&] iswinch awatere [&] [a]londe.

[Linenote: 194. misduden] u over MS.]

Vre forme fader gult. we abu[gh]e alle. 195 [eal his f spring efter hi{m}. en hearme is bi{}fealle.] urst [&] hunger. chele [&] hete. helde [&] unhele. urh him de com in is middenerd [&] oer unisele. Nere na{}mon elles ded ne sec ne nan unsele. ac mihten libben eure ma a blisse [&] a hele. 200 lutel hit u{n}che moni mon. ac muchel wes a su{n}ne. for hwam alle olie de e comen of hore cunne.

[Linenote: 196. Supplied from MS. e.]

Vre foremes faderes gult we abuge alle Al his ofsprung after him in harem is biualle urst [&] hunger. chele [&] hete [&] alle unhale. urh dea cam in is midden{}eard [&] oer unisale. 200 Nare noman elles dead ne sic ne unsele Ac mihte libbe afremo ablisse [&] an hale. Litel lac is gode lief e cume of gode wille. [f. 5r [&] elate muchel [gh]ieue an his herte is ille Litel hit unche maniman ac muchel was e senne 205 For hwan alle olie dea e comen of here kenne

Hore sunne [&] ec ure a[gh]en sare us mei of{}inche. urh su{n}ne we libbe alle in sor[gh]e [&] in swinke. Suen God nom swa muchele wrake for are misdede{;} 205 We e swa muchel [&] swa ofte mis{}do. we mu[gh]en ee us adrede. Adam and his of{}spru{n}g for are {b}are sunne. Wes fele undret wintre an helle pine [&] an unwunne. a e ledden hore lif mid unriht [&] mid wrange. buten hit gode's milce do ho sculen bon er wel longe. 210 Godes wisdom is wel muchel [&] alswa is his mihte [&] nis his milce naut lesse. ac bi an ilke iwichte.

[Linenotes: 203. ḥọṛẹ ure MS. 207. bare] are MS.] doṇ MS.]

Here senne [&] ec ure o[gh]en us mu[gh]e sore of{}unche For senne we libe alle her in sore[gh]e [&] in swunche. Seen god na{m} swo mukel wrache for one misdede We e swo ofte misdo we mu[gh]en us eae ofdrade. 210 Adam [&] al his ofspreng for one bare senne. Was fele hundred wintre an helle a pine [&] unwenne. o e lade here lif mid unrihte [&] mid wronge Bute hit godes milce do hie sulle wunie ar longe. Godes wisdom is wel muchel [&] alsse is his mihte 215 Ac nis his mihte nowiht lasse ac bier ilke wihte.

[Linenotes: 207. After mu[gh]e, rewen deleted MS. 210.o altered to e.]

Mare he ane mei for{}[gh]euen. en al folc gulte cunne. [f. 64r Sulf douel mihte habbe{n} milce. [gh]if he hit bigunne. a e godes milce seche{;} he iwis mei ha ifi{n}den. 215 Ac helle king is are{}les with a e he mei binden. e e de is wille mest{;} he haue wurst mede. His ba{} scal bon wallinde. his ba sca{l} bon berni{n}de glede.

[Linenotes: 218. ba[/] MS. scal] scab MS.]

More he one mai[gh] for[gh]ieue an alle folc gulte cunne Self deuel mihte habben milce [gh]ief he hit bigunne. ee godes milche sec iwis he mai hes finden Ac helle king is ore{}leas wi o e he mai binden. 220 Se de his wille mast he sal habbe werest mede His ba sal be wallinde pich his bed barnende glede.

[Linenotes: 213. After lif, an erasure, on which mid. corr. out of to. 215.mulchel MS. After [&], an erasure.]

Wurst he de his gode frond{;} enne his fulle fond{;} God scilde alle godes frond. a wih swilche freonde. 220 Neure in helle hi com. ne er ne come reche. ach ich elches worldes wele. er me mahte feche [/] his wulle seggen on at wise men us seiden. [&] aboken hit writen er [me] mei hit reden. Ich hit wille seggen an e hit hom solf nusten. 225 warni hom wi hore unfrome. [gh]if ho me wulle lusten. vnd{er}stonde nu to me edi men [&] arme. Ich wulle tellen of helle pin{;} [&] wernin ow wi herme. In helle his hunger [&] urst{;} twa uuele iuere. as olie a [e] weren maket niinges here. 230

[Linenote: 229.ịṣ his MS.]

Werse he do his gode wines an his fiendes God silde alle godes friend wi swo euele friende. Nafre an helle ine cam ne cumen ich ar ne reche 225 eih ich aches woreldes wele are mihte feche. eih ich wille seggen eow at wise men us saden [&] [a] boc hit is write ar me hit mai rade. Ic wille seggen hit o e hit hem self nesten [f. 5v [&] warnin hem wi here unfreme [gh]ief hie me wille hlesten. 230 Vnderstonde nu to meward eadimen [&] arme Ich wille tellen eow of helle pine [&] warnin eow wi harme. An helle hunger [&] urst euel two iferen. os pine olie o e ware meteniinges here.

[Linenotes: 225.Before _reche_, _ erased MS. 230.After _here_, an erasure of one letter MS.]

er is waning [&] wow. eft{er} eche streche. ho fare from hete to hete. [&] hech to frure e wreche. enne hi bi in ere hete{;} e chele him unchet blisse. enne hi cume eft to e chele{;} of hete hi habbe misse. hi hem de wa inoch nabbe hi nane blisse. 235

ar is woning [&] wop after ache strate 235 Hie fare fram hate [to] chele fra{m} chele to hate. []an hie be in e hate chele hem unche blisse []an hie cume eft to chele of hate hie habbe misse. [E]ier do 'hem wo inoh nabbe none lisse.

Nute hi hweer hem de {w}urs mid neure nane wisse. hi walke eure [&] seche reste ac 'ho ne mu[gh]en imeten. [f. 64v for{}i e ho nolden e hwile [/] ho mihten here sunne beten. ho seche reste er nis nan. for{}i ne mu[gh]en hi es finden. Ac walke weri up [&] dun{;} se wat{er} de mid winde. 240 o bo a e weren her a anke unstedefeste. [&] a e gode biheten heste [&] nolden hit ileste. a e god werc bigunnen [&] ful enden hit nolden.

[Linenotes: 236. wurs] urs MS. 237. mọu[gh]en MS.]

[N]iten hweer hem do wers to nafre none wisse. 240 [H]ie walke afre [&] seche reste ac hie hes ne mu[gh]en imeten. [F]or{}i e hie nolde e hwile hie mihten here senne beten. [H]ie sec'he reste ar non nis ac hie hies ne mu[gh]en ifinden. [A]c walke weri up [&] dun se water do mid winde []at be o e waren her an anc unstedefaste 245 [[&]] o e gode biheten aihte [&] hit him ilaste. [[&]] o e god werc bigunnen [&] ful endin hit nolden.

Nu witen her. [&] nue er. [&] nusten hwat hi wolden. er is bernunde pich hore saule to baien inne. 245 a e ledden here lif in werre [&] in winne. er is fur [/] is undret fald hattre. ene bo ure. Ne mei q{ue}nchen salt weter ne uersc of e burne. is is [/] fur [/] efre bernd ne mei nawiht hit que{n}chen{;} er inne bo a e was to lof wreche men to swenchen. 250 a e weren swikelemen [&] ful of uuel wrenchen. a e mihten uuel don. e e lef hit wes to enchen. e luueden tening [&] stale. hordom [&] drunken. [&] a doules werche blieliche swunken.

[N]u waren her [&] nu ar [&] nesten hwat he wolden []ar is pich at afre walle ar sulle wunien inne []o e lade here lif on werre [&] an unwinne. 250 []ar is fur is hundredfeald hatere an be ure. [N]e mai hit quenche salt water ne auene stream ne sture. []is is at fur at afre barne ne mai no wiht [hit] quenche. []ar{}inne be e was to lef wreche men to swenche. o e [waren] swikele men [&] ful of euele wrenchen. [f. 6r [&] o e mihten euel don [&] lief hit was to enchen. 256 e luueden rauing [&] stale hordom [&] druken [&] an defles werkes blieliche swunken.

[Linenotes: 248. ṃesten MS. 250. After [&], h erased MS. 258.blieliche] second i corr. out of l.]

a e weren swa le{s}e [/] me ho{m} ne mihte ileuen. 255 Med{}ierne domes men. [&] wro{n}gwise reuen. [/] oer mo{n}nes wif lof. his a[gh]en et{}lete. o e sungede muchel{;} a drunke [&] an ete. e wreche mon binom his ehte. [&] leide his on horde. [/] lutel let of godes borde. [&] godes worde. 260 [&] o e his a[gh]en nalde [gh]euen er he isech e node [f. 65r Ne nalde iheren godes sonde. enne he hit herde bode. e [/] is oers mo{n}nes ing. loure ene hit sculde. [&] weren to gredi of solure [&] of golde. [&] a e untrownesse duden on e ho scu'lden bon holde. 265

[Linenote: 255. lese] lele MS.]

o e waren swo lease men at mes ne mihte leuen Med[gh]ierne domes men [&] w'rongwise reuen. 260 o e oer mannes wif was lief her o[gh]en elate [&] o e sunegeden muchel on druken [&] on ate. e wreche men binomen here aihte [&] leide his on horde. e litel lete of godes bode [&] of godes worde. [&] e his o[gh]en nolde [gh]ieue ar he iseih e niede 265 Ne nolde ihere godes men an he sat at his biede. o e was oer mannes ing leuere an hit solde [&] waren alto gradi of siluer [&] of golde. o e untrewnesse deden an e he solden ben holde.

[Linenotes: 261.After was, erasure of three letters MS. 263.After men, one letter erased.]

[&] leten et ho sculden don. [&] duden [/] ho wolden. a e weren eure abuten isse worldes echte. [&] duden al [/] e lae gast hechte to [&] tachte. [&] alle e en anigewise doulen i{}que{m}de. a bo nu mid him in helle fordon [&] fordemet. 270

[Linenotes: 267. weṇren MS. 269. iquemde] iquende MS.]

[&] leten al at hie solden don [&] deden at hie wolden. 270 o e waren [gh]ietceres of is wereldes aihte [&] dude al at e loe gost hem tihte to [&] taihte. [&] Al 'o e ani{}wise deuel iquemde o be mid h{i}m in helle fordon [&] demde.

[Linenote: 274. hem MS.]


Bute e f{}ufte sare heore mis{}dede. [f. 69r [&] gunne heore gultes beten [&] betere lf lde. er beo neddren [&] snaken. uete [&] frute. a tere. [&] frete. e uuele speke. e ni fulle. [&] te prute. Neure sunne er ne scn. ne mone ne steorre. 275 er is muchel godes hate. [&] muchel godes eorre. ure er s uuel smch. usternesse [&] eie. nis er neure oer lht. ene e swierte leie. er ligget ladliche fund. in strange rakete[gh]e. [/] beo a e wre mid gode on heuene wel he[gh]e. 280 er beo ateliche fund. [&] eisliche wihte. as scule a wrecche {}fon. e sune[gh]ede urh sihte. er is e lae sathanas. [&] belzebud s ealde. eae hi mu[gh]en beo f{}drd. e hne scule bi{}healde.

[Linenote: 283. is ịṣ MS.]

Bute o e ofuhte sore here misdade 275 [&] Gunne here gultes bete [&] betere lif lade. ar be naddren [&] snaken. eueten [&] fruden e tere [&] frete o euele swiken e nifule [&] e prude Nafre sunne ar ne sine ne mone ne storre. ar is muchel godes hete [&] muchel godes oerre. 280 Afre ar is euel smech iesternesse [&] eie [f. 6v Nis ar nafre oder liht an e swarte leie. ar lige ateliche fiend in stronge raketeie at be o e waren mid god angles swie heie. at be ateliche fiend [&] Eiseliche wihten 285 o sulle e wreche sowle isien e sinegeden urh sihte ar is se loe sathanas [&] belzebub se ealde Eae he mu[gh]en ben sore ofdrad e sullen hes bihealde.

[Linenote: 277. fruden] d corr. out of ct MS.]

Ne mei nan heorte hit ienche. ne tunge ne can telle. 285 hu muchel pne na hu uele sunden nne helle. Wi a pine e er beo. nelle ich eow naht leo[gh]en. nis hit bute gamen [&] glo. eal [/] man mei hr dreo[gh]en. End [gh]ut ne de heo{m} naht sa w. n a lae bende. [/] h wite [/] heore pne sceal neure habbe ende. [f. 69v ar beo a heene men. w[]re la[gh]e{}liese. 291 e nes naht f godes bi{}bode. ne f godes hse. [U]uele cristene men. h beo heore ifere. a e heore cristen{}dom. uuele heo'lde hre. [[Gh]]ut h beo wurse stede. on er helle grunde. 295 ne sculen h neure cume{n} t. for marke ne for punde. [N]e mei heo{m} naer helpen er. bede ne elmesse. for nis naer inne helle. re ne for{}[gh]iuenesse.

[Linenote: 290. After habbe, l erased.]

Nemai non herte hit enche ne tunge hit ne mai telle Hwu muchele pine ne hwu fele senden in helle 290 Of o pine e ar bie nelle ich eow naht lie Nis hit bute gamen [&] glie of at man mai here drie. [&] [gh]iet ne do hem naht alse wo in e loe bende Swo at he witen at here pine sal nafre habben ende ar be e haene men e waren la[gh]e{}lease. 295 e nes naht of godes bode ne of godes hease. Euele cristene men hie be here iferen o e here cristendom euele hielden here. [&] [gh]iet he be awerse stede anier helle grunde Ne sullen nafre cumen t for peni ne for punde. 300 Ne mai hem noer helpe ar ibede ne almesse For naht solden bidde ar ore ne for[gh]ieuenesse.

[Linenote: 292.mai corr. out of marg MS.]

Sculde hi{m} ch man e hwile h mu[gh]e f as helle pne. [&] werni ech hs freond er wi swa ich habbe mine. 300 e sculden heo{m} ne cunne. ich heo{m} wulle teche. ich kan beon [gh]ief ich sceal. lichame [&] sawle leche. Lte w [/] god for{}but. ealle manne cunne. [&] do w [/] h us ht. [&] sculde w us wi sunne. Luuie we god mid ure heorte. [&] mid al ure mihte. 305 [&] ure mcristen eal us sulf. swa us lerde drihte. Eal [/] me r[]t [&] eal [/] me sing. bi{}fore godes borde. eal ht hanget [&] bi{}halt. bi isse twam worde. {E}alle godes la[gh]e he ful. e nwe [&] a ealde. e e as tw luue hf. [&] wel h wule healde. 310 Ac h beo wunder earue{}healde. sw fte gulte ealle. Fr ht s strang to stande lange. [&] lht s to fealle. [A]ac drihte crist h [gh]ue us strenge. stande [/] w mote. [&] f ealle ure gultes 'unne us cume to bote.

[Linenotes: 308. eal] Eeal MS. 309. Ealle] alle MS. nwe] n corr. out of r.]

Silde him elch man e hwile he mai wi os helle pine. [&] warnie his frend ar wi swo ich habbe ido mine. o e silde hem ne cunnen ich hem wille tache 305 [I]ch can ben aier [gh]ief isal lichame [&] sowle lache. Late we at god forbet alle mankenne [f. 7r [&] do we at he us hat [&] silde we us wid senne. Luue we god mid ure herte [&] mid al ure mihte [&] ure emcristen alse us self swo us tached drihte. 310 Al at me rade [&] singed bifore godes borde Al hit hange [&] halt bi ese twam worde Alle godes la[gh]es hie fulle e newe [&] e ealde e e os two luues halt [&] wile hes wel healde. Ac hie bie wel arefe{}heald swo ofte we gulte alle 315 For hit is strong te stonde longe [&] liht hit is to falle. Ac drihte c{ri}st [gh]eue us strenge stonde at we moten [&] of alle ure gultes [gh]ieue us cume bote.

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